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Imphal, March 30,

In a major boost to the Congress party ahead of crucial Lok Sabha election 2019, as many as 24 influential BJP workers, including ex-MLA & ex-president of BJP CCpur District joined the INC today afternoon. Almost all the BJP members as well as the district Council members are from the Outer Manipur Parliamentary Constituency. K. James is the candidate of the Congress Party in the Outer Constituency.

Speaking on the reception function of the newly enrolled members, CLP leader O.Ibobi said that Congress is the only party that can save the nation, Manipur, Democracy, Constitution and also other various institutions such as Supreme Court, Reserve Bank of India (RBI), Universities etc. He added that the present government has been misusing institutions according to its will.

Ibobi further said that the present government has been taking loans of more than 2000 crores in just two years of governance which will easily exceeds the 30-40 years of accumulated sum of about 8000 crores in just one term.

The CLP leader also questioned the kind of development being taken up by the present government under go to hill mission and added that they just simply inaugurate the work done during Congress government.

Clarifying the statement about the criminal charges by BJP to Congress, Ibobi asked the BJP led government to take up proper legal actions against the said criminal they alleged.

He also claimed that out of the 78 union minister of BJP 28 of them were under trial relating to criminal cases.

Ex BJP MDC of Thalon Assembly constituency Langkhanpau Guite, who joined the Congress Party today said that the BJP party is a bias and discriminatory party. No appointment was given to the hill people representatives by the leaders of the BJP he said adding that he was not satisfied with the BJP on the issue of the Citizenship Amendment Bill (CAB).

Former General Secretary of BJP Imphal Central District Mahila of Singjamei Ningthoujam Kavita said that the future of the state cannot be saved by taking up developmental works only. If the government wants to save Manipur, it should have the guts to protect, she added. She also said that Congress is the only party that can save Manipur

The reception programme of the newly enrolled members was held at Congress Bhawan in here in Imphal.

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Imphal, March 30,

The  Manipur  University  Teachers’  Association  (MUTA) expressed strong  condemnation  to the  statement made by the spokesperson and MP candidate of BJP,  Dr. RK Ranjan on a local TV channel on  20th  March 2019 regarding Report of the Inquiry committee against Prof A.P. Pandey.

A statement by MUTA said that it has been learned  that  the  Inquiry  Committee  has  submitted  the  report  to  the Manipur High Court under seal and therefore the report remains under seal till date  in  the  High  Court.  Moreover, the case regarding Prof  A.P  Pandey  is pending in the High Court of Manipur.

However, Dr.  RK  Ranjan  has  said  in  public  that  he  knew  the  findings  of  the  report  and  he claimed  that  according  to  the  inquiry  committee  report,  Prof  A.P  Pandey  is  innocent, the statement added. 

The Manipur  University  Students’  Union  (MUSU)  has  also  demanded  an  apology  from  Dr.  RK Ranjan  on  the  issue  before  the  public.  However,  Dr.  RK  Ranjan  has  not  apologised  to Manipur University Community till date.

Some  members  of  the  Association  participated  in  the  academic  discussion  with  Rahul Gandhi on 20th March 2019 after receiving the invitation. In the discussion, MUTA members put  questions  to  Rahul  Gandhi  on  the  issues  of  improvement  of  the  Higher  Education  in Manipur, and Economy of the Country and North East Region in particular. The Association will participate in such academic discussion in future with any person or party if invited in the interest of the general public.

The  statement  made  by  the  MP  candidate  of  BJP  has  caused  apprehension  in  the  public that the Government is doing all means to save Prof AP Pandey. Therefore, the Association demands Dr. RK Ranjan to clarify within three days how he knows the report of the Inquiry Committee which is still under seal in the High Court.

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Imphal, March 30,


A sixteen day Special Handloom Expo -2018-19 was inaugurated today at Gandhi Memorial Hall, Imphal West under the sponsorship of the Development Commissioner for Handlooms, Ministry of Textiles, Govt. of India with Manipur Apex Handloom, Weavers and Handicrafts Artisans C.S Ltd (AWAS) Paona Bazar, Imphal

The inaugural function was attended by Langpoklakpam Subdani Padmashree  Sant kabir  Naienel Awardee K . Indira Devi ,President of the Manipur Apex Handlooms Weavers and Handicrafts Artisans C.S. Ltd; N.Nilabantajit Singh ,Project Manager ,District Handloom & Textiles Imphal West Govt .of Manipur ;C.Rajesekaran ,Assistant Director (Design),Weaver’s Service Center(WSC),Porompat  ,Imphal East and Y. Shantikumar Singh ,Officer in-charge(Marketing ),National Handloom Development Corporation Ltd. (NHDC) Porompat ,Imphal East as the Chief Guest ,the president and the Guest of Honour respectively .

