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Imphal, Aug 26

Congress MLA Khumukcham Joykishan today grilled the government alleging misinformation being circulated to the media by police department and the government itself over the death of Ningthoujam Babysana.

In his call attention motion moved to the State Assembly session which begins from today, MLA Joykishan stated that the way the people have been misinformed regarding the handling of the case of Babysana to CBI has irked the peoples creating uncertainty in the state. He drew the attention of the Chief Minister to clarify on whether the case has been handed over to the CBI or not as peoples’ uprising is over the unclear circulation through media by the police department and the government.

Replying to the call attention motion Chief Minister N. Biren Singh, the leader of the house, clarify that the government is also shocked in hearing the news about the mysterious death of Babysana and that the government is taking the case with extreme seriousness.

He said that all procedure for handling of the case to the CBI has been done. But as the state government cannot directly hand over the case to the CBI directly as per the procedure, a Deputy Director of the State Home department has been sent to the DOTP to hand over the case to the CBI. He further added that beside being taken up all procedure for handling of the case to the CBI, the state government has also set up a Special investigation Team (SIT) headed by an Additional SP to investigate over the case. The Chief Minister said that the government is equally serious to this case and that understanding the sentiment of the people the body of late Babysana has been allowed to conduct post mortem twice with video coverage.

As MLA Joykishan grilled the leader of the house on whether the case has been handed over to the CBI or not, Chief Minister N. Biren Singh said that all procedure for handing over case to the CBI has been done.   

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Imphal Aug 26,

Demanding fair justice and also to hand over the case to CBI Joint action Committee formed against the mysterious death of Chungamlu Riamei urged the government to give justice to the victim and its family members.

Speaking to media persons in a press meet held today at Manipur Press Club Spokesperson of JAC Jeandhui Pamei questioned how a person can be hanged in her bed. He alleged that the dead of Riamei is murder and not a case of suicide. 

Jeandhui further alleged that Riamei was killed by her husband Konjengbam Jackson and also urged to put strong sections in his charge filed against him to give befitting punishment. 

He also questioned why a chargesheet was not initiated even after 6 days.

Recalling the incident of peace rally where they tried to meet CM he said that the high headed behaviour of the police and its atrocities has made to injure 12 peaceful protestors. 

Condemning such atrocities of the police he questioned whether the police were there to protect the people or attack them. He further demanded disciplinary action against such police personnel. 

He further warned that intense agitation will be done if the government failed to fulfill their demands. 

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Imphal, Aug 26

Around 2500 MGNREGS Job Card Holders of Charangpat Gram Panchayat under Wangkhem Kendra have not received their annual payment for two years.

Having no idea about the whereabouts of these amounts, the card holders want the concerned authorities to look into the matter.

As expressed by Khairam Tombi, a card holder from Charangpat Maning Leikai, the job cards were with the Pradhan Members all this time. Now, when they handed it over, it was written on the card that Rs. 2090 was paid, but they had received only Rs. 200, he said. Not only him, but other card holders are also facing the same issue, Tombi said, and want the concerned authorities to find out who is taking this extra amount. Thiyam Nene also expressed that the card holders under this Gram Panchayat have been working regularly from time to time, but they got only Rs. 200 for 2018 and 2019.

When they complained to the Panchayat, they were ridiculed and mocked by saying, why do they want money without working. Therefore, Nene requests the concerned people and authorities to look into the matter and let the workers get their wages, fairly.

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Imphal, Aug 26

Imphal Tuhilal Airport will be called ‘Bir Tikendrajit International Airport’ from today. The state assembly has passed a resolution to rename it as Bir Tikendrajit International Airport today. Chief Minister N. Biren Singh, who is also the leader of the house, today moves to pass the resolution in the State Assembly today. Opposition Leader of the house, Okram Ibobi welcome the government’s move to rename it however gives his opinion to speed up the ongoing airport expansion works for the benefit of the people.

Interestingly, a member of the treasury bench, Subashchandra, who is also a BJP MLA from Naoriyalakpa Assembly Constituency gave his objection to the renaming of the Tulihal Airport as Bir Tikendrajit International Airport stating that ‘Tulihal’ is a name associated with three important deities of the locals. He urged the house to keep the name unchanged. But the house passed the resolution.

