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Items filtered by date: Monday, 21 January 2019 - Imphal Times

Statehood Day Celebrated; Revolution in education sector should start from grassroots: CM

Imphal, Jan. 21,

Chief Minister N. Biren Singh said that the newly launched ‘School Fagat-hansi’ mission would bring visible changes and improvement in the education sector of the State. This was stated by him at the Statehood Day Celebration, 2019 held at 1st Manipur Rifles Parade Ground today.
Speaking as Chief Guest of the function, Chief Minister stated that a new revolution in education sector should start from grassroots so that the State could produce hard working, dedicated, sincere and patriotic citizens in the coming days. A special meeting would be convened soon to make the mission successful, he mentioned.
Stating that our people are filled with talents and potentials, Chief Minister said that there would be development in the State if we had created avenues for those talented people. Our government is working tirelessly and collectively for the development of the State.  He appealed the government officials to work with sincerity and honesty for the welfare and development of the State. He mentioned that the State would honour those officials for their dedication and commitment. He appealed the people of the State to extend their love and support to the government towards making a peaceful, prosperous and developed State.   
Chief Minister said that ‘Go to Village’ mission was introduced to provide good governance at the doorsteps of the people living in nook and corner of the State. Mentioning that to execute such mission was a bold step of the government, Chief Minister stated that there was an apprehension that the mission would not be successful.  
Chief Minister reiterated that it is the duty of the government to honour those officers whose commitment and dedication have made the ‘Go to Village’ mission successful. Out of around 1700 census villages, around 10 villages are left behind to be covered under the mission.  Chief Minister appealed the DCs, SDOs and concerned officers to verify those left out beneficiaries as soon as possible so that the eligible beneficiaries can avail the benefits under various welfare schemes.
During the function, Chief Minister felicitated various officers who had been engaging for the successful of the ‘Go to Village’ mission.  The Chief Minister inspected and received salute from 15 march past contingents comprising BSF, Manipur Police, Manipur Fire Service, Traffic Police, Home Guards and VDF.
Deputy Chief Minister, Ministers, MLAs, Chief Secretary, DGP and top civil and police officials attended the function.

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Protest staged against CAB; Rally foiled by police

IT News
Imphal, Jan 21,

The protest against the controversial Citizen Amendment Bill 2016 has led the state in a perpetual disorder since the 8 of this month. Rallies, sit-ins, public discourse and meeting have become a daily event for the state of Manipur. CSOs, Students organizations, activist, Meira Paibis has been protesting continuously against the CAB to withdraw or to not pass it in Rajya Sabha.
Today also a rally was staged by United Peoples’ Front which started from Keishampat Leimajam Leikai marching towards the Governor’s bungalow. State police forces intervened and foil the rally; the protestors are made to return before reaching the bungalow of Governor.  
Speaking to media persons L. Nganbi, Vice President of AMKIL furiously said that the rally was staged to illustrate their strong condemnation against the passing of the Citizenship Amendment Bill in the Lok Sabha. She said that the people of Manipur as well as the North East will not accept the policy of the Indian government to dilute the North East indigenous people. She also said that the government should withdraw the CAB.
“If the CAB is passed and becomes an act, not only our state but the whole of the North East will be in a complete chaos”, she added.
Nganbi further said that the Indian government doesn’t love the state and its people but what they only love about the state is the land and their resources. She added that all they do is to fit their people in the state which will surely lead to the extinction of the indigenous people.
If the discrimination and policies to extinct the indigenous population continues then strong decisions to become an independent nation might also be taken, she added.   
Earlier a sit-in-protest was also staged at Keishampat Leimajam Leikai Community Hall.
Speaking on the protest former Convener of JCILPS Khomdram Ratan said that the indigenous people will not be there in the near future. Previously the movement was done against lakhs of people trying to settle in the state but now it is in terms of crores of illegal immigrants and refugees on the verge of attaining citizenship. The policy of India is to make the people of the North East to be wiped out by means of population war, he added.
He further said that all the organizations and the political parties should be united to stand against the bill. He said that if they fail to unite with this golden opportunity given by the Indian Government then there will be no future for the state as well as the North East.
He further appealed the people to pressure the political parties and also their respective ministers and MLA’s of their respective constituency.  