S.Bhubol ,Board director of the Manipur Apex Handloom Weavers and Handicrafts Artisans C.S.Ltd. while delivering welcome address and the key note speech said that the handloom expo and exhibition at the right time and right venues is giving opportunity of marketing of the state’s handloom  products. 

The reason for organizing the special handloom expo at this time is because of the upcoming Sajibu Cheiraoba festival - an Indigenous new year and the venue has been chosen at G.M Hall as it is the most appropriate venue, Bhubon.

M.Priyomala Devi in her speech said that the participants as the Chief Guest of the inaugural function highlighted that the state’s weaver and artisans have been taking huge responsibilities in maintenance of family expenses by taking up weaving up weaving and craft activities but this important roles of women are, though having high values ,have not often been understood which is yet to be corrected . She added that the present government has been taking many development and welfare schemes for betterment of the society and the benefits of these developmental programme shall have to be taken by the stakeholders with property implementing the components. clear understanding of the project to be  applied for and applying the same in right time with submitting all required documents including a well equipped project is the basis for getting a right project and any habit of indulging into corrupt practice to get a project or programme  should never be encouraged  as any act of nuisance will not last long she added. Indira Devi the president of the inaugural function assured the participants in the special handloom that the Manipur Apex handloom weavers and handicraft artisans C.S Ltd .as it is the sole apex society of the state’s primary weavers cooperative societies shall continue to work for the welfare and development of the state’s weavers and artisans by organizing such melas, exhibitions and other state as well as centrally sponsored schemes she said that the former Board of Director of this Apex society did not properly implementing the projects and schemes there are still having for the present Board to clear off obstacles including some difficult ones and improperly handing over thing to succeeding management is the reason for slowing the progress of activities . she future appealed the state’s weavers to come to Apex Handloom for any grievances in respects of weaving related works and door is always opened for giving counseling to weavers and artisans of the state.

Y.Shantikumar , Officer –in-Charge of the National Handloom Development Corporation (NHDC) spoke clearly on the subsidized yarn schemes; N.Nilabatajit ,Project Manager (Handlooms), District Handloom sector . C.Raasekaran ,Asst .Director (Design) Weavers service Center (wsc) spoke on the centrally sponsored in Handloom and he appreciated the works of Manipur apex handlooms .The Weavers service Centre, Imphal is always ready to extend helps to the state’s weavers  in any weaving related works. Cheeng Tam Luwang , Chief Functionary of Handloom promotion Council Manipur said he with an expert committee is trying Leirumphee to get G.I. Registration . L. Ojit  Singh Business  Manager of the Apex Handloom giving the vote of thanks appealed the state’s weavers to come to the offices of the apex Handloom or Directorate of Handlooms & Textiles, Govt. of Manipur to District Handloom officers for getting details information of the present handloom related projects and Welfare Schemes.

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Imphal, March 30,

Dr Thangpa Serto, State malaria officer of NVBDCP, Manipur has appealed the people not to miss the opportunity of becoming Manipur - the first Malaria Free State in India. Speaking in a one day advocacy meeting of media personnel on prevention and control of vector borne diseases organised by State health society and National Vector borne disease Control Program at the mini conference hall of India Medical Association , Thangpa said that there is a drastic decrease of malaria cases in the state because of various initiatives and programs taken up by the authority.
He said that the advocacy meeting was held annually to spread  awareness about Malaria and other vector borne diseases.
Serto highlighted that in previous year only 12 cases was found in the state out of which 6 were indeginous which occured from the land and 6 were imported where people get infected from other state or country.
He also added that endemic district of malaria disease were Churachandpur and Pherzawl.
The targeted year for the complete elimination of Malaria for the state of Manipur is 2021 while that of the nation is 2030, he added. He further said that only one cases of imported patient of malaria was found till now for this year.
Reminding of the case of malaria in India in the year 1965 where no dead case was found but drastically increased in the year 1977 due to the complacency of the government because of the previous status which eventually neglected and the resources for it were all minimized. He appealed not to repeat such complacency where disease like malaria can be widespread exponentially.
Focusing on how to eliminate Malaria from the state Thangpa Serto said that clean environment proper sanitation and using of mosquito net can help in the elimination of Malaria. He also appealed to not throw tyres and bottles as they are the favorable for laying mosquito eggs.  He also added that early detection and treatment can save the life of the patient.
Thangpa said that all the treatment and  detection of malaria were free of cost at every ASHA and PHC. So he appealed the people of the state to test their blood for the detection of malaria when fever occurred.
It can be mention that for one person died due to malaria for the year 2018 and three cases of chikungunya were found for the first time in the state from Kangpokpi and Tamenglong.
During the advocacy meeting consultant IEC/BCC of NVBDCP N. Gopalkishore also spoke as resource person.

