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Bishnupur, Feb 18,

Irate locals of Khordak today stormed to the Police station of Keibul Lamjao in Bishnupur District today morning after an accused identified as Heishnam Sharatkumar who was detained for killing a wild boar inside the Keibul Lamjao National Park on February 14, 2019 was found dead.

Saratkumar , aged about 48 is the son of late Heishnam Mani Singh of Khordak Mayai Leikai in Bishnupur district. He was arrested by a team of Keibul Police Station and Keibul Forest Range Office on the evening of Feb 14 for killing the wild boar and remanded for 8 days in police custody.

He was reportedly found hung to death at the lock-up of Keibul Police Station last night. On receiving the news about the death of the accused large number people from Khordak area stormed at the Keibul Police station and Forest Range Office blaming the dead to police authority.

As the local turn hostile and even pushed the gate of the police station, the police team firec smoke bomb to disperse the mob.

Terming the dead of Sharatkumar as suspicious, local people of the area demanded immediate punishment of those responsible for the cause of the death. A local said that Sharatkumar was a healthy person and mentally strong to face anything to feed his family.

“There is no way that he hung himself to death”, a protestor said. He threatens agitation saying that they will not receive the dead body until justice has been delivered to the deceased and his family.

MLA of Thanga Assembly Constituency Tongbram Robindro along with Additional SP L/O Manihar and SDPO Moirang Shivkanta also rushed to the spot and tried to console the agitating mob. The MLA along with the family members and local leader inspected the room (Lock up) where the deceased Sharatkumar was found hung to death. Forensic science team also inspected the room.

MLA T. Robindro Singh while speaking to the people said that proper magisterial enquiry will be conducted and those found guilty will not be spare.

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Imphal, Feb 18,

All  Manipur  Muslim  organisations  coordination  committee (AMMOCOC) while condemning the arrest of former MSAD president Veewon Thokchom, demanded immediate unconditional release.
“The act of continuous suppression of the voice of common people in the state of Manipur has become the tactic of the incompetent BJP fascist Government to save their face for the unfulfilled promises made”, SM Jalal President of AMMOCOC write in a statement.
The statement term the arrest of Veewon as abduction as no formal warrant for arrest has been issued .  
It  is  worth  to  mention  that,  Mr.  Veewon  led  the  protest  against  the  Citizenship  Amendment  Bill  and undemocratic arrest and slapping of NSA to one of the state journalist who was arrested for criticising the state Government in New Delhi.  
The statement by Jalal also stated that  a  team  of  Manipur  police  commando  had  raided  the  local  residence  Vewon at Lamnai and have threatened his parents to keep the ex-president tight-lipped.   
“The  act of  the  incumbent BJP  led Government,  arresting  student’s  leader  towards  suppressing  the  voice of people of the state for criticising the Govt is really uncalled for”, he statement said and called upon the government of Manipur to stop the  autocratic  nature  of  BJP  and  its  ally  Government  to  stop  gagging  the  voice  of  the  people  and students who are the future of the state. The Government at any cost can’t stop the mass uproar of the people and this has been clearly proven by the anti CAB Bill protest in the state.
AMMOCOC  stated that it stands  in  solidarity  with  the  student’s  leader  and  demand  the  immediate  and  unconditional release of Veewon Thokchom

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CCpur, Feb 18,

After a hugely successful inaugural edition of last year, the second edition of the Churachandpur District Women’s Football Tournament 2019 is set to begin from 27th February, 2019 at Lamka Public Ground, Churachandpur.
The tournament is organized by Action for Women and Child Advancement (AWCA), Churachandpur with the support of Churachandpur District Sports’ Association (CDSA) and all Women’s organisations of Churachandpur District.
In last year’s inaugural edition, a limit of 16 teams was set with Lenlai Club clinching the championship while TYAU of Tuaitengphai emerged runners-up.
This year’s tournament will see hike in prize money from Rs. 15,000 to Rs. 20,000 for the champions and a newly introduced special package of Rs. 3,000 each as financial coverage for the losing semi-finalists while Individual Prize winners for categories of Best Player, Best Goalkeeper and Top-Scorer will be awarded cash incentives of Rs. 2,000 each and certificates apart from grant of consolation prize to all participants.
The tournament will be opened to all residents of Churachandpur including Pherzawl District and the last date of entry is fixed as 23rd February, 2019.