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Imphal, Aug 26

The illegal survey currently conducting in Kharungpat of Kakching since 23rd of this month by Niranjoy, who calls himself as S.O. Kakching, should be immediately stopped. This was stated by the Citizens’ Association for Rural Development, an apex body of 12 clubs in Wabagai.

A statement signed by M. Manishwar, Secretary CARD, said that there has been continuous struggle for years with the government to keep Kharungpat as a lake and as a wetland to preserve water.

Even now, the lake is included in the shortlisting of lake preservation. Various memorandums have also been submitted to the concerned minister, Karam Shayam, and Chief Minister, N. Biren. Therefore, S.O. Niranjoy is trying to collect money by cheating on some people.

CARD Wabagai said that there is no village called Kharungpat and no attempt can be made to build a village on the lake.

The statement further said that not even an inch can be taken from the area of 1600 acres. In case anything happens against the wishes of CARD Wabagai and the people, CARD Wabagai is all prepared to take up various steps along with the people. It also draws the attention of the Chief Minister of Manipur to look into the matter.

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Wildlife and Biodiversity Conservation Committee (WBCC) Manipur held its Second General Body meeting yesterday at its head office in Khangabok with Rabi Takhellambam President of WBCC Manipur, N.Romes Secretary General of WBCC Manipur, Ningthoujam Robi Information and Publicity Secretary and N.Ishwarchandra as presidium members.

Discussing the current situation of Lakes, Hills, Rivers and Habitats of Wildlife and Phunan Maring Hill,  Waithou Hill, Thambal Chingya and others hills of the state, WBCC Manipur adopted various decisions including to conserve the wildlife and Biodiversity, plantation in hilly areas mainly the Waithou Ching and Saram Ching.

Rabi Takhellambam, President of WBCC Manipur requested the people of Manipur to conserve and protect the precious wildlife and Biodiversity of state. Members of WBCC Manipur, Clubs of different Villages in Manipur and Meira Paibis also attended the function.

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Imphal, Aug 28

Appreciating the High Court Order stating that no development works can be implemented in the Loktak Lake without the permission of the High court of Manipur, All Loktak Lake Fisherman Union Manipur congratulate such landmark order by the High Court.

Speaking to media persons in a press meet held today at Manipur Press Club General Secretary of ALLAFUM Oinam Rajen said appreciated the rightful intervention Into the misappropriation of public money in the name of conservation and management  of Loktak Lake, Manipur. 

Claiming that Loktak Development Authority (LDA) which is solely responsible for the development of Loktak becomes a failed institution he said that the condition of the Lake worsen even though huge amount of money were sanctioned for the development of the lake. 

Questioning the clearance of Phumdis claimed by LDA which is about 132.94 lakhs cubic metres from the lake Rajen asked the place or the dumping ground for such huge Phumdis where amount was also sanctioned for the work.

He added that LDA has been clearing the Athaphum which is more like a fishing equipment and also help in conserving the lake instead of Phumdis which were piled up around 60 km stretch making the water stagnant and polluted.

Bamboo barricade is stocking Phum and rearing for Phumdis proliferations which is another means to earn money in the name of Phumdi clearance, he added.

He stressed that while cleaning Phumdi, LDA have created siltation, pollution, water contamination, destruction of Loktak ecology and its fragile habitat and further in the name of management LDA have cut down hillock inside the Lake and reclaim wetlands into artificial ground which is against the prevailing laws including the Manipur Loktak Lake (Protection) Act 2006.

Pointing out the money for those who were left to avail their compensation for burning their Phum huts he asked where the money for the compensation of 258 phum huts owner for their livelihood package went into and the compensation amounts to Rupees One Crore three lakhs twenty thousand.

Considering the LDA is destroying the Loktak Lake in the name of Conservation and management by looting public money by burning phum huts but not paying livelihood package he continued that human rights  are violated  and the  natural  riverine system of Loktak are destroyed. 

Questioning whether the LDA Project Director have the magistrate power to order evictions of the phumhuts he stressed that LDA have issued illegal eviction notice without the knowledge of the district administration which is illegal. 

