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Friday, 25 January 2019 - Imphal Times

Manipur CSOs boycott Indian Republic Day

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Imphal, Jan 25,

5 major civil society organization of the state today announced ‘boycott’ of the Indian Republic Day to be celebrated tomorrow the 26th January , 2018. The boycott is being called against the Citizenship Amendment Bill which was passed by the Lok Sabha on January 8 and has been waiting for passing at Rajya Sabha.

“The Citizen Amendment Bill , 2016 which was passed by the Lok Sabha on January 8 is nothing but an agenda to extinct the indigenous people of the state”, Sunil Karam , President of the United Committee Manipur (UCM said during a meeting held today afternoon at the premises of the UCM. Leaders of All Manipur United Club Organisation (AMUCO), Ph Devan, Committee of Civil Society Kangleipak (CCSK) (Jeetendra Ningomba) , Hericoun –L. Ratan and Ratan of Leepun also attended when the President of UCM Sunil Karam announced Boycott of Indian Republic Day to the media persons.

The decision to boycott the Indian Republic Day is unanimous consensus of the civil society organizations of the state to protect the entire region of the North East states of India, Karam said.

The UCM President further said that the Civil Society organizations will also convene a public meeting at the conference Hall of Sangai Hotel on Jan 28, 2019 to discuss the course of action for forcing the central government to withdraw the Bill. The public meeting initiated by the 5 civil society organization will work out to form a committee for strengthening the agitation against the Bill which is designed to extinct the indigenous people of the state.

The civil society leaders also appealed the people of the state to stage protest instead of attending the republic day by shouting Slogans – ‘Withdraw Citizenship Amendment Bill’ and “We condemn the Republic day Celebration of India”.

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BJP starts facing trouble in NE: Leader resigns in Meghalaya

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Imphal, Jan 25,

Even as Manipur’s BJP still has to make a clear stand to the Citizenship Amendment Bill 2016 with the Rajya MP failure to give in writing that he will stand against the CAB as people desires so, Meghalaya BJP leaders started resigning from the post.

As per report reaching here the General Secretary of the Shillong City District Committee, Meghalaya of BJP, Glanding Lyngdoh, has quit the party.

The President of the BJP Youth Wing, Lyngdoh had also tendered his resignation earlier.

Egenstar Kurkalang, President of the Youth Wing, resigned on January 21 and has since joined the UDP.

In Mizoram, 2 legislatures of the State Assembly joined the peoples’ march against the Bill. They even carried placards which threaten to demand an Independent country if the Bill is not withdrawn.

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Central Govt. not interested for NE people- Dr. Nara

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Imphal, Jan 25,

National Secretary of the Communist Party of India Dr. M Nara , who have been nominated by left party to contest the upcoming Lok Sabha Election in Inner Manipur Assembly Constituency today lambasted the Narendra Modi Government saying that the NDA government led by Narendra Modi provided lip service only and nothing has been seen converting what he had promises to the people of the country.

Speaking at the sideline of the sit-in-protest staged at Kongpal in Imphal east organised by the CPI Kongpal Council, Dr. Nara said that the BJP instead of fulfilling the promise they had made is now moving towards its agenda of converting the country into Hindutva nation. The passing of the CAB which is a threat to the people of the North East region and others which hurt religion community who are not Hindu are coming up in the public spare and if he continue for another five year India of today will be a different country – which have no home of the various multi ethnic people. 

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Indigenous man denied voter card Who will be responsible for taking away even the basic right from the person?

By – Chingkhei Luwang

Various schemes for the poor and needy have been implemented under various programmes by the government. Housing schemes, Construction of Sanitary latrines, free health schemes, distribution of PDS food items at low cost are some of the few. But to be a beneficiary of the above scheme voter I card is mandatory.

Unfortunately a person who is very much in need of all this various schemes given by the government has been deprived from getting all the benefit – because he don’t have a Voter I – card neither any authority has come up to help him getting his right.

His condition is even worse than those who had illegally entered and settled in this state, where he was born and his forefather were born.

Heikam Nabakumar (60 years), an indigenous Manipuri who lives on hand to mouth, stays at a shabby hut at Heirangoithong under Naoriya Pakhanglakpa Constituency. He lives by working as paid labour in the Singjamei Ima market carrying things for the vendors. His works starts early in the morning around 6am and returns around 8 pm.

