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Saffron party expects more  from Assam

By Our Correspondent
Guwahati, Feb 24,

 As the anti-citizenship amendment bill row in Assam is temporarily settled, the ruling  Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) starts expecting more seats in the forthcoming general election. When the State’s Brahmaputra valley was almost boiling over the proposed citizenship bill, the saffron party was trying to maintain their existing seven seats.
However, the bill row had suddenly defused as the BJP led government could not table it in Rajya Sabha on 13 February putting the initiative to almost die naturally and taking advantage of the situation, the BJP has hoped to gain at least three extra Lok Sabha seats namely Silchar, Barpeta and Kaliabor, which are now the possession of the Congress and AIUDF.
Addressing a rally in eastern Assam recently, Assam chief minister Sarbananda Sonowal in presence of  BJP’s  in-charge Mahendra Singh and State finance minister Himanta Biswa Sarma, argued that people of the region have accepted the saffron party as their own. After years of Congress’s misrule, the BJP has shown the region  a ray of hope, claimed Sonowal.
“People will vote for BJP for good governance. We will win with a thumping majority and form the government at the Centre for a second term under Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Our party believes in the mantra of collective efforts and inclusive growth (Sabka Saath Sabka Vikas) for the progress of the nation,” added the young chief minister.
He also narrated the performance of the BJP led government in Dispur that came to power in 2016 saying that it has given land pattas (document) to landless people ( over 11,700 families)  and small tea
growers of Assam, which was never done by the Congress in seven decades.
“Moreover, we made Assam Public Service Commission (APSC) corruption-free and transparent. Earlier the Congress government was involved in corruption in the APSC exams. During our tenure, we have
given appointment to 55,000 people in a completely transparent process,” asserted Sonowal.
Meanwhile, an anti-influx body named Prabrajan Virodhi Manch (PVM) has been actively considering to join the electoral politics and proposing to put their leader Upamanyu Hazarika as a candidate from Guwahati Parliamentary constituency, which is presently under BJP’s possession.
“For more than six years, we have been fighting for the cause of the protection and identity of the indigenous people, we are now making our entry into electoral politics in the ensuing Lok Sabha polls,”
said a media statement of the forum. It had repeatedly urged the government to enact a legislation protecting land rights for the indigenous people of Assam.

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Sunday, 24 February 2019 17:04

General Body meeting of CADA

IT News
Imphal, Feb 24,

General body meeting of Coalition Against Drugs & Alcohol (CADA) was held today at its Head Office at Palace Compound today.  
Dipanjit Ningthoujam -Secretary General, CADA presented its annual report while Takhellambam Geetchandra - Secretary Finance, CADA read out the account statement.
Executive Committee 2019 - 2022 was also elected. Hijam Priyokumar - Wangjing SK Leikai, Thoubal District has been elected as the new President while Takhellambam  Geetchandra - Chingmeirong Leingkhol, Imphal East District has been elected as the General Secretary.

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Imphal, Feb 24,

Armed rebel group Maoist Communist Party Manipur (MPCM) today stated that they will investigate the multi crore scam at which around rupees 20 crore has been misappropriated by supplying sub standard G. I Pipe under the National Rural Drinking Water Pogramme. In a statement released today the outfit said that they will investigate on how a company called Jindal based at Kolkatta was awarded the supply works, who are involved? Who are those involved trying to be protected and who they are making as scapegoat by the current regime will be make public. The outfit further said that the present BJP led regime is being known as regime of 15%. Some days back a video of an EE of PWD accepting bribe went viral on social media. This is the real picture of the BJP led government of the state, the Manipur Maoist charged. It says no changes is seen even after the changed of guard in the government. Once upon a time it was Thoubal which is known as the centre of corruption now it is Heingang and the Thongju which is the epicenter of corruption. These two constituencies are left as the only two places where the Vigilance or the Anti Corruption cell cannot touch. Corruption now is spread everywhere in all the government department, the Maoist statement said adding that people now knew that everyone goes either at Heingang or Thongju for getting government jobs or contract work but due to fear people’s mouth remain shuts.
The statement further added that the outfit had already made public about rampant corruption being underway at MSPDCL . Those day the MSPDCL tried to prove themselves clean saying that there is no process of recruitment being taken up. But now the department is in the process of mass recruitment in the MSPDCL and for getting the Job a BJP woman worker from Heingang has been collecting large amount of money for giving jobs, the Maoist statement added.
The Manipur Maoist said that the truth regarding the supply of sub standard GI pipe under the National Rural Drinking Water Pogramme will be unfolded very soon.

