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Saturday, 27 April 2019 - Imphal Times

Pan Mongoloid movement the need of the hour to fight against demographic invasion - Prof N Joykumar

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Imphal April 27,

Stating that Pan Mongoloid movement is the need of the hour to fight against the demographic invasion by the Aryan race Retd. Prof. Naorem Joykumar said that the spirit of demographic invasion is behind the contentious CAB.

He was speaking as a resource person on the observation of 21st Dark day, the day Manipur lost her independence at Iboyaima Sumang Lila Sanglen.

Joykumar said that the day which the flag Union Jack was hoisted at Kangla which symbolized the colonization by British was a dark day of Manipur. He said that various others unfortunate dark days occurred at Manipur, the coming of Hinduism which was brought by Garibniwaz causing hill and valley divide changing the society drastically  was the first dark days of Manipur.

He further said that the 7 years devastation and the 27th April where Manipur lost her independence is the second and third dark day.

Joykumar continued that Manipur experiences darker day after it merged to the Indian Union.

He also said that the things the white Saheb done during the colonial era is being done by Brown Saheb at present.

Highlighting the contentious CAB he said that it was a naked demographic invasion against the mongoloid people by the Aryan race. He added that CAB is a must for Aryan people.

He stressed that the main objective of the observance of the dark days is to liberate from the chains imposed because of the dark days.

President of International Peace and Social advancement (IPSA) Joychand Konthoujam said that Manipur lost her independence completely from the morning of  April 27, 1891 losing its long history of being an independent kingdom.

He said that April 27 was observed as the dark day   organised by  Dark Day Observation Committee, IPSA in association with Justice Committee on Anglo Manipuri War, 1891 and freedom fighters of Kangleipak.

He appealed the government to recognise April 27 as Dark Day. He also said that the various battles that occurred other than Khongjom battle like Battle of Thoubal, Kakching, Mayangkhang, Laimaton and others should be remembered and memorial sites should be constructed.

He further appealed to remember and observed various other war heroes and also to put in the syllabus regarding different battles and the heroes.

Floral tributes were also paid to the great martyrs and also two minutes silent was observed.

The dark day function was attended by Guest faculty of Department of Anthropology MU Prof W. Nabakumar, President of IPSA Joychandra Konthoujam, Director of JN Manipur Dance Academy L. Upendro and Chairman of Justice Committee on Anglo Manipuri War, 1891 and freedom fighters of Kangleipak H. Ibotombi Khuman as Chief Guest, President and Guest of Honour respectively

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KWMT demands to disclose the name of the officers who resolves not to publish special issue of Khongjom War

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Thoubal, April.27,

Khongjom War memorial Trust (KWMT) in a statement said that the attempt to exterminate the history of Khongjom War, where the sons of the land sacrificed for safeguarding the freedom of the land is becoming clearer day by day.

The statement signed by M. Hemanta, President of KWMT, said that the clarification by the DIPR on the reason for not bringing out special issue of the Manipur Today in connection with Khongjom Day showed that for the first time a special meeting for cancelling the special issue was held on April 15. Taking the matter with extreme seriousness, Hemanta urged the DIPR authority to disclose the name of the officers present in the meeting which resolved not to bring out the special issue. He also demanded the copy of the procedure of the meeting. 

Distribution of booklets called ‘Go to Village Mission’, which contain achievements of the government instead of publishing booklet related to Khogjom Day is an insult to the martyrs of Khongjom War, said Hemanta.

He appealed the authority not to repeat such act in the future.

Stating that, KWMT is not related with any political related activities, Hemanta asked the authority on why there should not be a complaint for violation of the Model Code of Conduct to the ECI for distributing the Achievements of the Government of April 23, when the re-polling of the 12 polling station was held on April 24. 

Hemanta however said that they will not lodge any complaint to the ECI as the KWMT is not related with political activities.

The motive behind the cancellation of the Special issue in connection with Khongjom War is nothing but to make the people forget that Manipur was once an Independent Country, Hemanta said and added that it is no difference from the burning of the Puyas by Shantidas Gosai.

The statement further said that in 2014, there was model code of conduct on Khongjom Day, however, the DIPR published special issue in connection with Khongjom Day. It appealed the Government to look into the matter so that such thing does not repeat in the next Khongjom Day observance.

