Salam Chingkheinganba

Salam Chingkheinganba

Chingkheinganba has been a journalist for more than 4+ years and is popular among the team for his reporting style. In his spare time, he teaches kids from his locality. He and his parents reside in Singjamei Chingamakha Kshetri Leikai . He holds a Masters Degree in Mass Communication from Manipur University. Chingkheinganba is available via email at [email protected]

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Imphal April 03

Accusing the present BJP led government for the release of a drug kingpin, spokesperson of Manipur Pradesh Congress Committee K. Meghachandra said that the present government had set free many illegal drug traffickers after being arrested but the BJP still claimed to waged War on drugs.

Speaking to reporters in a press meet held today at Congress Bhawan, Meghachandra said that the released of drug kingpin Lukhosei Zou being related with the present government becomes clearer day by day.

He said that the government should know that it was not the business of the then SP of IW Jogeshchandra and the then AMBA President H. Chandrajit to delay the submission of charge sheet.

He further said that the government should hand over the case to CBI immediately and all the government machineries that are responsible for the release should be booked by law including SP of IE Jogeshcahndra and ex president of AMBA H Chandrajit.  

Meghachandra highlighted that during the time of Congress government every person connected to drug business were arrested and handed the case over to CBI irrespective of their positions.

Regarding the case of Yamthang Haokip where BJP brought up about the drug issue Meghachandra clarified that the case was taken over by the CBI and added that it was funny to make reference on Haokip. He further said that allowing to bail or not for the case taken up by CBI is completely on the hands of CBI and not on the state government. He claimed that the BJP spokesperson who brought the reference about Haokip as person who lacked the knowledge of legal procedures.

He further claimed that the recent case of Lukhosei Zou releasing through bail proved that pressure of government hinders the function of the judiciary. And he added that the present government should not bail a person who was caught with huge amount of drugs if they thought about the people of the state.  

Meghachandra accused that Nando who was an under trial prisoner for the murder of Lungnila Elizabeth was released during the election time. He questioned whether Nando will campaign for BJP and whether he is campaigning through underground.

Focusing on the custodial death of Md Manjoor, he said that Manjoor was previously suspended before Nando escaped. He added that Manjoor will probably not be a part in the release of Nando. Meghachandra further questioned BJP whether they can bring back Manjoor. He demanded that all the persons who are involved in releasing Nando should all be terminated from their services.

Meghachandra also questioned the role of BJP in the upcoming Parliamentary election with the release of Nando as well as Lukhosei Zou and added that it was very unfortunate for the people of Manipur

Highlighting on the mission of Go to hills and Go to village, he added that what has been done for the hills where the cost of rice which was rationed by the government under NFSA mounted up to ten rupees at Churachandpur where actually it should be only three rupees. They haven’t even control the prices of essential commodities, he added.

Meghachandra stressed that the government using their powers arrested Kishorechand Wangkhem under NSA for his facebook post even when the court declared his statement as not seditious violating the human rights but released those persons who even can’t be released under bailed.

He further demanded the present government to release Kishorechandra immediately and to arrest those who are taking part in illegal drugs and guns business.  

IT News

Imphal April 3,

The three day North East Peoples’ Convention which begins from April 1 concludes today at City Convention.  The meet resolved to christen a forum called North East Forum for Indigenous People to address various issues that confront the North East regions.

Speaking to media persons in a press meet held today at City Convention, Imphal Convenor of MANPAC Yumnamcha Dilipkumar said that the newly formed forum will opposed anti North East people laws, policies that are detrimental to the indigenous people of the North East threatening the lives, resources, habitats and demography of the region.

He further said that the aims and objectives of the forum will be thoroughly discussed on the next setting which will be organized at Meghalaya and added that Ningthouja Lancha was elected as the convenor of NEFIP.

He concluded that the forum will support all the organizations in various states in their demands for the implementation of ILP system, NRC and other alike influx regulated legislations in their resp[ective states.

Representative of United Naga Council (UNC) Asinpou Gangmei said that previously UNC was a passive supporter for the movement against the contentious CAB. He added that UNC will become an active supporter. He further said that not only the issues of CAB they will confront many others which the government tries to marginalized it. He concluded that the indigenous people of the region will stand together and fight to save the right, culture, identity and the land of the North East people.

