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Items filtered by date: Monday, 06 May 2019 - Imphal Times

Tonsuring of Kourbru Hill; Government takes no interest to the massive deforestation being underway

IT News
Imphal, May 6,

Much has been talk about protecting Forest and Environment at any public forum by almost all government machineries including Ministers, MLAs not to be left of the Chief Minister of Manipur, but the reality seen at Koubru Hill of Manipur showed that all the good lectures by them are just lip service.
The Koubru Hill, which was once a forest, a decade back is now equivalent to a barren land with no trees.

A team of environment lovers along with a representative of Imphal Times visited Koubru Hill and witness trees being cut down almost at all areas of the hill, probably for Jhum Cultivation. No government authority took notice of what has been going on at the Hill which the people of the state climb every year on pilgrimage.
Interestingly, a group of students under the aegis of the Manipuri Students’ federation planted over hundreds of trees in the mountain few days back. The mission of the student group is to restore the natural beauty of Koubru Hill.
The team of environment lovers which comprise of Imphal reporters also planted some sapling in the barren land. However, our representative speculates that the sapling planted by them and the student volunteers will surely be uprooted by people as they are tonsuring the mini mountain which control the climatic condition of both Manipur and Nagaland.
No government authority had ever visited to take stock of the crime being committed to the nature at Koubru, even though Ministers and MLAs talk a lot about the needs for protection of Forest.
News papers were seen with photos of Tree plantation by Ministers, bureaucrats etc at Valley area in the name of protecting the environment but the reality happening at Koubru Hill is intentionally left aside by the authority of the state government.     

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Mr. Education Minister, please act like Manish Sisodiya of Delhi

Information technology is fast growing. Anything that happened anywhere around the world can be known with a thump press in the electronic gadgets that have internet support. Information today is not only for some people’s cup of tea, but it has become everybody’s cup of tea. And as a result, days are gone that man in power makes fool of the common people. The aged old practice of politicians who are in power ruling the state is easily notice even by a busy labourer with the help of cell phone, which now become everybody’s essential items. Blame game and excuses, taking advantage of the conflict situation in the state for the failure in taking up development works is not working as people are equally informed with things going around.
It took just a couple of years for the AAP government to transform the Government Schools in New Delhi, despite the fact that the city is a home to million people who are more experience in cheating people. This year’s CBSE result for the class XII examination showed that the AAP government under the initiative of Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal and Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodiya, who also hold Education Portfolio had really transform the government schools.
For the government of Manipur, it was perhaps assumed as ‘impossible’ but the Delhi government-run schools have outshined private schools for the fourth consecutive year, by taking the pass percentage in Class XII CBSE exams up by 4 per cent to 94.24 per cent this year.
For information to the state Education department of Manipur, 1,29.917 students of Delhi government school appeared in the CBSE Class 12 exams this year. Of that, 1,22,428 passed. The number of schools with a 100 per cent pass rate is reported to be 203, an increase of 36 from last year.
In 2016, when the Delhi govt. is putting all energy to improve the situation of the government schools, the state of Manipur recorded zero pass percentage in 73 govt. schools out of 323 government run schools.  2018 result also indicated less sign of improvement in govt. school . The government schools witnessed 8419 students appearing and the number students passed was just 4293 passed which is not even 50%. Besides, except one or two no government school students managed to come among the top 25, as the positions are seemed to be reserved for the private schools.

