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Sunday, 21 April 2019 - Imphal Times

Seized Liquor displayed; some destroyed and burnt; many distributed among policemen

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Thoubal, April 21,

Huge quantity of seized liquors seized ahead of the 17th Lok Sabha Election during drive conducted by different police team of Thoubal district under the directive of Election Commission of India were displayed in front of media persons today at Excise Office Thoubal.

The seized liquors were then burnt in the presence of media persons. However, police personnel present on the scene collected the beer can and some IMFL for their own use. The whole episode of how the police personnel collected has been caught at video camera and Imphal Times have the copy of the video clip. It is not sure whether the police personnel are trying to destroy the collected liquors at some other places but it was caught in the camera that some police personnel had collected many IMFL bottle and can beer from the site.

The seized liquors displayed today include local country brew, beer can, Indian made Foreign Liquors etc. Deputy Superintendent of Excise Thoubal district estimated the seized liquors to have worth around Rs. 2,54,000/- .

Talking to media persons Dy. SP Excise Th. Ingo said that the liquor displayed today were seized during series of drive conducted ahead of the 17th Lok Sabha Election as per directives of the Election Expenditure Monitoring System (EEMS) under the ECI from various places of Thoubal district.

It may be mention that polling of the 3 assembly constituencies viz., Wangjing Tentha, Heirok and Khangabok Assembly Constituencies of Thoubal district was held on April 11 (first phase ) and the polling at the remaining assembly constituencies – Thoubal, Lillong and Wangkhem was held on second phase that is on April 18.  

Liquors seized during the said drive as per record appeared in newspaper was much more than those displayed today. May be the Excise authority is planning for another display in the following days to destroy it.

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State BJP sought action against Congress MLA K. Meghachandra and MLA K Ranjit

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Imphal, April 21,

State BJP today lodged complaint to the ECI seeking action against Congress MLA K. Meghachandra and MLA K Ranjit for threatening to a police constable who was on election duty on the polling day of Phase II 17th Lok Sabha Election at a polling station Nongpok Keithel Maning Primary School in Thoubal district.

The BJP Manipur Pradesh alleged that the Congress MLA K Meghachadra and MLA K Ranjit had threatened a police constable on election duty in front of Public using un-parliamentary language.

In a press conference held today at Nityapat Chuthek Keishampat, former General Secretary of the BJP Manipur Pradesh K. Saratkumar said that the BJP Manipur Pradesh strongly condemn the act of the two representatives of the people – MLA K Meghachandra and MLA K. Ranjit at which a policeman on election duty was victimize in front of public.

“Even after knowing that the Police constable was assigned on duty by the Election Commission the two MLAs threatened the constable in public”, K Saratkumar said and added that such an attitude of the MLAs is strongly condemned by the BJP Manipur Pradesh.

He further said that an MLA or an MP cannot move out of his constituency during polling days. As a result of it the BJP Manipur Pradesh had lodged complaint to the CEO Manipur and ECI to take up appropriate legal against the two MLAs, Sharatkumar added.

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Meghachandra clarifies that he just questioned the police personnel

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Imphal April 21,

Spokesperson of MPCC K Meghachandra clarified that the recent viral video regarding him questioning one police personnel is not a humiliation to the police individually.

Meghachandra said that he just questioned the police constable in a slightly higher tone as he was quite furious after INC inner candidate O. Nabakishore and his polling agents and election agent were not allowed to enter the polling station.

He said, he along with his team went to the polling station to lodge complaint to the Presiding Officer regarding the matter however his anger was fueled in seeing the police personnel standing idly.

He added that the incident occurred at polling station 7/40 Nongpok Keithelmanbi.

“I simply questioned the police personnel why he hasn’t complained to the higher authority if the situation can’t be controlled”, Meghachandra said.

The Congress MLA further stressed that in almost all the polling stations of Andro Assembly Constituency, proxy voting was done. He added that the agents of Congress were not allowed to sit in at least 16 polling stations by the BJP workers in Andro Assembly Constituency.

Recalling the day of the incident Meghachandra said that as he was selected as an observer for Congress of Andro assembly constituency by the high command and he was informed that their agent could not sit in the polling rooms.

He added that the Polling agent was found at his home as he was not able to sit in the polling station after being threatened by the BJP workers.

