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Salam Chingkheinganba

Salam Chingkheinganba

Chingkheinganba has been a journalist for more than 4+ years and is popular among the team for his reporting style. He and his parents reside in Singjamei Chingamakha Kshetri Leikai . He holds a Masters Degree in Mass Communication from Manipur University.

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State lawyers staged protest against mob violence and subsequent assault to a lawyer

IT News

Imphal May 20,

The Bill passed by the state government to deal mob violence seems to be in vain as even lawyers who are the custodian of laws of the land are left with no choice but to stage protest after a mob attack one of their colleague after vandalizing the court complex at Uripok.

The Sit-in-protest staged today at Cheirap court complex was against the assault of a lawyer by a mob inside the court complex on May 18. The mob also vandalized property of the court.

The protest was organised jointly by All Manipur Bar Association and High Court Bar Association.

Speaking to media persons President in charge of AMBA Brajit Singh strongly condemned the mob violence. 

He said that the court have full responsibility for under trial prisoners.

He also said that no one is above the law, even the ministers and MLA’s can’t escape the punishment if found guilty and added that the court should decide it. 

Highlighting various incidents regarding damage of court by mob he said that there might be lapse of security. He added that the state government and home department should arrange adequate security measures for such cases which may spark violence.

He appealed the people not to take part in such violence. Even though many legal awareness were done in many places to avoid mob violence there seems to be of no positive result for such awareness, he added.

Brajit stressed that such mob violence becomes a trend in our society. He added that it takes time to deliver justice as per Indian law and concluded that justice will surely be delivered.

Mention may be made that Manipur Legislative Assembly passed the Manipur Protection from Mob Violence Bill that proposes ways to stop the increasing number of lynchings in the state in December last year.

The law recommends punishment for lynching, public humiliation through exclusion from public services and forcing a person to leave his or her home without their consent. It recommends a rigorous life imprisonment term and a fine of Rs 5 lakh if the crime results in the death of a victim.

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JSCC seize and destroy tobacco products sold in and around Educational institution

IT News

Imphal May 20,

Joint Students coordinating committee’s youth task force today seized and destroy tobacco products sold in and around Educational institute.

The youth task force comprising of 20 volunteers under the anti drug campaign seized tobacco products from the shops situated in 100 m radius of Imphal College and Children Ideal High School.

Speaking to media persons Convenor of JSCC Sarangthem Manjit said that the campaign was to make educational institute a free zone against drugs and tobacco. He further said that they will continue the drive against drugs and tobacco which is sold within 100 m radius from Educational institute.

He warned that if shops near Educational institute were found selling tobacco products, they will force to shut it down forever.

Manjit stressed that various acts and laws were also passed not to sell tobacco products within 100m radius from Educational institute.

In order to make a healthy society he said that the youth should stay away from such intoxicants and added that intense drive against tobacco will be done further.


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80 % of mental disorder patients do not consult doctors

By- Chingkhei Luwang

Imphal May 16,

Just 20 percent of the total mentally disorder patients consult doctors for treatment of their illness while the rest fails to meet the doctors for their own treatment.  

Highlighting the reasons for the patient in their failure to attend to medical experts, HOD of Psychiatry dept. Regional Institute of Medical Sciences (RIMS) Dr Lenin told Imphal Times reporter that four main causes hindered the treatment of mentally disorder patients. He stressed that one of the main reasons is ignorance and doesn’t have the appropriate knowledge about it. He further said that superstitious belief also hinder in consultations with the doctors and also with the lack of facilities people fail to consult them. He added that lack of affordability was also a reason behind where he highlighted that as mentally disorder patients need man power as well as money, people can’t afford it. 

According to National Health Mission survey the percentage of mentally disorder patients of Manipur with lifetime prevalence is 19.9 % which is much higher than the national average which is only 13.9%. And the percentage of the current prevalence where the surveyors found out about mentally disorder patients in the past one month for the state is 13.9% which is also again higher as compared to the national average which is 10.5%. 

“People considered that mental disorder only affects and disrupt the mental condition of the person but it can affect other parts of the body highlighting symptoms of back pain, headache, fatigue, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, constipation, and diarrhea which is the symptoms of Somatoform disorder”, added Dr. Lenin. 

Highlighting the frequency and changing pattern of patients Dr. Lenin said to Imphal times Reporter that as more people became aware of mental disorder around 150 patients came to doctors per day on an average which is very quite different with the earlier days as 20 was the maximum no of patients that came to seek doctors help. He added that even students in school uniform came to consult psychiatric doctors nowadays revealing their identities removing the previous stigma of consulting psychiatric doctors where they considered as a brainsick in the past days. 

“Mental disorder treatment needs a prolonged treatment but unfortunately people thought of treating it as a short term. After seeing some improvements patient neglected to see the doctors again which than started to see the symptoms of the same old sickness. Thus creating a misled idea that mental disorders can’t be treated”, Dr. Lenin stated. 

He further clarified that satisfactory improvement for the patients can be seen. He added that many of the patients can still go to work and have a normal life even having a family too. 

He also said that various positive steps have been taken up in recent years. Nowadays NGOs and CVOs have also focus primarily on mental health, he added.

Efforts were taken up by Government as well as NGOs like ‘Share and Care’ for promoting positive mental health and treatment of mentally disordered patients. 

Under National Mental Health program which was established in 1982 various efforts have been taken up to make aware about the mental health and the treatment of it.  

Highlighting various needs for Psychiatry department Dr Lenin said that as the number of patients increased there arises the need for the increased of staffs and faculties. He also added that a state mental hospital is a must for every state and unfortunately there isn’t any mental hospital for Manipur. 

He appealed to all the people to not hinder in consulting psychiatric doctors by stigma considering mental health disorders is more like a harebrained. 

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State BJP staged Sit-in-protest decrying violence at Kolkata

IT News

Imphal May 15,

BJP Manipur Pradesh staged sit-in-protest at BJP office Keishampat against the violence at the election rally of West Bengal.

Speaking to media persons Th. Bishwajit said that they have staged the national wide sit-in-protest to encourage the truth seeking people of Bengal and to uplift the principles of democracy benefiting the rights to every individual. He added that every down trodden and needy people should hold the rights to express and everything under democracy.

He added the violence at the election rally killing and injuring many workers was instigated by Trinamool Congress. He strongly condemned such violation of democracy and added that such violation done by Trinamool Congress and its allied coalition parties must stop immediately.

Bishwajit said that no one should hinder the rights to hold campaign violating the democratic rights of the people.

He finally concluded that the nation is a nation governed by democracy.


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