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Tuesday, 08 January 2019 - Imphal Times

North East bandh against Citizen Amendment Bill hits NE states; Protesters pelt stones, burn tyres across Assam and Manipur BJP office burnt in Golaghat; Police detains 16 in Silchar, 20 in Dibrugarh, 7 in Imphal

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Imphal/Silchar, Jan 8,

11 hours bandh called by various organizations including the North East Students’ Organisation (NESO) which began from 5 am today morning had seriously hit normalcy at almost all part of Manipur and Assam. The bandh is called protesting against the scheduled tabling of the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill, 2016 in Parliament.  

In Imphal, volunteers and supporters of All Manipur Students Union (AMSU) which is a component of NES block road at many parts of the state and vandalized some of the vehicles which violated the bandh called by the student Union. Almost all shops and business establishment at Khwairambandh keithel and its surroundings remain closed, business establishment, entertainment houses, banks and other private establishment remains closed.

Police picked up 7 volunteers of AMSU from various part and detained in custody. Those arrested are identified as - Thouba Laishram,  Yumkhaibam Bijando, Pebam Jet,  Dhanachandra Khaidem, Kangujam Rohenjit, Singam Jiteshor and Bidyasagar. Four of them were detained at City police station and remaining were reportedly detained at Imphal East Police station.

In Silchar, as many as 16 volunteers including leaders of various CSOs were detained in Silchar Police custody. Our Silchar correspondent reported that of the 16 detained by police for staging protest and blocking road against the Citizen Amendment Bill 2016, some are leaders of Assam Indigenous people protection committee (AIPPC), Manipuri Youths Front of Assam (MYFA), All Assam Students Union(AASU) and Assam Manipuri Muslim Youths Front (AMMYF).

President of AIPPC Monmahan Barman, MYFA President Seram Herajit, President of AASU Ainul Hoque Choudhary, President of AMMYF Ahamed Hussein Choudhary , Somitro Noth Gen Secy of AASU, Chittaronjon Singha Member MYFA, Th Rajesh Singha Member MYFA, Anit Singha AIPPC member, Maruk Brolorkor AIPPC Member, Abdul Zahir Larkor AIPPC member, Bapon Hussain Lorkor MDC member, Mojibin Hussain Brolokor AIPPC member, Rohan Lorkor AIPPC member, Imaj Uddin Lorkor MDC member and Robizul Alli Muzumder AIPPC member were among those arrested today

“If the Citizen Amendment Bill, 2016 has been passed, then the already endangered indigenous people of the North East region will be swept away”, Seram Herajit, President of Manipuri Youths Front of Assam (MYFA) said and that the youths of the North East region is prepared to fight for protecting the indigenous people by taking up arms against them. 

Herajit warned the government to prepare for facing the music if the Bill is passed in the Parliament.

Meanwhile, unconfirmed report said that bandh supporters today burnt the office of BJP at Golaghat. Protesters in Tinsukia also burnt tyres, vandalised a hospital canteen and burnt BJP posters in the town. Railway tracks in Makum, Assam have been blocked by agitators. 

Security forces in Dibrugarh used blank fire to disperse the bandh protesters in Chief Minister Sarbananda Sonowal’s home district, where the protesters vandalized BJP office.

Agitated people came out in protest against the Citizenship Bill. The BJP office situated at Amolapatty, just 100 meters from Amolapatty police outpost was vandalized by agitated protesters.

The agitated protesters pelted stones on security forces. Additional SP(HQ) Surjeet Singh Paneswar bore minor injuries. Security forces lathi-charged the people to disperse them from Dibrugarh BJP office.

Some protesters stopped CRPF vehicle near Dibrugarh University. Police used tear gas to disperse the supporters from the area. Later, the police used blank fire.

However, 20 protesters were detained by police from different area of Dibrugarh till filling of this report. Two policemen were injured in the protest.

Talking to the media, Surjeet Singh Paneswar said he got injured over pelting of stones on security forces. He said they have identified the bandh supports who vandalized the BJP office and pelted stones.

In Chabua, the bandh supporters burnt tyres at NH37 and smashed bus window.

Violence has been reported from many places of the district.
People pelted stones at moving vehicles and trucks in Nalbari, district in Assam. Several vehicles, including private vehicles and auto rickshaws, have been damaged by protesters in Azara, outskirts of Guwahati. Agitators across Assam are carrying demonstrations by burning tyres and voicing slogans in Baksa, Lakhimpur, Dhemaji, Tezpur, Golaghat. 