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Patient party protest over the death of a lady

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Imphal, April 27,

Large number of people today throng to the office of the Director of RIMS in protest against the death of a 35 years old lady at RIMS today morning. The patient party alleged the death of the lady as caused by the negligence of the Doctor and thronged to the office of the Director RIMS at Administrative Block demanding action against the doctor responsible for the death.

The deceased has been identified as Thokchom Naocha , (35 yrs) wife of Th. Budha Kiyam of Kiyam Mamang Leikai. She is survived by her husband and three daughters.

Family source said that the deceased lady was admitted to RIMS hospital at around 8 pm yesterday after having complaint of breathing problem. The Patient party alleged the doctor of injecting a medicine that was not prescribed by the doctor.

The dead body has been deposited at RIMS morgue for conducting post mortem.

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One Day Awareness Programme on Schemes/Programmes Implemented by Government

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Imphal,April 27,

One day awareness programme on “Schemes/Programmes Implemented by Government for the Welfare of Minorities in Manipur” organised by Manipur State Minorities Commission was held today at Harvest of Jubilee Church, Patsoi, Imphal West.
Addressing key note to the media by Secy.Manipur State Minorities Commission, Abdul Hakim said that the minority people should take the opportunities of the various welfare schemes of the Central government. .
He said that different types of schemes are implemented by the state and central government. Educational scheme such as Pre-matric scholarship that provide scholarship from class 1 to 10, Post matric scholarship that provide upto rupees 5lakhs to the students for higher studies and should have the annual income of rupees 2 lakhs, Merit cum base scholarship which provide to the students on low interest.
He added that the Ministry of Minorities and Affairs also started a scheme on skill development namely Sikho aur kamaowo which provide to the students after class 10.
Upgrading the Skills and Training in Traditional Arts for Development(USTTAD) scheme also launched by the government to enhance the traditions and arts, he added.
Various schemes such as Nayi Manjil scheme for handloom and handicraft, Women empowerment schemes for women to have power on leadership quality and Area Development scheme for minorities to monitor themselves in education and development, he added.

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UKLF appeals perpetrators of St. Joseph School Sugnu arson to confess within one week

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Imphal, April 27,

Armed rebel group  United Kuki Liberation Front (UKLF) has appealed all the person involved in the burning of the St. Joseph School to come out and confess to the School Authority within one week.
A statement of the outfit said that  if those involved in the barbaric act abscond then the organization will conduct enquiry and award befitting punishment.
St.Joseph School , Gunpi Area Sugnu was burnt by miscreants on the on the evening of April 25.
“ It is a strict warning to one and all particularly UKLF operational area that, such barbaric act will not be entertained in the future but a befitting punishment will always be given to the barbarism act”, the UKLF statement said.

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Manipur Governor releases N. Tombi’s “PEESHUMLEI”

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Imphal, April 27,

A novel titled “PEESHUMLEI” was today released by Dr. Najma Heptulla, Governor of Manipur at Raj Bhavan. The Publisher of the Novel is Ningthoukhongjam Chittamihini Devi

The novel PEESHUMLEI is written by Prof N. Tombi Singh who was 4 times MP representing Inner Manipur Lok Sabha constituency. Earlier he had written more than 4 books.

Padmashri Kshestrimayum Thouranishabi Devi and Eminent scholar and former President of Manipur Sahitya Parishad, Dr Nongmaithem Tombi attended the book released function.

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TSA demands stringent actions against perpetrators of School burning case

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Imphal, April 27,

The Thadou Students’ Association, General Headquarters (TSA-GHQ) in a statement urged the government to take up stringent action to all those responsible in the burning of the St. Joseph School, Sugnu on the evening of April 25.
“Such barbaric, shocking and reprehensible incident should be condemned by all right thinking citizens and all responsible should be brought to justice at the earliest and the State government must take stringent actions against them”, the statement said.
It further said that the forced closure of the school by some vested interest persons and subsequent burning down of the school is truly diabolic and a great loss to the students and the community as a whole.
“If at all any individual or organization had any legitimate grievances or disputes with the school authority for whatever reasons, the matter should have been taken up with a competent authority or the law court, but forcibly closing or burning down the school as a show of anger or power is a total madness that would not at all bring a solution in any manner”, the TSA said.
TSA also appealed the people to stick together to rebuild the great school and make it possible for the school to resume as soon as possible in the larger interest of the students.