What is very unfortunate is that until the year 2006 his name was enlisted in the voter list and after that his name had been cut off from the voter list for reason best known to the authority; his right to vote has been snatched from him. But his name is present in the most recent population census.

Without the voter card all the benefits and schemes by the Government even the PDS food items is a distant dream for NabaKumar.  

Speaking to media persons he said that he is old and what can he do.

The old aged pension has been given by some helping groups and local clubs providing eatables and clothes apart from that, the said person is yet to get any benefits from the government. Even though the present government has been doing many programs like go to Hills, Go to village he is all left behind.

Even the Pradhan, other local government bodies and the government itself has been neglecting the most underprivileged person, in contrary to the claim of the present Government which claims as “Government of the People”.

The question which arises is that who will be responsible for taking away his basic rights of being a voter and why?

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Security beefed up at Indo-Myanmar International Border

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Moreh, Jan 25,

Ahead of 70th Republic Day , Security has been beefed up in Moreh Town and other parts of Indo-Myanmar International borders after several banned Militant groups called for boycotting the Republic Day.
As To prevent from untowards incident during 70th Republic Day , Security forces of both State and Central has been beefed up. 43 Assam Rifles deployed at Moreh conducted Extensive Patrol at Border Fencing between BP 79 to 80 and 24×7 Surveillance Operation along Indo-Myanmar International borders.
Movement of public at Indo-Myanmar Friendship Gate No. 2 to Namphalong of Myanmar are allowed after proper verification of their ID Proofs. Goods imported from Myanmar are Checked thoroughly by Metal Detector , X-RAY Machine as well by trained Dogs of 43 Assam Rifle.
The illegal entries at no fence area were also stop by Personals of 43 Assam Rifle.
The Extensive Patrol , Checking of goods at Indo-Myanmar Friendship Gate No. 2  were conducted by the teams of Town Commander of 43 Assam Rifles Major RK. Sharma.
On the otherhand Moreh Police led by Additional SP K. Robinsun and OC Moreh PS Letkhohao Vaiphei, Commandos led by DSP Thomas Thokchom and 43 Assam Rifles led by Major Akshay do also conducted extensive patrol in and around the Moreh Town.
Various search operations were also conducted at various parts of Moreh Town during night hours by the combined teams.

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CAU develop roadmap to double farmers’ income

By a Correspondent
Imphal, Jan 25,

The Central Agricultural University (CAU) in Manipur has developed a roadmap to realise Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s vision to double farmers’ income in north east particularly in the four hill states-Manipur, Mizoram, Nagaland and Tripura, according to Prof M Premjit,vice chancellor of CAU.
Prof Premjit who chairs a committee for roadmap development for the above NE states said that the university has develop many research based strategies which include selection (as well as production) of quality seeds, mechanisation of farms and integrated farming system (IFS) besides encouraging family based farming for achieving the goal of doubling farmers’ income afdimg that they’ve even submitted a report to the concerned authorities at centre in this regard for its implementation.
IFS is a farming practice meant for all-round development of agriculture with animal husbandry and other occupations related to core agricultural practices since farmers in the northeast have small land holdings.
Among the strategies, IFS can be taken up with fishery and piggery along with rice cultivation or fishery with vegetable and rice based on the locations of the fields as it has the capability to make the sector profitable and double the income.
Recommending beekeeping as one of key components of IFS, prof premjit said, “If we neglect bees, the pollinators, we cannot get the desired yield. So beekeeping should be one of the components for cross-pollinated crops such as oil seeds.”
He also informed that IFS can help in reducing the jhum cultivation areas in the region as well considering its potentials. Manipur’s total jhum area is said to be around 1,22,147 ha in 2017, according to official reports.
“We also need to focus on quality endemic crops - pineapple,orange,ginger,lemon and passion fruit which are our pride in the country by giving skill development on value addition and processing techniques,” Vice chancellor of CAU, the biggest agricultural university in India with 13 affiliated colleges, said. “Besides we need to introduce agri-tourism by developing small huts inside the orchard or farmland etc to motivate the youths and control migration to other parts.”
Scientists in collaboration with the farmers have taken up some initiatives to produce adequate quality (paddy) seeds for supply purposes in state like Manipur which annually requires 2000 tons of (paddy) seeds.
“But the government alone cannot provide quality seeds for successful implementation of such strategies including IFS considering the lack of assured irrigation in region. Providing irrigation will take time. Even if irrigation facilities are provided in the valley, it would be a difficult in hills except the rainwater harvest (or spring water harvest),” he said. “So farmers should target production of quality (paddy) seeds and earn extra revenue as rice is life of NE people.” 

