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Sunday, 29 March 2020 - Imphal Times

MACR urges MHRC to ensure all beneficiaries to Children and those in 64 Child Care Centers

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Imphal, March 29

Manipur Alliance for Child Right (MACR) has lodged a complaint to the Manipur Human Rights Commission over failure to provide food grains to the children of the poor families under various beneficiaries of the govt. scheme like Mid Day meal, ICDS, ICPS by taking up special arrangement as the Children have been seriously affected by the ongoing nationwide lockdown taken up in view of the COVID-19 pandemic.
In the complaint lodged by Keisham Pradipkumar, Executive Member MARC, the Manipur Human Right Commission to intervene the situation by issuing directives to the concerned authority to ensure that basic food grain, soap, mask, sanitizer, disinfectants be provided to the 64 child care institutions (CCIs) which have been operating in the state under integrated child protection scheme (ICPS) of the Ministry Of Women and Child Development, Government of India, being implemented by the Social Welfare Dept. Govt of Manipur. The 64 CCIs are currently housing around under the juvenile (care and protection of Children) Act,2015.
The complaints to the MHRC also stated that the concerned NGOs running the CCIs are in need of such arrangement as they are facing inexpressible difficulties because of the ongoing 21 days total lockdown and curfew imposed in view of the COVID-19 pandemic.
  ”Ready to eat food items, food grains entitled for children, lactating mother and adolescent girls under supplementary nutrition programme of ICDS project being implemented by social welfare Dept Govt of Manipur are made available to the beneficiaries of the concerned Anangwadi centers operational in every locality of the state so that beneficiaries could get sustained food security during the 21 days Lockdown period”, the complaint lodged to the MHRC by Pradip stated.
The complaint also urged the Chairperson of the MHRC to make sure 21 days food grain of middy meal for school students are distributed at the doorsteps of the child concerned, through home delivery mode,so that no child remains hunger while staying inside their homes during the 21 days national wide lockdown.

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CM launches website www.tengbang.in Govt committed towards people’s welfare in such hard times: CM

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Imphal, March 29

With an objective to address the grievances and help the Manipuris who are stranded outside the State due to the nationwide lockdown and pandemic COVID-19, Chief Minister N. Biren Singh launched the website www.tengbang.in at a simple function held at Chief Minister’s Secretariat today. The website is developed by CubeTen in coordination with IT Department, Government of Manipur free of cost as their CSR activity.
Speaking at the function, Chief Minister said that the website is being launched with an aim to reach out to the Manipuris who are stranded outside the State and require help to overcome various hardships in such difficult times due to the nationwide lockdown and outbreak of COVID-19.
Chief Minister maintained that the website is integrated with a payment gateway so that people who wish to contribute to the Chief Minister’s COVID-19 Relief Fund can donate online. A mobile application of the website will also be available soon in Google Play and Apple store, he added.
Clarifying about the rice quotas being distributed in all the constituencies of the State, Chief Minister said that with the objective to work for the welfare of the people in such hard times, he had requested the Cabinet Ministers and MLAs to distribute the total rice quotas of their respective constituencies free of cost to the people without fail. A minimum of 20 kilograms should be provided to every family where five members live together, he added. This sums up that each member of the family would get four kilograms of rice.
N. Biren Singh also clarified that such measure was taken to cover all the people of the State irrespective of having  NFSA cards and not in view with the outbreak of the coronavirus and total lockdown in the country. He mentioned that for those who are living in a rented house, he has directed the respective MLAs to identify the tenants in their constituencies so that the government could provide the rice quotas to them.
Urging the people of the State to stay at home to break the chain of spreading the coronavirus in the State, Chief Minister stated that the government has taken certain steps like food home delivery services to provide essential items to people at their doorsteps.
Informing about the COVID-19 patient who is undergoing medical treatment at JNIMS, the Chief Minister stated that the patient is improving and stable now. He urged the people of the State to pray for the speedy recovery of the patient.
Chairman of MANIDCO Dr. Yumnam Radheshyam, Chairman of LDA Shri L. Susindro, Additional Chief Secretary Dr. Rajesh Kumar, Director (IT) Shri Nambam Deben, Shri Haobam Joyremba of CubeTen and others were present during the function.
Meanwhile, several individuals and organisations have contributed a sum of Rs. 12,50,000/- to the Chief Minister’s COVID-19 Relief Fund today.
MLA of Khurai AC L. Susindro Meitei donated Rs. 50,000/-, Babina Healthcare and Hospitality industries Private Limited donated Rs. 5 lakhs, Manipur Cricket Association donated Rs. 5 lakhs, Kangabam Roogeet contributed Rs. One  lakh and Dhanaraj and family donated Rs. One lakh to the Chief Minister’s COVID-19 Relief Fund.
Chief Minister expressed his profound gratitude to all those individuals and organizations who have generously donated to the Chief Minister’s COVID-19 Relief Fund till now.