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The politics of survival

The greatest tragedy in today Manipur is that, persons who are in the top job never have the courage of saying “sorry”. It is natural that human being commits mistake. When human being commits mistake a disaster occurred unless the mistake is corrected. A mere attempt to ‘right’ the ‘wrong’ instead of correcting it will not only sabotage the system but will keep on haunting to the wrong doer for the rest of his life  as conscience is matter to human being.
This is about the press clarification by the DIPR regarding the news report about publication of a booklet called ‘Go to Village’ on historic Khongjom Day instead of publishing the special issue in relation to the Khongjom war.
The press clarification on why the special issue of Manipur Today on occasion of Khongjom was not released read – “To celebrate and to remember the brave sons, who valiantly fought in the Anglo-Manipuri War in 1891, the department have been publishing “Manipur Today” for the past several years commemorating the occasion. However, this year, the department has not published the same due to the State Government’s decision to suspend publication of Manipur Today in view of enforcement of Model Code of Conduct for elections to Lok Sabha, 2019".
One wanders on how the highlighting of the history of our brave sons of the soil who had sacrificed for the freedom comes under Model Code of Conduct.  
On the other hand, it surprises none, on assuming the reason for distribution of booklet which highlighted the achievement of the government on Khongjom Day even though the booklet was released before the commencement of the Model Code of Conduct of the 17th Lok Sabha Election. If publication of special journal to commemorate the sons of the soil who had sacrificed for safeguarding the freedom of the erstwhile nation violates the Model Code of Conduct then how come the distribution of booklets which content articles about achievement of the government with photo of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Chief Minister N. Biren Singh as cover picture not violates the Model Code of Conduct.
The clarification of the DIPR reflects desperateness in attempting to cover up the mistake.
The DIPR should have the courage to apologies the public instead of trying to ‘right’ the ‘wrong’ if there is no agenda of the ruling political party to the matter. Or else the speculation about an attempt to tarnish the history of Manipur might inject hate feeling to many young bloods against the party in government.

Understand your kids with developmental delays to boost them succeed

By : Dr Shekhar Biswas, Consultant pediatrician and New Born specialist, Jaipur Golden hospital & Director, Kindergarten clinics, Rohini, New Delhi.

All children need love, encouragement, and support, and for kids with developmental delay, such positive reinforcement can help ensure that they emerge with a strong sense of self-worth, confidence, and the determination to keep going even when things are tough.
Early in childhood, a parent might notice that a child has a global developmental delay including delays in all areas of development like language, walking, self-care skills, and/or imitative play. Cognitive deficits, also called intellectual disability, is a condition beginning in childhood in which people show significant limitations in their ability to learn and function. Children with more severe impairments or those with obvious dysmorphic features are often identified in the first year of life.
With less significant impairments, the first sign of a cognitive deficit might be difficulties in school. For example, the child might have trouble learning to read and do math. Some parents may only notice a delay in their child after a younger sibling catches up developmentally to the child with the developmental delay. In other instances, the child might first demonstrate behavioral issues (such as difficulty toilet training), that may ultimately come to the attention of a medical professional and be found to be related to delays in development.
As a parent what you have to do is to identify how your child learns the best – is he/she a
1.   Visual learner - Learns best by seeing, reading or picturizing through diagrams, maps, may love to draw read and write. Does well when material is presented and tested visually, not verbally,
2.   Auditory learner - Learns best by listening, does well in lecture-based learning environments and on oral reports and tests, Benefits from classroom discussions, spoken directions, study groups
3.   Kinesthetic learner - Learns best by doing and moving, benefits from hands-on activities, lab classes, props, skits, and field trips.
A multidisciplinary approach is recommended to identify and manage any concurrent conditions, academic performance, social/behavioral functioning, and independent living skills.
Early intervention and appropriate school placement are essential to meet the child at his or her intellectual level and proceed at his or her pace towards specific objectives and goals.
In searching for ways to help children with learning disabilities, look for ways to help them to grow stronger and become more resilient. A good attitude won’t solve the problems associated with a learning disability, but it can give your child hope and confidence that things can improve and that he or she will eventually succeed.
The causes of cognitive disabilities are generally divided into prenatal, perinatal, and postnatal factors. Prenatal causes may include genetic abnormalities, infections, exposures to substances that cause birth defects, and central nervous system malformations Down syndrome are among the most common genetic causes of intellectual disability. Fetal malnutrition, prematurity and decreased oxygen supply to the fetal brain is among perinatal causes. Infections, suffocation, accidental and non accidental traumas, brain damage, CNS tumors are a few acquired causes.
A variety of therapists and services, including nursing services, occupational therapy, physical therapy, the use of adaptive equipment, speech-language therapy, nutritional counseling, audiology services, psychological intervention, recreation therapy, and social work services, can be used to treat the associated impairments sometimes seen with cognitive disabilities. Regular and special education teachers provide educational services.
Sometimes, children with attention deficits, learning disabilities, communication disorders, or pervasive developmental disorders may be thought to have intellectual disability. About 5% of the population has cognitive deficits, and most of these individuals fall into the mild range deficit category.

