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Imphal, Aug 5:

Panic strikes employees as well as visitors and non-COVID patient undergoing treatment at JNIMS after a group of asymptomatic COVID-19 positive people undergoing treatment at COVID Care Center today came out of their room and staged protest in front of the Director’s office.

According to report, at around 11 am today a group of COVID-19 positive asymptomatic patient numbered around 20 gathered in front of the JNIMS Director office and staged protest as they were not satisfied with the kind of facilities provided to them. They protest about untimely and irregular service of mess and other care facilities.

When Imphal Times contacted the officials of JNIMS, the authority said that the matter has been settled. When asked about the demand of the patients, it has been told that the patients (asymptomatic) at the COVID Care Center, JNIMS have been provided the same catering service that has been served to other non-COVID patients undergoing treatment at different wards of the hospital.

“This catering service was not satisfied by the patients at CCC wards”, the authority said and added that they have demanded a better quality food for them. The authority said that they cannot provide special treatment like providing special food for them as the hospital does not have separate provision to provide separate food for COVI-19 positive people.

The matter was however settled after the COVID-19 positive patient had a talk with the Additional Director of JNIMS. But details of the agreement reached between them could not be known.

Meanwhile, visitors and non COVID patients as well as those working in the hospital panic as those people tested with COVID-19  came out as there are possibility of spreading the virus to others. 

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Imphal, Aug 4:

Commemorating the August 4 , 1997 mass rally where over 5 lakhs people comes to the street for protection of the territorial integrity of Manipur, All Manipur United Club Organisation (AMUCO), an apex body of several clubs and organizations of the state today observed 23rd Manipur Integrity Day.
Tribute was paid at Unity Pillar erected at the western side of Pologround here by members anf well wishers of the AMUCO.
A commemoration function was later held at the office complex of AMUCO at Kwakeithel Akham Leikai. Several leaders of the Meira Paibis and advisors and well wishers of the AMUCO attended the function.
Speaking on the occasion President of the AMUCO , Nando Luwang recalled why and how the historic rally for protection of the territorial integrity of the state was staged.
“It was the far sightedness of the people of the state on the effort to divide and segregate the people of the state that over 5 lakhs people came to the street after the Government of India Signed Cease fire agreement with the NSCN-IM in July 25 1997”, Nando said and added that since that time people of the state know that an attempt to divide the people of the state has been initiated. Later, the perception of distorting the integrity of the state and region of NE stated in particular was shown with the extension of the so called cease fire signed between them on June 14, 2001. People strongly opposed such designed to disintegrate the region and thus 18 people lost their lives during the uprising.
Nando said that on the day when people staged the historic rally on this day of 1997, a 17 years old boy who participated in the rally died while returning back to his village at Moirang Thana Leikai. Another person identified as Nawaz Khan also died after an uncontrolled vehicles rolled over the site while staging a sit in protest at Yairipok after 18 days of the rally.
“People have been giving their lives for the protection of the region and its integrity and will continue”, Nando said adding that for 23 years the various community of the state had been divided using various technique. Today even the NSCN-IM now understand the real motive of the cease fire initiated by the government of India and they have started realizing the real motive of the India government.
On the other hand, at this critical time of COVID-19 pandemic the people have been once made realized that we are one and the fight against the dreaded virus can only be win when stand united. This COVID-19 pandemic also showed our unity and all community today stand together to fight it.
The President of the AMUCO also stated that irrespective of people who are belonging to different community everyone has been affected and each of us in the region are extending help to each other.
“This is the hour that the government and those in the medical profession works with sincerity to ensure that the people of the region is safe”, Nando said. He appealed those in the health care service to ensure that all persons in need of medical care be provided treatment whether infected by COVID or not. He also appealed the government to form a proper long lasting policy to improve the health care sector.
“We know that there were lack of doctors when the pandemic started and today we need more doctors after the pandemic. Why the government is taking too long in recruiting the required doctors an other health workers”, Nando drew the attention of the government.
Regarding the talk of the negligence by doctors while providing treatment to patient at hospital, Nando suggested to installed CCTV camera even at ICU to monitor the way that the health service providers have been providing services to the patients.

