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Imphal, Sept 10

Court has summon the functionaries of Kamakhya Pemton College , Hiyangthang including its Principal and Vice Principal, Vice Chancellor and Registrar of Manipur University and the Principal of Mayai Lambi College in connection with a money suit filed by a 24 years old student Shasikumar Sharungbam blaming the authority for sabotaging his career.

Shasikumar Sharungbam, a student of B.Sc of Mayai Lambi College passed both 1st and 2nd Semester exam in 2013 and 2014 respectively and already got Registration Number issued by the University as 13381161 in 2013.  Shasikumar Sharungbam however stopped attending the college after appearing the 2nd semester exam as he wanted to undergo coaching for preparing the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) exam. In 2015, Shasikumar Sharungbam wanted to complete BSc while attempting for NEET exam.

Later, Shasikumar Sharungbam shifted to Kamakhya Pemton College and submitted all required documents, admission fee and passport size photograph. He was not immediately admitted as he was advised to wait for obtaining approval for transfer of college from the Manipur University authority. In the meantime he continued his coaching.

What surprised and embarrassed Shasikumar Sharungbam was that he was declared to have passed the 3rd semester exam from Kamakhya Pemton College , Hiyangthang in 2015 (November) which he had not appeared. When approached he learnt that he passed the examination under a roll number 3106863 with a new Registration Number 13281782 issued in 2013 by the Manipur University authority.

On getting two registration certificates which according to the regulation of the Manipur University authority is not possible, Shasikumar Sharungbam with the help of his father approached the Manipur University authority to find out if his son was issued a fresh registration. As they failed to get the right reply he then sought information regarding on how his son was issued a fresh registration certificate through RTI. The student Shasikumar Sharungbam was shocked to learn that no such registration could be issued as he had already obtained Registration Number while admitting at Mayai Lambi College and that it was a violation of rules and regulation to transfer to another college in the middle of his BSc course.

As his career has been sabotaged Shasikumar Sharungbam filed a Money suit to the Court of Civil Judge (SR Division) pleading to compensate a sum of Rs. 60,00000/-.

The Court summoned the Principal and Vice principal of Kamakhya Pemton College, Vice Chancellor and Registrar of Manipur University and the Principal of Mayai Lambi College to file the statement to the plea by Shasikumar Sharungbam.

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Imphal, Sept 10

JAC formed in connection with the dead of Babysana urged the government to take 164 statements of the victim’s family in front of the magistrate.

Speaking to media persons in a press meet held today at THAU ground Convener of the JAC Laishram Gyaneshwori said that Chief Minister already instructed IG Kailun and SP Meghachandra to take 164 statements of the victim’s family that is the father, mother and the uncle of the deceased.

Recalling the talks between the JAC and Chief Minister on September 5, she said that the movement was temporarily suspended because of the assurance given by the CM assuring to release the arrested JAC members without any condition, to handover the case to CBI and to give the 164 statement of the victim’s family in front of a Magistrate within 10 days.

Failing the demands she warned that the JAC will continue the movement and they will not meet with the CM any further. 

Gyaneshwori said that IG Kailun and SP Meghachandra still doesn’t take 164 statements of the victim’s family in front of the magistrate even after completion of 5 days. She urged the CM to look into the matter seriously and put pressure to IG and SP to take 164 statement of the victim’s family at the earliest. 

Questioning how many statements will be needed to find out the truth Gyaneshwori stated that even after 40 statements taken as told by SP Meghachandra in media, the investigating team still doesn’t find out the truth about the case of Babysana. 

She further said that they believed the government will handover the case to the CBI at the earliest by giving all the important related documents to them.  

Gyaneshwori further urged the people of Thangmeiband to light a lamp in front of their house till the case is handed over to the CBI as a solidarity and also to let the soul of Babysana to be in peace.

