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Monday, 22 April 2019 - Imphal Times

Announcement of Re-poll has proven that Election was not conducted free and fair – Dr. M Nara

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Imphal April 22,

Claiming that the recent 17 th Lok Sabha election was not conducted free and fair, Inner Parliamentary candidate Dr M.Nara said that it was proven by the re-poll announced by the ECI which is to be conducted on April 24.

Speaking in a press meet, jointly organised with independent candidate RK. Somorendra @ Kaiku and PRJA convenor L. Erendro at Manipur Press Club, Dr M. Nara said that almost all the re-poll to be taken place are in the constituencies of the ruling parties. He added that the ruling government should be held responsible and should also be shameful for such misdeeds. 

He also appealed to let the people vote without fear in choosing their candidate.

Dr Nara also said that free and fair election should be the main objective of the people as well as the candidates.

He said that he was a victim of injustice till today.

He also appealed the people not to be misled by some powerful groups and take a dig to the leader of the civil society group who had played important role in various important issues saying that none were found during the time of election.

Dr. Nara said that the announcement of re-poll in 12 polling stations out of the 28 polling station complaints is a moral victory of him.

He appealed the youth to participate in the electoral politics and added that they should choose a party and engulf to its ideology and its principles to do justice for the people.

He concluded that the present electoral system is the root cause of all the corruption in the election and added that electoral reforms is the need of the hour and the need of the nation.

Feeling discontent regarding the rigged election and not being free and fair Independent candidate RK Somorendro (Kaiku) said that his inner agents were frightened and not able to sit in the polling rooms as they were being threatened.

He also said that the rights of the people were violated even though the candidates assured to participate the election on the basis of free and fair election.

PRJA’s convenor L Erendro strongly condemned the rigging of election and the use of unfair means by capturing booths and proxy voting.

He said that the two national parties by all their means used money and muscle power.

He further concluded by saying that the people can take money offered if they are being threatened but should vote the candidates they wanted. He appealed the people to make good use of the secret ballot.

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Inner Manipur Parliamentary election: Re-poll announced in 12 Polling stations; fresh polling on April 24

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Imphal, April 22,

Election Commission of India (ECI) has announced fresh poll in the 12 polling stations of the Inner Manipur Parliamentary Constituency. Polling of the Inner Manipur Parliamentary Constituency was held on April 18. Congress Party and CPI had lodged complaint to the returning officer of mass rigging and booth capturing at as many as 30 polling stations.

As per the ECI notification, fresh polling will be held at 2/23 – Heingang Mayai Leikai (A), 2/26 – Heingang Makha Leikai, 2/31 – Kairang Muslim Mayai Leikai, 2/32 – Kairang Muslim Mamng Leikai and 2/33 – Kairang Khunou Chingya Leikai of 2-Heingang Assembly Constituency; 5/32- Khongman Zone –V(B) of Thongju Assembly Constituecy; 6/6 – Kiyamgei Mamang Leikai, 6/10 – Kiyamgei Muslim (South) (A) and 6/35 – Thiyam Konjil (B) of Keiroa Assembly Constituency and 7/32 – Yanbem (C) and 7/39 Nungbrang  of Andro Assembly Constituency.

A press statement by the CEO Manipur said that live webcasting will be done in the 12 polling stations during the re-poll.

Interestingly, all the polling stations which the ECI announced for fresh poll are in Imphal East. Of the 12 Polling Stations 5 are in Heingang assembly constituency where the Chief Minister N. Biren Singh represent as MLA.

Congress candidate O. Nabakishore had earlier stated that he was not allowed to stay inside the 6/6 – Kiyamgei Mamang Leikai polling station and alleged that besides not allowing his agent to sit in the polling station he was nearly assaulted by the BJP workers.

At polling station No. 6/6 – Kiyamgei Mamang Leikai, the EVM machine was destroyed by a group of people and 2 polling officials were injured in the attack. Security personnel present on the scene fire several round of gun shots on the air to control the situation. 

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Bomb found near LF School

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Imphal, April 22,

Unknown miscreants once more placed bomb near the gate of the Little Flower School located at Tiddim Road here in Imphal. This is the second time that miscreants placed hand grenade at the school. On April 2, this year miscreants placed a hand grenade wrapped in plastic near the main entrance gate of the school.
This time the miscreants placed two hand grenades near Little Flower School entrance gate. The bombs were first notice by morning walkers. Police and Assam Rifles team rushed the spot and safely diffused the two bombs at around 7.30 am.