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The lone COVID -19 patient at JNIMS improved; Ministry releases advisory to take action on those spreading fake news about coronavirus a

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Imphal, March 29 

The health condition of Vimi Ningombam, the first victim of COVID -19 from the state of Manipur has been reportedly improved. Chief Minister N. Biren Singh in a press conference held today said that she is regaining to normalcy and that after her improvement she has been shifted to ICCU ward from the Isolation ward. 
“Doctors treating Vimi Ningoombam said that her condition is improved and that she had asked to provide her some books to read as well as tea maker electric pot for her convenience”, the Chief Minister told media persons. He reiterated the people of the state not to spread false information through social media that may mislead the people. 
As of today there are no fresh reports of any COVID-19 affected people either from any part of the state or from those who have been kept at various Quarantined centers open in the state. 
Today the State Health Directorate has issued N-90 mask, three layers mask and other Personal Protective Equipments (PPE) to all the health service providers and quarantined centers , a statement said.
Meanwhile, the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, Government of India has issued an advisory to curb false News about Coronavirus. In the advisory, it has been stated that Social media platforms are intermediaries as defined under section 2(1) (w) of the Information Technology Act 2000 and are required to follow due diligence as prescribed in the Information Technology ( Intermediary Guidelines) Rules 20011 notified under section 79 of the IT Act. They must inform their users not to host, display, upload, modify, publish, transmit, update or share any information that may affect public order and unlawful in any way. 
The Ministry advisory urges all intermediaries social networking platforms to initiate awareness campaigns in their platforms for the users not to upload /circulate any false new /misinformation concerning coronavirus which are likely to create panic among the public and disturb the public order and social tranquility. The advisory also directed to take immediate action to disable / remove such content hosted on their platforms on a priority basis. However, the advisory urges the intermediaries   to promote the dissemination of authentic information related to coronavirus as far as possible  

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Amidst Govt. measures Human Rights violated at many places, even MLAs are liable

IT News
Imphal, March 29

While supporting the government call for total lockdown across the nation to break the chain of the Coronavirus pandemic, Chairperson of the Manipur Human Rights Commission (MHRC) Khaidem Mani said that the commission has received various report about violation of the right to food at many places.
“Government has taken up measures to ensure that every person gets food by distributing 4 Kg of rice but in some area, people whose name are not in the voter list have been barred from getting it as if they have no right to live”, Khaidem Mani said.
He further added that the state government had assured 20 kg of rice to a family of five members and the implementation of distribution of rice has been assigned to the MLAs of each assembly constituency. However, the Commission has received complaints from people of some Assembly constituencies barring rice share to persons who are not in the voter list which is more like to say that those who are not in the voter list have no right to live, Khaidem Mani said.
He added that the commission also received partial attitude of some agents at some Assembly constituencies where the rich and influential gets bag of rice when poor people are distributed only 3 Kg of rice. The Chairperson of the MHRC however, did not disclose the name of the constituency as of now but said that people’s representatives are also liable for punishment if they violated Human Rights.  
Khadem Mani further said that the commission also received complaints about violation of the Rights of the Child.
“ Around 3200 Children who are staying in the Child care centers have not get rice and their nutrition that they have been entitled. Care to prevent the spread of Coronavirus by distributing masks, soaps, hand sanitizers, etc. have not been taken up”, Khadem Manipur said.
Even though the lockdown and the curfew are the only means to fight the spread of the coronavirus and as everyone have been ordered to stay indoor it is also the bounded duty of the government to ensure their Right to live, that is why the state government has order to distribute rice to all the people.

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Chief Minister says each person irrespective of age should get 4 kg of rice; In Keishamthong Assembly constituency people who are not in voter list have to remain hungry

