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Imphal, March 15

The BJP led government in Manipur under Chief Minister N. Biren Singh today completes three years. Talking to senior journalist BB Sharma today morning for AIR interview, Chief Minister N. Biren Singh calls on the armed rebel group to come out for talk as dialogue is the only means for solution.

“The Government of India has already initiated talk with the NSCN-IM as well as armed rebel group of various Kuki groups and it is time that the armed rebel group of Manipur to come out  for talk”, N., Biren Singh said replying to a question by BB Sharma.

The Chief Minister also stated that he has been trying to reach out to all armed rebel groups from various source. 

While asking about the achievement of his government in the last three years, N. Biren Singh said that his government most challenging task is to restore normalcy in the state and said that after his government came to power on this day three years back prolonged agitation at Churachandpur and blockade at National Highway came to an end. He said that relationship between hills and plain people have been restored and as there has been peace in the few years development works can be taken up.

Biren Singh government had convened cabinet meets at different Hill district head quarters of the state.

“It was because of our close relation with the hill people that we came to understand the problems being faced by the people of Hill areas”, Biren said.

He also said that new initiative by his government like CMHT, Go to Village, Go to Hill, Meeyamgi Numit and Hill peoples day has bridge the differences with people of all section.

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Imphal, March 15

Proscribed group People’s Revolutionary Party of Kangleipak (PREPAK) said that the way that the Indian Colonial master tamed King Leishemba Sanajaoba by nominating him under BJP ticket for the Rajya Sabha seat is nothing but a strategy to complete the left over political process of annexation that happened at Shillong on September 21, 1949.

A statement by issued by LeibaakNgaakpa Luwang, Secretary –in- Charge , Publicity and Propaganda of PREPAK said that the process is to make sure that no loophole is left over the question of legal validity to the 1949 annexation process under the national and international law. The proscribed group term the action as a well plan to make India  a one nation under one constitution, one language and one religion by the National Democratic Alliance government headed by the BJP by 2025. It gave example about the abrogation of the Article 370 from Jammu and Kashmir and the effort of the BJP to impose the Citizenship amendment Act. The outfit said that such attempt will never be successes in Manipur which have a history of over 2000 years as India was born only in 1947 after the British left.

The sovereignty of Kangleipak was recognized by British in the Anglo Kangleipak Treaty of September 4, 1762 and also in the Treaty of Yandaboo signed between the British and the Burma in February 24, 1826. During a ruling of the Calcutta High Court in Keifa Singh Case of 1865 and Sajowpa Case of 1867 Keileipak was recognized as ‘Asiatic Soveriegn Power’ and after British occupied the nation in 1891 the sovereignty was restored on August 14, 1947, the statement said. The statement further said that Maharaja Bodhachandra may have signed the merger agreement on the promise for increase of the privy purse, pointing fingers to the  recent decision of Leishemba Sanjaoba to contest the election of the Rajya Sabha.

The outfit suspect the blood of the Leishemba Sanajaoba as he unhesitatingly sacrifice the freedom and status of the nation while many have sacrifice for the cause of the freedom of this nation. The outfit also compare Leishemba Sanajaoba with that of Subedar Khelendra who had arrested Martyred Tikendrajit and asked him if the titular king accept the position of Subedar Khelendra rather than remaining as a figurehead of a nation.