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Monday, 18 February 2019 16:22

“From E-Waste to Medals”

BY:SanjenbamJueshwor Singh

Inevery four years, the host Country of the Olympic Games revels in the Global spotlight for sixteen days. While few Countries are able to create a lasting imprint once the games are over. Japan has a unique plan to change this: at the 2020 summer Olympic in Tokyo; winning medalist will quite literally own a piece of Japanese trash. During 2020 TokyoOlympic, medals to the best Athletes of the World will be conferred with the medals made from E-Waste at the victory podium.Japan has pledged to recover upto eight(08) tons of metals from obsolete smartphones and other electronic gadgets ,which will be converted into five thousands(5000) Gold, Silver and Bronze medals ahead of the games according to a press release on the Olympic websites.
The initiatives, known as the “Tokyo Medal Project “is in a part of response to global”E-Waste” crisis. This project falls directly in the line with the Tokyo-2020 slogan” Be better, together-for the Planet and the People “This is not the first time, electronic waste has been used to create the Olympic medals but it is the first time citizens got a chance to be directly involved. Although only a tenth of the population, Japan is second to China when it comes to generating E-Waste, according to UN University’s Regional E-Waste monitor. In 2011 alone 36.39 million mobile phones were made in Japan and only 7.62 million units or 20.9% were collected under mobile recycling networks, a network of 9000 retails outlets that collect mobile parts. It is a problem across Asia, with the volume of E-Waste increasing by 63% in the five years ending in 2015. Asia is also the largest manufacturer and the market of EEE (Electrical and Electronic Equipment), not intended for reused. This amount to 12.3 million tons in 2015, a weight akin to 2.4 times that of the Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt. Globally, the unit of E-Waste was   projected to grow 49.8 million tons by the end of 2018 with annual growth rate of 4 to 5%. China alone increased its waste to 6.7 milliontons upto 10% from 2010 to 2015. Meanwhile Hong Kong (21.7 kg) and Singapore (19.95 kg), had the highest average E-waste generation per capita in the region in 2015.
Tokyo 2020 Medal Project is attempting to salvage metals from E-Waste devices. TheOrganizingCommittee, in an attempt to obtain required quantity tried at its wits end effort to make all the medals for Olympic and Paralympic by the materials collected from old smartphones, Laptops and other obsolete electronic gadgets. This initiative was taken up for the first time in 2017 with public, business as well as Industries. It is effort a step ahead of the 2016 Rio Olympic; to make 30% of Silver and Bronze medals from recycled materials. Upto the end of 2018, Organizer had collected 47,488 tons of E-Waste devices. Out of this 8 tons, it has pledged to recycle  and aims to collect 40 kg of Gold,4,920Kgs of Silver and 2,944kgs of Bronze from which they will make Gold, Silver and Bronze medals of the games. The target of making bronze medals was achieved in June 2018.At the same time; they set the target to achieve for the Gold and Silver by March this year. A press release of the organizing committee, by October 2018, 28.4 kg of gold (93.7% of the targeted quantity) and 3,500kg of Silver (85.4% of targeted quantity) had been sourced from the donated devices. In Japan ,1600 Municipal authorities involved tocollect 90% of the E-Waste upto the end of November 2018.After collecting the sufficient quantity of E-Waste, prior to make medals and refining, they will dismantled and classify different types. At the end of August 2018, the telecom giant NTTDOCOMO, a partner in the project collected approximately 1,300,000 used mobile phones. Consumers are also increasingly choosing to turn in their old phones to participate in manufacturer’s buyback or trade-in-program,arguably one of the most sustainable options.
This venture of Japan is an eye-opening to all the countries where the miseries of e-waste exist and can follow the foot print of Japan to convert e-waste to wealth. At the same time this activity will remove the burden of e-waste problem in our environment. Government of Manipur may also eye this venture for a clean & healthy environment for a prosperous state.
Writer can be reached to:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Or WhatsApp No:9612891339

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Monday, 18 February 2019 16:21

The unwanted season for no good reason

Incidentally or otherwise, if anyone would care to ponder over, there is this thing with trouble which come calling once or twice a month every year like an unwanted guest who stays back for dinner. There has been this inexplicable and uncanny coincidence of all sorts of things that could go wrong actually going wrong most frequently in the middle of the year for a while now. It does not mean to indicate a happy, calm state for the rest of the time- just an increasingly visible and consistent pattern that was not given much thought about before now.
Could it be the change in the weather that drives most people to commit crimes and offences, the Government to be crowded out with scandals and revelations of misappropriation of funds, inaction and false promises. The public, not to be outdone, has been bringing up issues- some genuine and some blown out of proportion, jumping in amidst the fray that makes the whole scene rather ironically comic.
One thing is for sure- good or bad- the season for excitement and enthusiastic agitations is just round the corner once again. We can pretty much expect, without fail, an increase in the blockades and bandhs- to the point when three or four blockades are being imposed on the same road on the same day concurrently. We can then be seeing almost everyone out of their homes and into the streets to have a first-hand taste of the bandh.
The rains will be bringing another set of issues from floods to accusations of apathy by the Government and delayed help- or no help as the case might be, to allegations of distributing live tadpoles, toads and other living organisms through the water supply system. A positive way to look at it would be to take heart in the fact that the water so supplied, though apparently undrinkable, proves for itself that it has not been poisoned.
Could it be the logical explanation as to the question of why so many in the State have been taking to drinking from the local breweries? Social activism will be taken to with renewed vengeance by seasoned as well as wannabe social minded individuals and organisations. Power cuts will be on the rise once again- raising the temperature and lowering the tolerance level of the common people, while the fortunate ones will be hogging the meagre supply of power so generously provided after allocation to the less fortunate neighbouring region has been made.
 All in all, the season promises to be anything but idle. After all something is better than nothing and normal is as boring as always. For those of us in the news media and journalists, a hectic yet rewarding period. What we really have been wanting to say all along is “Keep up the good work people!”