According to a press report a few days back, the Deputy Inspector General of Police (DIG) Range, Pravin Gurung of Sikkim Police removed barricades put up by villagers and localities to prevent people from entering their respective areas fearing the spread of the virus due to the surge in Covid 19 cases in the state, terming the act of putting up barricades by citizens in different localities as illegal while appreciating the high level of awareness of the locals and the precautions they have taken. While the above instance is not a one off incident, the police officer acted responsibly and prevented further inconvenience and possible misfortune due to restricted movements in case of emergencies in the state. In fact the practice of putting up unauthorized barricades in localities and colonies by the local residents have seen a sharp rise with the surge in Covid 19 cases throughout the country, and with the added apprehension of community spread of the contagion, the sense of uncertainty and suspicion of ‘outsiders’ has taken on a more accusatory overtone.
What exactly is the logic behind putting up such unauthorized barricades in localities? Are they really helping in slowing down or preventing the spread of Covid 19? Exactly who are the people the residents are trying to prevent from entering their respective localities? Does the ‘ban’ include persons engaging in ‘essential services’ or are there some local mechanism to monitor the movement of these persons? What about the residents going out of their barricaded localities? Or, has arrangements been made by the locals so that the needs of the less affluent residents are also looked after while imposing a blanket ban on movements in these localities? Considering the mandate and influence the local Clubs enjoy, are these barricades erected with their support or supervision? Has there been even the slightest hint of suspicion that only ‘outsiders’ are at risk of spreading the contagion? What is the view or stand of the state government in this regard? Is this just another example of relegating greater power to the people or yet another instance of failure to implement proper protocols and legal guidelines?
When a locality or residential area is declared containment zone, the local police will put up barricades, often yellow painted metallic ones on wheels, two-layers deep and overlapping if possible, completely restricting the entry and exit of all vehicles. No vendors, milk suppliers, household help, drivers or nannies will be allowed to enter, and residents will not be allowed to exit the building or locality. There will be constant police vehicles on patrol on the main roads, in addition to police personnel permanently stationed at the barricade itself. In case of an emergency, people are expected to alert the police and help will be sent. If needed, ambulances will be sent to take the patient to a nearby hospital. All essential goods vendors will have to leave the deliveries at the barricade gates and residents will be called to come and collect the packages one by one. All other unessential, civilian movement has been banned. Everyone has to wear a mask when they step out of their front doors now. This is compulsory by government order as well. Any non compliance will be dealt with strictly and according applicable laws.
Barricades are and should be the last resort of the state authorities to contain and fight the contagion. The dreaded virus does not differentiate between an ‘insider’ and an ‘outsider’. What we should understand as responsible individuals and citizens is that instead of creating more inconveniences and even potential danger in case of emergencies, we should follow the safety guidelines strictly and avoid exposing ourselves to the risks of contracting the virus. If each one of us does our bit, there will not be any necessity for barricades and bans. We are the ones who will determine the next course of action against the dreaded contagion and thereby decide its fate.

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Imphal, Aug 4:

Spraying of Hypochlorite solution to kill the novel coronavirus by various club members at various places will not kill novel coronavirus that causes COVID-19 to people but rather it would harm human health, said Dr. Sasheekumar Mangang , Additional Health Director of Manipur said in a facebook post.
He said that SAR-CoV 2 that causes COVID-19 is found in the human body particularly at the throat and nose. These virus come out in groups of 5 while sneezing or speaking. These virus can’t stay in the atmosphere and travel too long. However, there are opinions of some experts that these virus travel for around 25 feet inside a room. But in real life situations, they can’t survive long in the atmosphere either at roads or surroundings. Once they come out from the human body they become weaker and can’t infect to human.
The additional director health, who is also the spokesperson, said that spraying the Hypochlorite in bulk people may inhale it and that may cause cancer to the human being. Once sprayed the virus than the chemical will stay long in the environment. Animals like cows or other herbivorous animals may get infected after consuming grasses from such areas. Not only the animals but children who play at the area may get affected by the chemicals.
Dr. Sasheekumar further said that Hypochlorite has its role and it can be only sprayed at narrow lanes under the strict supervision of the medical experts as the chemical could harm human life. He appealed people not to spray the Hypochlorite in bulk at roads, fields, and grounds as it only affects the environment and human life.
The Additional health director also appealed to stop infodemic which is being associated with the pandemic. Various unconfirmed news is being circulated at social media causing inconveniences to people. This spread of false news should be stopped as it creates more problems in dealing with the virus, Dr. Sasheekumar said.

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Imphal, Aug. 3: 

Chief Minister N. Biren Singh inaugurated a 300 bedded Covid Care Centre (CCC) at Manipur Trade and Expo Centre, Lamboi khongnang khong in Imphal West District today.
Briefing the media persons, Chief Minister stated that there is evidence of local transmission of COVID-19, however there is no community transmission of the disease in the State. He maintained that awareness among the people is very much needed to contain further spread of the disease. He also appealed to the people to come out openly for early treatment instead of concealing their COVID-19 status if tested positive.
The Chief Minister said that presently, a total of 300 beds have been installed in the CCC, Lamboi khongnang khong and it will be upgraded to a 1000-bedded Centre as it has enough space for extension. He appreciated the Health Department and other officials for setting up the Covid Care Centre so that infected people can get timely treatment.
Deputy Chief Minister Y. Joykumar and Health Minister L. Jayantakumar, Chief Secretary Dr. Rajesh Kumar, Principal Secretary (Health) V. Vumlunmang, Director (Health) Dr. K. Rajo and other officials were present during the function.