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Manipur (Kangleipak) and India’s Freedom Struggle: Two lines with not coinciding point –(1)

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Imphal, April 22,

Conglomerate of rebel group CorCom pay tribute to the martyrs who had laid down their lives fighting the British at different Warfield for the safeguarding the sovereignty of the erstwhile Kingdom with the coming of the Khongjom Day (April 23, 1891).
A statement by Leibakngakpa Luwang , Media Co-ordinator, CorCom said that the courage of the ancestor during the 1891 Anglo Manipuri war is once more reminded with the coming of the Khonjom Day. It said that the courage of the martyrs of the region who had fought the British empire to protect the sovereignty of the nation is a pride of the region and the brave heart of those days is once bring to our mind with the coming of the Khongjom Day.
The statement further said that the British got the full opportunity to directly interfere the internal affairs of the Manipur (Kangleipak) after an uproar occurred in the palace over the throne of Manipur in September 1891. That time the British India Empire had already occupied at almost all region after a change in the geo political scenario of the Kingdom since 1885. The interference of the British to the internal affairs of the Kingdom is the result for the killing of the British officers including Chief Commissioner of Assam J. W. Quinton and British Political Agent C. Grimwood in March 25, 1891. Following that Anglo- Manipuri (Kangleipak ) war occurred in 1891 and the Manipuri ( Kangleicha) were defeated and became a colony of British.
What is needed to be discussed is the political status of Manipur (Kangleipak) before 1891. The Indo- Manipur war may not lasted long but was the talk across the globe and has been discussed in both the houses of British Parliament.
The root of the Anglo Manipuri (Kangleicha) war is the interference of the then British India to the internal matter f Kangleipak. The sovereign status of the Kangleipak is well define by the then international relationship with the British and the British India .
In 1762 Manipur established Treaty of Alliance with the Britih on Army and trade. Manipur has been recognized as a sovereign independent nation by British India and Burma after they signed the treaty of Yandaboo. Both the British and Burma assured not to disturb the territorial integrity and political independence of the Manipur Nation as according to the treaty of Yandaboo. Pemberton report of 1835 submitted to the British authority in 1835 introduced Manipur (Kangleipak) as a Sovereign state in Asia situated between Assam and Burma.
Manipur (Kangleipak) had also been recognized as a Asiatic Sovereign Power  in Keifa Singh case of 1762 and Sajowpa case of Calcutta High Court . R. brown in his speech on the Statistical Account of Manipur of 1873 also stated that Manipur (Kangleipak) is a sovereign Independent Nation in 1873. Before the Anglo Manipur (Kangleipak) War, Memorandum of Argument submitted on behalf od Kullachandra Singh . Regent (King) of Manipur (Kangleipak) and Tikendrajit Senapati (Commander –in-chief) submitted to British India in July 27, 1891 , Manipur(Kangleipak) had been introduced as a sovereign Independent nation. When British Parliament passed the India Independence Act in August 1947, Section 7 (1) (b) said that India and Manipur should be recognized in equal juridical plane.  Thus British created a new nation called India and sovereignty of the Manipur (kangleipak) nation had been restored. In August 14, 1947 Manipur became independent.
The erstwhile Nation of Manipur has in any way related with the newly formed India those days. However the signing of Stand Still agreement in August 11, 1947 which was followed by the Instrument of Accession  and the controversial signing of the Merger Agreement in September 21, 1949 are confusing the people by establishing make up stories of Manipur’s relation with the newly form country call India. However, those signed agreement were in no way valid as per the International law.  

