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Items filtered by date: Sunday, 28 April 2019 - Imphal Times

Condemnation continues to pour against the burning of the St. Joseph School, Sugnu

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Imphal, April 28,

Condemnation continues to pour in against the burning of the St. Joseph School at Sugnu by unidentified miscreants on the evening of April 25. Even though police had arrested some suspects who are responsible to the burning of the school, many civil society body are not happy as no charge sheet has been filed against them.

The ‘Zillai’, Vaiphei Students Association, Chandel District Manipur expressed shock and anger to the burning of the premier educational institution in Sugnu area. 

“The uncivilized action of some misguided people who resorted to violence will greatly hamper the future of all the students studying in the school”, a statement released by Secretary Information and Publicity of Vaiphei Students Association said.

The Association also reaffirmed its commitment to stand with the management of St. Joseph School and assured to offer each unflinching support in the rebuilding works for the sake of the students’ community.

The Hill District Private School Association, Manipur also expressed strong condemnation to the torching of the St. Joseph School Sugnu.

“For long, the hill people are living in the dark deprived of civilization and development and it is proud to say that it is through the private schools with limited resources in hill districts of Manipur that many of our children got the privilege to compete with the outside world”, the statement signed by Rev. Rd. Joykumar (Vice President of Hill District Private School Association, Manipur) and Seikhom Kipgen (General Secretary, Hill District Private School Association, Manipur) said.

The statement further said that to bring a holistic development of the students, it is sometimes inevitable to use corrective measures. It should be realized that building of a student is collective work of the teachers, parents and the society. The association also sought cooperation of all the stake holders for better education in future.

The association also appealed the authority concerned to leave no stone unturned in finding the arsonists, put them on trial and make them realize their inhumane act so that it is not repeated in future.

The Chandel Naga Peoples’ Organisation also echoed the pain and sorrow of the people to the burning of the St. Joseph School.

In a statement the CNPO said that the psychological trauma perpetrated at the learning institutions which had provided good humanly services in the area for the past many decades by the miscreants of the criminal activities which happened on April 25 is strongly condemnable and such barbaric and inhuman activities should be denounced by all civilized society. The CNPO also appealed the perpetrator to shun violence and give chance to peace. 

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ADC Chandel assured speedy investigation to the burning of the school

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Chandel, April.28,

Chairman of Autonomous District Council Chandel D.Ringo along with Executive members  KSM Mathew and Sheithang Haokip today paid inspection visit to St. Joseph School Sugnu to take stock of the situation being faced by the school authority in the aftermath of the burning of the school building on April 25 night.

The ADC Chandel team met Principal of the School Father Dominic and John Thangalet Haokip, Chairman of the JAC formed against the burning of the St. Joseph Higher Secondary School, Sugnu. Father Dominic briefed the ADC chairman about the sequence of event that happened which probably cause the burning of the school by miscreants. 

Chairman of the JAC John Haokip expressed dissatisfaction to the government machineries’ inability to arrest and punished those responsible in the burning of the school.

ADC Chandel Chairman D. Ringo term the incident as most unfortunate. He prayed God to not repeat the kind of incident while condemning the burning of the school in the strongest term.

The Chairman assured to urge the Chief Minister for speedy investigation to the matter so that those culprits involved in the burning of the school are punished at the earliest possible time.

He also assured all help in the reconstruction of the school building.

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Standoff between NSCN-IM and the Assam Rifles

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Imphal, April 28,

Troopers of Assam Rifles today cordon the a camp of the National Socialist Council of Nagaland (NSCN-IM) which is not set up officially at Sihai Khunou in Ukhrul district.

Large number of Assam Rifles troopers gave ultimatum to the NSCN-IM cadres at the camp advising them  to leave the camp as the camp is not a designated camp.

A highly placed source said that the NSCN-IM cadres at the Sihai Khunou camp refuse to leave the camp. 

The source said that Assam Rifles are being ordered from the highest level to flush NSCN out if the NSCN-IM are not within the confine of designated camps. The source added that the current NSCN –IM location is not officially designated.

At the time of filing this story the ARs are still at Sihai Khunou, the source said.