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Sunday, 15 March 2020 17:40

MNPF celebrates 7th Raising Day

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Imphal, March 15

Armed rebel group Manipur Naga People’s Front (MNPF) celebrated its 7th raising day at its general headquarters, mobile battalions, units and departments on March 11 .
The raising day celebration held at the party’s general headquarters was graced by Chairman John Francis Kashung, Home Secretary SP Athing and Joy Kashung as chief guest, president and guest of honour respectively, conveyed a press release issued by the outfit’s publicity secretary Thomas Numai.
At the 252 mobile battalion, the raising day celebration was graced by defence secretary Ahao Jajo and deputy organisation secretary A Shimray as chief guest and guest of honour respectively.
The main features of the raising day celebration were expressing gratitude to the almighty God, saluting the party’s flag and offering of tributes to all the people who had laid down their lives in the course of the liberation movement of Manipur, it conveyed.
Speaking on the occasion, John Francis Kashung prayed that the year 2020 may bring peace, stability and significant progress to the liberation movement.
The chairman hailed the people, CSOs and revolutionary groups of the land for effectively negating the alleged divisive policies followed by the Govt of India in WESEA, particularly Manipur.
Accusing the Government of India of misleading the people of Manipur in the name of development works while concealing their alleged imperialistic agenda, John Francis Kashung warned that the Government of India has been scheming to annihilate all the indigenous people of the land.
Keeping faith in the Indian politics is suicidal for the people of the land must determine their own future, he said.
The outfit they vowed that it would fight to the last breath to win back the sovereignty of Manipur.

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Imphal, March 15

Armed rebel group Naga Revolutionary Front (MNRF) has urged the people of the state to boycott Leishemba Sanajaoba in response to his acceptance to join the Indian mainstream politics.
A statement issued by the outfit’s information and publicity secretary Rex Kashung said that Manipur which existed as an independent Nation with a written history spanning over 2000 years became a dependent Nation after the 17th century on account of corruption of the royal bloodline.
The Seven Years’ Devastation, occupation of Manipur by Burma, the defeat suffered at the hands of British empire and the merger into the India were all outcomes of the infighting among royal families for the throne, it said.
Even though Maharaja Bodhchandra acted as if he opposed the merger of Manipur into the Indian Union, he signed the Merger Agreement on September 21, 1949 at Shillong after negotiating a privy purse of Rs three lakh with the Government of India, the outfit alleged.
The then State Assembly adopted a resolution on September 27, 1949 at Johnstone School which declared the Merger Agreement as null and void.
The outfit went on to allege that the Government of India sent in its military forces and occupied Manipur notwithstanding the State Assembly’s resolution.
Since then an armed liberation movement has been raging on, in the course of which many people have lost their precious lives, Rex Kashung said.
A National Convention on Manipur Merger Issue held on October 28-29, 1993 at GM Hall resolved that the Merger Agreement is wrong and invalid.
Now titular king Leishemba Sanajaoba has made the first step to sell off Manipur to India totally by submitting his nomination papers for the election to the State’s lone Rajya Sabha seat, the outfit alleged.
Subsequent upon the corruption of the royal bloodline, hill people and plain were divided as pure/impure.
Moreover, Puyas (sacred texts) were burnt and many places were renamed.
In order to undo these historical wrongdoings, many people of Kangleipak have been paying with their lives, it said.
The outfit then alleged that the titular king’s attempt to join the Indian Parliament is nothing but mockery of all the people of Manipur.

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Sunday, 15 March 2020 17:39


By- Dr Nunglekpam Premi Devi
Independent Scholar

When you instill fake you lie to self;
When you lie to self you neglect a lot;
When you neglect you lie too much to others;
When you see others you turn away unseen;
When you see things you speak about it a lot;
When you speak you know not anything;
When you try to know you are far left behind;
When you left behind you try to cut others down;
When you try cutting others you become a monster;
When you’re a monster you’re small being;
When you’re small you become an evil one;
When you‘re an evil one you attempt killing others;
When you try killing you’re action a secret;
When actions secret you’re dreams a nightmare;
When nightmares a ghost, you’re killing yourself;
When you’re killed you no longer exist.

When you think you all good,
You become a nuisance in the group;
When you act all smarter,
You’re action are second hand garbage;
When you start idiotic moves,
You become a comedian in the group;
When you talk a little louder,
You’re voice becomes so artificial;
When you start laughing looking at,
You’re moment becomes your habits;
When you bite others at the back,
Your ability’s all dull jealous attitudes;
When you show two sides of you,
You become a replica looser;
When you draw yourself larger false,
You’re dropping down self into pieces;
When you’re speaking hating others,
You’re showing off your other side with care;
When you’re silent for a cause,
You’re action is too sharper than words.

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