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Tuesday, 10 September 2019 17:26

World Suicide Prevention Day held

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Imphal, Sept 10

World Suicide Prevention Day under the theme ‘Working together to prevent suicide’ organised jointly by National Mental Health Programme, State Health Society, NHM Manipur and Indian Psychiatric Society, Manipur State Branch was held today at IMA Hall, Lamphelpat.

Addressing the function as the Chief Guest Director of Health Services, Manipur Dr K Rajo stressed that socio economic changes, stress and strains are the risk factors of suicide. He added that mental illness like depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, impulsive disorder and substance abuses also increases the case of suicide.

Highlighting the highest frequency of suicide he said that teenagers are the highest in committing suicide though  few old aged can commit such an act.

Being the 13th largest kills Rajo said that an individual died due to suicide every 40 second.

He also said that a person who previously attempted suicide is likely to attempt suicide again and added that an awareness to prevent such suicide attempt is needed by all the stakeholders. 

Pointing out that suicide mainly occur due to mental illness Rajo said that early detection and treatment can prevent a person from committing suicide. 

He also said that there is a need to better the socio economic condition of the people and the awareness needs to be spread by the media also.

Rajo further stressed that there is an urgent need to stop drug abuse as the suicide tendency is very high for those abuser.

He assured that it is 100 percent preventable. 

Rajo concluded that good health cannot be obtained without good mental health.

The function was attended by President of Indian Psychiatric Society Manipur Branch Dr. S. Manikanta, Additional Director of Health Service Manipur Dr. P Shyamsunder, Prof & HOD of Department of Psychiatry, RIMS Dr. Lenin and HOD of Department of Psychiatry, JNIMS Dr. K. Santibala as the presidium members.

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Imphal, Sep 10,

World and Biodiversity Conservation Committee (WBCC) Manipur, Heirok branch, today rounded up two persons while they were fishing with electric equipment at Heirok River Malei Tampak Dam.

A statement signed by WBCC, Secy. Heirok Branch, Ibomcha Ningthoujam said that the equipments used in electro fishing such as battery, electric convertor, two bamboo stick and a fishing net were recovered from them. He added that the committee counseled the duo about the demerits of electro fishing and its effect to the environment. He further said that the committee advised the duo not to repeat electro fishing in the near future also if repeat it again they will face punishment with the help of law. Later, they were handed to their family.

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Tuesday, 10 September 2019 17:23

Ayush Free Health Camp at Noney

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Imphal, Sept .10

Under the supervision of Directorate of Ayush Lamphelpat, Rongdai Village Authority today organised Ayush Free Health Camp at Rongdai Baptist Church Complex, Noney District.
The health camp was accompanied by District Hospital Tamenglong, MO I/c (Hom) Dr.Titus Gangmei and its 6 Doctors and 7 staff.
Dr. Titus Gangmei said that the health camp was organised as an Directorate Home Ayush Health authorize activity to check up the health of men, women, old age people and children. He added that Ultrasound, ECG and various blood test were also done in free of cost. Medicines were also provided in free of cost. he added,
As a part of the health camp, 165 Bn. TA were also present the camp to help the people.
Noney Village Paster Angam Gangmei praises the Ayush Department Doctors and Peramedical staff for its work.

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Imphal, Sept 10

Paying tribute to the sacrifice made by Lamyanba Hijam Irabot, All India Youth Federation (AIYF) is all set to organise ‘Hijam Irabot Setha Esei and Esei Mayek Changdamnaba’. 

Speaking to media persons in a press meet at Irabot Bhavan Convenor of the competition K Victor said that there is an urgent need to know the sacrifice done by Hijam Irabot and his philosophy. 

He added that Lamyanba Hijam Irabot is for the people of Manipur and especially the youths and students need to organise such event jointly to recall and remember his sacrifice.

Victor further said that Irabot Seitha Esei Mayek, a competition for the lyrics dedicated to the works of Hijam Irabot will be held on September 15 and Irabot Seitha Esei which is a song competition for Hijam Irabot will be held on September 22 at JN Dance Academy.