Training Program for Community Leaders on Human Trafficking & Child Protection System in Moreh

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Moreh, April.27,

FXB India Suraksha in association with Centre for development Activities (CDAC) organized a one day awareness program for Community Leaders on Human Trafficking and strengthening child protection activities in Moreh at Conference Hall of Meitei Council Office Moreh, Manipur on Friday.
The main objective of the programme was to bring together community leaders representing different communities such as Meitei, Tamil, Punjabi, etc in Moreh and discuss on the major role the leaders play in strengthening mechanisms to ensure protection and safety of the children as well combating trafficking of persons from the bordering region. 32 representatives participated during the training programme.
The programme was conducted as part of project Mukti-an Anti Trafficking initiative to combat human trafficking and child sexual abuse in Manipur implemented with the support of ECPAT Luxembourg since 2015 in Imphal and Ukhrul.
The day long training programme started with note by Satya Prakash, Program Manager, FXB India Suraksha introducing the purpose and objective of the training programme. He stressed upon the fact that Moreh due to its geo-political location and sharing border with Myanmar in itself stands vulnerable in terms of trafficking of persons and smuggling of persons.
The recent case where around 55 Nepalese women and men were rescued in Moreh in a suspected case of trafficking in the month of February is very alarming.
Moriangthem Sushilkumar, founder Centre for Development Activities (CDAC), Wangjing Manipur adding his thoughts to the inaugural session highlighted the importance community can play in combating human trafficking and child sexual abuse in the district. He shared as an important stakeholders it is our prime duty to be active participants in this initiative to protect our children.
Taking the programme forward, Mr. Sunil Meitei, Project Officer, FXB India Suraksha initiated the session discussing about abuses against children with special emphasis to child sexual abuse. He shared why protection of children is important and how there are different rings of responsibilities at family, community, institutional and national level in ensuring a protective environment for children.
He also shared the ways of action to be taken whenever there is any kind of emergency situation and immediate action is required. He also went on discuss the various provisions under Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act, 2012 which criminalizes any form of abuse such as uncomfortable touch, penetrative, showing pornographic content, passing sexually abusive comments etc. as sexual offences.
Mr. Satya Prakash, Programme Manager, FXB India Suraksha addressing the question put forward by the participants on the laws and policies available in the country to address child protection, shared about the Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection of Children) Act, 2000 which is the strongest law available for the complete welfare of children.
He also urged the community leaders to come together to reach out to larger number of population and aware them on the issue and encourage them to report any kind of abuse happening with the children and addressing it with utmost care and sensitively.
Ms. Pranjita Borah, Programme officer, FXB India Suraksha in her session spoke about Human Trafficking, vulnerability of persons, modus operandi of traffickers and how community members can play their role in being vigilant in preventing and combating trafficking in persons. A movie titled “Annie” was also screened for better understanding of the social crime.
A similar training programme was conducted with the community members and religious leaders representing 12 Units of Hill Tribal Council, Moreh was held on April 24, 2019 at the Conference Hall, HTC Office, Moreh, Manipur. 55 persons attended the programme.
A group activity was also conducted with the participants where they were asked to share their views on what role they would play as community members in strengthening child protection systems in their own communities, the support they would need from Government and other institutions. Good suggestions and recommendations were laid forward during the activity.

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