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Salam Chingkheinganba

Salam Chingkheinganba

Chingkheinganba has been a journalist for more than 4+ years and is popular among the team for his reporting style. He and his parents reside in Singjamei Chingamakha Kshetri Leikai . He holds a Masters Degree in Mass Communication from Manipur University.

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Sit in protest staged against the non availability of Head of Institution; Warns Bishop House to shut the school down if they fail to send the Father

IT News

Imphal July 17,

With the non availability of the Head of Institution of Catholic School Canchipur for the last many days, students, parents and guardians today staged sit in protest outside the school gate.

Speaking to media persons Sobita Biramani a parent of a student said that the principal of the school Father Sony Thomas has taken leave from June 17 and has not returned till now.

Stressing that Catholic School Canchipur as well as all the other Catholic Schools were under the control of Bishop House he reminded that the Bishop House has tried to remove Father Sony Thomas many a times from the school. 

Because of strong agitation by the parents, guardians and Van Drivers Association Father Thomas was extended his term for the post of Principal of Catholic School Canchipur for two more years, he added.

Biramani contended that they believed the Bishop House has a role to play for the father not to come to the school and with previous issues they have trust deficit to the Bishop House.

As the 2nd terminal exam will begin from 24th of this month he urged the Bishop House to send the Principal to resume its duties and also to manage for the students who will face the HSLC exam and also the terminal exams soon.

They felt discontented to know that the school was left without the head of the Institution for a long time and it is a clear sign for system failure, he added.

Praising the Principal he asserted that the school performance was increased in comparison with the previous years during the time of Father Thomas. He also said that they strongly believed in him.

Biramani warned the Bishop House that they will force to shut the school down after the second terminal exam which will start from 24 July if they fail to send back the Principal of the school Father Sony Thomas.

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Anti Repression Day: Army brutalities under the shadow of draconian Act AFSPA highlighted

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Imphal July 15,

Manipur observed the Anti Repression Day at Lamyanba Sanglen today in commemoration to the landmark agitation on July 15, 2004 where 12 mothers staged naked protest at the western gate of Kangla in Imphal against brutality of the security forces.

The brave ladies of Manipur shouted slogans -  “Indian Army Rape Us Kill Us”, “We are all Manorama’s mother” when they took out their clothes in front of the Indian Security force protesting the rape of Th. Manorama by Indian army.

The observance was organised by the observation committee on Anti-Repression Day,2019.

Addressing the observance, Convener of Observation Committee P. Sobita reminded the history of Manipur after the colonial era how Manipur being a sovereign nation having its own constitution with its democratic solution merged into India. 

She highlighted how Manipur became a dependent state in every aspect socially economically, violating various human rights by the government after being merged to India.

Sobita further added that the draconian law Armed Forces Special Power Act 1958 where several human rights organisation around the world opposed and demanded to repeal it immediately was imposed to Manipur.

After 1980 under this draconian act thousands of people of the state were murdered, raped, make the body disappears, she added.

She said that more than 1500 cases of extrajudicial execution were there and several security forces were under trial for it.

A tragic incident took place on 11 July 2004 where Thangjam Manorama was brutally raped and murdered by Indian Army. As a strong protest against such inhumane act 12 mothers staged naked protest at western gate of Kangla thereby removing the Assam Rifle’s camp from Kangla because of the incident, Sobita added.

She concluded to fight unitedly against the draconian AFSPA.

Speaking as a resource person Executive Director of Human Rights Alert Babloo Loitangbam lauded various activities played by the 12 mothers. He said that the mothers of the land have been taking a vital role where they stand in the frontline fighting against the cruel laws imposed by the government.

Babloo stressed that today is a phase of taking over the activities by new generation from old generation. How to sustain the movement initiated by the mothers is a point to ponder by the new generations.

The killings were halted to a certain degree by the movement of the mothers after incident of Sanjit and Rabina. 

He also highlighted the wrong doings of the security forces as per the report of the Supreme Court.

Babloo further said that a report with five primary issues will be brought up to the UN on July 19 2019. The report will focus on suspension of right to life; lack of effective remedy, non recognition of ethnic minorities, plundering of natural resources and political right to self determination, he added.

Floral tributes were paid to the two deceased mother namely Loitam Ibotombi and Mutum Ibemhal who took part in the naked protest.

A souvenir named Road to defiance anti Repression day was also released on the observation.

Consultative member of UCM RK Ranendrajit, President of AMWJU Bijoy Kakchingtabam, Former Dean of Human and Environmental Science Prof W. Nabakumar, Chairperson of the observation committee Anti Repression day Kh. Anandi, Former Dean of School of Social Science Prof Ksh Bimola were the presidium members of the occasion.

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Meira Paibis demands CBI enquiry to the stealing of NFSA rice

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Imphal, July 14,

After MLA of Khurai Assembly Constituency along with the people of the area spark protest over non-distribution of NFSA rice to the people various people and social bodies started protesting against the irregularities committed in the distribution of NFSA rice.

Women volunteers of Wabagai Tera Pishak Meira Paibi Association today staged sit-in-protest demanding CBI enquiry to the stealing of NFSA rice at Wabagai Tera Pishak Laksmi Bazar. The protest demonstration was organised by Socialist Women Association (SWA).

Speaking to reporters, Wahengbam Lili Leima, a representative of the Meira Paibi said that even though the government had allotted 5 Kg of NFSA rice to each card holder for one month they never get the 5 KG of rice. She said that some people are hijacking their share and government needs to investigate over matter so that people get their share. She demanded CBI enquiry to the stealing of NFSA rice.

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State police combs various areas of Greater Imphal

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Imphal, July 14,

Security measures have been beef up in the state following reports of unwanted element trying to sabotage law and order condition of the state. State police today conducted combing operation at various areas of Greater Imphal area.

The state police conducted the combing operation at Paona Bazar, Thangal Bazar, Khuyathong crossing Lillasing Khongnangkhong, North AOC, ISBT Chingmeirong, Nityaipat Chuthek, Keishampat, Moirangkhom, Singjamei and Waheng Leikai in Imphal West. Similar search operation was also conducted at Palace Compound, JNIMS crossing, Lamlong and Kongba Bazar of Imphal East.

At least 43 persons were picked up for verification during the combing operation conducted at various part of Imphal West while 153 people were verified. In the combing operation conducted at various places of Imphal East, at least 26 persons were picked up for further verification.

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