Chairman of Confederations of Meghalaya Social Organization Robert June Kharjarin said that just because the mainlanders have the numbers they thought that they can make the minority communities minority in their own land. He added that the new forum will voice out the interest of the people of NE as a whole.

IT News

Imphal, April 3,

A truck handyman was reported assaulted to death by two persons at Keimai area at Imphal- Jiri road in Tamenglong district on March 30 evening. Among the two involved in the killing of the handyman one has been arrested and another is on the hunt by a team of police led by Sub Inspector Ng. Arunkumar under the supervision of Officer in Charge of Tousem Police station Dorendra Okram.

As per report reaching here, the handyman assaulted to death has been identified as Ali Khan Choudhury (20 yrs) son of late Hauren Choudhury of Katampur , Silchar. The report further added that the deceased handyman along with the driver of the truck bearing registration number PBIO GW/5819 were driving towards Imphal on March 30 evening. At around 6 pm the truck broke down and halted at Kaimai area. The driver left the handyman to look after the truck and went towards Jiri to call mechanic. When the handyman was alone two persons reportedly approached and demanded money from him. As he had no money the two reportedly assaulted him inhumanly and later succumbed to injury.

The police team acting tough on the incident arrested one Titus Kamei (age 23) son of Atowa of New Mau Village Tousem on the following day. On his revelation another person accompanied the accused has been identified as Kaiminglang (Age 24) of kaimai Village. Police team are in search of Kaiminglang. 

IT News
Imphal April 1,

Congress party today punched hard to the ruling BJP government alleging its hands in trying to set free - a drug Kingpin who has been arrested red handed.
MLA K Meghachandra, spokesperson of the Congress Party today alleged the present BJP led government of misusing the government machineries in its effort to set free Lhukhosei Zou, a BJP member and also the former Chairman of the Chandel Autonomous District Council. Lhukhosei Zou  was arrested along with large quantity of illicit drugs by Narcotic Police.
MLA K. Megahchandra said that political leader and other government machineries of the present government including SP of Imphal West Haobijam Jogeshchandra and Senior advocate H Chandrajit Sharma intentionally set free on bail - the drug kingpin Lhukhosei Zou.  He further alleged that the government was involved in drug business and they should resign on moral ground.
While demanding re arrest of  Lhukhosei , MLA Meghachandra demanded to hand over the case to CBI or any other trustworthy institutions.
Highlighting the facts that was exposed on a daily paper regarding the released of the drug kingpin, Meghachandra further said that as the outcome of the conversation from the CM Bungalow leads to bail a person which was detained on non-bailable offence.
Meghachandra recalled that Lhukhosei Zou the drug kingpin who was arrested on June 20, 2018 was caught with a huge amount of heroin, cash and arms and ammunitions along with seven other persons.
The present government is giving pressure to give bail to the drug kingpin, he added. He also said that such act eventually showed that many persons who are in the government were involved in the drug scandal.
He further expressed that SP Jogeshchandra and Chandrajit needs to be booked for entering the court along with the SP of Imphal West and for pressuring the NAB Investigating Officer and Inspector to haul the charge sheet against him.
He added that it was very unfortunate for the people of the state that an accused BJP ADC chairman who was caught in a 27 crores drug scandal got bailed by using government machineries. He also said that such act of the government is a mockery to the CSOs and even the government itself.
 He further said that the involvement of political leaders involving in drug business and also using their political powers to save the culprit of drug scandal was really disappointing and added that there is a complete failure of administration.
Meghanchandra recollected that during the Congress government no one was spared even persons from high ranking family of politicians who was accused of being connected on a drug scam were all handed over to CBI.
He appealed the present BJP led government to not hide the culprits but booked them under the law for those who were involved in the drug scandal and also to show the high ranking officials involved in front of the people.
Meghachandra further asked the present BJP led government to make a clear clarification about it.
Speaking to media persons on a question asked by reporter Meghanchandra said that even though the amount of persons arrested regarding drug cases arises during the present government but unfortunately he added that the government also released many of the arrested drug case related persons and also added that the involvement of BJP in such case increases.

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