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Imphal, Feb 13,

Normalcy has been finally restored here in the trouble torn state of Manipur as the anti CAB protestors showed sign of relieve as the interim Budget session of the Rajya Sabha adjourned sine die without tabling the contentious Citizenship Amendment Bill, 2016.
Business list of the Rajya Sabha for February 12 and February 13 showed that the Citizenship Amendment Bill, 2016 shall be moved at the Rajya Sabha by the Union Home Minister Rajnath. But as the RS was adjourned thrice on February 12 over other issues and for reason best known to the Chairperson of the Rajya Sabha the Bill which rocks the entire North Eastern region was not tabled.  
Soon after the adjournment of the Rajya Sabha Curfew imposed in the two districts of Imphal has been relaxed by the district administration and conglomerate of civil society organizations MANPAC and PAM called off the agitation, normalcy seems to be returned and police personnel who had been deployed since the last two days showed smiling face when they return back to their stations.
However, till afternoon traffic along the Imphal city remain deserted as almost all people were still confuse on whether the agitation has been suspended or not besides people have no idea of the curfew relaxation until late hour as data internet remained shut till late hours.
Mass protests staged at various places by blocking roads were too ended soon after organizers announced the news.
Meanwhile, both the MANPAC and the PAM which has been spearheading the mass agitations seem to be not completely calm with the lapses of the Bill as it was not tabled at the RS.
Both the bodies express apprehension that the government o India may use some other technique to introduce similar act by passing an ordinance by the Union cabinet if they feel the Bill as an important instrument of coming back to power in the next Lok Sabha.

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Imphal, Feb 13,

Peoples’ Alliance Manipur (PAM) has term the Union Government inability to table the contentious Citizenship Amendment Bill, 2016 at Rajya Sabha as a victory of the people.

“There is no incident where the people movement can be suppressed by the ruling regime in history of the world and the suppression of the Citizenship Amendment Bill, 2016, which the people in the entire north east states have been agitating by opposing it tooth and nail showed that peoples’ movement cannot be suppressed by any instrument”, said W. Kameshore, one among the four Convenor of PAM, while speaking to media persons at Manipur Press Club today.

The Bill was already listed in the business of the Rajya Sabha twice but could not be tabled as there was ruckus in the Rajya Sabha for other reason. They may have other reason to leave out the CAB but it is actually the peoples’ movement that they are not able to table it in the Rajya Sabha  due to the mass movement in the entire region of NE states, the Convenor of PAM added.

He further said that on February 12, the Bill could not be table by the Hindutva Fascist BJP due to ruckus in the house over issues not related with the CAB. Today too as there are many Bill which has to be passed, the BJP have no time to table it as the session was adjourned sine die.

Another Convenor of the Pam SM Jalal, while thanking the people said that even though the Bill has not been table in the Rajya Sabha people need to be alerted as there are other ways that the Hindutva Fascists BJP may use other means like passing of a similar Bill type act by a decision of the cabinet.

He appealed people to remain alert all time.

The two other Convenor S. Bijenty and Anwar Noojahan also said that people need not celebrate the failure to pass the CAB at the Parliament as the BJP may use any instrument to pass it.  

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Imphal, Feb 13,

With the Rajya Sabha adjourned sine die without placing the contentious Citizenship (Amendment) Bill, 2016, Manipur Peoples’ Against Citizenship Amendment Bill, 2016 (MANPAC) today announced suspension of the mass protest including road block, rally etc. However, the MANPAC will continue to protest democratically against the CAB and will not remain silent until the Government of India discloses the motive behind their effort for introduction of the CAB which put the whole North East region under turmoil.
Yumnamcha Dilipkumar, convenor of MANPAC, talking to media persons at Manipur Press Club today afternoon soon after the Rajya Sabha was adjourned sine die, said that the Union government could not tabled the CA Bill due to the mass movement of the people of the entire North East region. He said credit for the victory of the people goes to the vendor women of Khwairamband Keithel and also to all the people of the region.
Dilip however said that even as the intensified protest will be suspended, democratic form of protest will continue to find out the motive behind the reason for trying to amend the Citizenship Bill.
Condemning the police excess to women protestors at Khwaramband Keithel on Feb 10 evening at which the police team fire mock bomb and tear gas shell to disperse the agitators injuring 7 women, Dilipkumar said that treatment cost of those injured should be borne by the government.
“Not only those women but also those injured in the course of the agitation against CAB should be borne by the Government”, Dilipkumar said.
 Besides, destructions caused on that day by the police team on the day protest at Khwairamband Keithel should also be compensated by the state government, Dilipkumar added.
On the other hand Dilipkumar further added that as the people of the state felt insecure to the identity and culture as well as the land, the government should urged the center to give presidential assent to the Manipur Peoples’ Bill which was passed by the Manipur State Assembly. He also said that the MANPAC will also urge the government for updating of the NRC as done in Assam.  