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Challenges in Journalism

The advancement in information technology has made today’s world a ‘Global village’ – the term first coined by Canadian-born author Marshall McLuhan. Man born at the extreme corner of Far East Asiatic countries knows, cry and pray for the kind of disasters that happen in Middle East countries or in Latin America. Installation of internet technologies to cell phones which every human being can afford makes the people of our Earth- whose circumference is estimated at about 40,075 Kilometer staying at a communicable distance. Now every human being equipped with cell phone can now talk or stay in touch with any of their friends or relatives staying thousand miles away. Point bringing here is about the changes in the theory of mass media in relevance to today’s journalism. The very concept at which the older generation considered ‘proximity’ as a characteristic of news is somewhat losing its foot.
Professor M.L Stein, the then chairman of Department of Journalism, California State University, Long Beach, Carlifornia in his book “Shaping the News” in 1974 wrote that people are more interested in what happens in their neighbours. The one time presumption that ‘a dog fight on Main Street is of more interest to our readers then fifty thousand foreign troops killed in battle somewhere’ seems to have no relevance in today’s society. Readers are now interested about happenings at distance places if the subject matters is his or her interest.
However, another characteristic of news - ‘Prominence’ on the hand is becoming a matter of more interested subjects for almost all readers. People now want to know what had happen to their leaders, celebrity or the bureaucrats irrespective of where they stay or which country they reside. Every news readers are eager to know the story of successful personality.
Points bringing up here are not to lecture on what is news and what should be reported but this is an attempt to make some of our critic to understand on why the newspaper especially the kind of ours often published story about real heroes or events that happen far far away from our state. Sometimes a mere insignificant event at which some people are of vested interested are often left of and the result is not always good for we in the media fraternity of Manipur state in particular. The other kind of pressure that the media persons sometimes remain helpless is their intentions to get publish their story.
Manipur or say Imphal is not a safe place for even VIPs who are escorted by security personnel days and night. It is an open secret that almost all the politicians including MLAs or Ministers or even the Chief Ministers have linked with the UGs , the only thing we don’t have is the proof.
So, what would be the security of those working with the media if in case, some of the individuals or rebels force us to publish stories of their interest. Being taken up this profession, we always stand with our ethics and there is no question of compromising our ethics while publishing stories. But when the government said that this should not be published and this should be published then where is the freedom of speech provided under the constitution of our country. Government machineries can invite news editors and can discussed about the content on objectivity reason but should in no way dictate the media on what or what not to publish. Calls of bandh or blockade by any organisation are in some way an essential news items for media houses living in conflict zone – because it is for the safety and security of the common people that the government machineries cannot guarantee safety. We have PCI guidelines, local code of conduct and this should be respected.
Bottom line is that media should not be harassed at any cost for any reason because we chose this profession not merely to earn for living but with full intention to serve our nation.   

