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Items filtered by date: Sunday, 20 January 2019 - Imphal Times

Peaceful protest by 5 students’ bodies at various places of Imphal turns violent as police use force to foil it

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Imphal, Jan 20,

Peaceful mass demonstration against the passing of Citizenship Amendment Bill 2016 organised by Socialist Students’ Union of Manipur (SSUM), Manipur Students’ Association Delhi (MASAD), Reformist Students Front (RSF), All Meitei Pangal Students’ Union Manipur (AMPSUM) and All Manipur Muslim Students’ Organisation (AMMSO) at various places of Manipur turn violent as police dispersed the gathering particularly at Khwairamband Keithel here in Imphal.

As announced earlier by the five students bodies sit-in-protest demonstration demanding withdrawal of the Citizenship Amendment Bill 2016 were staged at various places in Imphal east, Imphal West, Thoubal, Kakching and Bishnupur district.

Report reaching here said that the protest staged at Lilong and Yairipok were disperse by the police team. The protestors than turn hostile and pour their  anger to the business runners forcing them to shut down.

At Khwairanband Keithel as many as 1000 of protestors demanding withdrawal of the Citizenship Amendment Bill were force by a police team to leave the place. The protest was staged at the Temporary market complex here in the Middle of the Imphal city. The protestors confronted for some times with the police team however, more police reinforce and use force to drive them out and foil the peaceful protest, the porters also turn hostile and force all shops and business establishment to shut down.

Normalcy at Khwairamband keithel and its surroundings was severely affected as the protestors continue the protest in another way.

At Singjamei, Apunba NUpi Lup staged a rally demanding withdrawal of the Bill from Singjamei Okram Leikai. The rally was however stopped by a strong police team at Singjamei traffic point. The protestors were heading towards Yumnam Leikai at the residence of Yumnam Khemchand , who is the speaker of Manipur Legislative Assembly.

At Konthoujam, large number of womenfolk storm to the residence of Inner Manipur MP Dr. T Meinya. Dr. Meinya who is also a congress MP said that their party is against the passing of the Bill and the Congress party will do everything that they could in the Rajya Sabha.

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Activists stood for NSA detained Kishorechandra; Demands immediate release

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Imphal, Jan 20,

The Human Rights Law Network (HRNL) shown it’s strength and Solidarity to demand the immediate released of one Imphal-based  journalist Kishore Chandra Wangkhem, incarcerated under the NSA,  and also demands dropping of all charges agents him.
Addressing a joint press conference by HRNL along with Human Rights Alert, at Manipur Press Club Imphal,   Advocate Supreme Court , Shreeji Bhavsar of HRNL informed that HRLN has filed Harbeas Corpus  to High Court of Manipur on 20 of Dec (on behalf of  KC Wangkhem) and the court has issued notice and the matter on 4th  of Feb.
He also stated, “the detention of kishore Chandra wangkhem by Govt. of Manipur under draconian colonial type law,  NSA 1980—which has been used by all govt for political persecution of their critics and opponents— is a violation of fundamental right to freedom of speech and expression envisage under, article 19(1)of Indian Constitution.”
He said,  we strongly protest journalist Kishorechand’s detention and Stand in solidarity with his family.
He claimed that the National Security Act 1980 is a draconian and a colonial type law which has been widely used by the government for political persecution of their critics and opponents. And this is a violation of the basic fundamental rights to freedom of expression under Article 19 1(a) of the Indian Constitution. He said that the times of India today violating the freedom of expression is even worse than even in colonial times.
He also strongly condemned the detention of Kishorchandra and stand in solidarity with the family.
Laxmi Murthy a senior journalist said that almost hundred journalists were being killed and no single conviction was delivered to give justice to the assassinated journalist. She also said that tolerance of the dissecting views and opinions however unpleasant they might be, is a sign of mature democracy.
Meanwhile, HRA Director Babloo Loitongbam detaining Kishorechand under the draconian NSA for 1 year soon after he was released on bail by Chief Magistrate, the govt is not only violating the fundamental rights to freedom of expression and undermining rule of law, it also install fear in young Manipuri speaking against what they perceived as a systematic and diabolic push to distort their history and to ultimately obilate their distinct identity.
The press conferences was attended by HR Activist, Lawyers, along with Kishorchandra’s wife Ranjita Elangbam. 