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Saturday, 30 March 2019 17:14

The approaching day of redemption

Keeping pace with the increasingly oppressive temperature which is evidently getting worse with each passing year, the heat is truly on for the upcoming Lok sabha election which is just over a fortnight away. With the candidature for the various contesting parties having finalized, most of the public in the state have made their decision, some more openly than others.
This time around, there is obviously a perceptible change in the way people approach the ‘Election Festival’ in that the candidates are less vocal and are more subdued in their approach towards canvassing support of the public. Is it that they have really and truly lost the plot and are playing safe by keeping mum rather than invite the wrath and scorn of the ever increasingly unforgettable and unforgiving public who now have the means and the temerity to dig out empty promises and lies at the swipe of a finger on their smartphones? Or is it that they have shifted their gameplan to harness the power of the internet and are funding exorbitant amount of money without a trace to shore up proxy supporters to try and sway public opinion- a ploy not unfamiliar with the citizens of the nation?
Whatever the truth may turn out to be, one thing that is felt absent by all and sundry is the ‘Manifesto’ or ‘Pledge’ or ‘Promises’ or whatever else one might term it- the list of expressed necessities the candidates and the party is set out to fulfill. Rather than focusing on the future of the state and the country by raising issues and topics which the parties and candidates feel deserves attention and prioritization, there is a growing trend for self-declared supporters or idolaters as some had declared themselves, to delve into the past of the candidates and comparing the legal and criminal records. No doubt, such revelations are useful in considering the choice of right candidates but also can, and are often misleading to say the least. Such a growing trend also points to a submissive mentality of having forced to choose a lesser evil rather than viewing the election as an opportunity to make a resounding statement and to exercise the best gift of democracy. The sad reality is that the people in our state as is like the vast majority of others in almost every state does not see the whole process much beyond certain personal benefits and are willing to exchange or give up their suffrage for meagre financial gains.
In this connected digital world of today, it is easy to sway or be swayed by various inputs and social media contents. We need to consider the pros and cons in a very objective manner taking into consideration the ability for individuals to handle various pressures and challenges and their response to the same. This should be viewed as a golden opportunity for the public to rectify the wrongs perpetrated by the representatives and serve as an example that the aspirations and needs of the common people cannot be ignored nor abused. But for that to happen, we the people need to exercise our suffrage with utmost care and respect. Let us all realize our worth and act accordingly. We are the source of power and if there is anyone to blame for the stupid and self-centred people winning elections, it is ourselves. It is almost too late to make another mistake that will haunt us for the next half-decade and probably the rest of our lives.
Our acts rather than our words will determine if our society as a whole is matured enough to warrant passing judgment on our leaders. Notwithstanding the plethora of promises and rosy pictures of a better future being peddled by the political parties in their bid to woo the voters which has come into significance during such times, it will ultimately be the decision of the public to retrospect, deliberate and act on our own decisions. And the time to act is now.

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By : Joyshree Heisnam

What is peace?
It is the highest humanity values, it is more important than justice. It is a concord , harmony and tranquility a balance of state of law and equlibrium of power.
We all want to leave our children a better world than the one we found. The greatest legacy we can bestow is joy which is a choice right now . If you wait until the world changes , to let your light shine , your dream will wither and die. In today’s context everything around us is a doom ,air water , earth , human hatred , quest for power , territorial quest . Human beings have ongoing war between them and violence everywhere .
On 19th September 2017, addressing the annual gathering of world leader at U.N . The Secretary General spotlighted nuclear peril , climate change , and ongoing conflicts that must be overcome to create a better world for all. The world is getting insecurity rising, inequality growing , conflict spreading , climate changing, societies fragmenting and political discourse polarizing. The world is developing in a sense towards violence not towards          peace- nuclear weapons are  at the highest level of threat towards mankind, and the provocative nuclear and missile tests by different nations.
The terrorism going at large and pulling serious stunts to civilians, and the unresolved conflicts in Syria , Yamen, South Sudan,the Sahel ,Afghanistan ,Turkistan, and the tension between China and its neighbours, the two Koreas tension , Iran vs Saudi Arabia, India vs Pakistan . Insurgency in North east India , Kashmir, Punjab, Auch, Angolian civil war , Colombian conflict since 1964 , war in Afghanistan since 1978 , Iraq conflict , ethnic conflict in
Nagaland . We can cite Kurdesh-Turkish conflicts has put serious life at stake and have taken the lives of 1,00,000 people and 55,000 wounded , Iraq conflict killed 30,000 and 1,10,000 to 4,60,000 casualities and with so much greedies and quest for territorial extend the world is at stake . This terror act as a potent weapon against governments ,opposing with the terrorists. They hijack planes, planting bombs in trains, markets, and other crowded public places and they even attack on WORLD TRADE CENTER on 11 th September 2011 and on Mumbai on 26 th November 2008.
Abuses of Human Rights is also an issue of human security. Israeli action in Palestine , Iraq invasion of Kuwait, Genocide in Ruanda, extra judicial killings in Jammu and Kashmir,  human rights abuses in Manipur under the banner AFSPA , killing of people by Indonesian army since 1990s’, Rohingya’s etnic cleansing by Military chunta Myanmar, etc .
Health epidemics like HIV,AIDS , Cancer , Bird flu, Hepatitis ,Swine flu, and severe acute respiratory syndrome , it is estimated that two third people belonged to Africa and half of the rest in Asia are affected by HIV  throughout the world , the number of death increasing while global poverty is also a insecurity at global level. Children suffering from malnutrition , Kwasikor , and most of this led to terrorism and survival of the fittest where rich, powerful discriminate the weak poor, it is where killings , murder and armed conflicts rise . Here we can site the example of Sub Saharan region.
And Nuclear test ongoing continuously by North Korea even ignoring the warning given by U.N.O since 2006,  5th January 2015,  6th Jan 2016, 9th September 2016, 3rd September 2017and secret nuclear programme and tests in Pakistan , Israel, South Africa, Russia and Germany etc. All these ongoings are a threat to mankind as it will lead to more quest of weapons and mass. Now it is the time for us to be unified and put everything to solution by maintaining peace with everyone and keep in mind the efforts of U.N.O and otheer agencies as conflicts should be settled by peace talks . Darkness cannot drive darkness only light can do that , hate cannot drive hate only love can do that. Jimi Hendrik said , when the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know peace.

