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Thursday, 24 January 2019 - Imphal Times

Students and Meira Paibis storm at Bhabananda’s residence; 5 students injured in police action

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Imphal, Jan 24,

Wahengbam Leikai road stretch here in the heart of Imphal city bore a war like situation as police who were already present clashed with large number of students and Meira Paibis who thronged to the residence of Rajya Sabha MP Ksh Bhabananda, who is also the President of BJP, Manipur Pradesh.

At least five student protestors were injured in the police action.

The turmoil in the state continues because of the contentious CAB 2016. The students’ organizations and Ema Keithel Lups stormed at the residence of Rajya Sabha MP Ksh. Bhabananda at Wahengbam Leikai around 2pm.

Police personnel halt the protestors, and confrontation between the protestors and the security persons occurred.  Police used smoke bombs and lathi charge to disperse the protestors

Some representatives of the protestors were later allowed to meet the MP inside his residence. Later Ksh Babhananda came out and meet the protestors and said that he will not do anything which is against the people of the state.

MP Bhabananda said that he understand the sentiment of the people and he will not go beyond the desire of the people. He further said that he and his party which formed the government will never be against the will of the people.

A tricky answer he made was that Chief Minister N. Biren Singh is working hard as per the desire of the people.

After meeting with the MP, President of AMSU Manjit Sarangthem said to the media persons that they have clearly made their remarks to the MP to stand firmly against the CAB 2016. He further said that MP Bhabananda assured them that he will stand on the interest of the people in the Rajya Sabha.

Manjit further urged the government both ruling and opposition to stand firmly against the bill. And added that the student bodies will further intensify the agitations until the said bill is withdrawn.

Six other groups including Socialist Students Union of Manipur, Manipur Students Association Delhi, All Manipur Muslim Students’ organization , Reformist Students’ front and All Meetei Pangal Students Union also submitted a memorandum to the RS MP demanding to make his stand public.

The five students body also demanded to give in writings on his stand regarding the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill , that was passed by the Lok Sabha. 

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KSA demands removal of non-indigenous people from SC and ST list

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Imphal, Jan 24,

Students’ body Kangleipak Students’ Association  today lambasted the government of Manipur for its irresponsibility in fulfilling the commitment made by them for removing of non-indigenous people from the list of Scheduled Caste and Scheduled tribe. Removing of the non-indigenous people including Dhobi, Munchi Patni, Namsudra etc. from the list of SC and ST has been a long standing demand of the KSA and representatives of the students’ body had met the Chief Minister on August 25, 2018 at the Chief Minister’s Secretariat.
Talking to media persons, KSA leader Bidyananda said that after deliberation over the issue for inclusion of the non-indigenous people to the list of SC and ST, on the meeting with the Chief Minister on August 25, 2018, the representatives of the students’ body had been assured that the matter will be looked upon.
This non indigenous people were listed under the Schedule Caste and Schedule Tribe lists (Modification) order 1956 and   Schedule Caste and Schedule Tribe lists (Amendment)) Act 1976, the KSA leader added. He expressed shocked over the silence of the government on the matter, which is a threat to the indigenous people of the state.
As per 2001 census population of Patni is recorded as 3335, Dhopi -80, Muchi -45, Sutradhar -147 and Namasudra -3312. Bidynanda added and said that the present population would have been much higher from the recorded on as per 2011 census. If these community who are not indigenous people started occupying the  indigenous SC people of the state than the KSA will not remain quiet , the KSA leader said.
He further reminded the Supreme Court rulling of August 30, 2018 at which the court said that the Sc should not enjoy the rights of the SC other than their own state. On the other hand there has been instances of Manipuri ST students being driven out from the Nagaland medical College.
The KSA leader also slammed the Government of India over its notification dated May 25, 1995 at which any telli community whohave resided in the state for 7 years should be provided reservation.
The KSA demands to exclude the list of non-indigenous communities from the list of the Schedule Tribe and Schedule Caste list by amending the ST and AC act by January this year. If the government failed the KSA will launch serious form of agitation including bandh and Blockade.

