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Friday, 12 July 2019 - Imphal Times

Khwairamband Keithel vendor ladies sets July 15 as deadline to cancel order for allotment of office at the Keithel premises; Warns IMC Mayor to face dire consequences if fails to cancel

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Imphal, July 12,

A body of Khwairamband Keithel vendor ladies called Khwairamband Nupi Keithel Sinpham amadi Saktam Kanba Lup, today warned the Mayor of Imphal Municipal Corporation of dire consequences if he fail to cancel the allotment order for opening of a office to a male organization at the first floor of the Khwairamband Keithel by July 15.

Speaking to media persons, Thingujam Ongbi Rani Devi, Secretary, Khwairamband Nupi Keithel Sinpham amadi Saktam Kanba Lup, said that the present Mayor of IMC, Mr. Lokeshwor had issued an order for allotment of office for a male organization inside the Khwairamband Nupi Keithel in 2018. Since then, the vendor ladies’ organization had been urging the mayor to cancel the order, and then took the matter to MAHUD Minister. MAHUD Minister himself had called him and conveyed the demand of the Keithel ladies to the Mayor.

Rani further said that, they had submitted a memorandum to the Chief Minister over the allotment of male office at the Khwairamband Keithel stating that the sanctity of the Khwairambandh Keithel, which is famous across the globe for being the only women market, is going to be sabotaged by Lokeshwor, the Mayor of the IMC. While submitting the memorandum, the Chief Minister personally called the Mayor asking him to cancel the order as it would sabotage the sanctity of the only women market in the world. However, till today the order has not been cancelled.

Since the last many years non-Manipuri porter have been working in the Khwairamband Keithel, but in the last few years the non-Manipuri labours have been replaced by the youth of the state. For this local labourers the vendor ladies have been providing their shelter at the sheds that they have been taking care of. The Keithel ladies have been providing all facilities, even a makeshift room at the first floor room for taking rest when Keithel lady starts their business. However, the Keithel lady would not accept opening of a separate office for them.

Since the last many years the three Khwairamband Keithel has been recorded for women only. And if the male office is opened the sanctity and the unique identity of the women market will be lost, Rani said.

She further questioned the IMC authority if anything for the welfare of the three market shed had been done by them.

“The IMC is the authority of the three Khwairamband Keithel and so far since the construction of the new market building nothing has been done for the three market buildings’ Rani added.

She added that the tax from the market has been collected by them and it should be them that should be looking for the welfare of the Markets.

These Mayors or councilors had never taken up any works for the welfare of the three Khwairamband Keithel except collecting money for their own pocket.

Rani said that the women vendor appreciate all kind of developmental works taken up for the markets but that should be taken up in consultation with the vendor ladies of Khwairamband Keithel, failing which the vendor ladies is left with no choice but to rise against them.

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SWA protest price hike of rice

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Imphal, July 12,

Socialist Women’s Association (SWA) organized a protest demonstration at Singjamei Mayeng Leikai today against the rising price of rice. 

SWA General Secretary Sarungbam(o) Bijenti Devi said that under the public distribution system BPL card holder receive three kilo grams of rice per person at the price of rupees three for a month but it is not sufficient at all.

“In the market, superfine rice cost has risen up to thirty three rupees and the price of the local rice has increased to fifty rupees”, Bijenti said and urged the concern authorities to look into the matter and take measures to decrease the price of the rice available in the market.

The increasing cost of rice which is the staple of people living in Manipur has severely hit the workers who are living on their meager daily wages, she added.

SWA protesters urged the government that they should not invite a third Nupi Lal and reduce the price of the rice immediately.  SWA demanded a CBI inquiry on the matter and urged that those responsible for the rising cost of rice must be punished.

It also demanded that the resignation of ministers involved in the missing of rice. The state is suffering from the rising price of rice since some years.

It may be mention that there is an ongoing row over missing rice in the state. MLA Susindro has accused the contractor Hemanta that he is responsible for creating the artificial scarcity of rice while the other side has blamed the MLA and his people for the failure in the distribution of rice.

