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Imphal, Feb 6,

State police who are well known for their expertise in controlling public agitation today were put in dilemma as protestors against CAB occupied half the road of Tiddim road in the western part without speaking or shouting a single world shunning all sort of vehicular movement.

Police team were left with no choice as protestors were mostly old lady plus students and they occupied the road not at any specific area but scattered to cover up the entire road. Half of the road on the southern part was let free but again with the number of marriage ceremony as well as already congested by the ever increasing number of vehicles witness the other side packed with vehicles. Police team who were on their way to foil the protest were busy controlling the traffic.

The diversion to the southern part of the road was made at Keishampat Junction , Dhobi Machu Leirak , Takhel leikai and Kwaikethel. Traffic movement was seriously affected by the kind of protest staged today and the police team seems to be in dilemma on whether to drive out the protestors or to control the traffic flow.

Convenor of the Manipur Peoples’ Against CAB , (MANPAC) Yumnamcha Dilipkumar , while talking to media persons said that the kind of protest is only the beginning. The MANPAC will continue to organise many form of protest in the coming days until the Citizenship Amendment Bill is withdrawn.

“We will intensify the protest against CAB till the Government of India withdraw it”, Dilip said.

Interestingly similar protest was also staged at Uripok, Hatta and at Lamboi Khongnangkhong.

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Wednesday, 06 February 2019 17:17

Shiva Sena leader assures to oppose CAB - NESO

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Imphal, Feb 6,

Delegation of the Umbrella body Students’ from across the North Eastern State – NESO (North East Students’ Organisation) which comprises of All Manipur Students’ Union (AMSU) met the leaders of Shiva Sena – an alliance of the NDA and urged them to oppose the Citizenship Amendment Bill.

The delegation which include NESO General Secretary Siam Prakash and President of AMSU Sarangthem Manjit met leader of Shiva Sena  Uddhav Thackeray and his son Aditya Thackeray at their Mumbai residence today morning, a source from AMSU said.

The delegation of NESO has been meeting various leaders of political parties, both opposition and Ruling by camping at the National Capital New Delhi since February 2 this year urging them to oppose the Bill. During the meeting with the political leaders the students’ delegates categorically brief the consequences if CAB is passed. The threat to the existence of the indigenous people of the North East and the violation of the secularism guaranteed by the CAB has also been put to the notice of the politicians.

The delegates also caution the political leaders of uncertainty in the North East states if the Bill is passed.

As per a source from AMSU, the leaders of Shiva Sena, Uddhav Thackeray had assured to oppose the Bill no matter their party is an alliance to the NDA.

The NESO seriously noted the statement of Ram Madhav at which he stated that the Bill (CAB) will be presented at the Lok Sabha on February 12 as supplementary Bill.

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Wednesday, 06 February 2019 17:16

Newly formed MDA vows to fight CAB tooth and nail

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Imphal, Feb 6,

11 political parties of Manipur today form an alliance named Manipur Democratic Alliance (MDA) to fight against CAB 2016.
In a press meet held at Imphal Hotel, Convenor of MDA N.Tombi said that the alliance will fight until the contentious Citizenship Amendment Bill 2016 is withdrawn from the parliament.
He further said that the members of the alliance should leave their political ideologies for the common cause of the state.
M.Tomba said that with their recent visit in New Delhi the leaders of Shiv Sena, Aam Aadmi Party and Lok Jana Shakti assured to oppose it.
He further said that the political parties politicising the issues for their own political mileage confuse the people of the state.
He finally concluded that MDA will fight tooth and nail until the said bill is withdrawn and also the MDA will also focus other burning issues of the state.

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Imphal, Feb 5,

The viral video clip shouting ‘Manipur Yelhoumi Down Down’ in a Meira rally at Yairipok organised by People Alliance Manipur (PAM) on the 3rd of February was a doctored one, Giyajuddin, an organiser of the Meira Rallly at the area said to media persons
In a press meet held at AMMOCOC office at Hapta, Giyajuddin Secretary of Tulihal Idgah Youth development Organisation said that some vested interested persons did it to divert the movement against the Citizen Amendment Bill 2016.  
He further said that the video is a pre-planned one and doctored to create  communal enmity among the various communities of the state.
“No such slogan which was uploaded in the social media was shouted by any participant that day”, Giyajuddin clarified.
He said that around 2000 people attended the rally organised at Yairipok side against the citizenship amendment Bill 2016.  
Giyajuddin further added that a case has been registered at Yairipok Police station for inciting communal enmity among various community.
He appealed people not to spread such doctored video which might create hate feeling among a specific community.
He also rubbish some specific persons for spreading the video in a hurried manner and started speaking against the people.
No anti indigenous people slogan were used during the rally, Giyajuddin clarified.
He also appealed the people of the state to stay away from such people who are trying to sabotage the movement against CAB and added that every movement by the Peoples’ Alliance Manipur (PAM) for saving and protecting the people and land of the state will be supported.

