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Imphal, Feb 9,

Peoples’ Convention on Citizenship (Amendment) Bill, 2016, organised by Peoples’ Alliance Manipur (PAM), a conglomerate of various civil society organizations in the state today declare stop all wake of lives (total shut down) from 5 am of Feb. 11 till 5 pm of Feb 12 in protest against the contentious Bill. Media report quoting BJP source has stated that the Bill will be presented at Rajya Sabha on Feb 12 as supplementary Bill. The contentious Bill had already passed at Lok Sabha on January 8 and is waiting for clearance from the Rajya Sabha.

The Peoples’ Convention organised by PAM at GM Hall was attended by various dignitaries including L. Malem Mangal , Advocate Puyam Tomcha , Anwari Noorjahan, Convenor Pam, SM Jalal Convnor PAM, W. Kameshwor , Convenor PAM, M Sayeed Ahmed, President JU and MD Rabi Khan Among others.

Speakers on the occasion elaborated on the impact that will be given by the CAB in North Eastern state of India.

“ILP, Article 371(A), Tribal status is not going to save the region from the impact of CAB”, Malem Mangal said and elaborated on how the Bill if passed by the parliament will impact the NE region.

After hectic deliberation the peoples’ convention also resolved a fast protest at 50 different places of the state against the Bill. If the Bill is passed against the wishes of the people of the region a mass public meeting will be organised on February 20 to decide the fate of the people of the region. In the meeting the existing federal relationship between the state of Manipur and India will be deliberated.

The said resolution adopted  today will also be sent to the authority of the United Nations , China, Russia and other countries, said an organiser.

The said resolution adopted   today will also be sent to the authority of the United Nations , China, Russia and other countries, said an organiser.

Meanwhile, Sit in protest Against the CAB is Organised by Khurai Lamlong Keithel Today 11 am to 3pm. The Co – Ordinating  Body ,Khurai Clubs, Meira paibi, Lamlong Keithel Vendor Women folks, shop keeper  shutdown and Organised the sit in protest .

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Imphal, Feb 9,

As a part of the indefinite on road mass agitation against CAB under the aegis of MANPAC, today the Emas staged protest at Khwairamband Keithel.

Speaking on the spot Convenor of MANPAC Phundreimayum Abdullah appealed the people to be ready to fight as the bill will possibly be passed at Rajya Sabha.

He also said that the law enforcement agency should know that the people have the right to protest and is entitled in the Constitution.

He further said that the government should withdraw the bill and not only that they should initiate a similar policy like NRC to identify and deport illegal migrants from the state.

Abdullah further condemned the racist policy of the Indian government to genocide the indigenous population of the state.

 Speaking at the protest DESAM’s advisor Moirangthem Angamba  said that the people needs to boycott the election as there is no use of the elected legislature who acted as a silent spectator during this crucial juncture of the state. He also added that every individual should unite to fight until the contentious CAB is withdrawn from the parliament.

“We should not be afraid to die if we want to live and let our future generation prosper”, added Angamba.

Earlier police personnel foil the protest organised at Singjamei Keithel.

Similar protest of the indefinite on road mass agitation was also done at various places by blocking half of the road.

People of Takyel Khongbal, Khongman Zone five, Thongju, Huidrom leikai, Khurai lamlong and Porompat by Saina Institute of Medical Sciences protested supporting the protest of MANPAC.

Effigies of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Home  Minister  Rajnath  and Chief minister N.Biren were also burnt down by the people of Tera, and the effigies were also burnt by the  six students bodies at Yairipok and also students of Manipur College burnt the effigies at Manipur college gate.

Slogans to withdraw Citizenship Amendment Bill and Down Down BJP Government filled the air at various protest site.

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Imphal, Feb 9,

Education Minister Shri Thokchom Radhehshyam said that encouragement is the key to build confidence in children. He expressed that encourage is the biggest need in the time of failure when children are at their lowest term.
The Minister stressed that the education is a powerful instrument which can change the world. Education should not mean only to get good marks and secure a good job but to make man a humane. Life, he said that is the best school with experience as the best teacher. There are many things that can’t be learnt and taught from the books but can only be learn through the journey of life.
 He said that the adults can learn a lot of things from children. They are bundle of honesty, sincerity and joyousness that adult needs to regain in life. Th. Radheshyam was speaking at the Felicitation Function of Successful Students of Mid Brain Activation held at Lamyanba Shanglen organized by the Genius Mind Tech, Imphal.
He appreciated that the young minds are being nourished to strengthen their mind so they could attain the true essence of humanity. He said that the mind needs to be cared like the body. Body, he added that gets wither with aging but mind becomes more matured and beautiful.
The Minister also launched the WEBSITE & DMIT. Certificates and prizes were distributed to the students. Talents and different abilities of the young children were also demonstrated during the programme.
MLA, Khetrigao A/C,  Nahakpam Indrajit Singh, dignitaries, teachers, guardians and students attended the programme.

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Guwahati,  Feb 8,2019

In a frightening stifling of democracy, the BJP administration took fascistic measures to curb the democratic protests against the amendment of the citizenship act of 1955 after PM Modi’s arrival in the state. Members of the All Assam Students’ Union (AASU), who have been leading many protests against the bill, were barricaded inside their headquarters at Swahid Nyas at Latasil by minions of the BJP administration. Yet members of the organization raised slogans against the BJP and showed black flags to the Prime Minister as he passed by. A photo that has emerged from the site shows numerous black flags being waved at the Prime Minister as he looked on from his vehicle. After Prime Minister Narendra Modi had arrived in the city late in the evening, members of AASU had assembled inside their office, intending to stage a black flag protest. The convoy carrying the Prime Minister, en route to Raj Bhavan, was passing through the front of the AASU headquarter, but they were prohibited from spilling onto the streets by authorities, who have taken strict measures to curb the protests against the citizenship bill during Modi’s visit to the state.” Narendra Modi is a savior of Bangladeshis, and he does not care about the interests of indigenous people. They can try to curb these protests all they want, but they are continuing and they will continue in the future as well”, said Samujjal Bhattacharya, Chief Advisor of AASU, while addressing the media.

