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Imphal, Sept 8

International Literacy Day was observed today at Pebiya Pandit Leikai Community Hall on the theme “Literacy and Multilingualism”.

The observance was organized by the Department of Adult Continuing Education and Extension, Manipur University.

Addressing the function as the resource person Professor of Anthropology MC Arun said that in previous years many faced the problem of not being able to get education but now the problem changes with the increase in the number of dropout.

Concerning the reason for the increase number of drop out he said that poverty impacts on a massive scale and also the transfer of posting of Parents added the dropout.

So the role of giving education to them is being taken by the adult education, he added.

He also highlighted that the mid day meal scheme was introduced to reduce the drop out students and also to decrease the burden of the parents. 

Focusing on the changing technology he stressed the need for a digital literacy program and added that the digital divide needs to be bridged. 

He concluded that the aspects of literacy keep changing and such changes needs to be corporated.

Dr Sharmila Thingbaijam in her key note speech said that a person who knows a lot of language is very powerful as he/she will know some knowledge of the community.

Such multilingual will also help in the national integration, she added.

Highlighting the needs to eradicate illiteracy she said that Manipur will be developed only when people are literate knowing the right and duties.

Certificates were also distributed to the learners who participated in 45 days learning session done by the Department of Adult Continuing Education and Extension, Manipur University.

The function was attended by Nongmeikapam Ashokumar, Nongmeikapam Khelen and Dr Chanam Sonia as the presidium members.

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Imphal, Sept. 8

Talks spreading among political analysts about mid-term poll speculated after the meeting between Governor of Manipur Dr. Najma Heptulla and Chief Election Officer (CEO) of Manipur PK Singh amidst dissident MLAs’ pressure for removal of Chief Minister N. Biren Singh turns out to be a rumour.

“CEO has nothing to do with mid-term poll or recommendation of President Rule but the CEO is supposed to conduct Election”, PK Singh told a Delhi based journalist during a telephonic conversation.

PK Singh (Prasant Kumar Singh) was appointed as the Residence Commissioner of Manipur Bhavan , New Delhi on August 30 by an order in the name of the Governor. He took charge as the Residence Commissioner only yesterday.

“My meeting with Her Excellency the Governor of Manipur was to brief about the condition of the Manipur Bhavan and to discuss about what to be taken up for the improvement of the Governor’s room at Manipur Bhavan along with others”, PK Singh told the reporter when asked whether the meeting was related with the rumours about mid-term poll.

It may be mention that after the photo of the meeting between Governor of Manipur Dr. Najma Heptulla and CEO Manipur PK Singh was uploaded in social media, section of political watch group have been speculating of a possible mid-term poll as the situation in the political theatre of Manipur is not stable. Dr. Najma Heptulla in her official Facebook page had posted - “Newly appointed Resident Commissioner of Manipur Bhavan, New Delhi Shri P.K. Singh met me today with the improvement plan of Manipur Bhavan (New Delhi)” on September 5.

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Imphal, Sept 8

Peace and Development Coordinating Committee (PDCC) has urged the government of Manipur to bring back the District Hospital at Sagolmang as the controversy on whether to build it at Sagolmang or not has been cleared.

Speaking to media persons at Manipur Press Club today, Secretary of PDCC Th Hemjit said that the foundation stone for the Hospital was laid on 2011 at Sagolmang and added that several protest were staged as the construction process was not undertaken till 2018. 

He further said that they finally knew that the construction was halted because of the lack of signatures of Pattadars. 

PDCC urged the government to take the signatures of the pattadars and complete the hospital at the earliest, he added.

Reminding the chain of events, he narrated that the District hospital was then shifted to Kiyamgei because of the lack of the signatures of Pattadars.

During that time MLA Lokeshwor and his associates threatened PDCC, created mob and even outcast advisor and members by spreading false rumors stating that PDCC made  the District hospital to shift at Kiyamgei, he added.

He further said that the thorough investigation by Vigilance Department brings out that the family members of the MLA didn’t give the land for the people instead they fenced the land.

 As the confusion is clear Hemjit further appealed to bring back the District Hospital to Sagolmang again.

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Imphal, Sept 8

A team of Jiribam district police seized a huge quantity of drugs worth over Rs. 2 crores while trying to smuggle in to Manipur at Jiribam yesterday evening.

Police source said that the drugs were loaded from Byrnihat in Meghalaya and were trying to smuggle to Myanmar. Manipur is a transit route for drugs and gold smugglers.

Report said that the seized drugs includes (2,04,72,750) Tramadol Hydrocloride (Rimdol-50) capsule 90,990 (strip 9099). The drugs were hidden inside iron poles loaded at an Ashok Leyland truck bearing registration No. AS 01JC – 2823.

The drugs were seized by a joint team of Manipur Anti Drug cell and Jiribam Police at around 7.30 pm yesterday. Driver of the truck Nongsaibam Raees @ Yaima (19) s/o N Tombi Shah of Yairopk Toupokpi Sabal Leikai, Imphal East has been arrested. The police are interrogating the driver to find out the owner of the drugs.