“As we went to complain regarding the matter to the Presiding officer, large number of womenfolk blocked us, Surprisingly a police personnel was found standing as a mute spectator idly instead of controlling the situation he just questioned him why has he not done his duty”, Meghachandra added. 

He said that even though the tone might be a little high there isn’t any humiliation to the police individually.

He also appealed the people to look on both sides of the story.

“There have been no election conducted in Andro Assembly Constituency as 40/50 goons threatened and push out the Congress agents from any of the polling station in the constituency”, Meghachandra added.

“It was a total violation of political rights for the people”, he said and appealed to conduct free and fair election and asked the number of voters that Shyamkumar can get, if election was conducted free and fair.

Meghachandra also accused the BJP workers of assaulting an aged person and blamed the BJP government for not taking up any case against them.

The Congress MLA finally appealed the people to let them exercise the voting rights.

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MACHA Leima observes 50th Foundation Day

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Imphal April 21,

Manipuri Chanura Leishem Marup (MACHA Leima) today observed its 50th Foundation Day at Lamyanba Sanglen. Advisor of Macha leima   H. Borkeina, Founder Secretary Khundongbam Ibetombi and life Member Yengkhom Roma grace the occasion as dignitaries on the dais.
Former members and office bearers of Macha leima were honoured on the occasion.
Speaking to media persons at the sideline of the function, Founder Secretary of MACHA Leima Khundongbam Ebetombi said that MACHA leima has been fighting for the emancipation of women group in today society.
“Macha leima was form to emancipate women and to face the male counterpart equally”, Ibetombi said and added that the MACHA Leima has been doing various activities for the welfare of the women group of the state. RTI, has been applied on women related issues and various camp for empowering of the women have been conducted at various places.   

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Easter being celebrated across the globe with religious fervor and gaiety

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Imphal, April 21,

Easter is being celebrated across the globe today.
It signifies the resurrection of Jesus Christ after his crucifixion and death at Calvary on Good Friday.
The resurrection was announced at the stroke of midnight at churches and special prayers were held on the occasion.
Special mass are being held at churches in the country and abroad to mark the day.
President, Vice President and Prime Minister have greeted the people on Easter.
Here in Manipur too the day is being celebrated across the state by Christian community. At langol Tarung Village large number of Christian followers pray for peace in the state.

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IMA demands permanent posting for MBBS graduates, condemns mid-level practitioners 

From a Correspondent
New Delhi, April 21,

 Condemning the idea of bridge courses and mid-level practitioners, IMA demands an answer from the Indian Government for not generating enough posting in the wellness centres for Undergraduate medical professionals.
Dr. Santanu Sen, National President of IMA declared that there is no shortage of doctors in the country. 63,250 MBBS graduates come out of 494 medical colleges of India. India has only 23,729 post graduate seats. The fact remains that the Government does not have the capacity to absorb rest of them. Every year the unemployment amongst young medical graduates is a cause for great concern. The frustration of these youngsters with a decent undergraduate degree in medicine has to be addressed.
“The Government has to answer the question why the large number of MBBS graduates who are not absorbed into Post Graduate courses every year are not given employment by the Government. Non creation of new posts, new PHCs and CHCs due to budget constraints is the sole reason. Stagnating 1.1% of GDP as expenditure on Health by successive Governments is the sole reason for the miserable status of Health Care delivery in the country. IMA can play a crucial role in facilitating young medical graduates to the 1,50,000 wellness centres. If, on the other hand the Government insists on a half baked system converting Dentists, Nurses, Pharmacists, Optometrists Physiotherapists and Ayush practitioners into mid-level medical practitioners, IMA is left with no choice but to resist such a misadventure with all its efforts.” Said Dr Santanu Sen, National President, IMA.
Every allied profession to medicine have an unique identity and serves a specific purpose. Dentists, Nurses, Optometrists and Pharmacists have a role and should contribute their services in the respective fields. Every Government falling for this myth only exposes the shallow thought process and utter disregard for human life. In a statement to press IMA condemned the idea of bridge courses and mid-level practitioners.
“The Government’s attempt to provide half baked medical care to the citizens through mid-level practitioners is highly dangerous. The Government should give permanent postings to MBBS Graduates in the 1,50,000 wellness centres. An Adhoc posting are unacceptable and is nothing but cruel exploitation of these hapless young graduates. To baptise them as mid-level medical practitioners through a six months bridge course is being indifferent to the needs of patient safety and patient care.” said Dr. R.V. Asokan, Honorary Secretary General of IMA.
“The Bhore committee eliminated mid-level medical practitioners and identified MBBS as the basic level of competence to practice medicine during a much more resource constrained times in 1946. There would be a nationwide agitation if the idea of mid-level practitioners and bridge course are implemented. We would like to emphasize that fragmented approach to Health Care should be eschewed and social determinants of Health should be addressed.” Said Dr. A. Marthanda Pillai, Chairman of IMA Action Committee..