He also said that The Manipur Loktak Lake (Protection) Act 2006 did not empower any eviction activities and added that the Project Director violates the Act itself by imposing illegal eviction including burning of phumhuts. 

He further appealed the concern authorities to institute an impartial, independent enquiry into the matter of corruption and human rights violation in and around the Loktak Lake and those found guilty must be given befitting punishment according to the law. 

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Chandel, Aug.26

The Anal People has condemned in the strongest term what it alleged was a inhuman action meted out to one innocent man by Cadres of NSCN-IM Belonging to Lamkang Community on 22nd August 2019. Identifying the victims as L.H. David Anal S/O N.L. Shangkim residents of Ruwngchang Village in Chandel District, the incident occurred at Forest Gate Komlathabi and Lairungtabi Village.
At a Press Conference held yesterday at Maha Area Chief Association (MACA) Office Chandel, President of Anallon Chief Association Lumdil Anal Said that on Learning of Brutal Physical Assaults and attempt to murder of an innocent man L.H. David Anal by Mr. SS.Wilson Lamkang of NSCN and his Associate Mr. Issak Lamkang, GPRN on 22nd August 2019, 7 pm at Housing Complex of Kapam Village a Joint team of Anal Civil Societies, Anal Naga Tangpi (ANTA), Anallon Chief Association (ALCA), ALT, ASR and Maha Area Surrounding Chiefs Visited the above mentioned places on 24 August 2019 and found that Mr. L.H. David Anal was physically Assaulted & Attempt to Murder by Mr. SS. Wilson Lamkang NSCN & Mr. Issak Lamkang, Leacy on 22nd August 2019 at 7 pm, he said
Lumdil Anal further said, in the afternoon of 24 August, a joint meeting was convened at the office of Anallon Chief Association, located at Japhou Bazar and adopted various resolutions, i.e The Anal people openly question the motive and integrity of self style Captain SS. Wilson & Issak Leacy and their associates who carried out such actions on an innocent public without any reason.
The Anal People also questions the GPRN/ Region Authority for deputing its cadres to Threaten the lives of Anal People in the region. The Meeting also seriously viewed the past inhuman activities meted out to HL. Morning Anal & HL. Realson Anal by Region Authorities belonging to Lamkang Tribe at Betuk Village, it said.
The Meeting has decided to Launch Counter Action against the Accused Persons Wilson and Issak if they fail to turn up in the Court of Anallon Chief Association within 48 hours from 25th August 2019, Lumdil Anal said.
The Anal People also serve this open question to the particular community’s Leadership that, how long such kind of inhuman actions be carried out in the region? It is enough and if such motive is continued again and again and if their interests, rights & liberty is/are hurts the card of Gandhi teaching of non- violence shall be replaced by unwarranted action in region, he said.
Anal Civil Societies, Village Chiefs/ Secretaries and Executive Members of Anallon Chiefs Association also attended the Press Conference.