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Wednesday, 06 February 2019 17:15

Mizoram children face refractive errors

By Our Correspondent
Guwahati, Feb 6,

 A special  screening program, organized in two districts of Mizoram, helped diagnosing nearly 450 children with refractive errors who were later provided free spectacles.
The collaborative vision screening and spectacles campaign in Serchhip and Lunglei districts by India Vision Institute (IVI) in association with Essilor Vision Foundation (EVF) benefited over 9,000 children in various remote villages.
At a ceremony organised in Aizawl held on 5 February, free spectacles were distributed to 30 children from Serchhip district. The remaining children would be provided free spectacles on 6 and 8 February, said a communiqué from IVI, which is an independent, not-for-profit registered trust established in 2012.
Those present at the meeting included India’s Ambassador-designate to Azerbaijan B Vanlalvawna, EVF  head Mahesh K V, program coordinator of Zoram Entu Pawl Samuel Zothantluanga etc.
Meanwhile, IVI chief executive officer Vinod Daniel informed that the mission would expand covering another 15,000 children in Mizoram. He also added that IVI had already conducted 422 vision screening programs in Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Karnataka, Kerala,
Maharashtra, Gujarat, West Bengal, Haryana etc.

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By:-Sanjenbam Jugeshwor Singh

It has been reported in leading local papers on 5th February 2019 that Manipur Private Schools Association along with the parents of the students in private schools will go on General Strike from the mid-night of 10th February 2019 to the mid-night of 12th February 2019 .This was announced by one leader of the Association in a press meet at Manipur Press Club 0n 4th February 2019.According to the reports in local papers ,the Association has taken this decision in protest against the exclusion of the Private Schools from being Examination Centres and none of the Private School teachers will be engaged in the HSLC Examination works like invigilation and paper evaluation starting from the forthcoming Examination by the Board Of Secondary Education Manipur(BOSEM).
Members of the Association expressed their resentment as the examination will be conducted only by the Government School teachers. The Association claimed that Private Schools are the custodians of producing good and talented students in Manipur. Association further claimed that Private Schools have been taking led role to maintain the sustainable quality education in Manipur saying that 90% of the students appearing HSLC examination are from Private Schools. Their apprehensions, mainly seems to be-if the Examination is conducted by Govt. School teachers without Private school teachers, rank 1 to 25 in HSLC Examination will be snatch away by the Government Schools students which will tarnish the image of Private Schools. By doing so Government is trying to demolish all the Private Schools under BOSEM. The Association also threatens the Government that if Government vis-à-vis BOSEM don’t comply with its demand, all the Private Schools under Manipur Govt/BOSEM will be affiliated to CBSE. This is the statement expressed in resentments by Private Schools Association amidst counter-claimed by another group of the Association in presence of a student body on 5th February in a press meet.
Voice of different tune is now coming out from general public. According to general public though few of the statement of the Private School Association are found genuine but their core complaint regarding exclusion from HSLC examination is very much misleading and highly contradictory from making quality education as they claimed. As they said, they are the custodian of quality education in Manipur. From this unethical statement of the Association, people from many angles started asking many questions to the Association. Some of the questions from the public are: -
(i)     What’s wrong that BOSEM takes its own decision for smooth conduct of the Examination?
(ii)     Why Private School teachers are so keen to take part in the examination and examination works?
(iii)     Will the performance of their students be down if their teachers are not in the Examination halls? If so, how & why?
(iv)     Do they believe that the performance of their good students will be outshine if their teachers involved in examination works? If so how & why?
(v)     How will the ranking in the Examination result be affected if Examination Centre are not given at Private Schools?
(vi)     What will be the problems of their students in examination halls when their teachers are absent?
(vii)     Can’t they write well if they are taught well in their respective schools by their respective teachers?
General public further expressed – it’s well known fact that Competitions of various kind which may be Mathematics, Science, Social Science, English etc conducted from time to time by certain Organization dedicated to bring up quality education Manipur.These competitions are conducted without the teachers of the students (irrespective of Private or Govt.) taking part but talented and good students still outshine in it. Isn’t true that good and talented students will write well anywhere even their teachers are not present in the examination hall? If it’s not so, something is wrong with the students in his/her performance. Isn’t the sign of having poor self-confidence of the students induced by mugging system of teaching learning in these Schools? It’s also a well-known fact that School toppers of many private Schools are kept in premier residential Coaching centres in Imphal after spending huge money(in spite of being taught in their respective schools by their respective teachers) in the aim of being among the toppers in HSLC result. This in fact will be a fake end effort of the founders of Private Schools if their teachers are not involved in the Examination as well as in examination works (Voice of People).If any of their school student is among the top 25 then they will claim their School is excellent and admission in the next session will be a bumper admission. Public also viewed that though some private schools provide good and quality education but majority of the private schools are commercializing the education and our children are their commercial commodities. If Schools provides good and quality education to our children, there is nothing to do in the results with exclusion or inclusions of private schools teachers in HSCLC examination. So, let’s stop giving such a cheap statement which will bring down the quality, integrity, moral and image of many highly qualify teachers of private schools (Voice of People).
The writer can be reached to:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  Or WhatsApp No:9612891339.