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By- Dr Nunglekpam Premi Devi
Independent Scholar

Afraid! ’m afraid of false, speeding too fast;
Wide and louder; incorrect and untrue;
Engaging everyone’s ear and untruth stories;
Spreading wildly and vividly; picturing and coloring;
I doubt that we all do, simply fascinating one or the other;
‘Faster’ it goes word to word when it’s not true;
‘Alive’ much when it’s not originated, worried and panic;
Bomb! Bomb! We’ll run and we’ll shouts,
‘Here and there’ at the ‘khwai keithel’ at ‘lamlong keithel’
All alive and all fear believes: hurried and alarming;
Frightening and nervously; overacting and scaring;
Agitating and fearing; words all grow ‘gossiping’;
It’s a false play: murmuring and talking;
Oh! My hearts faster and I did run hustled.

Teach me a good lesson, if you could;
I wonder ‘how’ and ‘why’, you keep on engaging;
‘She’s fat’, ‘she’s round’, ‘she’s big’
Truth! I never ever knew how correct you tell;
Faster the better ‘you’ prompt ear by ear;
Tales after tales; dirt by dirt, chatting and talking;
Tea after Tea: “kwa after kwa’, chewing and chewing;
‘Spitting and munching’, eating and drinking;
Ah! Interesting reacting, ruling’s not bad;
‘Government and politics’; ‘candidates and parties’;
Subjects by Topics, themes and issues;
Matter and points, questions and arguments;
Discussion and key notes, concern and concepts;
Never the easy debate; never the soft conversation;
I fear you ‘gossip’, Can’t judge any analysis.

Make us safer; make us proud, all hail;
All Tiny ‘words’ make a ruler; all a mirage;
‘Vote you, vote you not’, ‘vote him, vote him not’;
Opposing and comforting; contesting and challenging’
All’s rupee, all’s dirty hands; pockets and guns;
Shawls and blankets; feasting and drugging;
Questions and supporting; accepting and campaign;
She’s too bold and she’s too illiterate;
Arguing and denying; she’s all corrupting;
Wow! I say promises are dishonesty;
Fraud and misconduct; criminal and bribery;
Lies and gossips, I agree upon you falsifications;
I laugh upon thee; and I hearsay reports and rumor;
 Circulating and publicizing; announcing and describing;
Criticizing and broadcasting; accusing and defending;
She’s drunk, she’s lazy; she’s tom and she’s solicit;
Gossip and whisper, Oh! Your gossip ruins ‘me’.