Since the coming of the new government under the Chief Minister N. Biren Singh, many promises had been heard from the education Minister Th. Radhesyam for improvement of the government schools. The first one year, that is, in 2017, people of the state witness the energetic education Minister inspecting conditions of the government schools. But even after half the year of 2019 has already passed and no improvement is being noticed to the condition of the government schools in Manipur.
Except for announcing of some cash awards to successful students who passed the Class X and XII with excellent marks in a luxuriously makeshift stage during a public function, nothing seems to be taken up for improvement of the education sector in the state. When the Delhi Government under the Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal had given full priority to education sector by increasing the budget to 33% in 2015 from previous financial year during their regime, the state of Manipur allocated a meager amount to the education sector.
A welfare state is what every citizen expects from any government. And people of the country particularly in the state of Manipur promises by respective government about bringing a change is what has been hearing since the last many decades. Change of guard brings no difference to the condition of the state. Each party, whoever comes to power and ruled the state keep doing things for their own benefit in the name of making a welfare and progressive state. But in reality the situation of the state become worsen day after another.
Citizens of today know that education is the only way to build a welfare state and for that top priority is always expected. When said, top priority, it is about more budget, more strictures and more commitment of those in the power for improvement of the Education Sector. The more the people are educated, the dream for a welfare state will become reality. Without educated people, whatever, schemes or constructions being taken up will make no differences to the state of Manipur.

Not every Govt. School derails as long as dedicated teachers exist; Pettigrew Junior High School turns 126 years tomorrow

IT News
Imphal, May 6,

No one will believe as it is a government school, but the fact is that Pettigrew Junior High School which will complete 125 years tomorrow. One among the oldest school is saving the face of the government schools in the state and the credit goes to the dedicated teachers of the school.
Christian Missionary Rev. William Pettigrew, who set up the school with a mission to spread Christian Evangelism and Western Education in the state of Manipur, might be disappointed, as he failed to spread the religion which he dedicated, but Manipur still honour him for introducing the western education.
Talking to Imphal Times, a teacher of the school, Gunachandra Kakchingtabam said that Pioneer Leader of Manipur, Lamyanba Hijam Irabot and Padmashri RK Jhalajit among other prominent academicians of the state first got their education from Pettigrew Lower Primary School (Now Pettigrew Junior High School) which was established by Scottish- British Christian Missionary William Pettigrew on May 7, 1894 at Singjamei Mathak Thochom Leikai with just around 50 students.

One among the oldest school, which gave present day education system to many eminent personalities during pre merger period of Manipur, was hardly recognized or known to many people across the state until 2014.
“ Our school today has all facilities even more than the best private schools in the state and we give the credit to local MLA Yumnam Khemchand who provide all the requirement of the school without waiting for approval from the education department”, Gunachandra said.
However, this reporter knows that the real credit for the making of the government school lively is the commitment and dedications of the teachers working in the school.
In 2014-15, the school had hardly 28 students but today enrollment is increasing and this academic session the junior High School now have 67 students, Gunachandra said.
Interestingly, the teachers of the school contributed and hire two vehicles (one Van and one Diesel auto) for transportation of students.
In fact when almost all govt. schools survive for just name shake, Pettigrew Junior High School is one among the school which is saving the face of the Education (S) department. A support of one MLA encourage so much to teacher in rendering their service, imagine if the 60 MLAs give support at least one government school each from their respective constituency, Manipur will have at least 60 excellent government schools.

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IMA demands a comprehensive review on upholding the PCPNDT act

By a Correspondent
New Delhi, May 6,

After the Supreme Court upholding the constitutionality of the PCPNDT Act, The Indian Medical Association (IMA) demands a comprehensive review, repeal and reconception of the act.  
The main purpose of enacting the Pre-conception and Pre-natal Diagnostic Techniques (Prohibition of Sex Selection) Act, 1994 (PCPNDT) is to ban the misuse the selection of sex selection techniques and prevent female feticides. The actual aim of the act is to arrest the declining sex ratio in India. IMA believes that inspite of harsh implementation the law has miserably failed in restoring the sex ratio of the country.

