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Imphal Feb 3,

Thousands of people from all walks of life today staged a protest rally demanding for the inclusion of Meetei/Meitei on the Schedule Tribe list. The massive rally which started from Thangmeiband THAU ground passing Kekrupat, Khurai, Nongmeibung and concluded at Hapta Kangjeibung, Palace Compound.  The massive protest rally was organised by Schedule Tribe Demand Committee Manipur. Later a public meeting was also held there.
Speaking on the meeting, Manipur’s Titular king Leishemba Sanajaoba said that the Meeteis has been struggling for their survival. And the easiest way to survive for the time being is through the inclusion of Meetei in the ST list as the central government has already given its signal for the Meetei to be included in the ST list. He added that all the other movements like Manipur Peoples Bill, Inner Line Permit and protection against CAB needs an assent or request from the government but the ST demand movement which the central government had already signalled for inclusion. He further appealed the government to send recommendation to the central government and also requested other communities who hindered their demand as it is their only way to get constitutional safeguard which will help in the survival of the immerging Meeteis.
Senior journalist and former member of Manipur Human Rights Commission Yambem Laba spoke on the meeting telling that if the request to send recommendation doesn’t bother the government than they will grab it from their hands. He added that as a matter of fact if the government doesn’t send recommendations to include Meetei in the ST list before the code of conduct of the upcoming Lok Sabha election than they will boycott the political parties who are against their demand. He warned that the movement is a one which can haul up the government. He questioned the previous Congress led government why they haven’t send the recommendation and they also need to answer and faced the consequences. He said that if the present government think for the future of the people than they should called an emergency cabinet meeting and let the Meetei/Meitei be included in the schedule tribe.
General Secretary of STDCM K. Bhogendrajit recalled that they have been protesting democratically for the last seven years to include the Meetei/Meitei on the ST list leading to constitutional safeguard for the submerging Meetei. He added that both the previous government as well as the present government agreed with the idea that the Meetei community should be included in the ST list but none of them have even send recommendation to the central government. He further said that if there isn’t any constitutional safeguard for the Meetei than the fate of Jiribam will take place similarly in Imphal and other valley area too where a non indigenous contest in the election and even get elected. He also said that Meetei is the only indigenous tribe in the entire North East who isn’t included in the ST list. If the Meetei was included in the ST list than the land and both its culture and language can get protected, he added. He further warned that if the recommendation is not sent before the code of conduct of the upcoming election than series of intense agitation will be organised along with the people.
As requested by the STDC to stop all daily works during the rally hours and to support the rally, almost all business transaction were closed, the Ima keithels wore a deserted look and all shops in Imphal and surrounding areas were closed. Public transport weren’t functioning except for private vehicles.

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Siliguri, March 3,

 After four days of cross-country rallying, the formidable team of Ajgar Ali and Mohammed Musthafa successfully defended their JK Tyre Himalayan Drive 7 crown.
Hailing from the small port town of Haldia in West Bengal, Ajgar Ali, along with Erode’s Mohammed Musthafa, achieved the rare feat of winning their third successive title in the country’s only international TSD (Time, Speed, Distance) rally.
In the national category, Ajgar Ali and Mohammed Musthafa ended with a final tally of 1110 penalty points to emerge victorious. Securing the second position were the team of Gagan Sethi and Rajkumar Mundra with 1847 penalty points while Jogendra Jaiswal and Nagarajan Thangaraj ended their campaign in third position with 2035 penalty points.
In the open category, the team of Govind Dalmia and Anand Agarwal edged past category leader Rohit Agarwal and Kunal Joshi to finish with 9149 penalty points. The Agarwal-Joshi team scored 9691 penalty points. Finishing third in this category were the team of Suyash Raj and Mohammad Sharif with 10796 penalty points.
This year’s title battle saw a nail-biting finish. The team of Jogendra Jaiswal and Nagarajan Thangaraj who started the final day (Day 4, Saturday) as championship leaders lost their bid to the crown in the very final moments by missing the penultimate time control and suffering a 900-penalty points blow.
“We made a big mistake (by missing the second-last time control) and we handed the championship title to them (Ajgar and Musthafa). It is a disappointment for us, but the winners deserve the title,” Nagarajan Thangaraj said.
“We are very happy to score this hattrick. It was a very exciting rally and I can say that the seventh edition of JK Tyre Himalayan Drive is the best TSD rally in the country till date. The competitive sections were superb and posed a tough challenge to drivers, navigators and our cars,” said Ajgar Ali.
He was also all praise for Just Sportz, the rally organisers. “This rally is always well-organised and everything is transparent. The hospitality of the organisers is unparalleled,” Ali added.
This year’s victory takes the total winning tally of Ajgar Ali and Mohammed Musthafa to four titles (2013, 2017, 2018 and 2019) since the Himalayan Drive was first held in 2013. The team of Sudip Ghosh and navigator Arindam Ghosh were the only other team to have won more than one championship title at this event (2014 and 2016). Anubhav De and co-driver Chandan Sen won the title in 2015.
The last leg of the rally was flagged off from the Kalimpong stadium and started with a steep climb on the road from Mungpoo to Jorebungalow that was lined with verdant forests and offered majestic views of snow-capped peaks of the eastern Himalayas for a few kilometres. This was followed by another competitive section downhill through winding mountain roads of Rohini. The third and last competitive section was a tough drive stretching over nearly 23 kilometers through the bed of the Mechi river that forms the border between India and Nepal.