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Siam Sarower Jamil,
Dhaka, March 30

The boy blushed when told that people are praising his heroic FR Tower fire act, on Facebook
A Bangladeshi slum boy, Nayeem Islam, sat on a leak in a Fire Service hosepipe to ensure that water flowed normally during the fire at Banani’s FR tower on Thursday.
A photo of him sitting on the hose went viral overnight, and has drawn him a lot of attention and praise.
Nayeem, while speaking to the IMPHAL TIMES, pointed at a police officer next to him and said: “I want to become a police official like him, to help the people of the country, when I grow up,” on Friday.
He is a fifth grader at the Korail slum Boubazar School and the son of Ruhul Amin of the area. His father is a street vendor and his mother works as a household helper. Nayeem also has a younger sister.
Nayeem said,  “I heard about the fire and went there with my friends. Behind the building I saw a water pipe was leaking, therefore I used my hands to try to ensure the water flowed as normally as possible.
“Later a person gave me a polythene bag to wrap around the pipe, which proved to be more helpful.”
When he told about his picture being on social media websites, and people praising him for what he did, the little boy blushed and said: “Yes I am aware of that.”
On Thursday, a deadly fire broke out at the 21-storey FR Tower, on Banani’s Kemal Ataturk Avenue around 12:55pm, killing 25 people and injuring 70.
Twenty-five Fire Service units—along with members of Bangladesh Navy, Bangladesh Army, Bangladesh Air Force, police, Rapid Action Battalion, members of Red Crescent, trained professionals, and hundreds of university students—took part in the rescue operation.
The fire was brought under control around 7pm on Thursday.

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Saturday, 30 March 2019 17:12

Joint team apprehends UGS

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Imphal, March 30

As part of heightened security arrangements as a run up to the upcoming elections, Battalions of 9 Sector Assam Rifles under the aegis of IGAR (South) along with Manipur Police apprehended three cadres of proscribed UG groups in three separate operations over a period of two days.
Mantripukhri Battalion in two separate operations with Imphal East Commandos apprehended two cadres of different UG groups. In the first operation on 28 March 2019, the Battalion apprehended a Self Styled Private of PREPAK (PRO) from Chingmeirong area. The apprehended individual has been identified as Wangknem Amarjeet @ Lamyanba. The individual confessed that he is a member of PREPAK (PRO) and had joined the outfit in November 2017.
In the second operation conducted on 29 March 2019, Mantripukhri Battalion apprehended a Self Styled Sergeant Major of Zeliangrong United Front (ZUF) outfit  from Porompat area. The individual has been identified as Gaikhanglung Kamei @ Khangkhang. The apprehended individual revealed that he had joined the outfit in year 2011 and further confessed that he has been involved in various extortion related activities for raising party fund.
In another operation on 28 March 2019, Thoubal Battalion in a joint operation with Thoubal Commandos apprehended a cadre of KCP (PWG) from Khangabok area. The individual has been identified as Thokchom Sushil Singh. The apprehendee revealed that he is a member of KCP (PWG) and has been involved in extortion related activities for raising fund for the outfit.
All three apprehended individuals were handed over to Police for further legal action. The successful apprehension of cadres of UG groups were conducted as part of overall security arrangements by the Assam Rifles to ensure smooth and fair conduct of elections.

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