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Imphal, July 31:

The number of fatalities due to COVID-19 in the state of Manipur today reached 5 with one more patient who have been undergoing treatment at COVID Care Center JNIMS succumbed early today morning.

The first fatal case of COVID-19 occurred on early morning of July 29 and since then the number keeps rising, reaching 5 in three days.

According to report, the 5th COVID-19 victim died at around 4.30 am today. He has been undergoing treatment at COVID Care Center JNIMS since last Wednesday after he was tested positive in a private clinic. The deceased has been identified as MD. Sajad Ahamad from Lilong in Thoubal district.

So far all those who died of COVID-19 are all male. The first COVID-19 victim who died reportedly contracted the virus inside RIMS where he has been undergoing treatment. Health department statement said that among the 3 who died yesterday are due to co-morbid health conditions and COVID -19.

Until yesterday the total number of positive COVID-19 cases was 2505 and among these 1672 have been reported recovered leaving the number of active COVID case to 829. The number is expected to rise today.  

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Imphal, July 31

Chief Minister N. Biren Singh today paid last respects to the three Assam Rifles soldiers, who were martyred in a militant attack at Khongtal village in Chandel District on July 29. He attended a wreath laying ceremony organised in their honour at Bir Tikendrajit International Airport. 
Speaking to media persons, the Chief Minister said that there is no place for violence in a democratic country like India. Strongly condemning the incident, the Chief Minister asserted that the Government would not remain as a silent spectator, and the perpetrators would be definitely hunted down.
N. Biren also appealed to the armed groups to shun hostilities and come out for a political solution. Stating that the State Government would provide suitable assistance to the families of the martyred Central forces personnel belonging to Manipur, the Chief Minister said that the matter would be put up in the State Cabinet for discussion.
Responding to a query regarding casualties of COVID-19 patients, the Chief Minister said that all the persons, who had died so far had pre-existing ailments. As such, it was hard to save their lives, he informed. However, the Government has been trying its best to save every single life, the Chief Minister stated.
Earlier, N. Biren Singh led others in laying wreaths and paying last respects to the deceased Assam Rifles personnel. Khurai AC MLA Shri L. Sushindro, DGP Shri L.M. Khaute, other high ranking civil, military and police officers and family members also attended the ceremony.
Later, the Chief Minister met the family members of Ratan Salam, who was one of the three Assam Rifles slain soldiers, and expressed his deep condolences. Sharing their grief, the Chief Minister said that attaining martyrdom for the country is like entering heaven alive.

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Imphal, July 31:

Showing serious concern on the fear of losing land, identity and culture of indigenous peoples of Manipur due to the proposed Mining of Chromite, Limestone and other minerals across Manipur particularly in Urkhul, Kamjong, Tengnoupal and Chandel Districts of Manipur which will destroy large scale hill range covering large scale forest which have been securing livelihood for the Indigenous Peoples of Manipur, Youth’s Forum for Protection of Human Rights (YFPHR) has appealed to withdraw the MoUs signed in the regard.
A statement said that the steps taken to initiate mining process without the consent of its people by the Government and signing MoUs with the profit making companies for chromite exploration and mining with M/s Sarvesh Refractories Pvt. Ltd, Rourkela, M/s Rourkela Minerals Pvt. Ltd, Rourkela, M/s Kotak Resources, Mumbai, M/s Gulf Natural Resources, Gurgaon, M/s Visa Steel Ltd, Odisha, M/s Manipur Mines and Minerals Pvt. Ltd., M/s Balassore Alloys Ltd, Odisha etc in 2017 and also for limestone exploration and mining and to establish cement plant with M/s Super Ores, Guwahati, M/s Gulf Natural Resources, Gurgaon, and M/s Ramung Enterprises, Imphal etc are the steps to deprive its own people from participating into the decision making process for development.
It added that by destroying the forest, destroying the free flow of rivers due to construction of dams, destroying the hills for railway lines by disappearing streams which the Indigenous Peoples are dependent, polluting the environment and water bodies, filling up of wetlands, etc cannot be termed as a ”Development Process” but a violation of Right to Life, Rights to clean Environment, Right to Livelihood, etc. Indian Bureau of Mines have already confirmed that Manipur has 6657 Tonnes (Sixty Six Lacs Fifty Seven Thousand Kilogram) of Chromite and various tonnes of other mineral deposited and if mining initiated there will be no hills, no water on the river for survival and will remain as a barren land with no source of habitation which will have a serious impact on the Indigenous Peoples of Manipur.      
Youth’s Forum for Protection of Human Rights (YFPHR) urged the Government of Manipur to withdraw immediately the MoUs signed with the Profit Making companies which is set to mine and destroy 37 in Limestone Mining and 38.96 for Chromite Mining in Urkhul, Kamjong, Tengnoupal and Chandel District of Manipur and other parts of Manipur and protect and secure the lives of indigenous peoples of Manipur.

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