He also said that a voluntary blood donation camp will be held on September 26.

Victor appealed the people of the land to take part and participate the said events.

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By - Leichombam Kullajit

“You’re free to choose, but you’re not free from the consequences of your choice.” Well, this proverbial statement seems to have caught the attention of the Chief Minister, N Biren Singh, who stated that his State, Manipur, is ready for National Register Citizen of India (NRC) in the fourth North East Democratic Alliance (NEDA) conclave held in Guwahati recently. Everyone in the state, we hope, including ours, appreciates his ‘bold’ announcement, but the fact of the matter is, his boss both as party president and central minister, Union Home Minister Amit Shah gave enough hint that Citizenship Amendment Bill (CAB) would indeed be brought/introduced in the parliament. So, here comes the quandary.
The question is – what are the difference between NRC and CAB and what is its significance for a small state, like Manpur in particular and Northeast as a whole? And why Manipur chief minister chose the NRC while rest of his counterparts of the Northeast states talked about CAB?
Since the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) at the centre has promised in its 2019 election manifesto that it would implement the NRC to weed out the ‘infiltrators’ from the country in a phased manner in other parts of the country, the choice of words for N Biren Singh doesn’t matter at all, even if he agrees or not. Nevertheless, it’s a win-win situation for him and party. The bigger question is about CAB. As a reminder, Mizoram chief minister Zoramthanga already warned, at the same conclave, that all political parties that supported the contentious bill are on the ‘verge of suicide’. Also, Nagaland chief minister Neiphiu Rio predicted that this ‘highly controversial’ Citizenship (Amendment) Bill will change the demography of the Northeast, if it’s implemented by the Centre. This is understandable for sure.
Now, coming to NRC in Assam, it’s become an unnecessary controversy even though it was closely monitored by the Supreme Court of India. One is the poor implementation of the exercise and apathetic working style of the incompetent officials who dealt with and second is the strong objection by some vested interest parties and people, especially Mamata Banerjee led Trinamool Congress of West Bengal, who claimed that the exercise was to driven out the Bengali speaking people from Assam and Northeast and a conspiracy of the ruling BJP.  Even though their assertion and apprehension was unfounded for sure as it was not at all about linguistic and ethnic problem but surely about the unabated illegal immigrants swarming like ants to the region for decades, the concerns were felt to everyone.  So, the bigger question to N Biren Singh is how he will implement the Citizenship Bill in Manipur. Every announcement by a state leader should have a clear picture beforehand what’s he going to do and how to implement it. Even if he claims that his cabinet had already passed the motion, we as a citizen haven’t yet seen it. Another concern is the baseline of the citizenship and to identify who are those people and under whose supervision and finally the dateline. At present, there are also reports that Manipur has more illegal immigrants from Myanmar than Bangladesh.
For the CAB, the Centre has already announced on so many occasions that it won’t have any impact on the demography and culture of northeast. But the anxiety expressed by the leaders of other northeast states can’t be ignored so easily. The Bill provides for according Indian citizenship to Hindus, Jains, Christians, Sikhs, Buddhists and Parsis from Bangladesh, Pakistan and Afghanistan after seven years of residence in India instead of current norm of 12 years, even if they do not possess any document. Now is the time for the state government to think and act carefully. It’s in your hands and we will closely monitor as a citizen.