“IMA demands a reconception and nothing short of this is acceptable to the medical profession. This is a black law and has miserably failed in achieving its objective in the 24 years of its dubious existence.    The layman’s approach of the ill conceived legislation has only resulted in unending harassment of every single practicing Obstetrician and Radiologist in the country. The sex ratio of the country has in fact deteriorated and needs an urgent course of correction is warranted. Social determinants of the issue also have to be addressed.” Said Dr Santanu Sen, National President, IMA.
According to IMA, no movement for the Girl child can succeed without the partnership and whole hearted support of the medical profession. Enormous goodwill and activism exists inside the medical profession for the cause of the Girl Child.
“It is completely unacceptable to presume that every Obstetrician and Radiologist is culpable of sex selection and female feticide and singling out the ultrasound machines and the doctors as source of evil by the law.  Culpability of the involved couple and the family should be brought under the majesty of the law as well. Action against quackery and illegal abortion industry are in order. Social movements for empowering the Girl Child should be funded by the Government. Attempting to address the social evil by quarantining the ultrasound machine and painting the doctors black was bound to be a failure.” Said Dr RV Asokan, Honorary Secretary General of IMA.
The law has suffered from serious conceptual flaws and a layman’s approach. After wasting thousands of crores of public money and harassing an entire generation of doctors, the law has nothing to show. Instead of tapping the goodwill of the medical profession, this law has alienated doctors since its inception.  
“Time has come to review the effectiveness of the law in addressing the issue. To repeal the current law and reconceive one with equal responsibility and participation of everyone concerned will be the right way to go. The medical profession reserves the right to withdraw appropriate services and resist all the harassments and injustice inflicted on it.” Added Dr Sen

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MYPA urges Manipur CM to protect them from Assam’s NRC

IT News
Imphal, May 6,

Manipuri Youths” Front of Assam (MYFA) has urged the Chief Minister of Manipur to urged the Chief Minister of Assam for inclusion of Manipuris who have been settled in Assam since time immemorial.
A memorandum in the regard signed by Seram Herajit Singh, President MYFA has been submitted.

The memorandum draws the attention of the Chief Minister for urging the CM of Assam to ensure that names of all Manipuris (Meitei) and Manipuri Muslims who have been settling in Assam for decades under their own Kings are not left from the list of the ongoing National Register of Citizens (NRC) which is going to be published finally on 31st July 2019.
It also stated to urge the Assam Chief minister to recognise the Manipuris settling in Assam as indigenous people when Clause 6 of Assam Accord gets amended as per NRC, Assam.
It further stated that preservation and promotion is the urgent need to build up unity and fraternity among the Manipuris scattering in different parts of the north east and stated that Assam & Tripura campus of Manipur University of Culture need to be opened.
The MYPA also urged the CM to Construct Manipuri Bhavans at lmphal and SiIchar

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KCP MC questions the silence of govt. & Civil bodies over the existence of NSCN-IM camp at Manipur’s soil

IT News
Imphal, May 6,

Armed group Kangleipak Communist Party - Military Affairs (KCP-MC) in a statement questioned the reason for the silence of the state government and the Civil Society bodies over the existence of NSCN-IM at a place in Ukhrul district recently.

The press statement signed by one Comrade Lanchenba Meitei, Secretary , Information and Publicity, Military Affairs (KCP-MC) recalled the 2001 June Uprising in Manipur over the extension of cease fire between the NSCN-IM and the Govt. of India. It said that due to the mass uprising the word “Without territorial Limit” which was signed in the agreement has been withdrawn.
Some days back there was a standoff between the NSCN-IM and the  Assam Rifles at a Place in Ukhrul district after a camp of the later was found set up. And after some day a statement of the Assam rifles claim to have destroyed the camp by burning it. The statement of the KCP _MC asked the government on how those cadres of the NCSN-IM had been set free from the soil of Manipur where there is no cease fire. It said that the act is nothing but garlanding the cadre of the NSCN_Im cadres by the Manipur government and asked under what political negotiation the cadres of the NSCNIM cadres were let free.
The outfit also questioned the CSO which led the peoples’ uprising during June 18, on why they remain silent when the government set free the cadres of the NSCN-IM by the government. It asked if organizing memorial function of June 18 uprising is a platform for building political career by the so called social activists.
The outfit further warned the CSOs to clarify over their silence on the issue of NSCN-IM cadres setting free by the state government within one week time.