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CSO leaders appeal NE Chief Ministers to make their stand clear on CAB

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Imphal, Jan 20,

Civil Society leaders of the state has urged the chief ministers of all the North Eastern State to make their stand clear on the issue of Citizenship Amendment Bill, 2016.
Sunil Karam, President of United committee Manipur during a public discourse held at Manipur University Centenary Hall today said that the seven chief ministers of the north East need to take a clear stand regarding the contentious Citizenship Amendments Bill or else there will be no future for the people of the North East states.
The Public Discussion on the issue of the Citizenship Amendment Bill 2016 was organized by AMSU, MSF, DESAM, KSA, SUK and AIMS.
Sunil Karam further said that the CAB 2016 is a wakeup call for  all the people of the North east States. The need of the hour is to stand together and fight the Bill, he added. He also said that even if a clause for Manipur is added in the Bill it will be no use in maintaining the demographic balance of the state.
He said that a clear proof of migrants living in the North East is given according to the statement of Home minister Rajnath saying that the authority will give incentives to those refuges that live outside the North East.
He also said that different agitations and movements against this bill has been doing and if the government passes the bill neglecting the peoples sentiments, a firm stand and decision for the entire North East should be taken to make a future for the states.
Former President of UCM, Johnson Elangbam while speaking on the occasion said that the government should not mixed up CAB with the Manipur Peoples Bill.  The Manipur Peoples Bill is a state legislative mechanism and cannot withstand the tsunami to be impacted by CAB. And they should not compare the two, he added.
The controversial Bill is a bill with the motive of electoral politics. This electoral politics will have a great impact on the people of North East, he added.
 He said that concrete steps should be taken up to know the illegal migrants and immigrants and also a white paper regarding the identification of migrants and immigrants should be made. And he also said that the North East people should stand firmly with only one objective to withdraw the bill.
The function was attended by RK Bobychand, Johnson Elangbam, Chinglen Maisnam, Ningthouja Lancha, Dr. Mangoljao Maibam and Somorendro Thokchom as resource person and dr. Lokendro Arambam as the moderator of the function.

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Minister Shyam moots for cycle tracks in Imphal

By a Correspondent

Imphal, Jan 20,

A cycle rally cum mass awareness campaign was held as part of the ongoing ‘Saksham 2019’, a month-long festival on capacity building programme on conservation of fuel in Imphal on Sunday.Similar cycle rallies were also organised in 200 cities across India which is the world’s third-largest oil consumer.  

The cycle rally of national importance was organised by Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd(BPCL) in collaboration with the Indian Oil Corporation Ltd(IOC) and Petroleum conservation research association(PCRA) in Imphal city.

Manipur Consumer Affairs Food and Public Distribution Minister Karam Shyam Singh Commissioner M Lakshmikumar of Transport, State Head (Retail) Peeyush Gupta of North East BPCL, former Vice Chancellor Prof H Tombi(Retd),SPs K Meghachandra(Imphal East) and H Jogeshandra(Imphal West) along with state’s first Olympian P Neelakomol attended formal gathering of the campaign at the lawn of Hotel Imphal.

Most of the speakers in the day’s event said that conserving and preserving energy should be pursued as a responsibility. 

On the other hand reiterating the need to develop a cycle track in the greater Imphal area as part of reviving the bicycle riding habits, Minister Shyam expressed also appealed to those who attended the day’s programme to start thinking and learning about good things in life by conserving fuel and using bicycles will help the society as well as the country growth in terms of saving its economy and environment.

Minister Shyam, Commissioner (Transport) Lakshmikumar, , Peeyush Gupta of BPCL, Prof Tombi(Retd) took part in the rally which was flagged off from Hotel Imphal premises in Imphal passes through Chingmeirong Khongnang ani-karak,Manipur State Legislative assembly, Thangmeiband, Khoyathong, Kangla moat road,Nitapachuthek,Sanjenthong, Palace gate, Hatta-Minuthong,North AOC and converged at the starting point.

The oil and gas conservation awareness drive through various forms of activities including rallies, walk, painting competition besides distributing pamphlets etc is being organised from January 16 to February 15 2019 across the country under the aegis of the ministry of petroleum and natural gas government of India.