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Students boycott Republic day

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Imphal, Jan 21,

Joining other Government Higher Secondary Schools, the Student Union of Ibotonsana Girls Higher Secondary School has boycotted the Republic Day Celebration. Talking to media persons the Students’ Union leader of Ibotonsana Higher Secondary School said that the Union joins hands with other higher secondary school in boycotting the Republic Day celebration to protest the Citizenship Amendment Bill. She said that until the government of India withdraws the Bill they will continue several form of agitation.  


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MLA Surajkumar calls sand miners at Thoubal River as “Sand Mafia”

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Thoubal, Jan.21,

Congress MLA Okram Surjakumar slam the sand miners at Thoubal Rivers using JCB crank and trucks as “Sand Mafia”. This sand mafia not only spoils the river but also shattered the livelihood of the villagers who live on hand to mouth by collecting sand from the rivers.

The young MLA, who is also the son of former Chief Minister and present CLP leader came down heavily to the sand mafia while talking to function held at Thoubal Mela Ground yesterday.

“As for the villagers they earn their bread by collecting sand which did not affect the purity of the river, but some people who are mining using JCB, Crank and trucks are not only spoiling the river but also shattered livelihood of the villagers”, Surajkumar said.

The MLA also expressed shock about the present condition of Thoubal River.

“It’s disheartening to see the condition of Thoubal River”, Surajkumar said.

The river was once the only source of water for those residing at the bank as well as nearby villages, but it is now not only unusable but also in a condition to spread disease.

He further added that the matter has been put up time and again during assembly session and instead of listening and taking up some measures to protect the river nothing has been seen so far. When people who wanted to save the river drew the attention of the government they simply told them to give pressure to the local MLA.

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ST demand General Strike postponed

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Imphal, Jan 21,

The proposed 24 hours general strike called by the Scheduled Tribes demand Committee of the Meitei/Meetei has been postponed following talk with the Chief Minister of Manipur which assured to hold an official meeting on Jan 30 at 4 pm. The Committee had resolved to call the 24 hour general strike from the midnight of January 21 after a public convention held at GM hall on Jan 13.  Poster campaign demanding ST Status for the Meitei/Meetei had already began and till yesterday the committee stands with the resolution adopted on the day even after meeting with the Chief Minister. A meeting of the executive committee after receiving an official invitation from the office of the Chief Minister to sort the matter had today announced that the general strike has been postponed. But the committee said that they will not make any U-turn to the demand and if the government fails to fulfill the demand then more intense form of agitation may proceed.

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State cabinet decision divides Wangjing people; protest staged; memorandum submitted

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State cabinet decision to rename the “Wangjing Lamding Municipal Council (WLMC) as “Wangjing Municipal Council” (WMC) has divided the  people of Lamding and Wangjing. Tensions run high between the people of Lamding and Wangjing  since early morning today with the Lamding people who are against the renaming of the council going on a sit-in-protest.
A JAC Against The Re-Naming of Wangjing Lamding Municipal Council to Wangjing Municipal Council, Lamding was formed and the sit-in-protest was organised by the JAC. A memorandum was also submitted to Thoubal DC Haobam Roshita regarding the matter.

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Protest against inhuman firing by police during protest against CAB held at Delhi

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Imphal, Jan 21,

Students bodies from North East India including Socialist Students’ Union of Manipur (SSUM), Manipur Students’ Association Delhi (MSAD), Reformist Students Front (RSF), All Meitei Pangal Students’ Union Manipur (AMPSUM) and All Manipur Muslim Students’ Organisation (AMMSO) and the Students of Tripura today staged a protest demonstration at Jantar Mantar New Delhi in protest against the police brutality and indiscriminate firing to protestors against the Citizenship Amendment Bill 2016 at Tripura.

Slogans condemning the police brutality were shouted during the protest and speakers condemn the passing of the CAB . They warn serious agitation if the government fails to withdraw the CAB.

