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Friday, 25 January 2019 - Imphal Times

2019 General Election: A matter of anxiety

B.Angousana Shanna
An Onlooker

Warming up of General Election 20l9 hits to the citizens of the country, the anxiety in the people would have been usual with reference to the previous elections 20l4; which of the election brought a mass revolution through public opinion 2014 is historic because, the Congress led UPA government was ruling for 10 years in the parliament which of the government remained under pressure of scams and corruptions, on the other. Prime Minister Manmohon Singh was unable to administer the unlikely con-uption cases; by the time Manmohon Singh was under control of the National Advisory Council whose chairperson was Smt. Sonia Gandhi.
It was fact and exposed that Manmohon was on chair of Prime Minister under dictation of Sonia Gandhi. This is not my word, it is the word of Sanjay Baru, through his book “Accidental Prime Minister”. It is also widely exposed matter in the country.
UPA lost, NDA led by Shri Nanendra Modi won the election with full majority. NDA’s position has been firmed alter winning UP, H.P. Utharakhand, Assam and Tripum assembly election. Narendra Modiji’s popularity climbed high; Modiji’s popularily inside India has been lowering with the popularity on the abroad nations. Narendra Modiji improves relations with the Arabian states even maintained high rise ii’iendship with lsreal, which was exceptional at the same time America’s friendship also improves even being holding better ti’iendship with Russia.
In the mean time, India has shown own capability upon Pakistan. India has shown strategic power to China after long interval. Thus, India could sail all round improvement in the country.
But, the atmosphere of Manipur is different look on the eve of General Election. Inspite of studying the momentum of the Nation, by which, a leader could educate the people about the works done by the Government of NDA, local leaders of BJP are trying to shine own personality. To make publicity about own personality should not act through postering in public before the individual has been properly nominated by the particular party.
But, postering photos in favour of individual candidature is against the constitution, rather, ruling party has to-check the activities of the individuals, so that, misunderstanding in the mass can be removed. Otherwise, people thought that the photo postered individual has been nominated by the party to be MP candidate, since such time should have been awaited.
Therefore, anxiety of the candidates has been appeared, which is not yet appeared in the people is astonished. Rather, recommendation of candidature from Manda] Committee would not come into media which now trying to traditionalize, would be wrong step. Because, to be a parliamentarian would elect by the people of Manipur.
Therefore, let the people curious to elect a deserving candidate before anxiety of the candidate express in public domain.
There and there alone a perfect parliamentarian can be selected, nominated and elected at the right point of time.
Therefore, the party elements have to enquire the matter of self-press-up publicity, hence such activity should not be allowed; because the party is National Party; for which the people prayed for.

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