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Sunday, 08 September 2019 17:34


By-Dr Nunglekpam Premi Devi
Independent Scholar

Ah!  He knows he finds his love his lady;
Likes ‘her’ like a diamond in his ring;
‘I think I’ve seen you before’ he started surprisingly;
‘I feel like I’ve known you for the last birth’ he faulted;
Cares ‘her’ like a morning breaths, brushing and cleaning;
Remembers ‘her’ his every second count breathing;
Make calls ‘phone calls’ as if he knows no boundaries;
Man, oh! Man you’re such a great dirty;
Your mind so muddy and soiled and splashing;
You string ‘her’, her presence at your nightmare;
You foiled ‘her’ will so manky and treacherous;
You shadowed ‘her’ icky unethical;
Every morning and each evening calls and talks;
‘Hi’ and ‘hello’; ‘I’m waiting and I’m dying’.

She forgets evils and she sees tenderness;
And she finds fondness warmth and friendliness;
She roams and smiles for ‘him’ so attaching;
She blinds her solicitude ‘making him’ a man;
Consideration and yearning and worshiping;
Liking and inclining and adoring and devoting;
O! Man, you forgot ‘her’ fidelity, her fealty;
She stitches and holds her ‘garland’ for you;
She bears ‘her’ pangs of separation for you;
Her family, her childhood, her memories,
Her home, her honesty, her place, her habitation,
Her fatherland, her motherland, her cradle,
Ah! So sweetly she beholds those, her basket,
Her origin, her birth, her cot, her beginning,
Her support, her shelter, her protection,
You laughed when she cried for your happiness;
You danced when she stepped your crooked infidelity.

Marriage! In the name of Social beings,
Marriage! In the name of intimacy embracement,
Food and drinks; Music and lights;
Customs and ornaments; Cars and cars;
Laughter and all smiles; make-ups and all expensive;
Oh Man! You throw the lights on and drink to heaven;
Darker the night, you play upon the maiden so fiercely;
Later the night, you wake her up shouting;
You knew not who she bears, so devastating;
Once she disapprove, you kicked her anywhere,
Once she dismiss, you taunted her monstrously;
Shaken as she could; she cried her out pouring and pouring;
She feels so thornier, her bed isn’t smells rosier;
He fights and she struggles; Isn’t this a mistake?

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Imphal Sept. 8

After the great  success of Asian Designer Week with Manipur celebrity Soma Laishram and Designer Robert Naorem , Delhi Fashion club is now hunting for the next talented designer from North East India who will represent North East at upcoming two international platforms , Asian designer week in Delhi and International Fashion Week, Goa. Delhi Fashion Club chairman Mr. Harshit Dhingaun said “We invite talented north east designers and Female Models to be part of International Fashion Weeks with 50% sponsored slots for designers support and north east promotion”

Selected designers will get chance to showcase there designs at half sponsored slot and also models will get chance to enter the international platform during DFC Show. Female Models height should be above 5.5 can apply.


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Ghaziabad, September

With the rising cases of neurological problems and more stroke cases coming up, Max Hospital, Vaishali, launched a dedicated support group for stroke patients to address the issue and raise awareness for timely intervention and prevention.
The programme was initiated for people who have suffered stroke and neurological issues in the past, to understand the health aspects and to share experience with people who are currently dealing with similar issues.
As a part of the same, Max Hospital, Vaishali conducted a session today in their hospital premises, to provide a common platform to stroke survivors and their caregivers wherein they could share their experiences and learn from each other. The programme also had one session on relaxation through breathing. Caregivers, doctors and patients came together to discuss the issues related to strokes, how best and fastest care can be provided and how physiotherapy can boost the pace of treatment.
Addressing the audience during the session, Dr Sanjay Saxena, Senior Director, Neurology, Max Super Speciality Hospital, Vaishali, said “lack of awareness is at the root of every health disorder, weight management, managing an adequate blood pressure, active physical life are some of the basic preventive measures for stroke. However, in most cases the situation deteriorates because people are not aware and tend to ignore the symptoms instead of consulting a doctor immediately. It is necessary that people from all strata of life, have a basic knowledge of handling such health issues. It is never too late for one to avail information and understand the first actions to be taken when someone gets stroke. We are a population where, obesity, blood pressure problems, diabetes is increasing specifically in the urban areas. Only an active life and awareness can be depended on to avoid health disorders, like strokes.”
In the panel discussion organised, neurosurgeons, neurologists, physiotherapists, dieticians and psychologists from Max Vaishali, came together to evaluate the existing scenario and shed light on the best practices that can be adopted by caregivers and the support group to bring in best in class treatment for stroke patients.
“It is always advisable for people to take their health seriously and maintain an active life through regular workouts. However, under situations, where one has been attacked by a stroke, along with continuous therapy and with moderate physical activities the conditions can be controlled well. One should not try things at home unless advised by an expert because physiotherapy for every individual would be different based on their condition and problems. Physiotherapy has always proven results in improving the conditions of stroke patients in the past. This support group from Max Healthcare would be a really helpful move towards care of stroke patients.” Said Dr Shuchita Bansal, Senior Physiotherapist, Max Super Speciality Hospital, Vaishali.

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