The 11-hour bandh started amid tight security at 5 am. Tyres were burnt at various places in Assam and vehicles were damaged in Guwahati, Tinsukia and Dibrugarh districts, the police said, an agency report quoted.

Apart from vehicles, railway tracks were blocked for a while in Guwahati and Dibrugarh district, however, trains resumed after the GRP removed protesters from the tracks, railway sources said. Train and flight schedules remain unaffected. Shops, market, financial institutions, educational institutions, private offices remained closed and private vehicles, including buses, kept off roads. People faced difficulty reaching their workplace as there was no availability of public transport, bringing normal life in the state to a halt.

News Agency ANI report said that All India United Democratic Front (AIUDF) Chief Badruddin Ajmal and All India Trinamool Congress (TMC) MPs protested against the Citizenship Amendment Bill, 2016 in the Parliament premises.

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NESO thanks for supporting bandh; says will continue protest

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Imphal, Jan 8,

The North East Students’ Organisation (N.E.S.O) an apex body comprising of eight students organizations of the seven North Eastern states expressed gratitude to the people of North Eastern states and all the constituent organizations of NESO for their co-operation in making the North East bandh a total success.
In a press statement signed by Chairman of NESO Samuel B. Jyrwa and Secretary General of NESO Sinam Prakash, the organization said that even though the bandh have caused inconvenience but for the purpose of highlighting the strong opposition to the Citizenship Amendment Bill 2016 the organisation have no other alternative but to resort to the form of agitation in order to show the unity of the people of North East state.
He added that inspite of the wide protest in North East, the Government of India passed the bill in Lok Sabha showing the disregard attitude to the North East people and claimed that the government did it intentionally to reduce the indigenous people of the North East to a minority in their own land.
Finally the statement added that NESO will keep following up on this issue and will take appropriate decisions regarding the matter and appeal the people to support so as to protect the distinct identity and the future generations.

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Sit-in-protest stage against E-Pharmacy

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Imphal, Jan 8

As a nationwide protest against E-Pharmacy, Manipur Chemist and Druggist Association (MCDA) staged sit-in-protest today at Wahengbam Leikai. 

Speaking to media persons President of MCDA Rajkumar Rakesh said that the government should ban and stop the illegal online sales of Pharmaceutical drugs in the interest of public health. He added that the practice of online sales of pharmaceutical drugs even without doctor’s prescription will have an enormous negative repercussion. E-Pharmacy will surely lead to the increase of drug users since online pharmacies do not have a drug retail license and they are out of drug Inspection regime prescribed under the drug and cosmetics Act, 1940.

It can be mention that a bench of Chief Justice Rajendra Menon and Justice V.K. Rao also directed immediate ban on the sale of medicines online. 

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Citizenship (Amendment) Bill : a scourge for NE people