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Is the country listening?

The issue of Citizenship Amendment Bill, which the BJP is trying all means and unseen and unseen intimidation for criticizing the govt. which has been taking place sometimes make the smaller community feel unsafe – Many now worried if the traditions, culture and history may have been abolished in their thinking process of Making “One India, One religion” theory. Criticism on the part had many times face trouble from the government.   
Now, with the changing political theatre, the pride of India, for being the world’s largest democracy is slowly derogating its character with the modus operandi of fascists Hindu who are trying to convert the entire country into Hindu Raj. The new regime governing the nation is giving no respect to ‘Secularism’ which is in the preamble of the Indian constitution.
The world’s largest democracy remains dogged by the twin legacies of feudalism and colonialism. It’s no wrong to say that citizens are treated like subjects. Elected representatives (except some few), who are meant to serve the people often act like feudal lords than representatives of the people.
Under this legacy, Global capitalists are invited to exploit the lands and indigenous labour of some of the most oppressed downtrodden people. Since India was built as a nation, after driving out the British Colonial rulers nothing is change to the life of the common people. Common people in India still suffer from exclusion, discrimination and abuse under its caste, class, ethnic and gender system. Yet, the BJP tries to neutralize by passing a Bill for reservation of 10% in all government jobs and education for general people who are below the property line. The introduction of the 10% reservation for general class now misinterprets the real reason behind the purpose reservations for ethnic communities.    
What is more horrifying is the open secret agenda of the fascists Hindu Regime which is making all sort of strategy to convert the entire country into one religion one nation. It is indeed a direct blow to the Constitution of India. As these group is utilizing all form of powers including the executive as well the judiciary, no Indian at present have the gut to challenge such unconstitutional activities.
Rape of women including minor girl are politicized by dancing in the communal orchestra. Minority are forced to distort the history for the cause of fascist’s goal. One clear example is the controversial speech of Chief Minister N. Biren Singh – at which he connected the erstwhile nation state Manipur with that of the Aryan Mythology . The writing of letter to UP Chief Minister by Manipur Chief Minister also took everyone by surprise. The agenda of the Hindu Fascists is being reflected to the recent changes seen after the BJP which is the brainchild of RSS came to power.
There are good Hindu, but this is the first time that the country is witnessing a group of Hindu followers who are fascists and feudalistic in character.
Back here in the state of Manipur, voice of the Indigenous Manipuri who have been struggling hard for revival of the Indigenous Meitei religion has been almost suppressed. The titular King who had once converted to Sanamahi religion now becomes a real bhak of Shri Shri Govinda. Many youth’s leaders who had been advocating the merger of Manipur to the Indian Union on October 15, 1959 as illegal now are seen wearing sffron cap, khaki half pant and say nothing when the Mythology of the erstwhile nation have been insulted.
Saying so, it would be wrong to say that Narendra Modi administration is not doing anything for the country. Same way Manipur Chief Minister have also done many appreciating works and taken up schemes for the people. Only think matter is the amalgamation of the administration with that of religion. Being good does not necessarily mean that every people should wear the kind of shirt that the leader wear or every citizen eat what the leader eat. Let religion be separated from running the state.
Let’s uphold the country’s constitution by respecting the preamble.  

Why Meitei / Meetei shouldn’t be Included in ST list Of Indian Union?

