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Imphal, Feb. 15,

According to the Census Facts of Manipur at a glance, Registrar General of Census Commissioner, India Ministry of Home Affairs, the decadal percentage growth rate of the Meeteis/Meiteis, who predominantly inhabited in the valley areas of Manipur, has been on the decrease but the Manipuri Muslim growth rate is being increased to a certain extent.
The Census Facts in its report states that the decadal percentage growth rate of the Meeteis/Meiteis has been on the decrease from 48% in 2001 to 44% in 2011. The Meiteis/Meeteis have 12, 51, 307 population in 2011. The Meeteis/Meiteis and some tribes in the Nagas are the indigenous people of Manipur.
The report is based on estimated proportion (%) as per mother tongue, religion, migration and scheduled tribe population (1881-2011). There is also Muslim population (1931-2011) based on Islam/Muslim religion and district wise growth of population (As per census 2011).
Only 6 Muslims came to Manipur as war prisoners in 1606 AD during the reign of Manipur King Khagemba. But theirs’ population growth was 8% in 2001. It has equal rate in 2011. Theirs’ population is 2, 39, 836 according to the latest survey report. Theirs’ population in 1931 was 22, 864. 
For the tribals/scheduled tribes, it has been increased from 38 % in 2001 to 41% in 2011. There are 11, 67,422 populations for the tribals as on 2011, the reports states.
According to the Census report 2011, Senapati district has registered unbelievable population explosion of 4, 79, 147 against 2, 83, 621 population in 2001. For this district, the population has been about 50% increased. This is hill district with tribal populations.
For another hill district is Tamenglong with its population 1, 11,499 in 2001 and 1, 40,651 in 2011.
In 2001, there were 2, 27, 905 population in Churachandpur district but in 2011 it has 274,143 populations.
For Bishnupur district it has 2, 37,399 in 2011 against 2, 08,368 in 2001. This district is in the valley.
Another valley district Thoubal has 4, 22,168 in 2011 against 3, 64,140 in 2001.
Imphal district has 4, 44,381 in 2001 against 5, 17,992 in 2011. It is the least increasing its population in the state.
For Imphal east district there were 3, 94, 876 in 2001 and in 2011 it increased to 4, 56,113.
Ukhrul district which shares border with north western Myanmar and southern part of Nagaland has 1, 40,778 population in 2001 and it has 1, 83,998 in 2011.
For Chandel district sharing border with Myanmar has 1, 18,327 in 2001 and 1, 44,182 in 2011.

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Imphal, Feb 15,

Lok Sabha MPs of both Inner and Outer Manipur Parliamentary constituencies’ return back today afternoon with smile on their face on the Union government failure to present the Citizenship Amendment Bill at Rajya Sabha which cool down the turmoil in the entire states of North Eastern states.

Soon after landing at Imphal Airport MP Dr, Meinya while talking to reporter said that the Lok Sabha session conclude today and both MP Thangso baite and himself return to consult and review the discussion at both the houses of Parliament.

Meinya said as everyone knows that the CAB 2016 could not be placed at the Rajya Sabha which was adjourned on February 13. As the Bill could not be tabled it can be considered as dead or say lapse, however as the government still will survive till June 3, he expressed apprehension on the kind of action that might be taken up by the BJP government to make sure that the Bill is passed in the form of ordinance. He said when there is no session the government can use the ordinance by passing it in cabinet.

Dr. Meinya said as the state of Manipur have only 2 MPs they get little time to express about the issues that has been haunting the state but he tried everything to draw the attention of the house regarding the issues happening in the state. He even said that he had brought up the demand of the people to restore the pre merger status.

Dr. Meinya said that had there not been a mass movement against the passing of the CA Bill in the entire states of North East including Manipur there is a possibility that they passed the Bill. Congress strong opposition to the Bill has also been highlighted to the Media.

