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Items filtered by date: Monday, 14 January 2019 - Imphal Times

Fitting tribute paid to drivers on 30th Drivers’ day; MLA RK Imo calls on government for framing a drivers’ policy

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Imphal, Jan 14,

Fitting tributes were paid today to the highway brave hearts who had sacrifices their lives while transporting essential commodities for the people of the state along the National Highways. Yes, they are drivers who struggled all odds in time of month long blockades, courageously challenge the extortionists and facing all sort of trouble either from the state actors or the non state actors for the sake of the common people.

January 14, every year is observed as the Drivers’ Day and many Drivers’ and transporters bodies in the state today observed the day. Manipur Drivers’ Welfare Association, observed the day at Meino Leirak Maning Leikai Chaokhat Thourang Lup in Imphal West.

MLA RK Imo who attended the observance as the Chief Guest expressed shocked on learning that there is no welfare schemes for the drivers.

“It is very unfortunate that there aren’t any welfare schemes for the drivers of the state”, RK Imo said.

Highlighting the problem faced by the drivers, MLA RK Imo said that a welfare scheme for the drivers should be a top priority for the government. And even if the labour law doesn’t include for the welfare of the drivers it should also be amended to include them or a new scheme for the welfare of the drivers should be initiated, he added.

RK Imo assured that he will urge to propose a welfare scheme for the drivers in the upcoming budget session.

Regarding Citizenship Amendment Bill (CAB) issue, RK Imo said that the Congress Party stands firmly against the Bill and appeal people to stand against the bill knowing its impact irrespective of the differences in political ideology.

He also said that it would be better if the bill is discussed in the select committee of Rajya Sabha previously and to know the impact of it before passing in the Rajya Sabha.

Moirangthem Angamba Meitei, Advisor of DESAM, who also attended the observance, said that the government should recognize the sacrifice the drivers of the state had made for the welfare of the state. A welfare policy for them should be implemented by the government at the earliest. Everyone will die of hunger if the driver’s cease to work and our food supply is brought only through the two national highways, he added.

Angamba also said that the drivers should be treated equally like the others who have sacrificed their lives for the welfare of the state.

He also urged people to stand against the CAB and if such bill becomes an act the indigenous people will be wiped out from the state, the people will eventually become a slave in its own homeland.

And if the Trans Asian Railway is finished the impact of it will be monstrous, he added.

The observance was also attended by President of Manipur Drivers’ Welfare Association Babudhon Shaikhuba as President and President of All Manipur Transport Co-op. Societies Association Ngangom Haridash, President of Meino Leirak Maning Leikai Chaokhat Thourang Lup Singham Ghanasyam and Advisor of DESAM Moirangthem Angamba Meitei as Guest of Honours.

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Stop State Sponsored Crime towards Indigenous People - YACPIP

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Imphal, Jan 14,

Youth’s Action Committee for Protection of Indigenous People (YACPIP) strong condemnation to the indiscriminate firing by the Tripura Police upon the peaceful Indigenous Youth protestors against the Citizenship Amendment Bill, 2016. The action to fire upon the Indigenous Youths at Madhab Bari, West Tripura is considered as an action to suppress the voice of the Indigenous People solely planned and sponsored by the Government of India and Tripura.
“We learn that on the 8th of January, 2019 taking part in the region wide total shut down called by the NESO, some indigenous youths came out on the street and assembled peacefully adopting the non-violence approach of protest at Madhab Bari area. There were large number of police personnel deployed in the area to control from any unwanted happening during the peaceful protest. While the protestors have gathered on street of Madhab Bari area, two to three police van arrived in front of the area where the people have gathered and started firing indiscriminately toward the protestors on the street without giving any prior warning to disperse the gathering. No water cannons, batons nor any load speakers were used to warn the protestors instead the police personnel fired upon the civilians soon after they jumped down from the police van”, YACPIP statement said.
As per the information provided by the GB Hospital one boy namely Mr. Sumit Debbarma was hit by two bullets passing through his two lung and now in critical situation, Mr. Lalit Debbarma was also hit by two bullets on his chest and now in critical situation, Mr. Shakar Debbarma was hit by a bullet on his hips and bullet is still stuck inside the body, Mr. Pahar Debbarma and Mr. Ravi Debbarma was hit by bullets which passed through their legs. All five of them are still under observation at the GB Hospital, Agartala.
The YACPIP said that they received information that while aforementioned injured persons were transporting on the way to the Hospital at Agartala, some miscreants believed to be from Bengali community attacked the vehicle in which the victims were on board. In order to protect the injured persons, five more protestors were left injured by the attack of those miscreants and now admitted in Kherengbar Autonomous Council Hospital. All these incident took place right in front of the police who were deployed to control unwanted happening of such clash, however, police let loose the miscreants to attacked the injured persons and their team.
One of the media person who was capturing the whole incident was detained by the Superintendent of Police, West Tripura and have ceased the memory chip and mobile phone. Since the late evening on the same day the Internet service and SMS have been shut down in order not to let the information flow outside the state of Tripura. 
Such an action of discriminating the Indigenous People cannot just be committed by a lay man person but an action fully backed and supported by the Government of Tripura and India to suppress the voice of the Indigenous People and our appeal is to stop immediately and judicial inquiry be initiated against those personnel involved and punish them according to the rule of law.