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Sanjita thanks people

Two Times Commonwealth Games Gold Medalist Khumukcham Sanjita Chanu, whose suspension has been revoked thanks people for the support given to her. Below is what she wrote:
“I, Khumukcham Sanjita Chanu, would like to thank all CSOs, Student Organizations, Media persons, well-wishers and every person in Manipur for the unity, support, guidance and motivation given to me in my fight against the doping charge given by International Weightlifting Federation (IWF).
Many CSOs & Student Organizations like PoFM, SSUM, DESAM, SWA, AMPGA, MPPDU, TCMDC, AKSA, AMSU, MSF, MSAD, DAMMS, AVBP (Delhi Unit) and others helped me in raising public awareness about my innocence. I would also like to thank all media fraternities for carrying my news in the local & national papers, with special thanks to Pukhrambam Ibochouba (Editor Kangla Pao), Kh. Rinku (Editor Imphal Times), Yambem Laba (Senior Journalist), Khogendro Khongdram (Editor Sangai Express, Manipuri Edition), Aribam Ibomcha (News Editor,AIR Imphal), Nongmaithem Reena (Video Journalist, ISTV), K. Saratchandra (NELive Correspondent), Chinglen (ANI Correspondent), Eche Merina (The Chronicle), Paojel Chaoba (Imphal Free Press) .
I would further extend my gratitude to film makers Mr. Amar Maibam & Sonia Nepram, RK Somorendro (Kaiku), IK Salam & Mayanglambam Bimolchand for their useful guidance.
This fight could not have been possible without the help and the guidance I received from Sir Sunil Elangbam (Secy. MOA), the Dronacharya Awardee Sir L. Ibomcha Singh (In charge, SAI Khuman Lampak), Sir Ranjan (Coach, Weightlifting, SAI Khuman Lampak), and the Indian Weightlifting Federation officials(IWLF).
Special thanks to the Hon’ble CM of Manipur for the help he extended to my fight for justice. Further thanks to all political parties in Manipur. Last, but not the least, I would like to thank all the people, particularly the players and other sport lovers of Manipur for supporting me in this 8 months long fight for my justice. It is because of your support & blessing that the IWF finally revoked my suspension on January 22, 2019. I believe that, with your blessings & support, I could bring more laurels for my State & for my Country.
Yours Sincerely
Khumukcham Sanjita Chanu

More rebel group boycotts Indian R-Day

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Imphal, Jan 24,

After various rebel group operating in the region has boycotted the Indian republic Day Celebration, more rebel groups had joined the boycott called.
The KNF-N(Kuki National Front-Nehlun) in a press statement said that the organisation will boycott India’s Republic’s Day Celebration. The mass boycott will be effective from 01:00Hrs to 17:30 Hrs on 26 January 2019 all over Kukis inhabited Areas. During these hours, all trade and commercial activities, all forms of Public and private transportations must not be operated. While emergency and essential services, media and religious activities will be exempted from the purview of the boycott.
“It is a universal known fact that the Kukis, through the greatest nation among the tribes, were divided by the British colonial Authority prior to Independence three countries without consulting their will, thus making them the smallest nation in their respective settled countries, e.i, India, Myanmmar and Bangladesh. The time has come to insult the then disintegration policy of the Might British at any cost. In this regard, many brave comrades since 1987 who took up arms struggle had lost their life. Therefore, we ourselves should sacrifice our life to regain the lost territory of Kuki inhabited areas and transform them into one nation and one administration by crushing the constitution of India and the provisional boundaries of tri-nation of South and South-East Asia”,  Gogou Kuki, Information & Publicity of  KNF(N) said and added that the KNF N  demand the legitimate Birth Right of a Kuki Homeland permissible under the constitutions of India, through arms struggle, since the government had sidelined the Kuki National movement peacefully through non-violence initiated by Kuki National Assembly (KNA) set up way back in the 1960s for the political solutions and rights.
Another group called the United People’s Revolutionary Front of Manipur (UPRFM) has called for total shut down in the region opposing the Republic Day celebration. A statement of the Information and Publicity Secretary of the outfit , L. Rolin @ Thoupangba Meiteisai that the outfit calls 11 hour total shut down from 6 am to 5 pm on January 26.