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Siam Sarower Jamil,
Dhaka, Feb. 18

The new executives of Indian Media Correspondents Association, Bangladesh (IMCAB) have been elected unopposed for the year 2019-2020.
Bashudeb Dhar of the Daily Statesman, Quddus Afrad (Daily Anandabazar Patrika, Kolkata) and Rafiqul Islam Sabuj (Daily Desher Katha, Agartala) have been elected president, vice president and general secretary respectively.
The other elected office-bearers are: joint general secretary- Sahidul Hasan Khokon (The India Today), treasurer Masum Billah (Daily Jugashankha, Assam) and organizing secretary Mir Afroz Zaman (United News of India- UNI), said a press release on Sunday evening.
Executive members are Anisur Rahman (Press Trust of India-PTI), Aminul Hoq Bhuiyan (Daily Ei Somoy), Layek Uzzaman (Daily Din Darpon, Kolkata), Rajib Khan (Zee Akash Media) and Abu Ali (Daily Jagaran, Agartala).
Dip Azad (Times Now Tv), general secretary of outgoing committee of IMCAB will remain as member of the executive committee according to the constitution of the organization.

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Greetings from Chanu Creations!!!

Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana (PMKVY) is a flagship scheme of the Ministry of Skill Development & Entrepreneurship (MSDE) implemented through National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC). It is India’s largest skill certification scheme and the objective is to enable and mobilize a large number of Indian youth to take up outcome based skill training and become employable and earn their livelihood. It is the first step towards making India the skill capital of the world. It was launched by Hon’ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi on 15th July 2015.
Under this scheme, Chanu Creations, Imphal, Manipur has been trained RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning) training to 200 weavers in Ziro, Lower Subansiri District of Arunachal Pradesh on the job role ‘‘Two Shaft Handloom Weaver’’ (QP No: TSC/Q7303, conforming to NSQF Level-4) as PIA through NSDC. The training was imparted in accordance with National Skills Qualifications Framework (NSQF) with strict monitoring guidelines enforced by NSDC. The assessment of the trainees (both theory and practical) was conducted by Intouch Professional Services Pvt. Ltd., Chandigarh assigned by Textile Sector Skill Council (TSC).
RPL is an important step towards getting formal acceptance and respect for informally acquired knowledge and skills. It shows the trainees a path to bridge their current knowledge and skill levels to reach a competency level or go for higher skills for professional growth. Altogether 191 trainees were successful the assessment and certified for RPL Certificates. All these certified trainees are also covered Personal Accident Insurance Scheme under Pradhan Mantri Suraksha Bima Yojana (PMSBY) for three years provided by New India Assurance Company.
The certificates distribution ceremony of the RPL-PMKVY certified trainees of Lower Subansiri District, Arunachal Pradesh was held in Ziro at Kasturba Gram Seva Kendra, Hong-Village on 16th February 2019.  The event was graced by Shri Tilling Duri (Head Man) Gaon Bura of Niitii Ziro (Arunachal Pradesh), Smt. Chirom Indira a National Awardee, Nari Shakti Puraskar Awardee, Women Transforming India Awardee, DMA All India Women Entrepreneurs Awardee, Vasundhara Hall of Fame Awardee and Proprietor/CEO of Chanu Creations, Shri Hibu Yanii, Gaon Bura of Niichi Ziro (Arunachal Pradesh), Miss Mrinalini Gogoi Asst. Incharge of Kasturba Gram Seva Kendra, Ziro of Arunachal Pradesh and Shri W. Joyshankar Luwang Project Manager of Chanu Creations as Chief Guest, President and Guest of Honours respectively. All the certified trainees of Lower Subansiri District were awarded RPL Certificates at the event.
The small loom industry has been making all possible efforts to not only provide livelihood but also promote the traditional products. By giving women skills and new opportunities, we can unlock their full potential and enable every woman to find a new meaningful place in society. It is truly gratifying that the efforts of Chanu Creations bring smiles to thousands of women weavers in the region through RPL-PMKVY and moving towards the fruitfulness tomorrow’s generation with a new identity.

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