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The changing face of Manipuri youths

In an effort to keep up with the increasing pace of development and advancement in every sphere, our lives are being forced to conform and keep pace with these progressions. The comings of various electronic gazettes which enable us to communicate with any person, at any moment, at any place make this world a village. Issues vary and lifestyle differs. The perception of the once upon a time generation which felt that only those who blessed with opportunity could live a King size lifestyle has changed in today’s world. Every people around the world now knew that there are Americans or British or the Chinese who don’t like the superiority thinking perception of their older generation. As we see the changing trend we the people across the globe today sees youths which coming up as human, no matter how poor he or she was brought up.
A daughter of this soil, Binalaksmi Nepram is honoured with a global award (2018 Anna Politkovskaya Award) for her bravery in speaking out and in defying injustice, violence .
A 22 years old youth Birkarnelzelzit Thiyam, born and brought up by a parents who live on hand to mouth now become one of the best Motivational orator. Young Manipuri at the age of 25 now established a company that give jobs to over 500 youths of the state. There is reason to believe that amidst the storm from the northern block Manipur cannot be stop from marching ahead toward development as long as Young entrepreneur like Sanasam Jacky , the Chairman of Lamjingba Group exist.
Ng. Samarjit , the CEO of Salai Holding, a private company, has now successfully started expanded his business across the globe by opening office at world most expensive city like Singapore and Dubai. Manipur today is changing so should the perception of guiding to understand their responsibility is the need of the hour than restricting them or giving punishment.
An inevitable change is taking place- what is now being accepted as the “quick-fix” mantra or instant gratification- instant food, instant drink, instant relationships and instant solutions.
Such changes, borne out of necessity rather than a fad, bring with it various radical changes that cater to the needs and conveniences, most remarkable being the spawning of a whole new sector of packaged foods and drinks that can be used in an instant.
The seemingly like preconceived mode to bringing up their children in Manipur society should be changed. As a restriction might misguide your children no matter what you are doing is for the good the motive will give frustration, anger and hate all his or her live. But if the dealing with your children is with love and understanding or by making him or her understand how things should be than the bondage of love and respect will grow.
Its family that is important, but the more important is the society or politically a state or nation. The rulers who ruled are more like father or mother. The people are the children and forcing the people to do things that you people want will be a disaster. What is happening in the state of Manipur is like having a strict parent who punishes their children every time over failure to follow what the parents think were right.
The unanimous condemnations and protests, while understandable and desirable, could also spell a premature demise of a nascent industrial movement in the State. We should spare a moment to delve deeper into the actual trials and tribulations that a few of our pioneering people from the State are facing to bring about a revolution of sorts by fighting against almost insurmountable odds to turn their dreams into reality.
Taking the untrodden path has always been fraught with dangers and uncertainties, especially in a State like ours where only negativity and pessimism thrives, not to mention the teeming parasites lurking in the shadows, waiting for any vulnerabilities and weaknesses of fellow beings to take advantage of. The Government should take proactive steps and help out these struggling start-ups to flourish and show the way to an industrialized society instead of taking a negative and punitive stand. It would be stating the obvious to mention the fact that the laws, measures, plans and steps of the Government  at present is not conducive for the growth of industry-  from investment and financing problems to the utter absence of support and encouragement which is vital for a sustainable and viable industrial atmosphere.

The number of M.P’s in the Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha must be increased to 10 and 4 respectively