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Citizenship Amendment Bill should not be implemented in North East

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Imphal, Jan 14,

In a Press release signed by Publicity Secretary of South East Asia Cultural Organisation (SEACO) Thangjam Inaocha states that the controversial Citizenship Amendment Bill should not be implemented in North East. The said bill will surely intensify in the wiping out of the indigenous people of North East states including Kangleipak. So the people of Kangleipak should stand firmly and oppose this unjust bill, SEACO added.

He also appealed the government that if they love the land and its people dearly then they should stand against the unjust bill proudly and they also should withdraw from their respective position of their MLA’s and Minister.

He finally said that the bill if it becomes an act cannot be implemented in the North East. He said that with their inner agenda, the government should not try make North East a Hindu state.

He assures that SEACO will stand for the North East.

SEACO also wishes the people of Kangleipak a happy and a prosperous life with the coming of Emoinu festival a celebration for the goddess of wealth on the 18 of January 2019.  The organisation also urges the people to not organise Housie and lottery at the worshiping places and also not to perform dances and music which is not related with the culture. SEACO also urges to not use sindur which is for other religions in the worshipping places.

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SSUM says Manipur CM mislead people; mass sit-in-protest announced from Jan 20

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Imphal, Jan 14,

Socialists Students Union of Manipur (SSUM) in a press statement has stated that the Chief Minister of Manipur N. Biren Singh has mislead the people of the state by stating that the Citizenship Amendment Bill 2016 will be implemented only in Assam as the Manipur Peoples’ Protection Bill 2018 will protect the people of the state. The said Bill which the Chief Minister had high hope in keeping the people.

SSUM said that the Citizenship Amendment Bill 2016 will reduce the indigenous people to minority and the so call Manipur Peoples’ (Protection) Bill will have nothing to do with the people. The SSUM also recalled on how the Chief Minister had compromise the Manipur’s territory along the Indo-Myanmar border in Tengnoupal district as an appeasement policy to the central leadership.

SSUM said they will organise mass sit-in-protest at various part of the state from January 20 until the Bill has been withdrawn.

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Bangladesh RMG workers reject raise, continue agitation

Siam Sarower Jamil,
 Dhaka, Jan 14

Apparel workers in Bangladesh continued agitation in Jamgora and Narasimhapur of Ashulia, on the outskirts of Dhaka, rejecting the revised pay structure for the eighth consecutive day on Monday.
At least 20 of the agitating RMG workers- numbering more than 1,000 sustained injuries when law enforcers lobbed tear gas shells and charged baton on them during an attempt to blockade Dhaka-Tangail Highway.
The workers of about 10 readymade garment factories are demonstrating on the spot since 9:00am.
However, many RMG workers had joined their workplaces in Savar and Ashulia, said superintendent of Dhaka Industrial Police Sana Shaminur Rahman adding, ‘Law and order situation in other areas is normal.’
On Sunday, after nearly one and half months of protests, the government revised the pay structure for the apparel workers giving a raise between Tk 15 to Tk 786.This revision was the raise from the new wage board put into effect from December 2018.