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Sunday, 03 March 2019 17:16

AR organised Mid Day Meal Programme


Imphal March.3,

In its continuous efforts towards uplifting a good relation with society, *COB Yairipok, 26 Assam Rifles under the aegis of HQ 9 Sect AR organized a Mid Day Meal at Yairipok High School for Students staying in hostel from 0900h to 1100h.

The social service event started with a welcome speech by Mr Keisham Joykumar Principal, Yairipok High School. A total of 50 students including staff were provided with the mid day meal/ lunch.

The program concluded with word of thanks and appreciation towards Assam Rifles by Mr Keisham Joykumar, Principal, Yairipok High School and Students.

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Sunday, 03 March 2019 17:14

MNRF observes 4th Foundation Day

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Imphal, March 3,

Armed group Manipur Naga Revolutionary Front (MNRF) today observed its 4th Foundation at at its Council Head Quarter and other Unit Headquarters.

At the observance function held at Council Headquarters Chairman of the Front Atai Siro, a statement issued by Rex Kashung Asst. Secretary, Information and Publicity of the front. External Affairs Secretary S Kuilei and Army Chief Vapeimi Jimmik also attended the occasion.

The observance was complete with hoisting of the party flag by paying their honours. A two minutes silence also observed to the departed soul who had left for heavenly body for the cause of the freedom if Manipur. Fitting tribute was also paid to the revolutionary fighter. 

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Sunday, 03 March 2019 17:12

That Hurts

By-Dr Nunglekpam Premi Devi
Independent Scholar

Long down the street I walked up to my destination;
Walked long down every day with just one objective;
Every day up and down, to and for the school;
Long I walked far distance carrying those books;
 Never felt tired carry those; so eagerly awaiting,
Socks pulled up to knees, skirts down upon knees;
Short and dummy and size, interesting holding that belt;
So lightly I walked with those rubber shoes girly;
Kak kak kak and kak; half a step two a step;
Worried enough my shirt’s button is fixed and held tight;
School Belt into my chest up high and all so red holding;
I wonder I may wrongly wear my dress.

Not enough is that alone I never was!
With brother by my side, I walked long down;
We talked and we silence enough long;
We muttered not a word; we balance not a walk;
He walked he passed; I walked I stay aback;
Front and back we trolled paces kak kak and kak;
Passing through those rough stones unattached;
Ah! I still wondered ‘sweating’ and ‘sweating’;
Hurting more when it’s pouring down;
Water, water and water everywhere;
Down the street, we walked deep into the water;
One a step, two a step, walked and walked;
All’s wet, all’s dirtied and all’s muddy, phew!
Skin’s so fragile, cold and wet;
Trembling and shaking; I fear not kakfeis:

I complain not the rain;
I complain not the stony road;
I complain not the inclusion of my brother;
Ah! One thing I fear the worst;
That ‘thief’ I called upon thee hiding;
Hiding beside the bush and bamboo groves;
Trying hard hitting my leg with his pankhotla dart;
One a pulled and two a pulled hitting my naked skin;
Oh! So paining, so cutting and so weekly;
He preyed upon me hitting everyday hiding;
With one blow I faint to red pains;
Back he aims from behind hitting harder;
So scratchy I witness those shots unnoticed;
Making me nervous, I complain those hurts.

 Funny as I walked accompanying my father;
Not every day I could walk, still empty fear;
Crazy ‘he’ took chances hitting again and again;
When my father wasn’t beside me accompanying;
Oh! I remembered with those my teary eyes;
I beg for free passed, I looked back again;
Still ‘he’ didn’t stop shooting ‘Pankhotla’ darts;
Confession never he did; still I complain that hurts;
Pains I fear that hurts, still I walk down crossing.

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