By : O. Pradipkumar Singh

In the Manipur State Assembly, there are 60 MLA’s in the Lok Sabha 2 MP’s in the Rajya Sabha 1 MP in the Inner Manipur Parliamentary Constituency, there are 32 Assembly Segments and in the outer Manipur Parliamentary Constituency, there are 28 Assembly segments with three(3) MP’s.
In Assam, there are 126 MLA’s in the Lok Sabha there are 14 MP’s and in the Rajya Sabha there are 7MP’s. In Punjab there are 117 MLA’s in the Lok Sabha there are 13 MP’s  in the Rajya Sabha there are 7MP’s. In Haryana there are 90 MLA’s in the Lok Sabha there are 10 MP’s in the Rajya Sabha there are 5 MP’s. In all there three states, there is one MP for every 9 Assembly Segments.
In West Bengal there are 294 MLA’s in the Lok Sabha there are 42 MPs and with the Rajya Sabha there are 16 MPs. In Andhra Pradesh, there are 175 MLA’s in the Lok Sabha, there are 25 MP’s in the Rajya Sabha there are 11MP’s in Telangana there are 119 MLA’s in the Lok Sabha there are 17 MP’s in the Rajya Sabha there are 7 MP’s. In Orissa there are 147 MLA’s in the Lok Sabha 21 MP’s in the Rajya Sabha there are 10 MP’s. In Kerala there are 140 MLA’s in the Lok Sabha there are 20 MP’s in the Rajya Sabha there are 9 MP’s. In all there five states, there is one MP for every 7 Assembly segments.
In Maharastra, there are 288 MLA’s in the Lok Sabha there are 48 MP’s in the Rajya Sabha there are 19 MP’s. In Tamil Nadu there are 234 MLA’s in the Lok Sabha there are 39 MP’s and in the Rajya Sabha there are 18 MP’s. In these two states, there is one MP for every 6 Assembly Segments.
In Uttar Pradesh, there are 403 MLA’s in the Lok Sabha there are 80 MP’s in the Rajya Sabha there are 31 MP’s. There is one MP for every 5.0375 Assembly Segments as well as most advanced state.
In Maharastra and Tamil Nadu there is one MP for every 6 Assembly Segments and they received Rs. 5 crores as Local Area Development Fund lying in the development of 6 Assembly Segments. In Manipur for the Inner Manipur Parliamentary Constituency there are 32 Assembly Segments and for the outer Manipur Parliamentary Constituency there are 28 Assembly Segments, getting Rs 5 crores from the Government of India every year.
As entitlement of the Manipuris, Rs 10 crores are given annually from the MP local area development fund for the 60 Assembly Segments of Manipur. On the other hand for 60 Assembly Segments of Maharastra and Tamil Nadu Rs. 50 crores are given annually. For one year of local area development fund to increase amount of Rs 40 crores are given. For five years local area development fund, Rs 200 crores increased are given. In short for 60 Assembly segments in Maharastra and Tamil Nadu the amount of Rs. 250 crores are received as Local Area Development Fund. On the other hand for Manipur for 2 MP’s Rs 50 crores are received. Let the Public discuss whether a state for which the outlay is Rs 250 crores and another for which the outlay is Rs 50 crores will develop.
In Tripura there are 60 Assembly Segments the area of Tripura is 10,499.69 sq.km the territorial area of Manipur is 22,327 sq.km comparing with Manipur, the area of Tripura is not even half the territorial area of Manipur but it has 2 MP’s in the Lok Sabha and 1 MP in the Rajya Sabha which is the same with Manipur. In Delhi, there are 70 Assembly segments in the Lok Sabha it has 7 MP’s in the Rajya Sabha there are 3 MPs. It gets 1 MP for 10 Assembly segments and has more MP’s than Manipur. The territorial area of Delhi is 1, 483 sq.km Manipur is 15 times bigger than Delhi.
The geographical area of Nagaland is 16,579 sq.km with 60 Assembly Segments and there is one MP each in the Lok Sabha, Rajya Sabha. In Mizoram there are 40 Assembly segments, in the Rajya Sabha and the Lok Sabha there is one MP each the geographical area of Mizoram is 21,081 sq.km. In Meghalaya there are 60 Assembly segments in the Lok Sabha there are 2 MP’s and in the Rajya Sabha, there is one (1) MP. The geographical area of Meghalaya is 22,429 sq.km. In Arunachal Pradesh there are 60 Assembly segments. In the Lok Sabha there are 2 MP’s and in the Rajya Sabha there is one MP the geographical area of the Rajya Sabha there is 7 MP’s. The geographical area of Assam is 78,438 sq.km. There are 32 Assembly segments in Sikkim there is one MP in the Lok Sabha and there is one MP in the Rajya Sabha the geographical area of Sikkim is 7,096 sq.km.
The geographical area of Manipur is 8000 sq.miles and the geographical area of Kabow Valley is 7000sq.miles. After Manipur was merged into the Indian Union of October 15, 1949, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru representing the Government of India, as the first gift of Manipur, Kabow Valley was given to Myanmar (Burma) permanently. After Kabow Valley was given away the geographical area of Manipur as 22,356 sq.km is included in the 1988 international year Book. However, in between Rajiv Gandhi and VP Singh of National Front Government by giving 29 sq.km to Myanmar (Burma) as second gift, the present total geographical area of Manipur is 22,327 sq.km.
As the third gift of the Government of India, Atal Bihari Vajpai Jee led National Democratic Alliance (NDA) Governments LK Advani and AB Vajpaijee conspiredto extend cease fire without territorial limit under Bangkok Declaration in 2001 make arrangements to give away Naga habited area of Manipur to Nagaland.
It is a know fact that the NDA government carried out Unttaranchal/Uttarkhand from Utter Pradesh, Jarkhand from Bihar and Chhatisgarh from Madhya Pradesh. On the other hand Dr. Manmohan Singh of United Progressive Alliance (UPA) Government created Telangana out of Andhra Pradesh. Inspite of leaders of Andhra Pradesh urging not to disintegrate Andhra Pradesh, President Pranab Mukherjee signed and approval was given.
If the Naga inhabited area of Manipur is given to Nagaland by India which gives the message of Peace as well as Nuclear Power Country and non-violence and members of the Non-Alignment movement, taking the opportunity of the weakness of the Manipur State Government as the third gift of Manipur, it will be the epicentre of World War-III is the belief of Manipur Labourer Union.
Whether the Manipuris who cannot say anything beginning from the losing of Kabow valley adn 29 sq.km of territorial area can believe the promises made by the Congress – I and the BJP that not an inch of Manipur territory will be given away is a point to be discussed by the people of Manipur.
According to the Report of International year Book 1988, the geographical area of Manipur is 22,356 sq.km. According to report received from Encyclopedia India the geographical area of Manipur is 8,000 sq.mile. If the fact that the area of Kabow Valley is 7,000 sq.mile is true the area of Manipur will be 15,000 sq.mile. In sq.km Manipur 22,356+Kabow Valley 19,561, the total area of Manipur will be 41,918 sq.km. It will be greater than Kerala which has 20 MP’s in the Lok Sabha with area of 38,863 sq.km.
Since 1 MP is given to a population of 10 lakhs, whether the numbers of MP’s of Kerala which has 3,33,87,6777 population and West Bengal which has 9,13,47,736 population will increase 33/34 and 91/92 MP’s respectively?
And why is Family planning implemented in Manipur which has only 27,21,756 population with a huge amount?
However, Manipuri Labour Union will start demanding to the Government of India by submitting memorandum that the Number of MP’s in the Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha must be increased to 10 and 4 respectively by giving one MP to every 6 Assembly segments of Manipur.
N.B. Ref No. MLU/241/17 dated 24-01-2017 Statement “12 Council of Ministers must be increased to 18 Council of Ministers” the unskilled Labour charge Rs.255 should be read as Rs. 255. Regarding Ukhrul Rs. 120x2=240 reds as Rs 225 and the deficit amount is Rs. 15. The Labour charge fixed by the Manipur Labour Department in 2014 cannot meet the expense of two square Meals. Note even a rupee is left for tea and Roti. In this condition can people of Ukhrul like to work – it should be read. For the errors committed, Manipuri Labour Union appeals to the people forgive.