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Delhi Police Charge Sheeted Kanhaiya Kumar, Umar Khalid and 7 other JNU students

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Imphal, Jan 14,

The Delhi Police had filed a charge sheet against former Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) student’s union president Kanhaiya Kumar, Umar Khalid, Anirban Bhattacharya, almost three years after it began its probe into the controversial sedition case against some JNU students. Police is also all set to charge sheeted against 7 others students of JNU.
India Today reports said that Kanhaiya is accused of leading the supporters on the evening of February 9, 2016. The police probe found that the formalities required to obtain permission for organising an event at JNU were not completed. When the gathering was informed that it did not have the required permission to proceed with the conduct of the event, Kanhaiya came forward and led the mob while raising slogans, the investigation team found.
The investigation team of Delhi Police has completed the probe and found that seven Kashmiri students raised anti-national slogans and they were in contact with Umar Khalid. Khalid was also invited to the event, the report said, adding they have been charged under section 124A, 147, 149 and 120B of the IPC.
The charge sheet has the names of 36 accused in Column 12, including former student leader Shehla Rashid and CPI leader D Raja’s daughter, Aparajita Raja. All the accused under this section have been suspected of being involved in a crime but police investigation could not gather evidence against them.
Kanhaiya, Khalid and Bhattacharya were earlier arrested on charges of allegedly raising anti-national slogans in the university campus.
Kanhaiya and other students are accused of organising an event in JNU campus in protest of the award of capital punishment to Parliament attack mastermind, Afzal Guru. These students have also been charged with other relevant sections of IPC for allegedly inciting the crowd with their speech.

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ABVP supports CAB

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Imphal, Jan 14,

As the parent body of the Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP) had extended full support to the passing of the Citizen Amendment Bill 2016, the Manipur ABVP too seem left with no choice but to support the Bill even though almost all students’ organization of the state have been opposing the Bill. A release of the ABVP Head Quarter had openly backed the passing of the CAB and the silence of the Manipur ABVP branch showed that the ABVP Manipur support the Bill. Unlike in Assam where an ABVP leader quit the group and joined the AASU to agitate against the Bill, no one from the Manipur ABVP had so far comes up against the Bill.

In a statement the Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP) stated that they welcomes the passing of the Citizenship Amendment Bill 2016 in Lok Sabha addressing concerns of the persecuted minority refugees from our neighbouring countries, still languishing for basic human rights for decades starting since India’s Independence.

This bill will enable the Sikh, Jain, Buddhist, Hindu, Parsi and Christian refuges from Afghanistan, Bangladesh and Pakistan to get long awaited justice of being treated as equal humans when for years they have got shelter in various places across India. These very minorities have been reduced to a fraction of population at the hands of religious fanatics duly protected by the theocratic state.

The ABVP also term the uprising against the Bill in North East as the result of the false propaganda by the anti social element.

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No Shield for Manipur against the Citizenship Bill