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CM greets people on Ramzan

IT News
Imphal, May 6,

Manipur Chief Minister N. Biren Singh greets the people of the state particularly the Muslim community on occasion of holy moth of Ramzan (Ramdan).
In a statement the Chief Minister said that the holy month of Ramadan is one of the five pillars of Islam and a great opportunity for all Muslims to purify their mind, body, heart and soul by fasting and praying to almighty Allah. He said tha act of fasting is a practice of perseverance and self restraint which give strength to both body and mind.
He wishes peace and prosperity to be brought with the coming of Ramzan.

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Had not there been ILPS agitation?

Short story by: Ashinikumar Mutum

The protest for introduction of Inner Line Permit system reached its peak here in valley districts of Manipur. No matter the ILPS protest continue,  outsiders still continue to dominate at various works sectors like running saloon, mistry, labours and almost all trading activities in the state. There is no dearth of work for outsiders especially from state like Bihar, UP and neighbouring Bangladesh. I don’t know how it works or how they are able to dominant in the work space where indigenous Meitei people could have replace it. May be they have something special quality to convince the people that some of the job like running a hair cutting saloon is hard to be replaced by local people.
Some people are very much concern about the ILPS but many among us still does not understand the urgent needs for the kind of legislation. This is perhaps the reason that people still encourage outsiders run shop particularly the hair cutting saloon.
Well this is about a saloon run by a Bihari somewhere at Meitei leikai in Imphal. 10 customers is the minimum in his saloon in a day. The Barber Rajesh Mishra is popular in the area and almost all the people of the locality supported him. He stayed at a rented house, about 200 meters from the place he run his saloon. When his saloon was closed for few weeks some months back for getting married at his home town, people of the area missed him very much as he is the only one friendly and experience in hair cutting.
It was 3 months back he returned home with his new bride. He was so careful that he never allowed his wife to his shop. He used to keep her at his rented room when he went for work.
Rojit, a young guy of nearly 25 yrs came every morning to the saloon and waited for some minutes. After seeing many customers in queue he asked how many more customers.
Rajesh said, “Wait for some minutes there are around 12 customers waiting”.
“Okay, I will come after some time”, Rojit will leave and will never come back.
Next day too Rojit came the same timing in the morning and asked the similar question. But as there are customers waiting in line he would leave saying that he would come back again.
For almost ten days Rojit came and asked about the customers and would go back without cutting his hair. And he never came back.
Rajesh Mishra having experience about the situation in Manipur started worrying about his behaviour. He started worrying as there are news about militants targeting non locals. After coming across such behaviour of the youth, Rajesh narrated the whole story to his wife Meena.
“Dear, I am worried, one person aged about 25 always come and asked about the customers and went, I think he is waiting for a chance to attacked me”, Rajesh told giving description of how the youth looks.
Meena said, “don’t worry dear, I know that guy, he stays very near to our house, he will do no such kind of thing”.

“Where?”, Rajesh asked.
“See that house”, Meena pointed at the southern side and said, “that is his house and his name is Rojit.
“May be he wanted to cut his hair and perhaps he is in a hurry”, Meena said.
Meena also said to her husband that the person always supported them whenever somebody talk against them.
“OK ok I will cut his hair if he comes tomorrow”, Rajesh said and both went to sleep.
The next day too Rajit came and started asking the same question. There were many customers but Rajesh Mishra told him that he can skip other customers waiting.
“No no bhaya, it’s all right I will cut when you are free”, Rojit answered and went.
It was almost 15 days that the similar thing happened. One day, after Rojit left, all shops were to shut down due to a people agitation, Rajesh too had to close the saloon. He returned back very early. As he was returning to his rented room he saw Rojit going to his room. As he approached he again noticed his wife Meena greeting and welcoming the young chap inside his room.
Rajesh didn’t say a word but slowly went at the side of his room and listened.
“Honey, he will come back only in the evening, we have a lot time to talk”.
After Rajesh heard this Meena talking to the young guy, Rajesh was so angry that he wants to cut Rojit into pieces. He then went back to his shop again thinking of telling the local meira paibi to let them know what exactly happen.
On the way he heard many people standing and shouting “We want ILPS”.  

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