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Unconscious Development

By - JN Lai

When arrows become missiles, drum signals grow into internet, and horses are being taken over even by the flying cars, the interpretation of “Development” remains a crucial deal. Recently in Manipur too, there has been a noise about Development and Look/Act East Policy.
To understand Development rationally, first, I would like to pop up a small fact that –  very surprisingly Korean summer hit41°C this time, and over the last few years, more air-conditions have been installed to exhale more heat into the outdoor air. In fact, people don’t like to connect the things – the steaming heat, environment pollution and their causes we trigger.
In order to move market economy active and go consumerism alive, the world emitted 37 billion tons of CO2 in 2017 (CarbonBrief), and  the extraction of natural resources increased from 22 billion tons in 1970 to 70 billion tons in 2010 (Reuters).
The wave of the consumerism in the battle of the market economy is proved that exhaustion of the resources is leaving an uncertain future to our offspring. Consequently, global solid waste generation is on pace to increase 70% by 2025, rising from 3.5 million tons in 2010 to more than 6 million tons per day in 2025 making unclean the mother earth. The global cost of dealing with all that trash is rising too: from $205 billion a year in 2010 to $375 billion by 2025, with the sharpest cost increases in developing countries (World Bank).
    In the operation of the liberalization, privatization, and globalization, the sweeping majority of us are disable to escape from the profit making forces controlled by a minority of extremely rich people. Very shockingly, how come in such developed nations that about 2.5 million homeless children out of about 3.5 million homeless people have surfaced in the USA landscape (AIR and NCH) and more than 1.5 million Brits are living in destitution in which 365,000 of them are children (Mirror). About 125,000 people in Australia, 150,000 in France and 5 million in Russia encounter homelessness. Habitat for Humanity estimated in 2015 that 1.6 billion people around the world lived in “inadequate shelter”.  
    In the fourth industrial revolution wave, we look losing grips of hope, and confusing ourselves what the happiness is. A whole bunch of products and gadgets are nothing but becoming very momentary pinch of glee. It can be pertinent that, in my part of the world, we did not have all these toys and games. Even we could not afford a real football; so, Nobaab/pomelo gave us full joy of soccer play.
    Consumerism makes us go shopping for the items we don’t need actually. The becoming is, do it with the money we don’t have – the credit culture. We buy even we won’t use once or weeks later. Soon, we feel bad then buy more to keep aside our boredom a while.
    As far as development is concerned, degeneration of our commonsense is unfolded indicating a failed impact of education we have absorbed.
    Nonsense lot is everywhere. Environment activists enjoy conferences in Bangkok hotel rooms. They wear jackets and jumpers to turn up the air-condition machines though shorts and T-shirts serve perfect in such hot Thai city. They always depend on the electric consumed devices and gadgets. Entertain microphones and speakers whereas human voice is loud enough for the purposes. Their eyes are accustomed to dim bright power point projectors’ light. Now and again they compromise the plastic bottles and containers for food and drinks. We do not walk where we can – simply saying, “Don’t have time.” We always want to drive cars to buy McDonald’s and KFC food.  Step on the escalators and get in the elevators to move up and to go down in the buildings. Then, need to work out and have time too to make lose our weights and keep shapes. Drive cars again to go to the digitized gyms to do exercise.
    Should we not ignore this good awareness that - cars, elevators, gyms consume energy, and this energy comes from hydrocarbon, coal and nuclear. Natural environment has been deteriorated so badly in the process of producing energy and making profit for few only in running market economy.  Why is it not an absolute absurdity to show that we are too lazy to move our hands and legs? Is it sick of our modern mentality always to use electronic buttons instead?
    In the meantime, the opinion from the third world countries reacts that – “Why should we sacrifice our due portions of comforts and convenience by contemplating others’ costs?  At least, for some time we have to buy cars, use fossil foil and live in modern/western lifestyle. Europe, America, Japan, other rich countries have to adjust now and pay for it for environmental deterioration and global warming. Even though, at the cost of their past excessive consumerism we are joining the suicidal adventure.”
    Electric cars are beginning to disguise as eco-friendly engines for they are not consuming fossil fuel anymore. Where from is that clean energy, anyway? Electricity! Burning coal, nuclear power plants, hydel-dams and fossil fuel and others.
    Of late, the solar panels are to spread all over to color the earth clumsy and darken surface.  Interesting! The Japanese digitized toilets and Fukushima tragedy, never be able to connect the two stories one another.
    The auto-drive vehicles, hands-free machines and robots are to multiply ever more, yet the unemployment hiccups are getting frequented for humans. Whenever, new products are made, they are also made out of natural resource inputs, extracting from the mother earth, in the manufacturing process, they consume energy, give out carbon and other pollutants.
    My proposition is that Development is misunderstood. It is because of human mentality of economic-socio-political ideologies in terms of Market Economy, Capitalism, Profit and Greed. Therefore, we are suffering from Consumerism, Environmental Degradation, Inequality, Unemployment, and other socio-psycho-somatic challenges.
    Thus my advocacy is that there found a great necessity of a symphony to voice for a change in the development paradigm. Hence, a realization is of indoctrination of a better understanding of Development at all the level of formal education and in all the spheres of public awareness; policy changes and implementation at the national, regional and international domains by addressing the root causes.