By: Sanjenbam Jugeshwor Singh

According to the census records of 1891, 1901, 1931, the Meitei/Meetei was once Scheduled Tribe. But from the Gazetteers of 1951onwards Meitei has been removed from the ST list of Indian Union without any information or communication to the people of Manipur as well as to the Government of Manipur, even without the approval of Minister of tribal Affairs GOI. In 1949, Ministry of Tribal affairs, Govt. Of India, constituted a minority Commission, led by shriGopinathBardoloi of Assam and Mr Nicolas Roy, to verify the social status of Meitei. During the survey of the commission, statements of few prominent Meitei leaders of the state were recorded leaving aside general public for the mass opinion. The statements of those few, recorded by the Commission could be the basis or reason for deleting Meitei from ST list of Indian Union. However, it’s amazing that the report of the commission in this regard is not found vis-a-vis not communicated to the State Govt. at that time.
Who are Scheduled Tribes? The framers of the Constitution took note the fact that certain communities in the country were suffering from Social, Educational and economic backwardness on account of the primitive agricultural practices, lack of infrastructures facilities and geographical isolation. The Constitution of India in Article 366(25), prescribe that the Scheduled Tribes means such tribes or tribal communities as are deemed under Article 342 of the Constitution to be Scheduled Tribes. The provisions under Article 342 read as : 342(1) Scheduled Tribes—the President may with respect to any state or Union territory and where it is state, after consultation with the Governor thereof by a public notification, specify the tribes or tribal communities or part of or groups within tribes or tribal communities as Scheduled Tribes in relation to that state or Union territory as the case may be.342(2): Parliament may be law include or exclude from the list of Scheduled Tribes specified in a notification issued under clause(1) any tribe or tribal community or part or group within any tribe or tribal community but save as aforesaid a notification issued under the said clause shall not be varied by any subsequent notification.
While the Constitution silent about the criteria for specification of a community as a Scheduled Tribe,the word and phrase “Tribes or Tribal communities or part of or groups within tribes or tribal communities”, in Article 342 however to be understood in terms of their historical backgrounds of back wardness, primitiveness, geographical isolation,shyness and social, educational and economic backwardness due to these reasons are the traits that distinguish Scheduled Tribe communities of our country. It takes into account the definition of tribal communities adopted in 1931 census. These facts are the basis for provision in Article 342(1) which mandates to specify the tribes or tribal communities or part of or groups within tribe or tribal communities as Scheduled Tribes in relation to that state or Union territory as the case may be. Thus the list of Scheduled Tribes in state /UT specified and a community declared as a Scheduled Tribe in a state need not be so in another state. The presidential notifications under clause (1) of Article 342 of the Constitution are issued as the constitution order. Two constitution orders were initially issued in relation to two distinct categories of states as existed at the time of adoption of Constitution of India.
The Meitei belongs to the mongoloid race and first settler of the state of Manipur (according to historians). We lost fraternity, brotherhood, sisterhood among tribal communities and Meitei quite for some time. We were in false pride and misunderstanding. But some of the opinion are trying to pull out the attention of the people by diverting people’s mind with the concept relating to religion, which doesn’t relate to Scheduled Tribe status of Meiteis.This is purely a matter related to Culture which is still alive in Meitei community. We are microscopic minority in India, being 0.06% of India’s population. We still believe in animism though we were partially Hindunised.When Sana tan Dharma was adopted by Meitei, the community never part away from our culture rather has been associating with our age old rich cultural heritage and practices.Hence Meitei Dharma conglomerated Sana tanDharma. Though Meitei worshiped Lord Shiva, Lord Krishna or other deities, Meitei still preserve our age old primitive culture as Animism rituals  like, ThouTouba, KheiyomLakpa, EpanThaba, Saroi Khangba, UshinTouba, KwakTanba, Amaiba Amaibi, Maibana Khut Thaba(Commonly known as Beitya practice, the person who declare a person is death), LuhongbadaKabok Chaiba, Sanamahi SidhaThinba, LaiHaraoba, Laibou Chongba, Sageigi Apokpa Chaklon Katpa, Mangani Chakouba, LaiLoukhatpa, LaiLoibaetc, etc. In addition to these we are geographically isolated, economically backward (from per capita income & GDP record), we are very shy in nature, that’s why our boys and girls don’t have the habits of saying good morning, thank you etc. (it doesn’t mean they are indiscipline), educationallybackward (this is fact that everybody will accept), we are microscopic minority, we are very much lack in infrastructure for our development processes, agricultural practices in general, are still in primitive mode. Thus all the criteria laid down in the Article 342 of Indian Constitution to be Scheduled Tribe are still intact with Meitei Community. Since all the criteria is fulfilled at the same Meitei was once Scheduled Tribe, then why shouldn’t Meitei be included in the Scheduled Tribe list of Indian Union?