The Citizenship (Amendment) Bill will make the Manipur People’s (Protection) Bill, 2018 (henceforth the People’s Bill) a painful joke. The faint-hearted position taken by the State government is stated in its press release dated January 10, 2019. It is a matter of shame that the government is taking the issue lightly at the cost of our future.
Also, the State Cabinet’s decision to urge the Centre to give assent to the People’s Bill is a face saving act in the wake of passing the controversial Citizenship (Amendment) Bill (henceforth the Citizenship Bill) in the Lok Sabha.  Before, the State government fell into deep slumber since the passing of the People’s Bill on July 23, 2018.
Surprisingly, State government is calling for exemption of Manipur from the jurisdiction of the Citizenship Bill. Every thinking soul will find it difficult to digest. It looks more like a political farce. Probably, lack of clarity on the part of the officials is adding fuel to the fire. Or, it is a game of puppetry driven by wrong judgement in New Delhi. If timing is important, Prime Minister Modi’s visit to Imphal carries a message open to interpretation.  
The People’s Bill is not a shield behind which Manipur can hide. It does not stop anyone who will visit Manipur with identity cards or such other documents to prove the person as bona fide citizen of India. In this context, additional population from India’s neighbouring countries could take advantage of the Citizenship Bill to look for opportunities across India including Manipur.
The Bill will only empower the State authorities to register non-Manipur People visiting the State and issue pass accordingly to regulate their entry and exit. A pass with a cost to discourage dumping of population may be considered. Nevertheless, identifying the bona fide citizen of India will remain a loophole as forgery and backdoor channels are common.
Passing of the Citizenship Bill means more people coming to Northeast India and acceptance of those already living there. The Centre has failed to implement the Foreigners Act, 1946 and Passport (Entry into India) Act, 1920 to detect and deport a large number of illegal immigrants living in the country. The Citizenship Bill will take a U-turn instead. It is a well known fact that demographic threat has been driving political movements in Northeast India including insurgency.
The State government’s position on the Citizenship Bill is an insult to the indigenous peoples’ movements in Northeast India. It questions the sanctity and rationale of the 1985 Assam Accord and the National Register of Citizens (NRC). It makes a mockery of the demand for a permit system in Manipur as well. Happy-go-lucky attitude of the government is a major setback for the state and the region as a whole.
Instead of opposing the controversial Bill, the government is referring to mere apprehension in the minds of the people about the State getting flooded with a large number of illegal immigrants and foreigners from neighbouring countries. In fact, the issue of illegal immigrants is a reality we have seen in Northeast India, not just an apprehension.
Moreover, official corruption and vote bank politics are rampant in the State itself. The position taken supports the Centre’s attempt for an electoral surgical strike before the upcoming assembly elections in many states. In the process, the State government will join the Centre in opening the floodgates of immigrants. This indifferent attitude underscores the political impotency and inability to analyse the issue critically.
First, the Citizenship Bill is communal. Moreover, the Bill will put more pressure on land and resources in Northeast India. Even in states where land rights are restricted only to the native peoples, the extra population will add more burdens as far as economic activities and employment opportunities are concerned. More candidates competing for jobs will cost the ethnic minorities.
Meanwhile, the fear of big corporations grabbing land and natural resources has increased in the wake of the North East Development Summit 2017. The People’s Bill merely prohibits non-Manipur people acquiring of land in Manipur without the consent and sanction of the State government authorities. In October 2018, speaking at the India Today Conclave East 2018, Chief Minister Biren rightly said that it will not bar anybody from buying property or settling down in the State.
With President of India’s assent, the Bill will help the State government regulate (or facilitate) land ownership by non-Manipur people or Multinational Corporation. It clarifies that the People’s Bill is not a defensive shield against the Citizenship Bill. In search of a mechanism to shield Manipur from the existing socio-political challenges, the Government of Manipur must add more teeth to the People’s Bill and stand firm against the Citizenship Bill.
Dr. Puyam Rakesh Singh

N.B. Article sent to  Imphal Times which coincides  with the editorial policy of this Newspaper are provided space  so that the idea and criticism of the writer is the voice of this newspaper   