The troopers insisted the cadres to vacate their present camp for not being under designated camp. On the other hand, the cadres are not prepared to move out. They are ready to face any music should ARs come to their camp, the source added.

Meanwhile, report added that the Tangkhul civil organisations are readying to protest ARs’ confrontational attitude and actions which are totally bereft of...the spirit of peaceful negotiations.

Mention may be made that the cease fire agreement signed between the government of India and the NSCN-IM is confined to the state of Nagaland.

When Imphal Times contacted the Assam Rifles authority, they are yet to confirm the details about the standoff.

The Imphal Times source however affirm that the standoff does take place and that the matter might settle as the NSCN-IM leadership has been talking with the Indian authority regarding the matter.

Meanwhile the State government is yet to give any response on the matter. It is already known to the state government that the cease fire is limited to the state of Nagaland only.


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Poster campaign against corruption begins

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Imphal April 28,

With the main objective to eradicate corruption Manipur People Democratic Front (MPDF) all sets to begin poster campaign at various significant places.

Speaking in a press meet Secretary of MPDF Sapam Samungou said that fighting against corruption and eradicating it is the only hope for the people.

He said that even though everyone said that they don’t want corruption but everyone lacks the knowledge on how to remove and eradicate it. He said that how to eradicate corruption should be the question everyone should asked.

He further said that pamphlet will also be distributed to highlight the details of the corruption and also the drawbacks of corruption. He said if the corruption is not stopped that there is no future for the nation and added that eradication of corruption is the only way to achieve good governance.

Highlighting the needs for a firm stand by the legislature regarding corruption Samungou said that legislatures firm stand can eradicate it easily in a few minutes time.

He also said that the government has already sanction huge amount to deliver safe drinking water to deliver to the people by Singda project but it fails to deliver  it and added that such is the example of corruption.

He further questioned who else rectify such wrongdoings and added that it should be done by the government.

President of MPDF N. Nodiachand said that not only Manipur, India all its states under it faces a lot of problems because of corruption.

He added that in order to remove corruption he highlighted the need for the intellectual to eradicate it.

He said that if the intellectual plays an important role in it.

He further stressed that if corruption is not eradicated than younger generation will become a habit and subsequently becomes hereditary to the younger generation.


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IAFOM observes 9th Foundation Day

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Imphal, April 28,

Indo-ASEAN Friendship Organisation Manipur today observed its 9th Foundation day at the residence of its President Retd. Col. K. Ibohal Singh.

Former Speaker of the Manipur Legislative Assembly Th. Lokeshore, Retd. Chief Engineer Lalamni, Proprietor of Public Electronics Chandramani, DR. AD Singh and other well wishers of the organization attended as special guest on the occasion.

Vice President of the IAFOM, Tomba Singh while welcoming to members of the association expressed high hope of the future of the organization.

“We are now confident that we will be able to continue our service for the people with support from people like former Speaker, former Chief Engineer, Advocates and Doctor.

Retd. Col. K Ibohal , who is the president of the AIFOM chaired the foundation day function.

General Secretary of IAFOM, K Seityajit, in his speech said that the organization was formed with motive to give support to the new entrepreneurs. He said that with the coming of the Act east policy , it is a must for the people of the state to take the advantage of being in the state which is going to be a gateway to the South East Asia for India. He said that the youth of the state should take all opportunity of the Act east policy and for that organization like the IAFOM will provide all possible assistance.

Former speaker of the Manipur Legislative Assembly Th. Lokeshore while encouraging the members of the IAFOM said that the IAFOM should continue its service in the coming future. He said that members should not make U-turn to the kind of initiative that has been taken up.   