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IT News

Imphal Feb 24,

8th edition of the Assam Rifles Maj Bob Khathing Tournament culminated on 23rd February at the TNL ground, Ukhrul with the final of Men’s Football. The final match was played between Ukhrul United Football Club (UUFC) and Ukhrul Football Club (UFC) and was won by Ukhrul United football club (UUFC).

Earlier on 21st February, the Choir competition saw Phungyo Baptist Church emerge as winners. Women Volleyball Trophy was lifted by Chameleon which defeated Evergreen in the final match played on 22nd February.

Apart from team prizes that were presented during the closing ceremony, individual prizes were given to Miss Rinreichon Shangh as best spiker in Volleyball, best player Miss Thangmeiwon Lashing (Volleyball), best scorer in football Mr Khanngam Horam (UUFC), best goal keeper Mr Ngaranngan (UUFC).The awards were presented by Brig Mohit Seth, DIG 10 Sector Assam Rifles.  Assam Rifles extended its thanks and appreciation to the TNL, TSL TKS, TNWL TNML, Ukhrul media, Ukhrul Referee Association, Tangkhul Gospel Music Forum, Hao Services and the people of Ukhrul who were a constant support in ensuring success of the tournament. The six day mega event has become a huge symbol of togetherness and collective pride for the Tangkhul legend that is Maj Bob Khathing Ralengnao.   


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President Irengbam Chaoren hits hard on Indian diplomacy towards South East Asia