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UTLA condemn the diabolical act of 37 AR

By a Correspondent
Imphal, July 12,

 In a press note released by the Ginns , Info. And Public Relation Secy. , UTLA/KNO had expressed that the UTLA/KNO Condemn the diabolical act assume by the 37AR Kadamtala Jiribam. It said that Lama the then 2 IC of 37AR for his possession purpose of promotion he gave shelter to Paokhai [email protected] Singson claiming himself as the C-in-C of UTLA(J) who was the main accuse in extortion of money and kidnapping of railway workers. The UTLA(J) is neither SoO nor in any conditional understanding with the govt. Recently Paokhai [email protected] with the protection of Lama 2ic with his troop collected a ransom of money from the local area chief which they had been compensate by the railway coy.for their belonging land affected the statement alleged. It further added that Nehkholien claimed as KNF self-style and [email protected] Benjamin demanded a percentage to the local chief to be submitted at the 37AR HQ, Kadamtala, Jiribam. If [email protected] Benjamin is captive for the surrender purposes then show them through media to the people and if it is not hand it over to the local SP of Police, the UTLA statement said.
The UTLA/KNO also appealed to the concern authority to look into the matter effectively and urged to bring a comprehensive solution.

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Enquiry committee formed against plagiarism in MU

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Imphal July 12,

A Four member enquiry committee of senior Professors was constituted on July 9 2019 to investigate plagiarism in PhD thesis of Hindi Department, Manipur University.
The enquiry committee will submit its report within 15 days from the date of constitution.
This was stated by Registrar in charge of MU W Chand Babu while speaking to few media persons.
The enquiry committee was constituted as per the direction of the High Court on 22 June 2018 because of a PIL filed by one Khaidem Jacko Meitei regarding plagiarism allegedly done by some scholars under the supervision of Dr. H Subhadani.

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WBCC recovers bird traps

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Thoubal, July 12,

Volunteers of the Wildlife and Biodiversity Conservation Committee (WBCC) Manipur recovered large number of bird traps while conducting routine drive for protection of wild birds at Khangabok, Sangaiyumpham, Cherapur and Tentha Khunou in Thoubal district.
A statement by the WBCC said that its volunteers rushed to the site after getting specific information of trapping wild bird. The volunteers recover 4 bird traps and around 50 dead birds. Besides, eight (8) birds were also rescued.  
When the volunteers of the WBCC were giving awareness to the people of the areas to stop using bird trap and to love the wild birds and animals, large group of people from the area came protesting against the act of the WBCC.
“It is unfortunate that people of the area are against the WBCC which has been working for the protection of the wild bird and animals”, a statement said.  
The statement added that it was the timely action of the ASI Abdul Basir of Poirang Palli Police Out Post and SI Shyam of Tentha Police Out Post and their team which prevented the scene from turning ugly.

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AKSU Kakching observes 27th Foundation day

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Kakching, July.12,

All Kakching Students Union (AKSU) today observes its 27th Foundation Day at the auditorium of  Library and Information Centre Kakching located at Kakching Phoushupat Leikai.

The observance was attended by Naorem Sanjitkumar Chairperson of Kakching Municipal Council, as the Chief Guest.

Naorem Sanjitkumar, Chairperson of Kakching Municipal Councial, Kshetrimayum Jhalajit Singh, Vice Chairperson, KMC and Pukhrambam Somarendra Singh Associate Professor, YK College Wangjing attended the function as Chief Guest and Guest of Honour.

President of AKSU Kakching Shougaijam Ranan Khumancha highlighted the activities of the AKSU Kakching.

A quiz programme was also conducted in connection with the observance. Assistant Professor Kshetrimayum Joykumar Singh of Kha Manipur College Kakching was the quiz mater.

