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Thursday, 25 April 2019 - Imphal Times

Kidnapped minor girl still not found even after 3 and half months; Police negligence alleged as major reason

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Imphal April 25,

A minor girl who was allegedly kidnapped by a person on December 31 of 2018 is still missing due to police negligence.

Convenor of the Joint Students Coordinating Committee (JSCC), Manjit Sarangthem while talking to media persons said that the minor girl who was reading in class VIII was kidnapped in the name of eloping by one Md Aslam Khan(21 yrs) son of Md Zuma of Pangong Imphal East on 31st December 2018. An FIR was lodged at Sekmai Police Station but still now the minor girl is not found neither the police had taken up any action against the culprit involved.

Manjit alleged police negligence to the tracing of the girl.

“Unfortunately, the police have been neglecting their duties in finding the child denying justice for the poor family”, he added.

Manjit further said that after seeking information about the case from Investigating officer of the police it has been found that no case under POCSO act has been registered against the culprit even though the girl was underage.

He said that even as the minor girl was kidnapped from Imphal West area, no report was submitted to the Women police station of Imphal West.

“This shows the negligence of Sekmai police station and the investigating IO in particular” Manjit alleged.  He urges authority to take up legal action against the investigating officer.

Manjit also said that because of the various reasons of the negligence on the police side especially the investigating Officer (IO) , justice was being denied for the poor and marginalized people.

He added that the police seemed to violate Child Marriage Act and registering of the case with charges of kidnapping instead of POCSO clearly shows the complete negligence on the part of the IO.

Manjit questioned if there are any reasons for the DGP not to take up legal action against the police officers.

Manjit also warned of intense agitation if the child was not found and handed over to the families within fifteen days from today. Manjit also demanded immediate punishment of the culprit involved as per law of the country and added that the JSCC will take legal help to punish the culprit.

 He also appealed the people and other civil organizations to help in finding the minor girl.

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Five days student’s leadership training camp begins; Importance of reviving Sanamahi religion stressed

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Imphal, April 25,

Five days student’s leadership training camp which was organised by International Sanamahism Student’s Association (ISSA) begins yesterday at District Institute of Education and Training (DIET) Keikol. The leadership training residential camp will conclude on April 28.

General Secretary of ISSA Lourembam Kangleinganba in his keynote address in the opening function highlighted the importance of culture in protecting the identity of the indigenous people. He said that culture and identity has a close relationship where one should not neglect. He further stressed that revivalism of the indigenous religion of the Meetei which is Sanamahism is a must and this movement will cultivate the youths with the sense of belongingness and spirit of nationalism.

He also said that people should know the distinctive and unique history of the land thereby such knowledge will clearly let the people know about themselves and the land.

Finally he concluded that the camp will bring a change to the youth of the state knowing the roots where they belong to. Principal of DIET, Keikol Aheibam Romel,Principal of Vision Creative School, Tekcham Nandalal, President, Manipur Student’s Federation, Ngaiyanbam Milan and President, ISSA, khaidem Kangleingakpa (Bonish) attended as dignitaries on the dais. 

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NEFIS condemns rising incidence of deaths in government hospitals

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Imphal, April 25,

North-East Forum for International Solidarity (NEFIS) expressed strong condemnation to the rising incidence of deaths at government hospitals in Manipur especially those in the capital Imphal namely, Jawaharlal Nehru Institute of Medical Sciences (JNIMS) and Regional Institute of Medical Sciences (RIMS) since last many years. A statement Chinglen Khumukcham, member convening committee NEFIS said that the phenomenon has come to a head since many deaths have occurred in the last few months, thereby pointing to a strong possibility of negligence of the hospital staff.
“The problem is also emblematic of the way in which the hospitals of the state have been rendered decrepit due to conscious attempts at under-funding them and thereby promoting privatization of health services in the state”, the statement added.
The NEFIS statement further said that deaths, especially delivery deaths due to negligence of the hospital staff have become a common occurrence at JNIMS and other government hospitals of Manipur.
“Shockingly, Manipur government instead of looking into the matter is busy in promoting private hospitals. The government deliberately cuts funds for public-health institutions, in order to promote privatization of health services. Due to the deterioration of health services, people are forced to seek treatment in private hospitals, and thereby leading to a situation where a majority is compelled to live without any access to public-health services”, the statement added.
NEFIS statement said that a delegation of activists would be submitting a memorandum to the Manipur Minister of Health. It would also build a mass movement to ensure that quality health services are provided to people, the statement added.