Assam and Manipur in Particular and the country in general is hit by the bandh called by the North East Students’ Organisation. Almost all life was put to halt.
The ruling BJP led NDA is unnecessarily flaring up unnecessarily crisis to convert their Hindutva agenda into reality. Knopwing that Manipur and Assam and the neighbouring states like Meghalaya, Tripura, Nagaland, Arunachal Pradesh and Mizoram are going to be seriously hit if the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill comes into force.
With the act of the NDA led government, the pride of India, for being the world’s largest democracy is slowly derogating its character with the modus operandi of fascists Hindu who are trying to convert the entire country into Hindu Raj.
The new regime governing the nation is giving no respect to ‘Secularism’ which is in the preamble of the Indian constitution.
Among other issue - the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill 2016, which the ruling BJP is trying to passed.
The Citizenship (Amendment) Bill,2016 is the direct violation of this Article 14 of our constitution.
The Bill also stated illegal migrants from Afganistan, Bangladesh and Pakistan.
When it comes to the state of Manipur it is already a known fact that Protected Area Permit System which had been imposed in the state has been lifted but continues for foreign tourist from Afganistan and China.
When the country restrict tourist from Afganistan in visiting the state of Manipur, what actually is the agenda of accepting the illegal migrants base on religion from Afganistan be granted citizenship if they stay for 6 years.
This concept of staying in the country for seven years is also illogical when there are Foriegners Prohibition Act.
Preamble of the Indian constitution says “WE, THE PEOPLE OF INDIA, having solemnly resolved to constitute India into a SOVEREIGN SOCIALIST SECULAR DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC and to secure to all its citizens: JUSTICE, social, economic and political; LIBERTY of thought, expression, belief, faith and worship; EQUALITY of status and of opportunity; and to promote among them all FRATERNITY assuring the dignity of the individual and the unity and integrity of the Nation.
It is this preamble that the nation’s constitution was framed 395 articles in 22 parts and 8 schedules at the time of commencement. At present the nation’s constitution consist 448 articles in 25 parts, 12 schedules, 5 appendices and 98 amendments. All amendments are done under the preamble.
The equality mention here envisages that no section of the society enjoys special privileges and individuals are provided with adequate opportunities without any discrimination. All are equal in front of law.
The word secularism which was added later says that India is a country where any citizen can chose any religion.
The world’s largest democracy remains dogged by the twin legacies of feudalism and colonialism.
It’s no wrong to say that citizens are treated like subjects. Elected representatives (except some few), who are meant to serve the people often act like feudal lords than representatives of the people.
Under this legacy, Global capitalists are invited to exploit the lands and indigenous labour of some of the most oppressed downtrodden people.
Since India was built as a nation, after driving out the British Colonial rulers nothing is change to the life of the common people.
Common people in India still suffer from exclusion, discrimination and abuse under its caste, class, ethnic and gender system.
What is more horrifying is the open secret agenda of the fascists Hindu Regime which is making all sort of strategy to convert the entire country into one religion one nation.
It is indeed a direct blow to the Constitution of India.
As these group is utilizing all form of powers including the executive as well the judiciary, no Indian at present have the gut to challenge such unconstitutional activities.
Rape of women including minor girl are politicized by dancing in the communal orchestra.
Minority are forced to distort the history for the cause of fascist’s goal.
One clear example is the controversial speech of Chief Minister N. Biren Singh – at which he connected the erstwhile nation state Manipur with that of the Aryan Mythology .
The writing of letter to UP Chief Minister by Manipur Chief Minister also took everyone by surprise.
The agenda of the Hindu Fascists is being reflected to the recent changes seen after the BJP which is the brainchild of RSS came to power.
There are good Hindu, but this is the first time that the country is witnessing a group of Hindu followers who are fascists and feudalistic in character.
Back here in the state of Manipur, voice of the Indigenous Manipuri who have been struggling hard for revival of the Indigenous Meitei religion has been almost suppressed.
The titular King who had once converted to Sanamahi religion now becomes a real bhak of Shri Shri Govinda.
Many youth’s leaders who had been advocating the merger of Manipur to the Indian Union on October 15, 1959 as illegal now are seen wearing saffron cap, khaki half pant and say nothing when the Mythology of the erstwhile nation have been insulted.

Freedom’s fault lines

The detention of a Manipuri journalist Kishorechandra Wangkhem under the National Security Act has uncovered fissures within the media while revealing the dictatorial mindset of the state’s rulers