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Imphal, March 29
Chief Minister N. Biren Singh once more reiterated that each person in every assembly constituency should get 4 Kg of rice and that every MLA has been requested to keep strict vigilance to make sure that no one remains hungry during the nationwide lockdown to prevent the spread of Coronavirus.
In a press conference held at the Chief Minister’s Office today morning, the Chief Minister said that the rice is being distributed from the NFSA share of April month and that the government will pay for it. However, according to NFSA each cardholder is entitled 5 Kg of rice per month but to make sure that every person gets their food the government decided to distribute 4 Kg of rice free of cost.
Spokesperson of the state government Th. Bishwajit had also announced the same on March 23 saying that the state cabinet had resolved to distribute NFSA rice to every person free of cost from the share of April. He also stated that people with CMHT will also get the rice equally.
Chief Minister’s reiteration and Government spokesperson statement turn out to be the greatest joke for the people living in Keishamthong Assembly Constituency as people who are not in the electoral roll are denied from getting their share. Those who are staying in rent and those people below 18 years have to remain hungry during the lockdown as they have not been provided the share announced by the Chief Minister of Manipur and the Government spokesperson.
A lady from Keishamthong Longjam Leirak today, today called up to Imphal Times saying that she had two sons whose name is yet to be enlisted in the voter list due to underage.
“The agent said only I will get 4 kg of rice while my two sons will not get it, so I return without taking my share as my two sons eat more than me”, a widow who lives on hand to mouth said.
She also added that she rather die of hunger with her sons instead of letting her sons with an empty stomach.
An agent who came to a family of 5 (five) members but with only one in the voter list said that he will give only for the person in the voter list, Among the five members three are enrolled in the voter list of Sugnu Assembly constituency while two are yet to be enrolled in the voter lists due to underage even though they are fully grown up.
In a crisis, many have voluntarily come out to extend helping hand to the poor and needy but some people including the representative of the people are playing politics taking advantage of the crisis.
“If the Chief Minister thinks that people in Keishamthong Assembly constituency are his people too he should directly interfere with the problem being faced by the people”, another person relayed a video message to Imphal Times.

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Distribute essential commodities for differently abled and the needy; Stop playing politics in this critical juncture - Jadumani

IT News
Thoubal, March 29

Ex BJP Manipur Pradesh Vice-President Thokchom Jadumain and Yumnam Kumarjit Singh, President of BJP Thoubal District visited different localities in Khangabok Assembly constituency and extended help to those in needs mainly to the differently abled and the needy.

Jadumani said, the government had announced free rice for all the people but the NFSA agents are confusing the public whether the distributed rice is from the very pockets of the local MLA or from the Government. He urged the NFSA agents not to play politics at this critical time.

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India's confirmed coronavirus cases climb to 979, death toll at 25

IT News
Mumbai, March 29

With six fresh deaths -- one each from Delhi, Gujarat, Karnataka, Kerala, Maharashtra, and Telangana, the number of deaths in the country rose to 25 in India, even as the number of confirmed cases across the country rose to 979 on Sunday.

A 40-year-old woman, admitted to the hospital due to respiratory complications and hyper tension passed away at a Mumbai Hospital, thus taking the total death toll in Maharashtra to 6, on Sunday. The death toll across the country stood as :Bihar 1, Delhi 2, Gujarat 4, Himachal Pradesh 1, J & K-1, Karnataka 3, Kerala-1, Madhya Pradesh 2, Maharashtra 6, Punjab 1, Tamil Nadu 1, Telangana 1, West Bengal 1.

The total number of confirmed cases included 931 Indians and 48 foreign nationals. 87 patients were cured and discharged-87, while 25 deaths were registered.

The highest number of 179 new coronavirus cases were registered, on Saturday, with Telengana registering its first death due to Covid 19, when a 74-year-old with travel history to Delhi, died at a private hospital in Telangana. A family of four, who had visited Delhi, also tested positive. Besides, four medics deployed at RGI Airport in Hyderabad also reportedly contracted the virus. A tally of active cases rose to 63 in Telangana. One Covid-19 patient in the state was cured and discharged simultaneously.

The Maharashtra with 181 cases has the most number of Covid-19 patients, Kerala comes second in the list with 176 confirmed cases. The tally of confirmed cases stood as : Maharashtra 181, Kerala 176, Telangana 63, Karnataka 55, Uttar Pradesh 55, Gujarat 55,  Rajasthan 54, Delhi 49, Tamil Nadu 40, Delhi 39, Punjab 38, Madhya Pradesh 34, Haryana 33, Jammu and Kashmir 25, West Bengal 15, Andhra Pradesh 14, Ladakh 13, Bihar 9, Andaman and Nicobar Islands 9, Chandigarh 8, Chhattisgarh 6, Uttarakhand 5, Odisha 3, Goa 3,Himachal Pradesh 3, Manipur 1, Mizoram 1, Puducherry 1

The confirmed cases include: a police head constable who was deployed at Mumbai airport, a  Central Industrial Security Force jawan and  a BSF officer  in Madhya Pradesh.

On Saturday the Union government unveiled a Rs 1.7 lakh crore stimulus to help those hit by the 21-day lockdown. While the Maharashtra government decided to include treatment for coronavirus, under its health care scheme “Mahatma Phule Jan Arogya Yojna” from first April. BCCI announced to contribute Rs 51 crore to PM’s Citizen Assistance and Relief in Emergency Situations Fund (PM-CARES Fund) to fight Covid-19 pandemic.

While the number of deaths around the world stood at 30,000, the number of confirmed  infections worldwide topped 600,000, as new cases stacked up quickly in Europe and the United States.

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