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Wednesday, 06 February 2019 17:13

NE voice on CAB: no worry for the BJP

The anti-BJP wave sweeping across the North Eastern states of India seems to give no worry to the BJP. May the BJP leadership under estimated the region even as they have tried when Narendra Modi wave hurled the country in 2014 parliamentary election. Their victory in 2014 had make them so confident that as long as the majority Hindu in the heartland of India can be hypnotized, the BJP is in no way going to lose the election. Of the 29 states, the BJP now seem to concentrate the issues of bigger states which have more number of MPs either in way of hypnotizing the less literate voters or by building unbreakable alliance with political parties so that the number of reinstating a similar BJP led NDA type government could be formed at the center. To be précised, targeting big states which have more numbers of MPs is becoming the agenda of BJP in their effort to bring back Narendra Damudor Modi as the country’s Prime Minister again.
Promises to scrape inhuman and outdated legislation or Act are a mere joke. If one remember what the Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi had spoken at Madison Square Graden in New York at which he stated that draconian and outdated laws will be scraped, he or she will certainly think that , “Mr. Modi did know how to make joke”. The speech was delivered around 4 years back and till today the draconian Armed Forces Special Power Act is still enforced, the sedition laws make no changes and provisions to protect citizen from detention in the name of potential threat still continue in the name National Security Act (NSA) where a Manipuri Television Journalist Kishorechandra Wangkhem has been detained after court set him free.  
The ambitious Act East Policy which was renamed after the coming of the Modi government turn out to be another appeasement policy of the North Eastern states. NRC in Assam was supported and after knowing that over 40 lakhs illegal immigrants has been found out, the Government led by Narendra Modi is amending the citizenship act to grant citizen to these people perhaps.
The day when the Contentious Citizen Amendment Bill, 2016 was passed in the Lok Sabha, there was wild uproar in the entire states of North East. In Tripura protestors were fired.
The Chief Minister of Manipur, perhaps under pressure at least joint hands with some political party urged the Union Home Minister and the prime Minister to insert a clause that would protect the state from CAB, which is neither feasible nor listen by the BJP leadership.
Ram Madhav, the General Secretary in Charge of NE states for the BJP and present MP had stated that they are going to present the CAB 2016 and will pass in the Rajya Sabha too. The very statement of the BJP leader without saying anything to the demand of a BJP Chief Minister showed that they care nothing to NE states. After all the states put together including Sikkim have only 25 MPs. The issue of CAB and the uproar from the people of the state is not an issue as the BJP now shrewdly penetrated to West Bengal which have 42 MPs. Half of this number which the BJP is expecting to get due to the anti-incumbency factor of the Mamata Banerji Government as well as the number of illegal migrants which had already entered the city of joy who felt that they will be granted Indian citizenship. It is not an issue for Muslim migrant to convert it to any religion as most entered the country for survival. After all the CAB says persons without any document can also be granted citizenship of the country. There are no marks to any human being to show that he or she belong to any religion.  
As per news report appeared at some of the  Assam based newspapers, bold statement of Ram Madhav which humiliated the uproar of the public against the Bill showed that NE states is not important to them.