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Compensation to Bilkis Bano: Popular Front hails Supreme Court order

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Imphal, April 25,

Popular Front of India has hailed the Supreme Court order directing the Gujarat government to pay compensation of Rs 50 lakhs and government job to Balkis Bano.   Chairman E Abubacker stated that the court order is a slap on the ugly faces of BJP top brass who were in power in Gujarat during the dreadful days of anti-Muslim riots in 2002.
The court has also directed the Gujarat Government to provide Bilkis a government job.  Bilkis was 21 years old and pregnant when she was gang-raped and her family members including her three year old child was mob lynched. The SC also directed the Government to provide her accommodation at a place of her choice, after noting that she had been living a nomadic life since 2002.  The court has rejected the stand taken by Gujarat government that it has taken appropriate measures including action on guilty police officers and the offer of Rs. 5 lakh to the victim.
BJP leaders including Narendra Modi and Amit Shah who were at the helm of state affairs in Gujarat at that time must get ashamed and make a public apology at least now in the light of the strong signal of Supreme Court against blatant misuse of power and discrimination. E Abubacker hoped that the latest exposure of the true face of RSS-BJP politics will serve a reminder for the people in the context of the ongoing elections to Indian parliament.

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PREPAK to observe 6th Indian Colonialism Day

IT News,
Imphal, April 25,

In commemoration to the incident of Patsoi-Langjing of April 26, 1980, at which the Indian force shot dead 4 civilians and injured several civilian, proscribed group People’s Revolutionary Party of Kangleipak (PREPAK) is observing every April 26 as the Indian Colonialism Resist Day since the last few years. This is the 6th years that the outfit has been observing the day and on the occasion the outfit appealed the people of the region to jointly voice for the freedom of the region and to free from the chain of slavery.
A statement by LeibaakNgakpa Luwang, Secretary – in – Charge , Publicity and Propaganda, PREPAK, said that after Kangleipak has been annexed by India,  based on the colonization and militarization people has been facing directly or indirectly the impact of imperialism. Today the people of Kangleipak has been facing extreme suffering and there is a fear that the indigenous people of  region might be wipe out from the soil.
The statement also stressed at large about the fate of the people of the region under the Indian colonial ruled. The spewing of venom to the different communities of the region is a clear indication to spark a civil war among the various communities of the state. The Political, Economic and Civil Rights assured by the United Nation is made a mockery by the Indian rule in this region. The socio economic rights is being shattered.
The statement of the PREPAK also stated that the talented youths of the region has been suppressed even as many in the field of education, sports, song, drama etc. has been emerged. Many stories about talented youths at various field including sports are being suppressed by India has been witnessed.
The statement also attack the Indian ruled saying that Human resource has also been suppressed and attempts are being seen to eradicate the Natural resources of the region. Not only the Natural resource but also the people as certain draconian laws including the AFSPA are being used to wipe out the people of the region.
The April 26, 1980 incident of Patsoi Langjing has been term as an example of the Indian rule trying to eradicate the people of Kangleicha by the PREPAK as it is observing the 6th Indian Colonialism Resist Day tomorrow.

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KYKL observes 25th Foundation Day

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Imphal, April 25,

Proscribed group Kanglei Yawol Kanna Lup (KYKL) observes 25th Foundation day. A statement by A. Yaiphaba, Secretary, Publicity and Research of the outfit, said that the day is observed at various places of Kangleipak and outside Kangliepak.
The statement said that the main observance function of the 25th Foundation day was held at the !st Battalion of the outfit. The function begins by hoisting the flag of the outfit by its Foreign and Regional Affairs Secretary C. Lanngamba Mangang and by paying homage to the martyred cadres of the outfit. Chief of Army of the Kangleipak Communist Party, A Ibomcha attended the function as Chief Guest while camp commander of the 1st Bn, Pathou and Major Dhana of the KCP attended as guest of honours.
The statement added that Captain Tamba of the KYKL read out the message of the Chairman of the Party N. Oken on the occasion.  Foreign and Regional Affairs Secretary of KYKL, C. Lanngamba Mangang while speaking on the occasion elaborated on the issues of revolutionary movement in the region. He stated that the revolutionary movement today is in critical juncture and the need of the hour is to unite all the revolutionary group to jointly struggle. The Foreign and Regional Affairs Secretary also highlighted the role being played by the revolutionary organization in the protection and safeguarding of the identity of the people of the WESEA region. He also stated that until the WESEA region is liberated from the India, it is impossible to protect and safeguard the identity of the people of the region.
Chief Guest of the Function, Hijam Ibomcha , Chief of the Army staff of the KCP, while speaking on the occasion stressed on the responsibility of the revolutionary organization at the present day. The KCP Chief also called on the revolutionary groups of the region to follow the revolutionary ethics while fighting the challenges being face by the revolutionary groups.
The statement further said that the 25th Foundation Day was also observed at its 2nd Battalion, 3rd Batallion and others Units , Tactical Units, Mobile Unites located at Kangleipak and outside Kangleipak.    