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Chadong, the lake of tears or a site of tourism

The tears of the villagers of Chadong and the water gushing from Thoubal River make this artificial lake of Chadong destroying the lives of the villagers and their paddy fields. The Maphou or Mapithel Dam has submerged the three hundred years old Tangkhul settlement. The village was sacrificed in the name of development. The village of Chadong was almost a model Christian village after it accepted Christianity in 1935. It used to be a neat and clean village which produced its own electricity from the streams that flows its low lands. It produced 400-500 baskets of rice every year feeding its own population. For now all is lost.
Those who gave up their land in the old village at the face of carrots and sticks brought by the rich and powerful of Manipur have moved to a new site called New Chadong. But they have no fairy tale to tell. They lack sustainable livelihood and most importantly water at the new site. Those who chose to stay at the old village land, refusing to move to the new site, lack a proper school, electricity, health care and livelihood. Most importantly, they now immediately need means to master the artificial lake above which they must go to reach the valley, not for recreation but for the lives that they must feed. The old village authority still stays at the old village lands at the edge the lake along with hundred homes and they refuse to recognize the new site as Chadong.
The sadness and trauma of their lost wealth are now slowly surfacing as tears that float this artificial lake. The happiness of those, oblivious of the lake’s history, who come to visit the lake and the thrill of travelling in make shift boats without life jackets, for a moment, overwhelmed the sorrows of the hill men that the lake hides under its surface. For some time, people celebrated as they have a new place for recreation. But when three tourists died in a tragic accident caused by a cyclone, the time stopped for those who had hopes to earn money serving the tourists as their farmlands were submerged. Villagers say that there have been more deaths in the lake. It is now not just a lake of tears which has swallowed the wealth that Chadong villagers have earned through living there for hundreds of years but also a death trap that lures people in towards their destruction. But the sadness has resurfaced again when the noise of the tourists died down. Now that the tourism has stopped, the villagers at Chadong said that the fight over which village around the lake will earn more money from tourism, which village will operate the boats, has now come to halt.
It almost seems like the movie God Must Be Crazy where the African villagers fight over an empty Coca-Cola bottle and finally they had peace when one throws the bottle far away from their village. What do we do with the lake now? It does not matter what the grand answer is for the people of old Chadong as of now. Their immediate needs must be the first concern, a livelihood, safe means of transportation, a proper school, a proper village.

Agriculture Minister visits community nurseries sites

Imphal, July 12,

 Agriculture, Vety & AH Minister V. Hangkhanlian said  that the Agriculture Department will not keep shortage of  the requirements of fertilizers for the farmers of Manipur as there are sufficient buffer stock. Fertilizers will be given after submission of land patta and Aadhar cards by the farmers so that the fertilizers reach the targeted beneficiaries, by checking the process of distribution.
The Minister stated this to the media  while he was on a visit to the Community Nursery seeding sites at Khundrakpam, in Imphal east, Sairen Village, Pollangsou Loukon in Imphal West and Nachou Village in Bishnupur district, Yesterday
After identification of the  places,  Agriculture Department has started sowing seeds of IR-64, an early harvesting Indian rice in 90-95 days,  in 5 hectares each in four districts in addition to 21 hectares of  KVK Thoubal areas where Community Nurseries are to be raised. The paddy seeds sown today can be transplanted by the end of this month and will be distributed to the farmers where seeds cannot be sown owing to shortage of sufficient rainfall as a supplement, he said.
The minister further said that the raising of those seeds sown yesterday does not meant that  it will be sufficient for all the needy. The Agriculture Department has taken up initial steps and already distributed 126 pump sets to some farmers as a relief materials and efforts are being made to give more pumps sets through which water can be supply to the dry fields. The Agriculture department has been thinking that how far the farmers can be helped and started sowing paddy seeds which will cover 301 hectares of paddy fields in dry areas as a supplement and relief of the problems faced by the farmers of Manipur , he added.
Some Agriculture Officials and staff from the concerned Agriculture Department accompanied the Minister.