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Wednesday, 06 February 2019 17:12

CAB, Political Parties and Manipur

By-Michael Samjetsabam,
Research Scholar, IIT Bombay

Manipur had become a constitutional monarchy in 1947 with voting rights for all adults. The first legislative assembly election in Manipur happened in 1948. No political party had an absolute majority. Therefore, an alliance of  Praja Samiti, Krishak Sangha and independent members from the hills formed the government. Manipur State Congress, the precursor of the Indian National Congress, which was actively involved in pro-integration activities during this period, did not come to power. Two factions inside Manipur State Congress, Tomal and Tompok faction, worked vehemently for integration, including satyagraha against the dishonouring of Indian National Flag and the Gandhi cap. Tompok faction’s first session in 1947 happened at Atom Babu Sharma’s residence, a known historian of Manipur. Atom Babu Sharma’s narrative on Manipur is not far from BJP’s narrative on Manipur and North East. His scholarship has been rejected now in academia. His writings forcefully integrate indigenous puwari-s of Manipur with Hindu mythologies to present a Brahmanical history of Manipur. Recently, CM Nongthombam Biren brought Rukmini and Krishna myth to talk about the relationship between the region and mainland India in Madhavpur fair. The Hinduisation movement which began in the North East centuries ago has continued through different actors, including Congress and BJP now. Therefore, it is a myth that BJP is an ideological challenge to Congress in matters of Manipur.
The regional parties from Manipur cannot get any space in the national politics given the structure with which parliamentary politics functions.   The parliamentary parties in Manipur, with their limitations under the Indian state machinery, has failed to deliver anything on matters of historic importance for the people, whether it be AFSPA or ILP. Citizenship Amendment Bill (CAB) 2016 issue expresses the same limitations of the parliamentary parties.. Lok Sabha passed the CAB 2016 despite loud protests from the northeastern states. The opposition did not want to look bad in front of Hindu mainland Indian voters by opposing the communal bill in Lok Sabha just before the 2019 national elections. And, everyone knew that BJP would pass the bill as it is in the majority in the lower house. Now, we are waiting for what will happen in Rajya Sabha. If the bill is passed, BJP will gain more hold in Bengal. BJP has long alleged that Mamata Banerjee’s politics is appeasement of Muslims. The Muslim population is quite large in West Bengal, around 27 per cent. With this bill, BJP wants to become the saviour of Hindu Bengalis of Bangladesh to gain more votes in West Bengal and Barak Valley. It serves to cut Mamata Banerjee’s support base among Bengali Hindus. Also, Banerjee got to play hero in the NRC row. BJP wants to do the same with CAB. Furthermore, it would not mind losing 25 seats in the North East when it could gain substantive numbers in West Bengal which has 42 seats.  When BJP looks at Barak Valley and West Bengal, they do not see tiny Manipur. The bill is going to please the mainland Indian Hindu voters also. Even if the bill fails, BJP still gains as Congress will get the blame. These matters are quite probable.
BJP and Congress must have calculated benefits of the bill in short and long term both. Whether BJP comes to power this time or not, the bill is going to benefit them in the long run as the demography is expected to change in favour of the mayang-s. The Congress has benefited from settling in migrants from Bangladesh earlier, according to BJP. The regional parties with the indigenous population as their support base would suffer from the demographic change. However, the matter is far more serious than who comes to power in parliamentary elections. It is much more serious than Congress vs BJP vs regional parties trying to have a piece of the ruined pie. The passing of such a bill in Lok Sabha went without the consent of the indigenous people. The role of MPs from Manipur and other northeastern states in this matter have been condemnable. However, Manipur has only two representatives in the lower house. CAB 2016 row reveals that the indigenous people of North East have not been effectively represented in this parliamentary democracy. The matter, though, is more than politics of representation. The Indian democratic state with its repressive measures, AFSPA, UAPA, Sedition laws and NSA, rules the indigenous people of Manipur who are at the same time facing a demographic assault from the mayang-s coming from the west.  It is unlikely that the regional parties and the units of national parties in Manipur can achieve anything for the indigenous people on this matter.

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