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CM oversees interview for 2nd Round of Start-Up Manipur

Imphal, Jan, 24,

Interview for the second round of StartUp Manipur has begun in the presence of Chief Minister N. Biren Singh and CAF & PD Minister Karam Shyam at the Durbar Hall of Chief Minister’s Secretariat today.
In all around 4000 applications were received online seeking assistance from the Government in the second round of StartUp Manipur. A high level selection committee headed by Chief Secretary Dr. J. Suresh Babu would interview the shortlisted applicants/entrepreneurs of the Revenue Stage and assess their project proposals in a transparent manner till February 11.
Each applicant was given three minutes’ time to present their proposals through PowerPoint presentation which mainly focussed on objective/concept of their project, location, required financial assistance, scale of work, market, employment generation and expected annual income etc.
Concern authority of government departments and other experts were also present at the interview.
Start-Up Manipur scheme has been introduced to provide financial assistance to educated and hardworking youths/entrepreneurs of the State to promote self employment and entrepreneurship.
Around 30 entrepreneurs made PowerPoint presentation at today’s interview that began from 11 am and continued late afternoon. It may be mentioned that 334 entrepreneurs were benefitted in the first round of StartUp Manipur.

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Election, issues and unity

Every times when Election Day knocks the doors, issues after issues haunted the political theatre in every states of the country.  Whether it may be the local body election or the state general assembly election or the Parliamentary election issues which concerned the people of the state emerges. Unlike other states – issues come up in the public spare during any election times for the North Eastern of States of the sub-continent, however remain different from those of the states in Mainland.
Even though the state of Manipur have only 2 MPs – one for the outer and the other for the inner, in the 545 seat, the election is important – perhaps one of the most important for political reasons. Wining both the seat is what is considered mandatory for the ruling party of the state and defeating the ruling in parliamentary election is what the opposition felt most necessary task, as it will impact the state assembly election.
Before the Narendra Modi led BJP party came to power by toppling the Congress government over huge margin, election time issues for the state of Manipur was prolonged bandh and blockade on High ways, frequent general strike, price hike, AFSPA, demand for legislation of the protection of the indigenous people of the state and the territorial boundary of the erstwhile kingdom. Whichever political parties always use the issue of the NSCN-IM as a tool to make sure that their party is being supported by the rebel group which has been undergoing political dialogue for over 20 years. Assurance for a solution and getting support from the NSCN-IM is not an alien phenomenon  to this part of India.
Now, the parliamentary election is again just some few months. As per source it may happen in the month of March this year.
And the issues of the Manipur state are totally different from the earlier days of election time. Today, the boundary issue is not being picked up any civil society organization, talks about protection of the indigenous people or demand for inclusion of the Meetei Meitei people to the Scheduled Tribe list under the constitution of India, demand for amendment of the Article (3) of the constitution of India, repeal of the draconian act AFSPA and similar kinds have been carpeted.
The only issue remain now is contentious Citizenship (Amendment) Bill which was passed by the Lok Sabha on January 8 this year.
What is surprising is the stand of the Government of Manipur regarding the Bill? And the more astonishing statement comes from a spokesperson of the Union Home Ministry at which he said that foreign migrants which are selected on religious ground on a security democratic India will not be granted without taking consent of the state government? Isn’t the Cab under the Union list? A migrant which has been disapproved by Manipur government but granted citizenship by Uttar Pradesh government will make difference to become a citizen of India. And besides, how could the state functionaries be skipped when authority at the center have to either grant or not to a migrant as the district administration is the first to encounter such matter.
Veteran Politician Okram Joy has yesterday stated that the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill comes under the Union list, and saying that consent of the state government will be taken while granting citizenship unacceptable until a clause on the Bill on what the spokesperson had said has been added.
Well, the railway track till Imphal is nearing completion , the population of the indigenous Meitei people have come down to minority and the valley area of the state is now becoming a dumping ground of the illegal migrants without any legislation for protection.
On the other hand students’ bodies and CSOs still fail to join hand in hand to fight for the cause of the erstwhile kingdom. Yet they struggle for the same goal but they fail to joined hand together. Same is with the political parties. It’s time that we stand together and protect Manipur.