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Friday, 15 February 2019 16:26

Maoist claims BJP as shameless

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Imphal, Feb 15

The reception ceremony for the Chief Minister which was held at Hapta Kangjeibung for not tabling the contentious CAB at Rajya Sabha organised by BJP is an act of shamelessness of the Bharatya Janata Party.  
This was stated in a press statement signed by Coordinator, Standing Committee of Maoist Communist Party Manipur Kyonghan Mangang. It further said that the people of  Manipur and the women folks of Ima Keithel has been facing harsh atrocities from the government for protesting against the bill and added that BJP has never stand against the CAB.
He added that those attending the reception are BJP bhaks who had never taken part in the mass protest against CAB.
Kyonghan further added that the people of Manipur remembered what the Chief Minister, and his colleagues have said in functions regarding the Contentious citizenship Amendment Bill 2016 and also the things the BJP has done to subjugate the protest against the CAB.
He added that the bill was not tabled at Rajya Sabha even though BJP tried to table it twice was because of the people’s movement and the disagreement of the bill by several political parties without BJP and also because of the ruckus inside the Rajya Sabha Parliament by many opposition parties as the opposition has greater number in the upper house.
Kyonghan also added that the CM misinformed the general public claiming that the curfew was imposed because the people tried to dismantle the house and the properties of BJP MLA and the office of BJP. He added the fact was that the people were angered because of the imposition of curfew and tried to attack the said house and office on the day of the curfew itself not before imposing it.

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Friday, 15 February 2019 16:26

AR recovers huge quantity of explosives

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Imphal, Feb 15,

In a major breakthrough, Thoubal Battalion of 9 Sector Assam Rifles alongwith Somsai Battalion of 10 Sector Assam Rifles under the aegis of IGAR(South) in a joint operation apprehended an individual who was in possession of a large number of Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) and explosive  materials from general area of Ukhrul Bazar on 14 February.
Based on a specific input of likely transportation of some explosive materials into the Imphal valley, the teams of Assam Rifles along with Police launched specific search operation in the Ukhrul Bazar area where they spotted the suspect suspiciously moving with a bag. On checking the bag the IEDs and explosive material were recovered from one Yaoreipam Lashkar   resident of Kamjong village. A total of three IEDs including one ready to use and two unassembled IEDs, four detonators, one TNT slab and explosive powder in a large quantity were recovered from the apprehended individual. The IEDs were likely to be used to target Security forces in Imphal. Further interrogation is on to ascertain more details.    
The timely and swift act by the Assam Rifles has not only prevented a major incident but also thwarted the nefarious designs of the UG groups to disturb peace and tranquility in the State. The successful recovery of the IED also reinforced the collective effort of Assam Rifles and Police to ensure peace and safe environment in the State.

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Imphal, Feb 15,

Guardian Association, Parents Teachers Association and Catholic School Student Transporters Welfare Union (CSSTWU) today staged a sit-in in front of Catholic School denouncing the planting of IED at the gate of the school.  
Speaking to media person Naorem Jibit who is the Secretary of Catholic School Local Guardian Association said that the recent planting of bomb at school has created a state of fear psychosis in the minds of young students.
He appealed to both the parties of KCP Peoples War Group and Catholic Educational Society to bring an amicable solution and bring the students to a normal healthy schooling environment.