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The new world today is facing serious threat as the essence of patriotism and theory of Nationalism now has been a tool , which is considered the only way to show one’s community existence and also to showcase their pride. Most country now face problem of separatist movement and recently , Hong Kong witness a rise for their freedom from the hand of Chinese supremacy. India witness a crisis in Jammu and Kasmir in its effort of makes the country a one nation. There are also any countries who are working whole heartedly to strengthening their so call nation using all means. The International body – United Nation now seems to be a name shake organization which cannot intervene to any of the anti humanitarian crime committed by any country for their own benefit. When all seems right from each country perspective, an issue which might put the entire human race into deep trouble seem to be forgotten to discuss. It is about the burning of Amazon Forest in Brazil. The American President seem to back the Brazil president in the regard. For sure if the Amazon Forest is rooted from the globe, the entire planet is going face problem of non availability of Oxygen which is needed by every living being in the planet.  
Well Every year, a certain day is dedicated and observed as “World Environment Day” throughout the world. The irony, however is that it would not be far from the truth to say that everybody is feeling the consequences of the damages man has inflicted on the environment right this very minute. But the uncomfortable truth is that unless we start doing something concrete to reverse- if possible, or contain the damage, the rise in temperature and the consequent disruptions in the natural climatic cycle will continue at an increased rate. That is not a very rosy picture, and yet precious little has been done on the ground to slow the ravages of man on our ecosystem. There is bound to be a conflict of interest between conservation of environment and development as has been witnessed countless times before, an inevitable crossing of paths arising out of necessity. But such conflicts need not result in disaster or damages though that has been the case so far. All it needs is proper understanding and earnest effort to bring about a cohesive system where nature and environment can be integrated into the developing world. It has now become a chick or “the in thing” to flaunt one’s eco-friendly lifestyles. This says a lot for the changing mindset towards our environments- a welcome change for sure, compared to the wanton destruction of forests and natural greeneries a few years earlier to make way for concrete structures and artificial jungles of concrete and glass.
But the most emergent question everybody needs to be asking at the moment is: is dedicating a single day of the year to reaffirm our commitment and responsibilities towards our environment enough to make the necessary and desired changes? The answer couldn’t be any clearer. This year, we have witnessed and experienced one of the worst floods in recent years, and the more relevant point that needs to be looked into is the frequency of the disaster. As of today, we have experienced flood situations at least four times in the state, the most recent one wreaking havoc at Senapati District, destroying, among others, an orphanage and leaving the kids with just the clothes on their backs.
The effects of the wrath of nature cannot be stressed enough. While it would not be possible or practical to expect the government to set things right and make plans to ensure that such calamities does not occur, there are areas where the government, both at the central and the state level, can look into and take up concrete steps to minimize the effects and contain the damage. Yet whatever has been done so far by way of any and every efforts towards addressing the issues, almost all of them turned out to be just another excuse by the contractors, engineers and others involved in the process to serve their own self-interests. The need of the hour, on the other hand, should be to implement a consistent plan to help nature and our environment to heal. This will undoubtedly prove easier said than done, but greater challenges have been successfully met and overcame with cooperation, dedication, a sense of purpose and resilience.
Meanwhile, making informed judgment by everyone of us, in the way we choose eco-friendly products and organic foods that does not contaminate the soil and water, to that of choosing things which are made locally instead of the ones that has been flown halfway around the world, as also inculcating a more evolved civic sense could make a much bigger and significant difference than we think possible.

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Guwahati Sept.10

 City-based scribes, who participated in a daylong Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C screening camp at Guwahati Press Club on 9 September 2019, showed an excellent health status as none was reported positive in the blood tests.
Organized by Dr Rela Institute & Medical Centre from Chennai, the camp witnessed the participation of over 60 media persons where all the blood samples were tested negative for both the viruses. Marketing officer from Dr Rela Institute in northeast India, Chiranjib Sarma along with health workers Siva Kalita and Mrinmoy Dutta conducted the camp.
Currently, chronic Hepatitis B and C are the major burden of liver diseases in India, which eventually leads to cirrhosis of the liver and hepatocellular carcinoma. However, a simple screening test can provide an opportunity to treat the disease and to identify patients, who are at risk of hepatocellular carcinoma. For the person, diagnosed negative for Hepatitis B can be protected by giving proper vaccines.
The initiative of Dr Rela Institute (www.relainstitute.com) can be termed as an important example of social healthcare initiatives, which is expected to empower member-journalists of the press club to fight against Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C virus.

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