Traffic regulations for January 26

IT News
Imphal, Jan 24,

In the wake of the upcoming Republic Day celebrations in the state, the director of Transport, Manipur, has issued a public notification regarding traffic regulations to be observed on January  26.
The notification stated that a full dress rehearsal will be held at 7:00 am today and the main function will be held at January 26.
The statement also notified that no vehicles except that of VIP(s) and the invitee(s) having valid passes issue by the state home department shall be allowed to ply towards north of Krisna Premi Oil Pump, Moirangkhom on Nh-2; Keishampat to Khwairamband bazar; Maharani Bridge to Dukanthong, Babuthong; Kangchup Road to Flyover and Khoyathong; Khoyathong to North AOC and Sanjenthong to the Western Gate of Kangla and Keishampat Bridge from 6:30 am to 12:00 noon of  January 26.
Traffic diversion points for the aforementioned dates include:
 (I) Indo Burma Road- All buses and trucks coming from South towards North shall be diverted from Singjamei Bridge and New Thumbuthong Bridge towards Kongba side and proceed up to Palace compound and park there.
 (II) Mayang Imphal Road- All buses and trucks coming  South towards North shall be diverted from Keishampat Junction towards former Krisnadas Oil Pump to drop or pick-up passengers beyond the former oil pump and will proceed towards Kwakeithel and then  towards Ningthemcha Karong or Khagempalli road.
(III) NH 39: (a) All buses and trucks coming from South towards North shall be diverted from Chingmeirong Khongnang Ani Karak towards Khuman Lampak Bus Terminus; and (b) All trucks shall be diverted from North AOC towards Minuthong, RDS crossing, Kongba road then New Thumbuthong and Singjamei Bridge.
(IV) Eastern Side (Yaingangpokpi, Lamlai, Porompat, Andro etc.)- (a) All buses shall be diverted towards Khuman Lampak bus Terminus from RDS crossing via Lamlong bazar; (b) As for trucks, it would be the same as above for NH-39 or towards RDS crossing, Singjamei Bazar Crossing and Thumbuthong Bridge for Indo-Burma road towards Pishumthong for Mayang Imphal to Tiddim road; and (c) No vehicle shall be allowed to proceed from Palace Gate Traffic Point towards Sanjenthong side.
(V) New Cachar Road (NH-53): All vehicles coming from New Cachar road shall be parked at Sagolband Moirang Leirak bus parking. Trucks shall be diverted from Tera Bazar towards Naoremthong, Uripok Canteen Road and Lamphel Sanakeithel, Lamphelpat.
(VI) Kangchup Road: All vehicles coming from Kangchup side shall be parked at the northern side of UK road (i.e. beyond the end of the Flyover Bridge).
(VII) Tiddim Road: All buses and trucks shall be diverted from Kwakeithel Bazar towards Tera Bazar, Naoremthong, Uripok Canteen Leirak road, Lamphel Supermarket, and come back via Watham Leirak, Thangmeiband Road, Nagamapal Road, Wahengbam Leikai Road, Keishampat Junction and pick up passengers from Churachandpur Bus Parking, Keishampat.
(VIII) Parking: All vehicles including jeeps, cars, scooters, motor-cycles, auto rickshaws etc. shall be parked on the road side beyond the following  points:- (a) Lairembi Lampak near Keishampat Junction, (b) In front of Session’s Court, UK Road, and  (c) Sing and Co. (Moirangkhom).

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Tulihal Battalion A R Helps Accident Victims

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Imphal Jan 24

In a positive gesture, towards assisting civilian populace, Tulihal Battalion of                  9 Sector Assam Rifles under the aegis of IGAR (South) provided emergency medical treatment to victims injured in almost simultaneous two road accidents which took place along NH -02 on 23rd January, thereby saving precious human lives.  
A three wheeler met with an accident when the driver lost control of the vehicle on the main highway. Troops of Tulihal Company Operating Base deployed on the road responded immediately and they were immediately provided with medical first aid and later rushed to the RIMS Hospital.
In another incident a Tata Magic pickup van collided head on with a truck on                    NH-02 in front of the main gate of the Battalion. The Battalion immediately launched the medical team under the Regimental Medical Officer and provided prompt medical treatment at the Battalion medical room and thereafter they were rushed to the RIMS Hospital.  
The locals have expressed kind words of appreciation for the noble gesture of the Assam Rifles.