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Imphal, Feb 24,

Proscribed group Revolutionary People’s Front (RPF) is all set to observe its 49th Foundation Day as Independence Day on February 25. In connection with the Foundation Day president of the proscribed group in his message hits hard to the Indian Diplomacy towards the South East Asia saying that India has established friendly diplomatic relations with South East Asian countries particularly Myanmar and India has been using its Act East Policy as an effective strategy to block Manipur from looking to the East.
Irengbam Chaoren also lambasted political leaders of Manipur who have devoted themselves to Indian politics for the past many years for paying no attention to the relationship Manipur ought to be sharing with South East Asian countries.
President Irengbam Chaoren’s message also pays revolutionary salute to all the freedom fighters who had laid down their lives for the cause of the revolutionary movement. The message further stated that,
“Although people of the land do not fully understand the strategic and advantageous location of Manipur, many countries see the location of Manipur as highly strategic. After complete domination of mainland India in 1858 by British colonial rulers, and since British India and Manipur established friendly diplomatic relations, British India was able to set up a formidable defensive line against possible invasion by Myanmar. During the 2nd World War, Allied forces and Japanese forces fought the most ferocious battles at Imphal and it serves as  an incontrovertible testimony of how strategic the location of Manipur is. Again, Lord Mountbatten in connivance with Congress leaders annexed Manipur into the Indian Union and thus Manipur became a roadblock to the armed Communist movement then raging in South East Asia from spreading to South Asia. After the India-China war of 1962, Manipur is being developed as a defensive fortress to protect mainland India from any possible invasion by China. This can be attributed to the strategic location of Manipur. In the name of promoting trade and commerce between India and South East Asia under its Act East Policy, India is poised to transform Manipur as a transit route and a frontier military zone.
“All these advantages offered by the strategic location of Manipur are being reaped by other countries since 100 years back but the people of Manipur have gained nothing out of it rather they are suffering on account of the State’s strategic location. As a result, Manipur has seen little change notwithstanding the rapid  changes seen across the world, and we are following policies and programmes formulated by foreign countries particularly India, unable to expand our outlook and thinking.
“Political leaders of Manipur who have adopted Indian politics as their own politics of the land with a belief that Manipur cannot develop without India’s blessing have been obdurately working to keep Manipur as a subordinate nation of India. As a result, all of us are living a subservient life with outsiders dictating the pace of development of Manipur and the way we live. Thus we are projected as an underdeveloped nation which cannot even determine its own position.
“Nevertheless, the birth of many revolutionaries has revived the hopes of freedom and independence. With the rise of the all pervasive revolutionary movement, people now feel and talk openly that the forcible merger of Manipur into the Indian Union has no validity and annexation by India is the fundamental cause for Manipur’s downfall.
“Had India respected the rights of Manipuri people and the history of Manipur, it would have left Manipur like Singapore was separated from Malaysia Federation soon after explosion of just 42 bombs. Though people of Manipur and India have been suffering a lot because of the liberation movement, Indian leaders see Manipur as its eastern fortress which can never be separated from India. Given this disposition  of Indian leaders, India must follow the path of US and Indonesia which withdrew from Vietnam and East Timor respectively under heavy pressure and sharp criticisms from their own citizens and the international community.
“Well known Indian politician George Fernandes once described his own country as a country which has been sailing  against the tide of time and he even wished to be born in Vietnam if there is a second life. As such, looking to or imitating India as a model of development is utterly misplaced. Our disposition, at one point of time, to live together with Indian people who are quite different from us in all aspects in place of the people of South East Asian countries who are quite similar to us on several aspects is one primary factor for the downfall of Manipur. King Kullachandra knew that our outlook and thinking would not be in harmony with those of India and the western colonial rulers who taught their craftiness to Indian leaders. The king also knew that Manipuri people and Indian people cannot live together with mutual respect. We need to recall that after the Anglo-Manipuri War of 1891, king Kullachandra planned to go to China with around 200 people. But British colonial rulers exiled Kullachandra and around 14 others to Andaman with a warning to all future Manipuri generations that they should not look to the East.  The same warning was inherently perceptible when Yubaraj Tikendrajit and General Thangal were hung to death in public. Had king Kullachandra and his followers reached China, Manipur would have been definitely an independent, progressive and egalitarian country in South East Asia.
“Before the India-China War broke out,  young Manipuri boys and girls were taught shooting rifles during the last months of 1960 by Special Service Bureau (SSB) with a message that they must shoot Chinese as soon as they see one and thus they projected China as enemy of Manipur. Through its ‘Belt and Road Initiative’ which was conceptualized with the objective of facilitating economic cooperation and collective development, China has developed Kyaukpyu port in Myanmar, Kankesanthurai port in Sri Lanka, Gwadar port in Pakistan, and China has opened four of its ports to Nepal which was kept under transit monopoly of India for decades. Thus Beijing has been making significant contributions towards economic development of the landlocked Himalayan nation. But India has been preparing for war by seeking  support from different quarters including the people of Manipur by projecting the Chinese initiative as a policy of dominating India. At present, 40 per cent of the people of Manipur working in Government services are police and paramilitary forces. Manipuri people are being absorbed in large numbers in police and paramilitary forces not as a welfare measure for the State. This arrangement is a ploy to use Manipuri youth as proxy of Indian army for protection of mainland India when any conflict breaks out  between India and her neighbouring countries. At the same time, these forces comprising of Manipuri people predominantly are aimed creating conflicts and contradictions with the liberation movement of Manipur and ignite a useless internecine war. To evade this trap, it’s time for our youth, particularly those working in state security forces to choose the right path of the masses and work together with the revolutionary groups.  
“We must keep in mind that India is a country which is on the verge of disintegration on account of sharp polarization among political leaders, formation of rival political alliances, complete breakdown in governance and growing conflicts among politicians over prioritization of interests of their respective states. After the incident of Pulwama bomb attacked on last 14 February 2019, resulted the deaths of 40 Central Reserve Police Force Personnel, the mainland Indians keep ill-treated views to the people of Kashmiri’s Muslim.
“Likewise, for the assassination of former Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi in 1984 by her two Sikh bodyguards, more than 10,000 innocent Sikhs were killed. As a result, of such Indian activities, we should not fail to say that Indians are still having the thought of racist, communal and violating secularism. Due to taking their importance to the dominant land not to the people, they always dreams on the land ownership by drafting like “Citizenship (Amendment) Bill” to amend in the Indian Constitution as a continuous policy of population invasion, which is designed to act as surrogate to organize demographic change.  Keeping faith in India and letting the Indian Government rule over us any further as if we are Indians and our future lies with India would be a big blunder. We must unite and take a firm position collectively to fight and overthrow the Indian colonial rule so that we can re-build our nation independently. People’s liberation movement will be certainly victorious.

