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Imphal, Jan 14

Triple bench of the Supreme Court of India has reserved the hearing of the disqualification case of Forest and Environment Minister Th. Shyamkumar today.

Report from New Delhi said that Final hearing of the case was held in the triple bench of three Supreme Court Judges comprising of Justice Rohintom Fali Nariman, Justice Hemanta Gupta and Justice V. Rama Subramania.  The triple bench reserves the hearing and the verdict is expected to be announced within one or two week.

Petitioner of the Special Leave Petition, MLA Keisham Meghachandra while talking to Imphal times said that the Congress party believes in the judiciary of the country even though it takes times in delivering justice.

Earlier, Congress MLAs K Meghachandra and Md Fajur Rahim filed a petition at High Court of Manipur claiming that Shyamkumar’s joining of BJP led government is unconstitutional as per Tenth Schedule of Indian Constitution as he was elected on Congress ticket. In its judgment pronounced on July 23, 2019, the High Court of Manipur termed Andro MLA’s joining of BJP led coalition government and becoming a minister as unconstitutional. While mentioning that Speaker’s inaction to disqualify the MLA is wrong, the high court’s decree also said that petitioners can go to higher court. Accordingly, Meghachandra and Fajur Rahim filed another SLP petition against MLA Shyamkumar at Supreme Court.

“We in the Congress party don’t believe in forcibly formed illegal government and we move to the Supreme Court as the Speaker of the Manipur Legislative Assembly Y. Khemchand failed to comply with the HC directives for taking up disqualification case against Forest and Environment Minister Shyamkumar.”, Meghachandra said.

He added, “We are waiting for around 3 years and we are exhausted in waiting justice to be delivered, as the Speaker of Manipur legislative Assembly did not take up the case as a functionary of the constitution, we are left with no choice but to move to High Court and later to Supreme Court.”

Meanwhile, source from Congress office said that similar intervention of the Supreme Court is also expected soon for the 7 defected Congress MLA who had joined the BJP and support the N. Biren Singh government.

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Imphal, Jan 14

A highly place source from the government authority said that Chief Minister N. Biren Singh has received go ahead signal from the central BJP leadership for reshuffle of the cabinet Minister. The source said that, four cabinet Minister in the N. Biren Singh Government is likely to be replace by new face from among the BJP MLAs and the defected Congress MLAs who joined the BJP.

Central leadership is rolling heads on whom to be replaced but source said that recommendation from the grass root level BJP workers and the Chief Minister may be considered as the BJP’s interest to strengthen the BJP in the state of Manipur. The Centre now is confident with the performance of Chief Minister N. Biren Singh and central leadership having understood the fact that an understanding cabinet colleague is the need of the hour is likely to give more priority to the proposal of Chief minister N. Biren Singh.

Another source said 2 Ministers from the NPP and another two from the BJP may be dropped for replacement.  

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New Delhi, Jan 14,

Youth Icon, Monika Ingudam from Manipur was appointed as the National Ambassador for the India Volunteers by the CEO, Mr Manoj Kumar Dash of the Integrated Volunteer Network to support and advance the core Mission of INDIA VOLUNTEERS in securing 2 human hours of contribution per volunteer per week and 100 Human Hours per volunteer per Year, to save and help in the nation growth.

India Volunteers Day is observed & celebrated on January 13, 2020 to recall our core commitments as a volunteer for India. This day is dedicated to all India volunteers who have been voluntarily contributing to help and save the prospective development of the country to make a resilient India. The Integrated Volunteers Network, IVN observed  January 13, 2020, India Volunteers Day at Deshbandhu College, Delhi University marking a new dawn in the aspect and ethics of Volunteerism in India.

Monika is a development professional, currently working at Action Aid India. She has been working towards attaining UN SDGs for the last 5 years. She is a climate Action Fellow of  Youth Ki Awaaz, also serving as the youth Ambassador for India by International Youth Society. 