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Dr Ravi Wankhedkar elected as Treasurer to World Medical Association

From a correspondent
New Delhi, April 29,

Dr. Ravi Wankhedkar has been elected to World Medical Association (WMA) as its treasurer. Dr Ravi hailing from Dhule, Maharashtra was unanimously elected by the body of 113 Nations in the council of the WMA in Santiago, Chile.
“The Indian Medical Association has been a Founder member of the WMA ever since 1947, and his success is the success of Indian Medical Association and its increasing role in WMA,” said Dr. Santanu Sen, National President, IMA.
Prof. Dr Ravi Wankhedkar is an anorectal surgeon practising in his own hospital along with his wife Dr Meena Wankhedkar in Dhule, Maharashtra. He is known amongst doctors of India for his tough stand against the NMC Bill and proactive Health policies.
IMA in association with WMA recently conducted an International Conference highlighting the increasing cases of violence against doctors and medical fraternity and ways to curb them down in Mumbai. IMA plays an active role in formulating the policies of the world body. A joint statement was released during the eve.” Said Dr RV Asokan, Honorary Secretary General, IMA

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By- Dr Nunglekpam Premi Devi
Independent Scholar

You never know how hard you use ‘words’ to others;
You never regret what you said about ‘words’;
You satisfy much when you rebuke louder;
 You fill up your stomach when you scolded bitter;
Yeah! I smile after when I reprimanded yours ideas;
You chased away slowly ‘down and lower’ hanging;
You laugh like a squirrel biting his own tail;
You feel self like a comrade when you lecture ‘words’;
You eat your own shit when you shit ‘words’;
‘Bastard, Coward, lazy, devil, villain, pig’
‘Scoundrel, rascal, animal, monster, monkey’
 You blinded with red ‘idiot’ shouting over others;
You find warm citing threatening ‘words’ verbal;
‘I’ll kill you’, I’ll jail you, and ‘I’ll burn you’
I’ll paint you’, I’ll beat you and I’ll punch you’;
All’s a word; all’s a feeling fooling you ‘words’.

You reacted so easily when you listen ‘half’ statement;
‘Okay, go on, I know, you go, I’ll and you don’t;
You cut off immediately angrily better be finish;
‘You’re wrong, he’s right, go with him, and he’ll tell you’
‘You know nothing; my men will do and get off’
You think you’ll are correct when you find partner;
You sit chair spreading your legs when you hold ‘fire’
You walk like you never fall down again like childhood;
You tried standing taller knowing you lose balance;
Ah! How funny you’re, your words so enchanting;
‘Bloody, Hell, Oktabi, Ninai nupi and chamchatnaidbi’
‘Fool, son of a bitch, your mother a lie and rubbish’
You’re ears a rat and you’re eyes a dragon;
All’s a word; all’s a feeling fooling you ‘words’.

You reacted like a dog when you notice ‘haters’;
‘Yeah!, Oh!, Really!, OMG!, shit! And awkward’
You argue like a cat when you did proving ‘self’;
‘No and yes, yes and no, you did, I don’t, meow and meow’;
Ha ha! You roar and you thunder ‘I win and I conquer’;
You wisher per early ‘I’ll destruct opinions’;
‘Common on bastards, I’ll jail you all’ you murmur;
You enjoy pulling strings ‘getting away others’
‘Take them away, clean my way and lock them up,
Your ‘words’ so vibrating; hitting all others hard;
Your ‘words’ a puppet, jumping and dancing elsewhere;
One a ‘capture’, two a’ shut down’, three a ‘lock up’;
Four an ‘imprisonment’ and five a ‘stupidity’;
All’s a word; all’s a feeling fooling you ‘words’.

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Combating Human Trafficking: FXB India Suraksha Organized Joint Training Program for Manipur Police and Assam Rifles at Moreh