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Understanding Ovarian Cysts

Dr. Nupur Gupta,
Gynecologist & Director
Well Women Clinic, Gurguram

Cysts in or on the ovary are solid or fluid-filled sacs. These are generally harmless and come and go as per menstruation cycles. Yet, in some women, these could turn large and even malignant.
It is observed that ovarian cysts can cause no symptoms in women and disappear on own. Women can get pregnant as well if they have ovarian cysts. Although, some women can have concerns with conception or pregnancy if the cyst becomes abnormally large.
What do ovaries look like?
Women have a pair of ovaries. These are small, bean-shaped organs that play a pivotal role in women’s reproduction. Each ovary is on one side of the uterus.
The ovaries are responsible to release an egg approximately every 28 days as part of the menstrual cycle. These also release the female sex hormones, estrogen, and progesterone, which play an important role in female reproduction. Cysts can be present in both ovaries or may be visible in only one.
Symptoms of pelvic pain, nausea, bloating, and abdominal swelling may be persistent in large cysts. Blockage of blood supply to ovaries or rupturing may cause heavy bleeding. Difficulty clearing bowels or feeling full too soon or very painful periods are also observed in women with ovarian cysts.
Medical Diagnosis of Ovarian Cysts
The two types of ovarian cyst are:Functional ovarian cysts are the most common. These develop as part of the menstrual cycle and are usually harmless and have a short life span.
Pathological ovarian cysts are abnormal cell growth and are not as commonly observed.
Endometriosis is the most common reason for causing ovarian cysts.
It is observed that ovarian cysts are most of the time benign or not cancerous although these can be in a few cases cancerous (malignant). Cancerous cysts are more common in women who have been through the menopause.
Diagnosing ovarian cysts
To detect cysts in ovaries, an ultrasound is performed by using a probe placed inside your vagina. If a cyst is identified during the ultrasound scan and you may need to have this monitored with a repeat ultrasound scan in a few weeks.
Cysts can be as small as 3 mm to as large as a melon. Simple cysts are thin-walled and contain only fluid but complex cysts contain thick fluid, blood, and solid mass.
A simple cyst is a large follicle that has continued to grow after an egg has been released in the ovary. Whereas endometrioma cells are found outside the womb, sometimes causes ovarian cysts and these are called endometriomas.
A dermoid cyst develops from the cells that make eggs in the ovary and often contains substances such as hair and fat.
Treatment For Ovarian Cysts
Most of the times doctor suggests no hurry to remove the cyst but if it is getting bigger or is complex, surgery is recommended. Your choice depends on your symptoms, the appearance and the size, and the results of any blood tests. You should be given information about the choices in your individual situation, including information about the risks and benefits of each option.
Technically, a simple cyst measuring less than 5 cm in diameter, treatment may not be necessary. These cysts usually disappear quietly after a few months.
Whereas, a simple cyst that measures 5–7 cm in diameter requires ultrasound each year to ensure no further increase.
A simple cyst that measures more than 7 cm in diameter further tests, such as magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and/or surgery.
Consulting your Gynecologist on possible surgical options for you is advisable. Laparoscopy or Laparotomy or Hysterectomy will be considered as per size, a number of cysts and state of ovaries or uterus.

Scientific approach towards fast increasing population necessary: Jayantakumar

Imphal, July 12,

Health and Family Welfare Minister L. Jayantakumar Singh said that a scientific approach towards fast increasing population in the country is the need of the hour. Minister Jayantakumar was speaking as chief guest at the observance of World Population Day held today at Indian Medical Association hall, Lamphelpat, Imphal. He said that scarcity of land due to the ever increasing population has become a contemporary challenge of the world. With the increase of population there have been several social issues. The concept of population explosion is no longer a new social phenomenon to be discussed at priority.
He further asserted that Health, Education and Social Welfare Department have tied up to propagate awareness about the population problem. He also said that the internal idea of observing World Population Day must be known by all of us. Self-assessment of the pros and cons of increasing population is also necessary, he added.
Mentioning about the differences between olden and present days, Jayantakumar Singh said that there was a good time when population was lesser with plenty of land available for settlement and carrying out agricultural practices. This has become reverse during these days, he added.
Minister also appealed the people to exchange and share their ideas and views to find a solution to the menace of population growth.
The observance was also attended by Dr. K. Rajo Singh, Director Health Services, Manipur, Rang Peter, Joint Secy. Health and FW, Dr. Sasheekumar Mangang, Addl. Director Health, Dr. Salamatullah, Addl. Director, Family Welfare as president and Guests of Honour respectively. Doctors, nurses, nursing students, health staff, staff from NHM and Family Welfare Department and others also attended the observance.

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