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Tuesday, 14 January 2020 17:19

Grenade found

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Imphal, Jan 14

A Chinese hand grenade was found planted at a shop in Sangaiprou, Imphal West this morning.

According to source a Chinese hand grenade was found at Rakesh variety store located at Sangaiprou crossing near FCI gate around 8:00am of Jan 14.

Bomb Disposal Squad rushed to the spot and retrieved the bomb around 8:45am and later disposed off safely at Langol dumping ground at around 9:55am.

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IGAR (South)
Imphal Jan 14

Chandel Battalion of 26 Sect Assam Rifles under the aegis of HQ IGAR (South) will organize a Joint Employment  Mela today at Maha Union Senior Secondary School, Chandel, Manipur.
The Battalion will be organizing a Joint Employment Mela as part of Op Sadhbhavana in collaboration with Nehru Yuva Kendra and Deen Dayal Upadhyaya Grameen Kaushalya Yojana (DDU-GYK), Gurgaon on today at Maha Union Senior Secondary School, Chandel Manipur.
The Mela will include  Professional Counseling, Information about various Skill development projects, Information pertaining to career prospects in Armed Forces, Para Military Forces and Police, Placement assistance, Aviation (Cabin Crew), Banking and Medical sector and Information stalls.
Subsequently, various lectures on employment opportunities will also be conducted by the Assam Rifles Officers, Officers MCS, Zonal Education Officer,   Zonal Employment Officer, Mr Kamesh Salam, MD, CANBOO, Dr Shakchung, CMO, District Hospital, Chandel.

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Mumbai Jan 14

The officials of an anti-evasion wing of the Central Goods and Services Tax (CGST), recovered nearly Rs.1057 crore by registering 6641 cases involving 7164 entities, engaged in frauds such claiming GST refund under bogus income credit claims, all over the country.
The cases included 931 cases of fraudulent Input Tax Credit (ITC) cases registered in Kolkata zone followed by Delhi, Jaipur and Punchkula (Haryana).
These case were detected through data analytics, which revealed that the fraudsters had created a network of over 500 entities comprising fake billers, intermediary dealers, distributors and bogus manufacturers of hawai chappals for availing and encashing fake ITC  in Uttarakhand. The bogus “manufacturers” were making supplies to other fictitious entities and retailers in Gujarat, Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu. The raw material for the chappals, known as Ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA)( a plastic made by combining ethylene and vinyl acetate) attracts 18 per cent GST, whereas ready chappals are charged 5 per cent GST. Resultantly the manufacturers are allowed to claim refund of the inverted duty structure in cash.
In Uttarakhand the fraudsters had created over Rs. 600 crore of ‘fake credit’, which they would have continued to encash had it not been busted and fake refund claims worth Rs 27.5 crore were prevented. The main accused in this case was arrested in December and was sent to judicial custody.
Another Integrated Goods and Service Tax (IGST) fraud came to light in Surat in Gujarat in which 19 firms had fraudulently claimed ITC to the tune of Rs. 55 crore against the fake invoices valued at Rs. 679 crore. During the search of the premises of two kingpin firms M/s Satyam Impex and M/s Aatif Fashion, it was revealed that 17 other firms were registered with GST by misusing the identity/documents of daily wagers, casual workers, etc. Data analytics revealed that these 19 firms had issued invoices valued at Rs. 461 crore involving IGST worth Rs. 39 crore for exports and invoices valued at Rs. 196 crore involving GST to the tune of Rs. 12 crore for domestic supply.
Perpetrators of this fraud later confessed that they used to receive fake invoices from fake firms without receipt of goods and have availed fraudulent ITC to claim refund of IGST. They used to purchase cheaper quality textile items from market for export and used the said high value invoices for claiming IGST refund.
Refunds of over Rs. 28,000 crore have been filed by over 27,000 taxpayers on account of inverted duty structure in the current year so far. Such identified taxpayers who have purchased goods from tax evading non-filers would face verification and scrutiny.
To curb ITC frauds, data analytics will be done on all refunds since 2017. The fraud detected by central tax authorities in Delhi, involving GST refund for inverted duty structure, was deliberated at the 2ndNational Conference on GST last week.