IT News

FXB India Suraksha and Centre for Development Activities organized a one day training program for Law Enforcement Agencies on Human Trafficking in Moreh at Conference Hall of Integrated Check Post, Manipur on April 27, 2019.
The main objective of the programme was to train law enforcement agencies including officials of Manipur Police and Assam rifles instrengthening mechanisms to ensure protection and safety of the children as well combating trafficking of persons from the bordering region of Moreh. Over 50 Police Officers and Paramilitary officials participated during the training programme.
The programme was conducted as part of project Mukti-an Anti Trafficking initiative to combat human trafficking and child sexual abuse in Manipur implemented with the support of ECPAT Luxembourg since 2015 in Imphal and Ukhrul.
Th. Vikramjit Singh, Superintendent of Police, Moreh, Khamnam Robinsun, Additional Superintendent of Police, Moreh, Thomas Thokchom, Deputy Superintendent of Police and two Senior officials including the Town Commander of 43 Assam Rifles, Moreh were the chief guests of the programme. Mr. Satya Prakash, Programme Manager, FXB India Suraksha was the resource person for the programme. Sessions were organized on Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection of Children) Act,2015, Trafficking in Persons, addressing child sexual abuse and the role of Police and paramilitary force in addressing cases related to children and trafficking in persons. Session methodology included discussion and documentary screening on human trafficking which experienced great interest from the participants.
The day long training programme started with a welcome note by Sunil Meitei, Project Officer, FXB India Suraksha introducing the purpose and objective of the training programme. He stressed upon the fact that Moreh due to its geo-political location and sharing border with Myanmar in itself stands vulnerable in terms of trafficking of persons and smuggling of persons. He thanked both the forces for coming together and showing their interest in participating in the programme. He also urged for the need for Standard Operating Procedures in addressing and handling cases of human trafficking.
In his inaugural speech Mr. Vikramjit Singh, Superintendent of Police, Moreh said, “Such training programme would be very fruitful to us because Moreh is a very vulnerable town to human trafficking and we have come across such cases in the past. The procedures and legal provisions to be followed by Police in addressing such crime are very important.”
He also stressed saying, “Prevention is better than cure and hence preventing people from getting trafficked would be more impactful rather than investigating cases of trafficking. Once someone gets trafficked, it becomes very difficult to trace them out.Therefore, our mechanisms should be such that we as Police force are able to stop someone from getting trafficked in the source i.e within Manipur itself rather than letting the person being taken to destination states like Delhi.” Thanking Assam Rifles for always working in collaboration, the Senior Official said, “Police cannot work in isolation and has to work in collaboration with other departments such as Assam Rifles and Social Welfare Department in order to work in a holistic manner in addressing crime against children as well as human trafficking.”
He also appreciated the effort put together by FXB India Suraksha in bringing together two forces together to jointly organized the training session. He strongly recommended to organize more training program on other aspects of Human trafficking in the district of Moreh as well other district of Manipur. He showed interest in designing a standard Operating Procedure in Combating Human Trafficking for effective implementation of legal provisions with specific context to Manipur.
Senior official of 43 Assam Rifles congratulating FXBIS for organizing the training programme said, “This training programme is very important for the Jawans who are mostly deputed in safeguarding the Indo-Myanmar border in Moreh. Working with the law enforcement agency i.e Police is under our provisions and therefore the coordination between both the agencies has to be very strong.
This training programme will help us to understand how to work in collaboration with Manipur Police while handling cases of human trafficking, signs of identification and the procedures to be followed in reporting cases of human trafficking.”
Building approach and perspective for the participants, Mr. Satya Prakash initiated his training sessions saying that Rights are non-negotiable and has legal connotation and goes beyond any age, gender, caste, race, religion or region.
Starting on the definition of a child he said, “many a times law enforcement officers use their own preferences and understanding although the only definition considered supremely as per the Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection of children) Act 2015 which says that any person below the age of 18 years should be treated as a child.” He also discussed various provisions laid out under the law especially the procedures to be followed by children while handling children in need of care and protection and child in conflict with law.
The day long training concluded with the session on human trafficking, its definition as laid out in Section 370 of the India Penal Code, reason of vulnerability, modus operandi in terms of source, transit and destination, trends and forms of trafficking and the procedures to be followed by police and paramilitary forces in identifying victims of trafficking and also the perpetrators, registration of FIR, effective investigation, legal procedures and overall protection to persons rescued.
The day long programme which was jointly organized in association with Centre for development Activities (CDAC)ended with queries, suggestions and recommendations from the participants to adopt integrated approach to fight human trafficking. It was strongly recommended to work in close collaboration with Community Based organization like Hill Tribal Council, Meitei Council Moreh, All Community Development Organisation Moreh, religious leaders, youth organisations, NGO’s, Taxi union and social welfare department to ensure and minimise the risk of children and women from being exploited on the pretext of better life opportunities.

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