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Imphal, Feb 15,

“All Manipur College Teachers’ Association” (AMCTA) has submitted a reminder of the 10 – point charter of demands that was submitted on 29th September, 2018.
The demand includes immediate release of long pent allowances i.e., SCA, TA entitled to college teacher5s and equivalent cadres by making correction of ROP orders dated 12.8.2011.
The AMCTA memorandum stated that the college teachers have been drawing their salaries in incomplete forms since the Allowances, SCA, TA, the components of monthly salary have  not been paid till date. The pending of due allowances i.e, SCA, TA entitled to college teachers and equivalent cadres may kindly be released in such a way either by removing the sentence “Academic Grade Pay (AGP) shall not be equated to Grade Pay (GP) provided to other Govt. employees for any purpose whatever” laid down in Para 4 of the Govt. ROP orders No. 7(7)/3/2009-HE(Misc)pt(1) dated 12.8.2018 or by making corrigendum replacing the sentence which gives a hurdle in releasing the same allowances and which has unfortunately not been mentioned in the 6th UGC Pay revision orders of all states of India except Manipur.
It may be recalled that the State Cabinet had taken its decision mentioning as “College Teachers presently serving under the Department of Higher Education and Technical Education, Government of Manipur be given Academic Grade Pay (AGP) in place of Grade Pay”. Unfortunately, ROP was issued in the form of contradiction with the Cabinet Decision.
This can amicably be solved by referring to Para IX of the GOI, MHRD letter No. F.23-2/2009-TS II dated 09-03-2010 that gives a mapping indicting the equivalence of AGPs to the GPs for corresponding categories of employees as follows:
In respect of faculty, the AGP has been fixed slightly higher than the Grade Pay provide to the other employees. Since the various entitlements like SCA, TA, TA/DA etc. are to be regulated as per the Grade Pay indicated in CCS/State Services (Revise Pay) Rules the equivalence of AGPs to the GPs for corresponding  categories of the employees should be given as shown above. In view of the above fact, your kind attention is drawn to the fact that the government college teachers in Manipur have so long been enjoying mutilated salaries without SCA & TA.
So, the Government of Manipur is earnestly requested to release the long part due allowances applying the above mapping, the memorandum added.
The AMCTA also mention about the Implementation of revised 7th UGC Pay Scales to the Government college teachers and equivalent cadres of Manipur and financial assistance at the rate of 50 percent of the additional expenditure from t he Central Government : In this regard, the Government may kindly be reminded  of the AMCTA’s representations/memoranda dated 29.9.2018 & 30.7.2018..

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Friday, 15 February 2019 16:24

After effect of CAB collapse

Political workers threaten dire consequences to the people of Heirok on February 13 evening, if fails to attend grand reception programme of Chief Minister N. Biren Singh and Education Minister Th. Radheshyam. Reason both have succeeded in collapsing the Citizenship Amendment Bill, 2016 from passing at Rajya Sabha. Video record showed supporters of Education Minister Radheshyam roaming in the streets of Heirok using load speakers.

On the following day large number of BJP supporters organised a grand reception programme at Hatta Kangjeibung and celebrated on the Union government inability to present the Bill for passing at Rajya Sabha. After the Chairman of the Rajya Sabha adjourned the session sine die without making any chance to table the Bill, it become lapses and the worried face of all the entire people of North East States showed smile on their face. But as the people of Manipur as aware of government policy not all celebrated as there is a chances of passing ordinance of a similar act with that of the CAB. MANPAC and the PAM which has been spearheading the agitation against CAB had appealed to remain alert as they still have apprehension of passing it by the Union government using any means.

Well, from the time that anti- CAB protestors started talking about the probable impact that would give to the state of NE in general and Manipur in Particular, the BJP had always been defending saying that the Bill if converted in Act will not harm anything to the state of Manipur. Chief Minister N Biren Singh had stated that those talking about the Bill should go on and study the content of the Bill. His previous stand was that the Bill will give no impact in the state of Manipur as his government will urge the President of India to give assent to the Manipur Peoples’ Bill passed by the State Assembly. Later as the movement against the CAB rises and as he felt that the situation might go out of his hand, he then said that he will urged the Union Government to insert a clause that will ensured to protect the state of Manipur.

When one goes through the content and the motive for introduction of the CAB, it is purely an electoral matter. BJP would have gain a lot of vote back in Northern India particularly at the Hindu heartland block. It does not matter whether the defeat in the Rajya Sabha, the tabling of the CAB is a win-win situation for the BJP.

They really have no interest for the North Eastern State as it has only 25 MPs. The 25 MPs can be neutralized by the MPs from West Bengal which have 42 numbers.

Manipur Burn or not BJP’s agenda was to pass the Bill. As the Bill could not be even presented at the Rajya Sabha during the just concluded session it is a real set-back for the BJP leadership.

The difference is that the situation was taken as a political mileage without having a second thought to the Manipur Pradesh BJP members as they seem to forget that they are celebrating the defeat of their mother party.

Changes in politics of Manipur seem not far as every happening reaches to the leaders within a blink of eyes.

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