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Tuesday, 14 January 2020 17:16

For a better world- to our world leaders

Some issues which are not directly link with the process of building a civilize nation are plaguing today’s world. Whether it be the United States, Middle East countries, Asian countries – every government running their respective countries today face resistance from its own citizen. Donald Trump is facing resistance from his own countrymen for triggering war with Iran, China is facing resistance from its own people of Hong Kong and the Prime Minister Narendra Modi government in India is facing a worst time as citizens across the country uproar over the passing of a controversial legislation of Citizenship Amendment Act. Major Countries of each continent across the world today are in chaos for causes of non issues related to building of a civilize nations.
Human civilization had witness sufferings of wartimes. Today’s leaders across the globe seem to have forgotten the falls of Hitler or Mussolini and the suffering of their people. Today’s leaders seem never realize that the suffering brought to its people in post wartimes were the result of their greed for power. Taking the narrative of the culture of dominion as a way to strengthening their respective countries, people are put in complete chaos. Many are left with tears and many had been injected with hate and vengeance.
Technology is at its peak today. Human minds today discover machines and equipments that converted myth into reality. The geo-politico demarcation in real world that fences their respective countries has been are no longer existed in virtual world which become more reality. People across the globe irrespective of their nationality have been connected everyday with the invention of various scientific equipments like – cell Phone, internet and inevitable social networking software. If these tools are used for humanity and for making a better civilization; imagine the world of today. The so call ‘Heaven’ mention in almost all Holy books would not have been a better place than ‘Earth’. Then that is another dream of some people with humane touch. The technology that could have make a better world today has been misused in quest of power for making the world to almost worst then ‘Hell’.
Leaders of today forget to solve the issue of hungers and suicide cause by poverty. Scholars with degree certificates from top Universities across the globe now have stop doing research for giving suggestion to their respective government on how to improve the status of the citizens. Instead , they generate ideas on how to remain in power for longer period to political parties who are in the government. The once upon a time critics of government policy today turn as advocate of the policy of the respective regime running the government. Judiciary which was and should be the checking mechanism to pin point the wrong policy of the government in democratic government are now going hand to hand with the ruling legislators.  And the symptom of this culture among the learned is spreading all across the globe.
With the killing of Iran’s General Qassem Saleimani by the Trump administration, people across the globe talks about World War –III, but the reality is that World War III has already began. Unless and until the world leaders sideline their greed for making a world in their own idea and started thinking about humanity and initiate to formulate an idea that religion, culture or chauvinism cannot make a better world, the world is not going to move towards a better direction. Humanity is the only way for moving the world towards civilization and   that priority should be peace without violence or else the world of today will reach catastrophe someday. May be barbarism of 15th century world restored and perhaps Peace, prosperity and civilization may be another history.
Whether, the world become a paradise or hell – it is now up to the world leaders that should decide . And Narendra Modi being our Minister should take the initiative by understanding the sentiments of the people who believe in the constitution of our Country call India. People cutting across political ideology will consider you as the greatest leader. There is no wrong making another decision to CAA.

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Imphal Jan 14

Chandel Battalion of 26 Sector Assam Rifles under the aegis of HQ IGAR (South) organised a Plantation Drive in conjunction with villagers of Beru Anthi village in Chandel District on yesterday .
The event was an extension of the Assam Rifles endeavor towards enhancing environmental awareness among the locals. The villagers of Beru Anthi village participated and planted approximately 200 Fruits bearing saplings in and around the village in cooperation with Assam Rifles troops. In addition, youth of Chandel were also briefed on “Joint Employment Mela” being organised by Assam Rifles at Maha Union Higher Secondary School, Chandel on 14th Jan 2020.
This noble endeavor towards contributing to Mother Nature and increasing environmental awareness received accolades from the local populace and reinvigorated the bond between villagers of Beru Anthi village and Assam Rifles troops.

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