Citizenship (Amendment) Bill, 2016 : Our Identity and Culture is at stake

By- Rini Kakati

On Tuesday, when I was on my way home after attending a discussion meeting on Brexit at Central London. I  had a shock to hear the decision of Rajnath Singh, Union Home Minister to pass the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill, 2016. It will be alarming for the people of Assam is that if the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill is implemented in Assam, it will totally destroy the Assam as we know it and pose a major threat to the Assamese language and culture. But, one small consolation has been offered to Assam - the Centre has approved the proposal to notify six communities from Assam as Schedule Tribes. The communities are  Koch-Rajbongshis, 36 Tea Tribes, Tai Ahoms, Morans, Motoks and Chutiyas.
Few years back, Former Union Home Secretary GK Pillai when he said, the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill, 2016 will go against the Assam Accord and the NRC update. In fact, it will turn the highly expensive NRC update process into a totally meaningless effort.
We are sadden by such a move to undermine the needs of the indigenous people of Assam. The Centre do not approve of individual like Dr. Hiren Gohain, prominent Assam academic, Samujjal Bhattacharya, AASU Leader, Akhil Gogoi, KMSS Leader and Manjit Mahanta, journalist who stood up for the cause.
This was predicted by Late Former Governor of Assam Lt Gen SK Sinha as patriot in 1998 that if infiltration of foreigns nationals from Bangladesh is not checked, the situation in Assam would soon be worsen than that of Kashmir  and even a Bangladeshi national can become the Chief Minister of Assam in course of time. Lt Gen SK Sinha even sent a detailed report to the President of India in November 1998 highlighting the problem along with his suggestions to deal with the problem, but unfortunately, no remedial action was taken. 
So, setting up a high-level committee for the implementation of Clause 6 of the Assam Accord means absolutely nothing in the context of the plan hatched by the Centre. Their intention is to grant Indian citizenship to millions of Bangladeshi Hindus in the Barak Valley who have literally been given a welcome call to migrate to India and to put an end to Assam and the Assamese.
They could do it, knowing our inability to stand our ground against the machinations of other communities due to the poor strength of the Assamese. There is always competition form an ever-increasing number of people from other States settling in Assam. The majority expatriates will come from Bangladesh and they will all make a beeline for Assam which is nearer to their country than any other State of India barring Tripura and Bengal.
How can we forget that the BJP came to power in Assam with the promise of implementing the Assam Accord. We all expected Chief Minister Sarbananda Sonowal, who was once a president of the All Assam Students’ Union (AASU), to play a major role in implementing the Assam Accord. But he is doing the opposite. That is where we are hurt.
Our question is of how far any political party can go on breaking promises in a democracy without the consent of the people who are about to be directly affected by a newly imposed black law and moral right to take such high-handed draconian steps against its own people? . The upcoming violent protests and demonstrations of anger take us all back to 1979 AASU Movement, when the indigenous people of Assam launched a peaceful and democratic agitation demanding detection and deportation of those millions of East Pakistanis / Bangladeshis.
We have to identify ourselves as Assamese rather than dividing ourselves in various sections in front of the whole nation. AASU, KMSS, AJYP and other organizations must come under one umbrella keeping the greater interest of Assam. Our unity should be intact to send away all moves of the government of the day to decimate us.
Assamese always have to fight for their rights. The rest of the other states could not be bother when Nehru had bid farewell to the people of Assam and the Northeast when the Chinese occupied Bomdila in 1962?
Both Meghalaya and Manipur have rejected the Bill outright and that even allies of the BJP like the Shiv Sena and the Janata Dal have decided to oppose the Bill. Although they know that the Bill is not going to affect the mainland States of the Indian Union. But knowing the consequences they are aware that this undemocratic and anti-people measures like the enactment of the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill, 2016 could well be extended to any parts of the States and their people.
Our appeal to younger generation not to neglect studies, exams, attending school and colleges in the name of protest: strike, Assam bandh, hunger strike, road blockade etc. In the past we have seen it lost their relevance. Those culminated in wastage of time and energy only.
Now that Dhiren Bezbaruah, Nagen Saikia, Rongbong Terang and Mukunda Rajbonghshi have decided to quit the Centre’s panel on Clause 6 of the Assam Accord, we are urging them to arrange a round table conference in Delhi to discuss with the Central Government directly including our Chief Minister and  Himanta Biswa Sarma, Finance Minister. Only meaningful discussion and compromise may well get through to them hopefully !

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MSAD nominates 9 office bearers for the annual MSAD Election Committee 2019-20

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New Delhi, Jan14,

Manipur Students’ Association Delhi has nominated 9 office bearers for the annual MSAD Election Committee 2019-20, a press communiqué said. As per the statement, those nominated office bearers are - MK. Safikul haque (Chair Person), Miraj Shah Kori (Returning Officer, JNU), Chetan Khuman (Returning Officer, DU), Md. Ajimuddin (Returning Officer, Jamia), Bideswori Huidrom (Chief Electoral Officer), Md. Salimuddin (Member), Thouba Thokchom (Member), Maheiba Khoinaijam (Member) and  Raj Moirangthem (Member).

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