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By- Dr Nunglekpam Premi Devi
Independent Scholar

Wondering through thoughts, vividly imagining
I wasn’t born dressing; bare and all bare, naked;
Warm and cold and cool; it was just covered up;
Not knowing how and which, ‘you’ gave a name!
‘Name’ I could all carry along; sweet and sour,
Sexy and bitchy and sassy, dull and daring;
Legitimatizing and constantly; often and abusively;
The ‘Name’ you gave wasn’t continual, tabooing;
Non-acceptable and allowable and permissible;
‘You’ see me cursing, swearing and poisoning;
When I don’t participate, your word’s uttering;
Nasty and cruel, unkind and hurtful and too mean;
Cutting and hateful and bitter; horrible and unpleasant;
That’s lousy and awful; you’re so frightening call
‘You’ name me rubbish, rotten and second –ratted;
‘You’ name me miserable and careless appealing.

No wonder how much I go and stand apart;
‘You’ ditch me promptly, unexplored and banning;
Guarding and barring; torturing and beating;
‘You’ dare call me ‘violent’ and name me at ‘war’;
‘You’ disagree and profane ‘me’ anti-human;
Breaching and charging; desecrating and invading;
Disturbing and undermine; compromising and limiting;
Offensive, am I? How true ‘you’ charge me unsocial?
‘You’ name me disruptive to my ‘voice’
‘You’ so lawless unruly archaic; you too revolting;
What ‘name’ you captivate help upon me;
 ‘AFSPA ‘s my birthright ‘name’; ‘CAB’s neighbor;
‘Extremist’s my Brotherhood’s name; so militant!
Ah! You the great; ‘you’ the orderly mysterious;
No wonder as I grew up wild, my nature’s revolutionary;
Disorderly insurgent and miscreant, as you ‘name’ me.

Brave as I stood courageous voicing my ‘humanity’;
Shattering upon ‘rules and regulations’ you abide me;
Can’t go as ‘you’ instruct; Oh! The great, Oh! The Ruler;
You’re ‘Pen’ too sharp; you’re written words too blunt;
No doubt you gave me ‘name’ disobeying and radical;
Activist and fanatic; fundamentalist and rebel;
Rioting and rebellious; Agitational and revolting;
War-ragging and wide –ragging; insurgent and terrorist;
Agitator and fighter; Traitor and mutineer;
Bomber and Arsonist; Gun man and assassin;
Hijacker and Guerrilla; Desperado and Criminal;
Robber and outlaw; Bandit and raider;
Villain and tough; gunman and rough;
Gangster and fugitive; Supporter and follower;
Oh! So much of living ‘name’ until I die, can’t erase.

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