Nicotine Patch By- Lamea Tanjin Tanha

7thAprill, 1921; Dhaka Bangladesh. It’s 2:20 at mid night. Her favorite Tagore song is playing on the sound box:
“All my lamps of sorrows I offer and light as day ends, my worship of sorrows is yet to end”.
She’s dipping a size 12 Raphael Kolinsky series 8404 color brush into a pot full of black-but-still-not-black-rather-a-bit-red color. It’s her 8th portrait with blood of her 8th victim.
She believes in “One man, one portrait” theory. And the process of her killing a person is quite clean. Firstly, she makes the victim senseless with Flothen. Then she takes a very big syringe, one of those that is used for cows and penetrates the needle exactly in the synovial node of the heart. That’s how she drags the blood. Syringe by syringe, Corpuscle by corpuscle. After collecting 2/3 liter of blood, she takes a syringe full of Potassium-floro-oxide serum and pushes it into the same node. The serum helps to clot the blood of the cardiac veins within 2 minutes and the heart stops beating.  Quite a creative way to murder and very easy for a medical student like her. The cops still couldn’t find it out and the dumb forensic declare it as a massive heart attack. Vacuous people:
Yes, she is a serial killer, except the fact that she denies the title. Rather she claims herself as an extraordinary-artist. Ancient people used to sacrifice lives for the sake of God’s satisfaction. Now she’s satisfying the thirst of white canvas, her type of God. What’s wrong with that? She still remembers her first prey and the warmth of his blood, the scent of rawness. Everytime she puts a stroke on the canvas, it feels so soothing. It tranquilizes her mind and nourishes her mental stability. The color lures her so much; that discrete shade of red, the one that runs through your veins from the atrium to ventricle. It’s an orgasmic feeling that none of her boyfriend could give. Oh, and she has killed most of them.
It’s 3:04 at midnight and she got an urge to finish the painting. The exhibition is within 2 days. She has to spray Formaldehyde and put some perfume on the painting so that it won’t emit any uncomfortable smell. The manager of Dhaka Gallery is much more excited than her. He was telling the other day, ‘trust me Sabrina, we are going to get more hits this time! Doing the whole artwork with just one color in such allured way- tell me, how do you do that?’ ‘By sacrificing’, said Sabrina presenting him with a delicate smile.
It was her mother who taught her the perfect using of light and shadows on canvas. She was also an artist. She liked to work with bright colors unlike red-obsessed Sabrina. Sabrina used to finish the red from the color box so fast and the other colors remained untouched. She knew all the shades of red and each of them bore different meaning to her. She was so disgusted acknowledging her classmates’ knowledge about color. “No, Ariba. You are not supposed to use the same color for the sun and the apple. Use Crimson, Tangerine, Apricot for the sun and Maroon, Scarlet, Garnet for the apple. And NO.
All of them aren’t ‘just-red’”- she tried to teach some of them. That’s what made Sabrina’s mother so disappointed thinking that her daughter can never be a good artist. Knowing all about just one color is not so righteous. But Sabrina knew she’s going to be a greater artist than her mother. Only she needed was the perfect shade of red. Searching for it was driving her crazy. She searched it in the sky of dawn and in the petals of spring roses which didn’t work; until that day…
It was a winter afternoon and Sabrina and her parents were in a motel in Sylhet for their vacation. She was in her couch playing with her toys. Suddenly some people wearing some weird looking mask came and dragged the 9 years old Sabrina in the rooftop. She could see her parents all tied up there. Her mother was weeping and begging them, ‘Please not her. She’s just a little girl. Please not my child. Please…’ Maybe the tears of her mother could melt the heart of those armed people a bit. They didn’t hurt Sabrina. They did worse. Sabrina can still see vividly the vapor coming from the tides of blood from the veins of her parent’s throat. There was a small pool nearby and the dead bodies were thrown there. 12 liters of blood mixing with the pool water created quite a scene. And that’s when Sabrina found out the thing, that her heart was searching for so long- the perfect shades of red…

Lamea Tanjin Tanha is a student of Dhaka University, Bangladesh. Find her on twitter: @tanjin_tanha


Assam Rifles celebrates Easter Sunday with locals

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Imphal April 22,

The Battalions of 9 Sector Assam Rifles under the aegis of IGAR(South) celebrated Easter Sunday with locals at various parts of the Imphal Valley on 21 April.

As part of the celebrations of Easter by Keithelmanbi Battalion, Regimental Medical Officer paid a visit to the EMA foundation located at Keithelmanbi and celebrated the day with the children of the orphanage. She cut the cake with the children and distributed Easter gifts and cakes to them. The Andro Company Operating Base (COB) celebrated the day at the village church where prayers were offered. Lilong COB also organised the Easter Sunday at Waithou Chiru where over 250 locals attended the event.

Mantripukhri Battalion organised an Easter Sunday mass at Lamlai Khunao village Baptist Church. The community service was organised by Yangpokpi COB and witnessed an attendance of over 150 locals of the area. As part of the event, prayers were offered and locals were served with tea and refreshments.

Various COBs of Thoubal Battalion also celebrated the Easter Sunday at various places of its area of responsibility. Upper Khoripok COB celebrated the day at Lungthoram Baptist Chruch of Lungthoram village whereas Yairipok COB celebrated the day at the Sacred Heart Church, Yairipok. Over 200 locals including the Village Chief, Pastor, village authorities, ladies and children participated in the celebrations.

Tulihal Battalion celebrated Easter with locals at Baptist Church, Changangei and Sneha Bhavan Orphanage at Sangaiprou. The troops of Tulihal Battalion joined the locals at Baptist Church, Changangei during special church services to celebrate Easter. Cake, sweets and warm greetings were exchanged. Over 150 locals including children attended the celebrations. As part of Easter greetings, cakes and gifts were presented to children of Sneha Bhavan to bring happy smiles on their faces.

The endeavor by the Assam Rifles to reach out to the villagers to further reinforce the existing cultural bonding with the local populace and extend warm wishes on the eve of the most fondly celebrated festival of the Christian community was appreciated by all. The locals expressed profound gratitude and promised their contribution on the auspicious day to work hand in hand with the Assam Rifles for maintaining peace and harmony in the region.

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