(The writer is an Asst. Pro. at International College, the University of Suwon, S Korea)

Trade and Commerce of Kangleipak

By- Dr. Mangangcha Thoudam Laiba

The history of trade and commerce in Kangleipak is quite interesting. The international trade had reached Kangleipak from the 1st century AD. But, the actual form of international trade was started by the British after 1758, previously, the bulk of trade was not heavy due to its remoteness.Only land routes with difficult terrain were used to operate the trade with other countries.
The trade relation between Manipur (Kangleipak) and British India, was started by the British with their policies of colonization and trade extension towards Burma and China. The trade relation between Manipur and British India existed since 1891, before Manipur was conquered by British Government and continued even after Anglo -Manipuri War of 1891 , up to the year about 1940 before Independence.
As the British Government not only tried to colonize the state but also tried to expand their trade and commerce, has ‘dual policy ‘. Thus, the opening of trade relation with British India, had resulted a serious socio-economic problem in Manipur. Heavy out flow of resources from Manipur were also generated along the opening of trade and commerce. Moreover, the unique geographical position and its Cultural superiority of Manipur has always attracted traders, preachers, invaders and scholars.
Some kings of Manipur have established the trade and matrimonial relationship with the neighbouring states. Many historians have also recorded its trade relations with the countries like Burma, Assam, Shan State, China, India, Arab and Greek World. According to Greek historian (Author of Periplus of the Erythrean Sea), “Gold, Silk and Tejpat Mana (malaba thrum) were exported from Kangleipak (Manipur) to the Greek world in the first Century AD. The trade and commerce between Kangleipak and other countries of the world like Greek in the first century AD was found in some books like “Manipur past and present (Vol. 1)” edited by Dr. Naorem Sanajaoba, published by K,M, Mittal, Mital publications, Delhi -110035 (India) 1988.
The Travel and Trade in the Indian Ocean of a Greek Merchant (AD 80) had referred to the trade activities of the ancient Manipur along with other parts of North Eastern India. Thus, the 1837-44, was in a bad shape and peddles. Horses, Bullock Carts etc, were used as a means of Transportation. But this road was existed before 1700, AD , in a worst condition. Recently, this road was improved to some extent and regarded as second life line “ of the State. Here, one point should be noted that the hill and mountain at the south -western parts of Kangleipak are smaller than that of North-eastern parts of Kangleipak, but the difficult terrains are found in the south -western parts of Kangleipak.
So, formerly Kangleipak had some good link with Burma, Shan, South-Eastern China etc, than that of Assam, Tripura, Bangladesh etc. Some of the narrow passages through mountain of north -eastern region like Mishmi pass, Paktai pass, Tuzugap etc, are worth mentioning. Out of this, Tuzugap, which connected the plain of Chindwin river in Upper Burma (Myanmar) with the Manipur Valley is more remarkable. Not only KWAI (GWAI) ) (Barak /Surma) river but also other east flowing rivers like “Yu -River “, which flow through Kabow valley etc, are also playing an important role in transport and communications system of Kangleipak. Moreover, the slopes of the eastern hills and mountains of Manipur are not steep. At an earlier period, the Lohitya (Brahmaputra) of Assam was flowing through the Cachar hills in to the present Surma Vallley but warping across its Channel forced it to flow round the Garo hills and captured the course of the Jamuna, the Ganga joined it near Goalundo in the Bangladesh. Here, mentioned can be made of Nathula pass, the Silk route of Sikkim.
……to be continue.

Good Friday celebrated

IT News

Imphal, April 21,

In the Christian faith, Good Friday - the Friday before Easter Sunday marks the crucifixion of Jesus Christ and the last day of the holy week, or Jesus’ last week of earthly life. In a nonpareil display of omnism and consonance, Moltuk Battalion of 26 Sector Assam Rifles under the aegis of IGAR (South) reached to the locals on the auspicious occasion of Good Friday. The soldiers along with locals paid their respect and remembered the sacrifice. Officers along with the troops visited the villages and met locals. This was followed by a church ceremony in village church of Phaisanjang and Molcham village. People in and around the villages attended the function.

The Company Commander of Phaisanjang and Molcham village along with persons from the Company attended the discourse by the local pastor. This was followed by a interactive session and vote of thanks. The event culminated with tea and snacks for all. The initiative of Moltuk Battalion was praised and applauded by the villagers.

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