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No baab tree

By :- Dr. Nunglekpam Premi Devi

Still I remember, straight and branchy tall tree;
To those far off corner, corner of those courtyard square;
Slander as it stands, its bark so ugly and crunchy;
A homeland to chameleon variety; up and down
No naked eyes watch upon them: so quickly moved
A sucking field to bugs and moths and leaf miners;
No naked eye catches them so easily, too silently:
Green Leafy as she grows swings as she moves around;
With rhythmic gestures welcoming spring pat- pat-patter;
Oh! Its time spring her; let her wear ‘phanek’,
let her bloom flowers Let her bear ‘fruits’;
she adores a piece “a piece of clothe”
She’s painted and she’s cherished, with all her full bloom.

Flowers and her petals scattered, as I swipe
Alluring and attracting and sizing their duties;
Buzzing and buzzing and never forgets Bee and bees;
Clustering and gathering; talking and helping;
Her scents sweeter as she grows decaying scattering;
Fallen echoing the breeze, one and ten and hundred;
She branched too strong, her leaves too green tight;
She’s born with bulging eyes; round and swelling and spongy;
Amongst and between the twigs interlocking, brotherly and sisterly;
Week after week, it holds hugging tight her ‘mother’;
Week after week and after month; she falls that easily,
Happy I jumped; Alas! It’s too scary; it’s bitten and sucked out;
Never the bold ripe fruit; as it falls off
Never better the juicy one; as I open it out.

As she drops one and two no- baabs, I enjoy picking up;
Carving through hunger; cutting it pieces by pieces;
And smashing and smearing; salt and sugar and chillies;
And bowl and plates; I taste better as I prepared;
Ah! Its sour, it’s deeply sour and bitter and acidic;
My tongue’s so disrespectful; bitter, moody and grumpy;
Thickening and touchy and scratchy and uneasy;
‘She bears no man’s fruit’ exclaimed my father
She’s been cut down; her arms too short
Still she stands straight single, tall and weary;
Weird as she’s been marked; her no-baabs thrown away;
Decaying and Rotten; a hand reaches it selected and chosen;
Her ‘no-baabs’ not lesser than ground ball;
A great battle to watch upon played.

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A Bird’s Eye View At “Go To School”-Mission

By:SanjenbamJugeshwor Singh

Amidst praise and criticism, the present Government of Manipur has taken up few gigantic Missions for the welfare of people like Go ToHills, Go To Villages,CMHT etc.After these two Missions with mixed results the next Mission Go To Schools has been lunched on 17th January 2019 at YumnamHuidromHigh school by the honorable Chief Minister. Regardless of what will be the result of the Mission, it’s a bold & great step taken by the Government to correct the yearlong backlog in education sector in Manipur.
In fact, there should be a vision, Mission and Action; otherwise nothing can be done successfully. So far we don’t have any clear vision though we talk a lot about Mission. At the same time there is no clear cut action also.Unless these three key factors vision, mission& action are given equal emphasis, we will not achieve the objectives of the mission. Therefore it’s necessary to consider these three points very clearlyi.e how far we have to go for a particular destination, where do we stand now, how to & how fast we have to go. There are three D’s i.ediscipline, dedication&determination. How and where these three D’s are to be kept and inserted should be explained in the vision of the Mission.Now it’s better to stop or eliminate the word Education, because now is the time of human capital and human resource, because education is not the end of teaching-learning process rather it is thing to go forever.
We need to rethink and observe where to put & insert the three important components for everlasting human capitals i.e useful, relevant and lasting which we call Mission. The word model which is very often used by our CMis very important and unique. It has to come from grass-root level including model of teachers, model of students, model of schools or Institutions, so many models call role models put together we have to achieve our objectives of the mission. So it’s necessary to discuss it and need to emphasize to have a clear vision, eg.it was that in that year, it is this now and it should be like  that in the time to come. So we need to emphasize what should be the useful quality of human being at that time which is the necessary relevant for tackling the contemporary issues .Therefore  a clear cut vision should be kept how to build up the assets of our nation. According to this ,the three D’s i.ediscipline, dedication& determination needs to address properly in the mission. Toaddress this, a team or a group is required,it may be among the teachers, may be the management or may be the government. Without this it will be useless. After achieving all these,there should be actions. Actions should be: what are the programs, how to construct the school building, how to develop ground, how to keep teachers and what about the transport etc. Aboveall, in all the countries of the world, Education should not be isolated .Education is social output and institutional outputs. Therefore to form it we should clearly see food, health and education. It’s highly necessary to go these three together. Food is very important from nutritional point of view and health. Without health, what is the meaning of education? An integrated program of food, health and education should be formulated. As of now, this integrated program is not seen in our state. As we see, these three important factors i.e.food, health& education are going in different directions of their own. But it should be brought to a concurrent point. This concurrent point will be the origin to build up the human capitals, which will produce what is call role model. The inclusion of excesses to already exist should be a part of a role model. So a good team is needed how to go about this. However there is failure in institutional parenting in any initiatives of government. In fact all the issues in Manipur are due to the failure of this institutional parenting. Government is an institute, any department is an institute, and family is also an institute. But the most important part is the government. One time intervention will never do anything, it has to go all along. There is a British saying that “Education never ends, Educationist never retired”. Therefore to make a model we need to include all these components.
      To use the word model, it’s necessary to do something useful; otherwise there is no meaning of model. It is mentioned in the “Go To School Mission” that all the local MLAs will be the vice-chairman of school management committee. So far no school management committee in Manipur functioned properly(known by everyone). If the school management committee functions properly, we will have a good result or out puts in this regards. Therefore a proper guideline to evaluate or monitor the functions of school management committee is highly necessary. But, as of now who is looking after the functions of the school management committee is still a miracle. Head Master will do in his own way, secretary will do as he wishes and sometimes there is no guardians representatives also. Somehow there is always a hot-spot. The concept is good but how to go is the question. At the same time, it’s really fearful to see the role of private sectors players in school education. They do everything as they wish like a lawless market. If we don’t know public laws, private sector will never develop rather it will create problems. So it’s high time to implement a powerful public law to the school management committee for their proper functioning as they are the custodians of school education. That’s why people started asking what happened to the private school regulation Bill passed in Manipur State Assembly?