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Imphal, Feb 13,

North-East Forum for International Solidarity (NEFIS) activists along with the students and youth from North-East as well as different parts of the country today held a protest demonstration against BJP government at the centre.  The protest was organized against the discriminatory step of non-inclusion of Bodo language among the languages offered as medium of examination in the CTET exam, which is being conducted by CBSE. NEFIS Assam Unit had also organized a massive protest in Kokrajhar, Assam where thousands of students, teachers and common people participated. At Delhi, an effigy of Union HRD Ministry was also burnt in protest. It should be noted that the Bodo language is included in the 8th Schedule of Indian Constitution, which lists the recognized major languages used by the people across the country. Exclusion of Bodo language from the CTET exam which includes 20 of 22 languages of the list amounts to a blatant attempt at discriminating against one of the most deprived communities of the country. A delegation also submitted a memorandum to the Union HRD Minister on the issue.
Important to note is the fact that the step of not including Bodo as a medium of examination would penalize the students of the state government-run schools, where it is used as a medium of instruction. In the CTET exam which is being conducted by the CBSE it is not allowed as a medium of examination which shows BJP’s utter disregard for the students of marginalized backgrounds.
The demonstration was organized to also protest against the tabling of communal Citizenship Amendment Bill, 2016 in Rajya Sabha by the BJP government today despite widespread opposition against it. The activists of NEFIS condemned the communal bill and tied black bands on mouths to convey that people have no say vis-à-vis BJP government’s policies. The bill, it should be noted, permits the minorities of Bangladesh, Pakistan and Afghanistan to become citizens of India. The communal angle here is starkly evident from the fact that the minorities from only three countries have been given space in the current bill, while the minorities from other neighbouring countries have been consciously kept out of the scope of the bill. The proposed bill is premised on the religious persecution of non-Muslim minorities in neighbouring Muslim majority countries, and deliberately elides the question of providing asylum to persecuted minorities of other countries.
NEFIS has resolved to further intensify its struggle, against BJP government’s anti-people policies in the coming days.

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Wednesday, 13 February 2019 16:54

Overshadowing issues by CAB

Well and good the CAB was not table today at Rajya Sabha. But the issue of dissent has been almost made forgotten. Almost everybody seems to forget Kishrochandra who is being detained under National Security. The “little dictator” as called by the retd. Supreme Court Justice Markende Kaju seems to provide some relieved to Mr. Chief Minister. The issue of Kishorechand appears to be almost forgotten by almost media  houses . The ‘Print’ a media network still provides space written by our mentor Pradip Phanjaoubam – about the issue. But people seem sidelining it for reason best known to the so call CSOs or the media fraternity. Mr. Biren, the Chief Minister of Manipur seem relieved, as no none talk of Kishshorchandra Wangkhemcha. People in the journalism profession too have forgotten the issue of Kishorechandra , the TV journalist . The Chief Minister seems to be mentally unstable as promises made by him to give justice to 1528 victims of fake encounter was never heard from his mouth since he hold power. Corruption – which he promised to eradicate was caught in red handed and punishment to corrupt official were never heard of giving any punishment.
CAB is an issue of the entire North Eastern states and his shrewd gambling in tackling the peoples’ uproar is supposedly working a way out to safe him and his party from the wrath of the people. Nevertheless , Kishorechandra’s detention is also thrown out of the mind of the people with the coming of the CAB. One way he seems happy on the other way he forget the consequences he might face if CAB is passed.
Kishorechandra’s issue is more like his personnel issue  but CAB is no different from the issue of the 2001 people’s uprising. Assembly was burnt, Speaker of the the then legislative assembly was garland with shoes and insulted in public, many offices of the political parties as well as quarters of the MLAs and Ministers were burnt. If CAB is passed there is no guarantee that similar uproar would strike back. The only option left to the Chief Minister is ‘sacrifice’. Our chief Minister has done many good thing but it would be wrong if CAB sabotage and destroyed his career, because people will target him and he will be another victim as people will ignore his good deeds because of CAB.
No matter it is his party that brings up CAB, people will sport and stand by you if you strongly object and even sacrifice your seat by challenging the CAB. The kind of act will again restored you back to the top most seat of the state as people will have more confident in you.
Resign if they say ‘no’ to you, a simple request. On the other hand , the detention of TV journalist Kishorechandra Wangkhemcha under NSA cannot be carpeted with any issue. He was already released on bail and it is time that a person ruling the state think positively and released him without any condition. Kishorechandra is indeed no threat to the government (your’). Ignore what he spoke against you and release him by givig some good advice to him. He started just as a journalist and at young age they talk and the talk should not be make as an internal issue. After all Mr. Honourable Chief Minister was once an editor of a popular newspaper which is dedicated for the cause of the Human Rights.