By- Yambem Laba

In his earlier avatar as a journalist N Biren Singh was editor of a vernacular daily. During this time, he was arrested by the State on a charge of sedition. The only saving grace was that he was arrested along with the late Thaonaojam Iboyaima, a man revered as the Jayprakash Narayan of Manipur. He had published a statement issued by Iboyaima and was dragged in as an accomplice. The entire State rose up and the government was compelled to release the duo. Biren emerged from custody as a hero of sorts, adorned with garlands. That was also perhaps the time he must have thought of entering politics. In 2002, he entered the fray on a Democratic People’s Party Ticket and won along with Dr. Th. Meinya Singh, the current Lok Sabha MP. It did not take long for the duo to join the Congress bandwagon under the stewardship of chief minister OkramIbobi. Dr Meinya left state politics having been elected as a MP and Biren soon began a Cabinet Minister.
Then in October 2016, he left the Congress and joined the BJP to became Chief Minister of the trouble-strewn state of Manipur located in India’s North-eastern corner, and the rest is history. Even as chief minister, Biren continued to operate his Facebook account except that it is now believed that he has a team to manage it propping up his image and also acting as storm troopers trolling those who criticise him.
So, when earlier in the year, Kishorechandra Wangkhem posted an offending post on Facebook using a four letter expletive, he was immediately taken into custody. When this happened, the journalistic fraternity in the form of the All Manipur Working Journalists Union(AMWJU) went with almost folded hands and pleaded with Chief Minister Biren to seek his forgiveness. At the same time, it also extracted an undertaking from Kishorechandra not to repeat such offences and told him he would bear all responsibility should he repeat the offence. That was in August 2018. A benevolent Biren is said to have forgiven him then.
Then, in November, the Mahila Morcha of the ruling BJP in Manipur decided to celebrate the birth anniversary of one of the heroines of the 1857 uprising. CM Biren eulogised her exploits and its relevance to Manipur. That was probably when the funny bone in the maverick journalist Kishorechandra must have got tickled for he went on his favorite jaunt again via Facebook. This time he used more expletives and even his middle finger and included Narendra Modi in his tirade.
An irate Biren had him locked up and he was produced before the Chief Judicial Magistrate who after examining his tirades found him not guilty of having any seditious intention in his outburst and set him at liberty.
This must have infuriated Biren for the very next day a couple of policemen in plain clothes landed up at his house and whisked him away stating that the SP wished to see him and that he would be back by the evening. And when evening came and Kishorechandra had not returned, his wife went to the SP’s office and discovered that he had already been shifted to the Sajiwa Jail. The next day the cops returned to his house and delivered orders stating that he had been detained under the National Security Act.
A nationwide and international floodgate of protests opened up. The first to react was former Supreme Court Judge and former Chairman of the Press Council of India Justice Markandey Katju who stated that “in the essence of democracy people have the right to criticise the government and ministers for what else is democracy but rule by the people?” The Chief Minister of Manipur, he said, was behaving like a ”little dictator” and added that a flagrant violation of Article19(1)(A) had taken place in Manipur by detaining journalist Kishorechandra Wangkhem under the NSA.
This was followed by a tirade from the Indian Journalists Union (IJU). The IJU reiterated that detention under the NSA violated the freedom of expression guaranteed under the Indian Constitution while adding that it was a blatant misuse of NSA by the authorities. It called for immediate revocation of the detention order under the NSA and the unconditional release of Kishorechandra as his liberty would not in any way be detrimental to the security of the state and to the maintenance of public order. IJU President and Press Council of India member Amar Devulapali and general secretary Sabina Inderjit had asserted that the detention of Kishorechandra must be seen as an attack on the freedom of expression and most undemocratic. It was however critical of the vulgar words and expressions used by Kishorechandra against the functionaries of the central and state governments but added that the freedom of expression includes the right to offend.
Meantime, Kishorechandra’s former employer and Acting President of the All Manipur Working Journalists Union (AMWJU) Brozendro Ningombam stated that the detention under the NSA did not in anyway change the stance of the Union as he had violated the understanding reached by AMWJU’s Standing Committee arrived in August in which the AMWJU had washed its hands of any private postings on social media.
Not to be left behind in the outcry against the arrest of Kishorechandra, the Congress also stepped in.
Congress spokesman Kh. Joyksihan thundered that the Chief Minister
himself was once arrested on charges of sedition when he was an editor and the court had let him go and he should remember that. By arresting Kishorechandra under the NSA for saying something against the Government after the judiciary had let him go proves that that it is the BJP that is the law breaker and not Kishorechandra. He added that the “this dictatorial action of suppressing the judiciary will remain etched in history, they have no respect for the verdict of the courts, there is an undeclared emergency in the state right now and the media houses are afraid to come out against the arrest for fear of reprisals from Biren.”
Then came the bombshell from the Acting President of AMWJU, Brozendro Ningombam who shot off a letter to the President of the IJU asking the parent body to stay clear of the Kishorechandra case warning that the AMWJU might pull out of the IJU should the interference continue. He also contended that Kishorechandra is not a journalist but a mere news reader. But what takes the cake is the fact Brozendro said that there had been no response either from Civil Society organisations or from any of the underground groups and hence the matter of his arrest lacks merit.
In the meantime, the matter was brought to the notice of the United Nation’s Special Rapporteur at the office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, Prof.David Kaye by Babloo Loitongbam of Human Rights Alert urging him to issue an urgent appeal to secure the release of Kishorechandra. This appeal was made during a meet held in Bangkok between 20-22 December.
Then, pressure began mounting from various quarters notably the students stating that they would ban the sale of newspapers except for an English daily and an eveninger as by virtue of their silence on the matter the rest have been supporting the action of the state. Yet others warned the State of bigger agitations in case the situation is not diffused in time.
At the same time, the police began conducting midnight visits on persons known to have been espousing the cause of Kishorechandra in a reminder of the emergency days. On 25 December a special general body of the AMWJU and representatives of the Editors’ Guild was called at the Manipur Press Club.
Seated were on the dais were Brozendro Ningombam, R.K. Nemai Singh IAS (retired) and now a working journalist, Rupachandra Yumnam, Secretary of the Editors Guild of Manipur and myself as an elder of the journalistic fraternity. My contention was simple – granted that Kishorechandra is a maverick but he is still one of us and I stated that when a stray cow enters one’s compound you do not use an AK-47 rifle to shoo it away. At the end of the day, Brozendro apologised for having called Kishorechandra a non-journalist and also that he would withdraw his earlier letter to the IJU asking them to stay off the case. Then the house unanimously resolved to condemn the arrest of Kishorechandra under the NSA by the State Government in the strongest terms and urged for his unconditional release at the earliest.
Then came the call from the South Asia Media Defenders Network (SAMDEN) comprising some of the biggest and most respected names in journalism in South Asia including those based in the UK and the USA who have written to the Chief Minister stating that “out of concern on issues of freedom of expression and media rights in Manipur”, the organization is concerned about the rights of journalists who face pressure from any quarter in the course of their professional duties or right to free expression. It urged the state government to release Kishorechandra and to clarify as to how his conduct and words though seemingly inappropriate threaten national security. The National Media Forum, Bangalore has also urged the Chief Minister to drop all charges made against Kishorechandra. The Brihammummbai Union of Journalists have reiterated that the NSA is to be used against enemy aliens and that too during times of national emergencies or wars. It added that Kishorechandra’s detention is unprecedented and bodes ill for democracy. The Asian Forum for Human Rights and Development (FORUM ASIA) has also urged the release of Kishorechandra and demanded that repeated crackdown on dissent and democratic space be stopped.
All these notwithstanding the matter had already come up for discussion in the BBC and on various national media and TV channels.
The Human Rights Law Network headed by Supreme Court lawyer Colin Gonsalves in its national meet held earlier in Rajsathan had also held that the utterances of Kishorechandra do not tantamount to any violation of the articles of the Constitution of India.
The question remains whether N. Biren Singh will still stick to his stand as told to a news channel – that while he is willing to take criticism relating to his governance, he will not tolerate personal insults to him and national leaders – or ostrich-like stick his neck in the sand and pretend that nothing is happening around the arrest of Kishorechandra.