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Manipur police recorded the biggest haul of banned narcotic drugs in the North east region with the seizure of 40 lakh tablets of contraband WY (World is Yours), worth Rs 400 crore in the international market at the inter-village road (IVR) at Phoudel Keirembi Mathak Leikai under Thoubal District assisted by local youth clubs and women welfare associations in the locality. The dubious distinction is nothing new or unexpected, and if the past is any indication, many more and bigger hauls are yet to be expected. This is an alarming indication of the volume of banned psychotropic drugs which is coming through the state.
While the society is immersed in the never-ending political tangles and one-upmanship resulting from a conflict of interests between the state and self of those who are elected to represent the aspirations of the people, the deadly but silent menace of drug abuse is rapidly spreading its tentacles in the state, and despite numerous and increasingly larger hauls on record, the state authorities are evidently unable to make much headway into stemming the flow of the drugs into Manipur.
The task, however, is easier said than done. According to a report by United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), Myanmar is the world’s second-largest opium poppy grower, beaten only by Afghanistan. Shan State remains the center of Myanmar’s opium activities, accounting for 92 per cent of opium poppy cultivation, with the remainder located mainly in Kachin State. In 2013, it was estimated that 57,814 hectares were under opium poppy cultivation, a significant increase of 13 % compared to 2012. Despite eradication efforts, higher yields combined with a rise in cultivation saw Myanmar opium production increase 26 % in 2013 to an estimated 870 tonnes - the highest since assessments by UNODC and the Myanmar Government began in 2002.
With a neighbor as notorious and uncooperative as Myanmar, the task is cut out not only for the state authorities fighting the drug menace, but even the national agency the Narcotics Control Bureau set up to endeavour to bring about prohibition of the consumption, except for medicinal purposes, of intoxicating drugs injurious to health have not been able to make any significant breakthrough given the fact that another mammoth challenge owing to the proximity to the largest producers of heroin and hashish in the world-the Golden Triangle and Golden Crescent (Afghanistan-Pakistan-Iran) -has made India’s borders vulnerable to drug trafficking. Indigenous production of low grade heroin as well as various psychotropic and prescription drugs and their growing demand in the neighbouring countries and international market have added a new dimension to the problem of drug trafficking.
Evidently, the biggest hurdle to controlling the drug menace has been established to be the nexus between drug traffickers, organised criminal networks, corrupt public figures and politicians and terrorists which has created a force powerful enough to cause instability in the country. Money generated through drug trade has been used to fund various insurgent and terrorist movements. For instance, it has been estimated that money generated from the illegal sale of narcotics accounted for 15 per cent of the finances of militant groups in Jammu and Kashmir. Similarly, Sikh militant groups in Punjab and Northeast insurgent groups like the Nationalist Socialist Council of Nagaland (Isak-Muivah) NSCN (IM) are known to channellise drugs into India to finance their operations as mentioned in a report of Institute for Defence Studies and Analyses (IDSA). The study continues that 70 per cent of the drugs are transported over land makes the land borders corridors, through which drugs are trafficked into the country. Their vulnerability can be assessed by the fact that 70 per cent of the heroin and 40 per cent of opium that are being trafficked are seized from states along the borders. Easy availability of drugs in the border areas makes their abuse rampant among the local populace as is evident from drug consumption trends and patterns in Manipur, Mizoram, Punjab and Rajasthan.
The pertinent questions right now: what happened to the seized drugs which should have run into tons by now? What about the so-called big boss/es running the drug cartel in the state- has the state authority been able to unearth any significant information and intelligence regarding the identity and operation of any of them? If so, has any practical and sustainable plan of action been laid out in this regard?
Shooting the messenger will have no impact on the people who are really in control of the trafficking and dealing. It is also questionable as to how huge shipments of drugs have repeatedly been able to get past the seemingly thorough and time consuming frisking carried out with ardour by the security forces in various places along the highway to and from the border. The fight against drug calls for unconventional and innovative means as the dangers posed by drugs transcends religion, borders or social strata. Only a determined, honest and concerted effort following a sustainable and broad- based plan of action will stand any chance of achieving success. The cooperation and support of CSOs, NGOs and local bodies will make the difference between success and failure.

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Monday, 26 August 2019 17:53

Gen Bipin Rawat visits Eastern Command HQ

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Imphal, Aug 26,

 The Chief of Army Staff (COAS), General Bipin Rawat visited the Headquarter Eastern Command Kolkata on 24-25 August 2019.
On 24 August the COAS was briefed by Lt Gen MM Naravane, GOC-in-C Eastern Command on the operational readiness of the formations in Eastern Command theatre. The COAS also visited the Palliative Care Centre ‘Sparsh’ in Barrackpore Cantonment which was established on 04 Apr 2019 to provide succour to terminally ill patients and their families who are beyond active medical treatment and suffering from cancer, neurological disorders and other critical ailments. He also visited the solar lighting project in the cantonment and hailed this novel green initiative. 
The COAS appreciated the high standards of operational readiness of the Eastern Command  and also expressed his utmost confidence over the capability of the formations of the Eastern Command theatre. The COAS during his visit also interacted with officers & soldiers and praised them for their professionalism and exhorted the troops to continue to work with zeal and dedication to overcome all challenges in the future.

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