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Eastern Army Commander to Visit Manipur

IT News
Imphal, Jan. 21

General Officer Commanding-in-Chief the Eastern Army Command, Lieutenant General MM Naravane, AVSM, SM, VSM will arrive in the state on a three day visit from 21st to 23 Jan 2019. The Army Commander will be briefed on the security situation in the state and will review the operational preparedness of the formation. The Army Commander is responsible for security of borders with China along Sikkim and Arunachal Pradesh in the north, with Bangladesh along West Bengal, Meghalaya, Tripura and Assam and with Myanmar along Nagaland, Manipur and Mizoram in the east. The Army Commander holds wide operational and administrative experience and took over his present appointment on 01st Oct 2018. He has in depth knowledge of issues in the North East having been the formation commander of IGAR (North) as well.   
Lt Gen Naravane was commissioned into the 7th Battalion Sikh Light Infantry in June 1980. An alumnus of the National Defence Academy in Pune and the Indian Military Academy in Dehradun, he has tenanted critical command and staff appointments in peace, field and active Counter Insurgency environment both in the North East, Jammu and Kashmir and as part of Indian Peace Keeping Force in Sri Lanka. The officer also commanded a Rashtriya Rifles Battalion in Jammu and Kashmir, an Infantry Brigade on the Eastern Front, Inspector General Assam Rifles (North) in the North East and a Strike Corps of the Indian Army. He also served as the General Officer Commanding-in-Chief of the Army Training Command before taking up his current assignment. He also served as an instructor at the Army War College and was the Indian Defence Attache to Myanmar. Lt Gen Naravane also holds a Masters degree in Defence Studies from Chennai University and has acquired M.Phil in Defence and Management Studies from DAVV, Indore.   

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