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Kohima, Feb 9,

The Nagaland University Teachers’ Association (NUTA) has urged the state government to discuss the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill in the State Assembly Session and claimed that Article 371 (A) will not able to protect the state from the Citizenship Amendment Bill (CAB). Ina representation addressed to the chief secretary, the Central Executive Council of NUTA president Prof Rosemary Dzuvichu and secretary general Prof. D Kuolie stated that CAB is logically an amendment of the ‘Passport (Entry into India)’ for a uniform code of rule in the country. It is a ‘semantic shift’ intending to have a more forceful impact in the implementation pact.

The association pointed out that Nagaland is protected by the Inner Line Permit (ILP) and Article 371 (A) of the Constitution of India but its specification/provision has been clearly stated. Nagas will, thereby, automatically fall within the concept/term of ‘Indian national’ which Naga political history has not demanded till date, it said. The teachers added that if CAB becomes a law of the nation, the standing protective law mentioned above for the Nagas, will summarily be overruled, or become secondary because of the fact that CAB contains no provision to safeguard ILP or Article 371 (A).

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Guwahati, Feb , 9

Chaos ruled the streets of Guwahati once again as apocalyptic scenes unfolded after Prime Minister Narendra Modi touched down in Guwahati today ahead of his visits to several northeastern states. The streets wore a deserted look as security was heavily beefed up ahead of the prime minister’s visit. Further, section 144 of the crpc had also been implemented. But despite these measures, the administration was unable to prevent indigenous people of the state from expressing their distaste towards the BJP government’s new policies, and especially the amendment of the citizenship act (1955).

Former BJP-allies, The Assam Gana Parishad (AGP), Assam’s biggest regional party, had staged a massive torchlight rally today to protest the Prime Minister’s visit. They were present near Raj Bhavan to raise their voices against the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill 2016. Hundreds of their supporters, led by President Atul Bora and other senior leaders, had gathered for the protest, but they were stopped approximately 80 meters from where the convoy would pass. The authorities had also placed a bus in front of the protestors to block their line of vision. Yet, the ire of the protesting masses proved too hot (literally) for the security personnel to handle as they started chucking the burning torches they were carrying at the authorities to vent their frustration at the BJP Government. The Krishak Mukti Sangram Samiti (KMSS), meanwhile, has also come out in large numbers to protest the PM. Some embers of the organization managed to hoodwink the authorities who had been keeping strict vigilance, and jumped right in front of Modi’s convoy and shouted slogans against the administration. Some of them were also seen waving black flags as the convoy passed along. It is clear from their cries that “BJP go back”, was the motto that is being followed by these protesting organizations. Regional organizations such as the All Assam Students’ Union (AASU) and the Krishak Mukti Sangram Samiti (KMSS) have promised statewide protests in view of Modi’s visit to the regions. Further, the AGP party too has taken a hardline stance regarding the Bill. “If the bill is passed in Rajya Sabha, it will make the Assam Accord valueless and will also render the NRC process meaningless,” said Atul Bora, AGP president, while addressing the media from the site of the protests.


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Saturday, 09 February 2019 16:50

Sincerity matters

“Where a society has chosen to accept democracy as its creedal faith, it is elementary that the citizens ought to know what their government is doing.” -Justice P N Bhagwati
Easier is said than done - the saying still stands true. Like the nail float in water with the plank, a rowdy sometimes saves his or her life from being spoiled. Saying so, it is always the wisdom of the captain of the ship that the crew managed to sail their ship to the destiny amidst storms and whirlpools. But then had the crew member lacks discipline Columbus could never have landed in America’s soil to discover the country which becomes the most powerful country in the world today.
The state is more like a ship in the vast stormy ocean. In democratic state like Manipur, Chief Minister is similar to the captain of the ship. It is his wisdom that will sail towards a better direction. It is his command and qualities that will make his crew member follow rules and regulations frame by him. It is only at the time that all the crew members go by their respective assignment that the ship will reached destination. Similar, is with the running of the state, whether it goes upwards or falls, depends on the wisdom of the Chief Minister and his team.
But then, it is the Indian electoral system that stands as a hurdle to decide on which way to chose for a better society. Every elected representative needs a second thought to say no to his electorate. Particularly, the system practice in India showed that without some clique of strong supporters, it will become difficult for one to become Chief Minister as first thing that is important is to get elected as an MLA.   
The present uproar and the mass protest are rising up catastrophe. Protests once more become a way of life.
Good governance is perhaps the single most important factor in eradicating poverty and promoting development. But sometimes the effort to bring good governance remains as a dream with the kind of hurdles from his supporters whom the man in the top post cannot deny as without them it will be difficult to get elected again.
Numbers of middle men including relatives are now the talk every people of the state. What more prove is required than checking the bank balance and the properties of these people in this nearly 2 years government? Good leader falls, not because of his personality but because of those around him.
Coming back to what is going on in the state; everybody knows the amount being asked by these middlemen for the recruitment of Police constable.
On the other hand some of the promises are still yet to be fulfilled as stated by the Chief Minister himself. The more the promises are delayed the more people will criticize.
Well, instead of defending, it’s best to come out of the grove and stand with the people.
Let’s make sure that we do have a real leader.

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