Writer can reach to : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Or WhatsApp No:9612891339 for any suggestion and comments.

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National Girl Child day Celebrated; Scholarship worth Rs.2.5 lakh given to Meritorious Girl Students

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People’s Initiative for Girl’s Education, Churachandpur (PIGEC) scholarship worth Rs. 2.5 lakh and certificates were distributed to a total of 23 meritorious girl students from economically marginalised section of the district today during the significant celebration of National Girl Child Day 2019 under the auspices of Churachandpur District Administration.
It may be worthy of mentioning here that the funds for the scholarship for the meritorious girl is being appropriated to corpus fund created out of the proceeds of the FootGal-2018 (night Futsal tournament for girls held in October last year) as well as contributions made by DLOs and the general public.
The meritorious girls were selected through an examination held earlier this month.
National Girl Child Day 2019 was celebrated with grandeur at DTC Hall, Tuibong with Thari Sitkil, IRS, Assistant Commissioner (Dept of Taxes), Govt of Manipur and Shyam Lal Poonia, DC, Churachandpur as the Chief Guest and Special Guest respectively.
Speaking on the occasion, Ms. Thari Sitkil lauded the efforts of the district administration for the cause of the girl child and appealed to the parents to create enabling atmosphere for the girl child wherein they can realise their true potential and help build a more inclusive Churachandpur.
DC  Poonia said appreciated the efforts of various Government functionaries and civil society at large in creating the much needed awareness about Beti Bachao Beti Padhao initiatives. He confided that with the participation of all stakeholders in a constructive way, the sex ratio scenario of the district will get positive impact in days to come.
BBBP Nodal Officer from ICDS, medical and education along with DLOs, mothers, students, teachers and civil society members numbering around 500 joined the district level celebration.
In an attempt to create more awareness on BBBP, a video album of the District’s BBBP Anthem was released on the occasion. Besides, more than 50 mothers coming from different parts of the district who had delivered girl child during the last three months were honoured by presenting customized traditional baby sling with BBBP logo embossed on them. Also, about 70 mothers who have completed 100 percent immunization for girl child were felicitated. Frontline workers from ICDS and Health Dept who have contributed towards institutional delivery and counseling of mothers were also felicitated.
Guddi-Gudda (Girl-Boy) boards meant to be displayed at all Anganwadi Centres of the district under 7 ICDS blocks were handed over to CDPOs. The boards will reflect gender-wise child birth in the area and will help in collection of real-time data for better future planning.
Gift hampers containing sanitary pads, pen BBBP badge, hair clip, etc were handed over to the participating girls.
Stalls displaying various interventions and on spot enrolment of beneficiaries for various schemes under Education, Medical and ICDS were put on display while EVM VVPAT awareness was also carried out by the sideline of the event.

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Chandel Battalion A R celebrates Republic Day with Veer Naris, War Widows and Ex-Servicemen

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Imphal Jan 25

To commemorate Republic day and to celebrate the essence of the auspicious day in its true sense by felicitating and expressing gratitude to the Ex-servicemen, War widows and Veer Naris for their selfless service to the nation, Chandel Battalion of 26 Sector Assam Rifles under the aegis of IGAR (South) conducted a veteran interaction and felicitation programme at Chandel Battalion Headquarters on 24th January 2019.    
The aim of the programme was to reach out to the veteran and their families and to resolve their problems related to pension, health and spreading awareness on various welfare schemes. The event was attended by a total of 151 ex-servicemen, Veer Naries, War Widows and their families from Chandel Battalion. During the event a Medical Camp along with a Pension grievance cell was established, wherein all pension related anomalies of the attendees were dealt with. The War Widows, Veer Naris and Ex-servicemen were also briefed on the various welfare schemes and policies of the Government. A Badakhana was also organized to honor the veterans and their families. The families and Ex-servicemen expressed their heartfelt gratitude and commended the efforts of Chandel Battalion.  

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