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Moreh Battalion AR Apprehends Two Prepak PRO Cadres

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Moreh, Jan. 20

On 19 January 2019, Moreh Battalion of 26 Sector Assam Rifles under the aegis of IGAR (South) apprehended two active PREPAK (PRO) cadres from area near village Chavangphai, Moreh.  
On receipt of continuous inputs of likely subversive activities by insurgent groups in the wake of upcoming Republic day, the Moreh Battalion proactively carried extensive area domination and regular patrolling along Indo Myanmar Border. On 19 Jan 2019 during one of such patrolling, a team of Moreh Battalion spotted two suspicious individuals discreetly trying to enter Indian side. The patrolling party tactfully reached closed to the individuals and apprehended them.
On detailed questioning the apprehended individuals revealed being active cadres of PREPAK (PRO). The cadres are identified as SS Pvt Gangfun Gangmai age 21 years, residence of Maramching, Noney District and SS Pvt Sanahal Noirem, age 19 years, residence of Lamdeng Awang Leikai, IW district. The former was enrolled into the outfit in Nov 2018 and the latter was enrolled in Sep 2018. The Apprehended individuals have been handed over to Moreh PS.  

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National Youth Week Concluded

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Thoubal, Jan. 20

The Week long programme of National Youth Day and Week organised by Nehru Yuva Kendra Thoubal concluded at Yairipok on the 19th January 2019. The Valedictory function was organised by NYK Thoubal and Regional Institute of Handicapped Persons, Yairipok at Yairipok Bamon Leikai, Thoubal District on the 19th January, 2019.

Yairipok Nagar Panchayat Councillor Konjengbam Ito Singh and Joint Director Veterinary (Retd) Dr Rajendro Singh were the Chief Guest and President respectively.

In his weeklong report of National Youth Day and Youth Week Yumnam Laksman Singh, District Youth Coordinator mentioned that NYK Celebrated the National Youth Week in Thoubal and Kakching Blocks with a number of programmes and activates. The National Youth Day inaugurated at Waikhom Mani Girls College was followed by organising Social Service at Heirok Bazar and Heirok Part II, Drug Abuse Prevention Programme at Arong Khunou, Skill Development at Hangul, Peace Rally at Thoubal Okram and Vocational Training at Wabagai etc. The philosophy, teachings and message of Swami Vivekananda to the youth was discussed in all the programmes during the week.

In his address to the youths and handicapped persons, Dr Rajendra pointed out  that the State which is successful in building the Youths will always go ahead of other states in all fronts.

The preaching of Swami Vivekananda to the Youths especially his philosophy of Vedanta is still very found relevant to the youths of the present day society. The Social and political transformation of Swami Vivekananda particularly among the youths of Pre – Independent India are still remembered by many followers.

Konjengbam Ito Singh appreciated the efforts made by NYK for mobilising and motivating the Youths and Celebrating the National Youth Week in the district for the betterment of the Youths.

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