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Training in Youth Leadership and Community Development Inaugurated at Thoubal

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With a view to develop personality, enhance capability to take leadership and help in community development, the Nehru Yuva Kendra Thoubal is organising 3 days Training in Youth Leadership and Community Development  programme at the Barrack Hall of Mini Secretariat, Thoubal on the 23rd January, 2019. 62 youths from 15 to 29 years of age selected from Thoubal district are participating in the training camp.
Deputy Commissioner Thoubal Haobam Rosita, IAS inaugurated the training camp in which NIC Thoubal  DIO Md Kayum and District Social Welfare Officer Shri A. Kameshwor Singh  were the President and Guest of Honour.
District Youth Coordinator Yumnam Laksman Singh highlighted the Aim, Objectives, Contents, Method of Teaching and Expectations from the training camp.
The Deputy Commissioner advised the youths to utilise the best potentials of the youth age in a positive manner. Social media should be used properly and the youths should not indulge in unwanted behaviour and misuse of dependence producing drugs. The youths should be the asset of the society and they should contribute for the welfare and development of the society through the Flagship Schemes of the Government.
District Social Welfare Officer overwhelmed with the excess number of participants beyond the expected target of 40. This is just a sign of success for the Youths in Thoubal District. The training programe should be followed by organising more development programmes in their respective villages of the participating Youth Clubs, the DIO added. The training programme will continue till 25th January with Resource Persons to achieve the target and objective of the training.

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Poll Preparations For The Upcoming Lok Sabha Elections In Full Swing: CEO PK Singh

Imphal, Jan 24,

Preparations for the upcoming 17th Lok Sabha Elections - 2019 is underway in the State where 19,30,912 voters will exercise their franchise in 2,861 polling stations, which is an increase of 44 polling stations compared to last time.
Addressing media persons at his office in Lamphelpat, Chief Electoral Officer (CEO) PK Singh said that more than 4,000 Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs) are already placed in the strong room. Stating that the last batch of 1,000 Voter Verifiable Paper Audit Trails (VVPATs) will be brought from Banguluru day after tomorrow, he said the existing machines have been checked by over 20 engineers of the Bharat Electronics Ltd. He assured that there is an adequate reserve of EVM.
PK Singh informed that a detailed video conference with the Chief Election Commissioner (CEC), Shri Sunil Arora was held yesterday which he had attended along with the Chief Secretary Dr J Suresh Babu, DGP LM Khaute, Security Nodal Officer ADGP Shri L Kailun and representatives of different security agencies. Informing that the CEC has given strict instruction that the election has to be a top priority and the poll related works to be executed in full swing. Instructions have also been given regarding the posting and transfer of Government Officials to be completed at the earliest by February 28, he added.
He said that for free and fair conduct of election, the Election Commission of India (ECI) has made clear instructions regarding the voting compartment. It will be made of 4mm thick foldable and weather proof corrugated sheet which will be closed from three sides and cameras will be installed completed by 15th February.
Regarding the security arrangements, PK Singh said that 79 companies of paramilitary forces out of which 39 companies from the State and 40 companies from outside the State were used in the last election in 2014. He said that similar level of security arrangement is expected this time and the State Police will also be engaged for the election.
Speaking about the awareness campaign of EVM and VVPAT, he said that CEC emphasised on the familiarization of machines very seriously. He said for the State, different polling teams were sent along with EVMs and VVPATS for the awareness campaign in the total 2,861 polling stations which was covered in two and half months. He said that the awareness campaign first kick started in the Thoubal district.
He said that 1,41,000 people used EVMs and got familiar with VVPATs during the awareness campaign. The highest number of participation was recorded in Patsoi where 16,234 voters tested the machine. He informed that the awareness campaign of EVM and VVPAT will continue in the market areas including the Ima Market where poll teams will visit in mobile vans and those who cast vote will be eligible for lucky draw, where winners will be immediately given prizes. The motive is to create a festive kind of atmosphere, he added.Jarnail Singh, former Chief Secretary and Administrator of Manipur University lead the draw of lots which was assisted by the officers of the CEO Manipur office. The State level winners will receive a Honda Activa as the first prize, a 40 cm LED television set as the second prize and a refrigerator as the third prize. The State level lucky draw winners were chosen from the familiarization campaign of EVM and VVPAT at district level, people who participated in the Sangai Festival and at CEO Office. A draw winner in each constituency will get a mobile phone worth Rs 6,000. The winners will be felicitated on National Voters’ Day on 25th January.

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