(The writer is the Imphal-based Special Representative of The Statesman)
Courtesy - The Statesman

Prosperity and development through unity is essential: -Nemcha Kipgen

Kangpokpi, Jan 8,

 Social Welfare and Cooperation Ministe NemchaKipgen expressed that prosperity and development through unity is essential to take our state further towards the path of progressive advancement. She stated this while addressing as a Chief Guest at the opening ceremony of the 18thZillaiLeilon Block (Vaiphei Students’ Association) “Biennial Sports Meet & Cultural Fest-2019” held  at L. Tangnuam Village, Kangpokpi on Monday
Nemcha stressed that all the people residing in the state should recognize one’s unique cultures and identity as one’s identity is recognized by the traditional dances, attires, sports, etc.Sports and education are also important for developing one’s own personality and lead a discipline lifestyle, she asserted.
Minister Nemcha briefed on the various welfare schemes and programs successfully implemented by the Government and urged all the people as well as the concern elected leaders and official to make sure that all the government welfare schemes reaches the deserving beneficiaries on time and people should always pursue one’s need so as to avail it.
Cultural troupes from various villages performed cultural shows to mark the event.MDC (EM) – 13 Kangchup, Shri S. DammaVaiphei, Chairman, VPC Leilon Block,  Lunneimang Vaiphei, Chief of L.Tangnuam Village, ShriHautinmangVaipheialso graced the occasion as Guest of Honour, Functional President and Chief Host respectively.