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By: Sanjenbam Jugeshwor Singh.

People of Manipur has been experiencing BANDH, General Strikes, and Blockades in various forms for various reasons for the last so many years. To achieve their demands, for small & pity matters, using Bandh, General strikes as tools or weapons by our peoples has been something like culture in Manipur. However, whether many of the movement using Bandh & Blockades to achieve their demand was successful or not is a big question to be asked. In the Fundamental Right given by the 19th Article of Indian Constitution, every citizen of India has the right to express his opinion, desire etc. To obtain or achieve their rightful demand from the Government they can take up any type of peaceful protest or movement without any weapons. However, a big question arises at this point of time. Can someone or a group of people disturb other by using the fundamental right given to them by Indian Constitution? As an answer to this question, we can recall the landmark judgment given by KERELA HIGH COURT. In the judgment against the writ petition filled by one person called BHARAT KUMAR, the full Bench of KERELA HIGH COURT given the verdict that BANDH is entirely different from the HARTAL or STRIKE as BANDH is against the Constitution. The verdict of the KERELA HIGH COURT was also endorsed by the SUPREME COURT of India. CPI (M) challenged the verdict of Kerala High Court and filled a petition in Supreme Court against it. In the verdict by the Supreme Court against this petition said, the Fundamental right of an individual or a group of individuals cannot embrace the Fundamental right of the people of our Nation or Country. Therefore Bandh can’t be called which is against the right of the others and damage the property of the State. In an Affidavit by the MAHARASTRA Government in the BOMBAY HIGH COURT against a writ petition in connection with the Bandh it was mentioned that in LONDON any type of protest by the general public to obtain their demand from the Government are held at HIGH PARK without disturbing others. In the same manner, in Maharashtra also this can be held at AZAD MAIDEIN .This will not disturb the Fundamental Right of others when a group of people demand their Fundamental right. In comply with the affidavit by the Maharashtra Government, Bombay High Court had given the verdict that any kind of people’s movement should not disturb other. According to an observation given by Supreme Court to control Bandh & Hartal it is mentioned that Bandh or Hartal shouldn’t cause inconvenience, loss of properties, and fear to public and individual, damage of state property and Government should take up appropriate action to safeguard public life and property. Supreme Court has given the power to the state to recover any kind of losses from the leaders of the group or Organization as Compensation. For the first time an order was issued to give compensation to a Hotel by a former MLA of Shiva Senna in Maharashtra in connection with the damaged caused by a group of people led by him on 21st July 2009 under Bombay Police Act 1951,Section-51 clause-3.The matter was brought to the Bombay High Court. The Bombay High Court endorsed Government order and issued an order to the MLA to give Rs7.8 lakhs as compensation to the Hotel. Supreme Court also gave the state Government to frame rules and regulation to protect and prevent the loss of life and property due to Bandh & Hartal. Supreme Court also given power to the State to amend the Prevention of damage to public property Act 1984 in order to take up appropriate legal action against the leaders of Bandh & Hartal. This is the matters of Law and issue of Government. However can this be applicable in our state where frequent Bandhs and Blockades exist? This is a big question that everybody asked. Bandhs or General strikes are also being called from time to time by unlawful Organizations. At the same time there is culture like habits of calling Band by JAC or Local or Villagers instantaneously without prior public notice for a simple pity matter or problem. To those which are under the purview of Law and Government, taking appropriate action will not be a hard shell to crack. However who will punish to those so called unlawful Organizations? To whom it will be concern for anything loss and damage of passenger vehicles, shops and at the offices at the remote areas who all comply the Government order for stringent action to those not complying the order? It’s high time for the Government to take up and frame rules and regulation compatible with our land for a long and sustainable solution to curve the menace of Bandh, Blockades and General Strikes which cause unrepairable damages and hindrance to our development process.

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