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The social lacunae

The tenacity of the people of Manipur to cling on to concepts of normalcy while actually indulging in acts that reaps results to the contrary can only be marveled at. We profess unity while setting up and supporting ethnically intolerant groups. We demand peace while burning and inciting violence. We insist on freedom even when we are indulging in extortions and intimidations, and we ask understanding of others according to our own terms and views. We publicly donate only to claim it back in private. Perhaps the present social churning threatening to alter the social fabric of the state is an event whose time has come. Maybe we all have been contributing, albeit unwittingly, to its present condition. 
But all is not so dark or dismal. There are changes, unintended fallouts that promise to yank the people from the stupor and the self-deceiving delusions of superiority. There are signs of the people awakening to the realities staring them back in the face, even if that reality is not very savory or one everyone have expected or desired. We have come to participate in social discussions and debates, and have slowly yet surely started to learn to air our vows, never mind fact that, more often than not, a large number of such views and personal opinions reflect the underlying ethnic leanings and are unnecessarily abrasive and harmful.
This is, after all, a starting phase to the trend of social participation and will hopefully learn from the mistakes, and with time, to polish up on one’s thoughts and outlooks. The most significant outcome is perhaps the increased awareness not only of one’s own history, tradition and customs, but also of other communities as well. There is also a tangible change in the manner in which the public consume resources. The sustained lack of facilities have evidently stirred the curiosity and raised the enthusiasm of the public. There is an increased effort by various groups and individuals to usher in self reliance, especially with regards to food. If the well-meaning but clueless state government can harness the present agitations and unrest, then perhaps we can channelize the energy into something productive instead of playing the reluctant leader. It may be hard to admit for a lot of self-appointed leaders and undeserving representatives, but one cannot deny the fact that at the root of the present turmoil is economic considerations.  The sooner we admit and understand that, the easier will it be to work out a solution. 
Times are changing, hopefully for the better. With increased awareness, participation and enthusiasm, it is now the duty of everyone in the state to take up the cudgel and wield it productively, and not to batter each other until nothing remains. Every life is precious, and in order for all of us to make our existence worthwhile, we first need to snap out of the illusion of superiority of language, caste, creed, clan, religion and customs.


Normal Dizziness may result in Vertigo

BY : Sakshi Jaiswal

Dr Sumit Singh, Director, Neurology, Agrim institute of neuro sciences, Artemis Hospital
Vertigo is a sensation of spinning dizziness. It is not simple as many people maintain, fear of heights.  It is often associated with looking down from height but can refer to ongoing dizziness caused by the problems in inner ear or brain.  This dizziness is comes with nausea, vomiting, sweating or difficulty in walking.  Persistent vertigo has been linked with mental health issues.  A psychiatric problem may cause dizziness or vertigo may lead to depression and anxiety in an individual.  Vertigo is the most common dizziness.
Many children attempt to create a sense of vertigo by spinning or riding on roller coaster. This is induced vertigo is self-limiting, it lasts for few minutes and then it disappears. Spontaneously or as result of an injury, or illness may last for hours and days before resolving.  Dizziness can happen to anyone at any age but is common in people aged 65 years or above.
Symptoms and signs of Vertigo
A person with vertigo will have sense that their head or spinning environment is moving or spinning.  Vertigo can be symptom of other medical conditions but it has own related symptoms which includes.
 A sense of motion sickness
  A feeling of fullness in ear
Nausea or vomiting
Balancing problems
Sensitivity problems
Vertigo is not just a condition of headaches or faintness. It is a rotational dizziness.
Causes of Vertigo
Vertigo is commonly caused by a problem with the way balancing works in inner ear. Although it can be caused by problems in the certain parts of the brain
Migraine headaches which are continuous severe headaches.
 Inner ear infection which is known as labyrinthitis.
 Vestibular neuronitis – It is the inflammation of vestibular nerve which runs into the inner part of the ear and sends the messages to the brain which helps in controlling balance while walking.
Certain medication which can cause inner ear infection
BBPV (benign paroxysmal positional vertigo) is the head movements which triggers vertigo.
There are some additional symptoms which depend on the cause of vertigo which are high temperature, ringing in ears, hearing imbalance.  
 Types of Vertigo
There are different types of vertigo depending on the cause of it.  
Peripheral Vertigo- It usually occurs when there is a disturbance in the balance organs of inner ear. The labyrinth of inner ear has tiny organs that enable messages to be sent in the mind in response to the gravity. These messages tell the brain when there is a movement from the vertical position. This enables people to keep their balance when they stand up. The disturbance to this system produces vertigo.
Central Vertigo
Central Vertigo is linked to the problems with the central nervous system. The disturbance is caused in the brainstem or the cerebellum.  These parts deal with the perception of vision and balance of a person.
How Vertigo is diagnosis or treated?
During the evaluation for vertigo, a doctor will ask questions related to history of events and symptoms associated with vertigo. This will include medications, illness and other medical problems.  After evaluating all the symptoms a physical neurology examination will held to evaluate the brain function and determine it is peripheral or Central Vertigo.
In coordination in eyes will help in underlining the position.  A medical professional might perform DIX- Hallpike test. This involves repositioning of patient’s head and monitoring of symptoms. Not everyone is suggested for this test. Instead of this professional might perform “roll test”in which patient lies flat and head is rapidly moved side to side. This may reproduce vertigo symptoms  and may be helpful in determining the cause of vertigo.
Some of the cases of vertigo may require MRI or CT scan of the brain or inner ear for excluding structural brain problems like stroke, acoustic nueroma, malignant tumor.  In rare cases, a small opening or fistula is identified in the space between inner ear and middle ear in which doctors will suggest surgical procedures which is removal of inner ear sense organ.

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