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AR conducts Medicare for women

IT News
Imphal, Jan 8,

Somsai Battalion of 10 Sector Assam Rifles under the aegis of HQ IGAR (South) organised “Medicare for Women” in Khangkhui Khunou village on 7th January 2019 under Sadbhavana Project. Medical provided detailed medical checkup and distributed free medicines during the Medical Camp. The benefit of this camp was extended to the neighbouring villages as well due to which people turned up in large numbers.     
The aim of this initiative of Assam Rifles is to provide free medical treatment and consultation to people residing in remote villages where even basic medical facilities are not available. Apart from providing free medical assistance, counselling on health education, hygiene and sanitation was also undertaken primarily for women.  
The enthusiastic involvement of the people, especially the Headman and Village Authority, is testimony to the trust and faith between Assam Rifles and the local population. Extending heartfelt gratitude, the villagers were highly magnanimous in offering their complements for the initiative.    

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Horticulture and Soil Conservation Dept’s Yearly Calendar and Diary Released

IT News
Imphal, Jan 8,

 Horticulture and Soil Conservation Minister Thounaojam Shyamkumar released the yearly calendar and diary for the year 2019 at his New Secretariat office on Monday.
Speaking at the release function, Minister Th. Shyamkumar said that the calendar showcases the various works which were taken in the previous year by the Horticulture Department including those under the Manipur Organic Mission Agency (MOMA), Mission for Integrated Development of Horticulture (MIDH).
He further said that despite lack of manpower, the Horticulture and Soil Conservation Department is committed and always ready to take up activities for the welfare of the people of the State. He said that there should be a strong bond between department, public and media for awareness of the various projects.
 JC Ramthanga, Principal Secretary (H&SC),  K. Kipgen, Director, H&SC Dept,  K. Debadutta Sharma, Project Director, MOMA attended the release function

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Buyers sellers meet

IT News
Imphal, Jan 8,
A one day vendor development programme cum buyer seller meet organised by The National Small Industries Corporation Limited (A Miniratna Company), Uripok Achom Leikai, Imphal West in Association with Group Centre, Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) Lanjing was held at Group Centre, CRPF, Langjing, Imphal West. The objective of the programme is to create about the market platform by bringing together large buyers and Vendors/Sellers and also with the aim to increase the share of purchase from MSME Sector .
I.Lokendra Singh, DIG, Group Centre , CRPF, Langjing, Munna Kumar Singh, Commandant, Group Centre, CRPF Langjing . Y. Raghumani Singhm Rtd. General Manager, DIC Advisor, MIDC among others attended as dignitaries on the dais.


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Manipur Tourism announces the 4th Manipur Statehood Day Women’s Polo Tournament

IT News

Imphal, Jan. 8,

Manipur Tourism has announced the 4th Manipur Statehood Day Women’s Polo Tournament will be played at Mapal Kangjeibung Polo Ground in Imphal, Manipur from 17 - 21 January, 2019. Six women polo teams will compete in this field league tournament organised by Manipur Tourism along with the All Manipur Polo Association, and produced by Polo Yatra, the Indian women’s polo initiative of Huntre! Equine. This year’s edition of the tournament features teams from the USA, Canada, Argentina, Kenya, Indian Polo Association, and Manipur. 

“We are very proud to be the presenting sponsor of the only international women’s polo tournament in India in the birthplace of modern polo,” said Ms.Nidhi Kesarwani, Secretary (Tourism), Government of Manipur. The Government of Manipur initiated this tournament and the final match on Manipur’s Statehood Day is a tribute to the women polo players of Manipur. The event has grown in scale and participation since its inception in 2016 and now draws tourists from all over the world to Manipur as a polo tourism destination of India,” she added.

Manipur Tourism presents the unique heritage of this exotic, far-flung state in North East India. The polo players and equestrian enthusiasts coming to the tournament will watch the games played at Mapal Kangjeibung, the world’s oldest extant polo field. During their stay, they will also explore major tourist destinations in the state such as Loktak Lake; Keibul Lamjao National Park– the only floating wildlife sanctuary in the world; WW II cemeteries to pay homage to the fallen soldiers from India, UK, and Japan in the Battle of Imphal; visit the age old Kangla Fort of the erstwhile kingdom of Manipur; and shop for Manipur’s celebrated handloom at Sana Keithel (Nupi Keithel/Ema Market) or Royal Market, arguably the largest women’s only market in the world. 

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