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Items filtered by date: Sunday, 13 January 2019 - Imphal Times

Protest staged against detention of Wangkhemcha Kishorechandra; demands for unconditional release

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Imphal, Jan 13,

A sit in protest was staged today against the detention of Wangkhem Kishorechandra under NSA at Kwakeithel Mayai Koibi.

Renowned Human Rights activists Babloo Loitongbam, who attended the protest appealed the people to ponder upon on why Kishorechandra had used such an aggressive words in the viral video which he had uploaded. 

“People need to question the reason behind the aggressive words which Kishorechandra had uploaded in social media”, Babloo said.

The sit-in-protest staged was organized jointly by Pakhangba Cultural Club (PCC), Mayai Koibi Development Association, Mayai Koibi Mamang Leikai Development Association and the Meira Paibis of the area.

Babloo further said that even though Kishorechandra spoke in vulgar way the quantum of punishment that he receives is way beyond what he deserves.

He added that the habitual mistakes done by the Chief Minister of the state will surely hurt rational being and will have a natural reaction against him. He also recalled the controversial speech of CM in Madhavpur at which he connected the region with Mahabarata distorting the history of Manipur.

He further said that the agenda of the RSS, the core of BJP, is its Hindutva where small groups of indigenous people were made to submerge into one culture or religion.

“Political leaders of the state were also trapped in this ideology of Hindi, Hindu and Hindustan”, Babloo added that the reason behind the aggressive words of Kishorechandra will surely be a loathing expression against the domination of smaller community by larger ones.

Even though reasonable restriction is added in the freedom of expression, the restriction should be proportionate and necessity, he added that.

“National Security Act is a draconian and a black law which is against the humanitarian law”, the Human Rights activist said

He finally appealed the masses to start a movement against this black law where anyone can be arrested arbitrarily and added that the case of Kishorchandra’s detention should be made an issue in the upcoming Lok Sabha election.

Vice President of MSAD Furkan Makakmayum said that the government is for the people and they should hear the voices of the many or else they should step aside, the people have also that right. The people should also ask questions against them. And also he questions what kinds of democracy it is where thousands were killed by the previous Congress government and many were arrested even for speaking and giving criticism in this BJP led government.

He also appealed the masses and the women folks to put in the agenda for the election to stand against such injustice.

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ST demand committee calls 48 hours bandh from Jan 22; Condemn Citizen Amendment Bill

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Imphal, Jan 13,

Peoples’ meet organised by the Scheduled Tribe Demand Committee  of Manipur, at GM Hall here in Imphal have resolved to call 48 hours general strike from early morning of January 22 if the state government fails to recommend the center for inclusion of the Meitei/Meetei to Scheduled Tribe list under the constitution of India.
The meet also resolved to put halt the construction work of the Imphal Tupul road. The Committee had earlier called for complete halt of the Railway Construction work but was call off after the Chief Minister of Manipur assured to endorse the demand of the ST demand committee to the central government. The committee also condemn the Citizen Amendment Bill passed by the Lok Sabha on January 8, 2109.
The decision to call general strike was adopted after speakers during the meeting opines the need for extreme form of agitation.
Speakers during today’s meeting pour their anger to the state government saying that the government is against the demand for inclusion of the Meitei Meetei to ST list.
Former member of the Manipur Human Rights Commission, Yambem Laba, Political worker Borajao, Saroja among others denounces the slow move of the organiser in demanding the ST status of the Meitei Meetei.
Yambem Laba said that the demand is being delayed as the office bearers seem to have to not interest. He question on why the general Secretary of the ST demand Committee was not present in such a crucial meeting.
Soraja, a political activist said that it is no time to remain quite as the fate of Meetei/Meitei is uncertain. She calls on people to raise their voice.
On the dais of the today’s meeting was the President of the ST demand Committee Yumnam Mohendro and Working President NongdrenKhomba.

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YACPIP burns effigies of Manipur Guv’ , PM denouncing CAB

Imphal, Jan 13,

Youths Action Committee for the Protection of Indigenous Peoples (YACPIP) today staged a protest rally against the Citizenship Amendment Bill, 2016 in support to the stand of the 6 students union of the state.
The protestors burned down the effigies of Dr Najma Heptulla, PM Modi and CAB, 2016 showing annoyance of the discriminatory action towards the Indigenous Peoples of the NE by passing the CAB, 2016 beside various people of the region have been opposing the same.
Large number of Protestors gathered at Khangabok Old Keithel and shouted slogans like “Awang Nongpok Lamdam Lukhak Kom  Natte”, “Long Live Yelhoumee”, “CAB Chatnahanba Yaroi”!
The protestors also shared that they will extend full cooperation in any Move to protect the Indigenous People of the State and Region at Large.

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Over 500 patients attended in Free Mega Health Camp at Keishamthong Elangbam Leikai

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Imphal, Jan 13,

Over 500 patients were attended today in the One day free health Camp organised by the Bijoy Govinda Naharol Singyel Seva Marup at Keishamthong Girl High School. The Mega Health camp was sponsored by the Health Minister L. Jyantakumar, who is also the representative of the Keishamthong Assembly Constituency. Specialists doctors of Medicine, Dermatology, ENT, Medicine Chest, Ophthalmology attended the Free Health Camp. Health Director Dr. Rajo along with the Director of AYUSH supervise the health camp.

Health Minister L. Jayantakumar also inspected the health camp and interacted with the people. The Minister personally visited all rooms where treatment was underway.

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AMNEMEA ‘s Calendar released

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Imphal, Jan13

The All Manipur Newspapers & Electronic Media Employee Association (AMNEMEA) today held its 23rd meeting at Manipur Press Club around 9am.  A calendar of the organisation was also released today.
The function was chaired by President of AMNEMEA Th Ngouthoi, Vice President of AMNEMEA W. Ranjit and the newest member of AMNEMEA L. Lonibala Chanu. They also released the calendar.
President Ngouthoi said that a meeting will be held every second Sunday of the month for the welfare of the Association.
Vice President of AMNEMEA W. Ranjit said that it is because of the enthusiastic works of the members that an association founded on May 20, 2018 can produced its first 2019 calendar. He appealed to work wholeheartedly in the long run.

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Prevent communally prejudiced Citizenship Bill becoming law: Popular Front 

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Imphal, Jan 13,

A statement issued by M Muhammed Ali Jinnah, the General Secratary of Popular Front of India, has said that the new Citizenship (Amendment) Bill passed by Lok Sabha is expression of the communal bigotry of the central government and asked all non-BJP members of Rajya Sabha to prevent it from becoming a law.  
“The bill is openly discriminatory to Muslims and against the basic principles of the constitution. It allows migrants belonging to the Hindu, Sikh, Buddhist, Jain, Parsi and Christian religious communities from Afghanistan, Bangladesh or Pakistan to gain permanent citizenship in India, while excluding Muslims, a major religious community in above listed countries. It is shameful and outright injustice that religion is made a major factor for the conferral of citizenship in our country.  As we had earlier pointed out, the government is bound to explain what makes these select religious communities from the listed countries exclusively deserving of the privilege of our citizenship while other minorities in many other countries are subjected to persecution and human rights violations of the worst kind. Thus it goes against the constitutional principles of human rights, especially the principle of equality before law”, the statement said.
Terming it as another politically motivated and communally divisive move from the BJP ahead of Lok Sabha election. Mr Jinnah appealed all opposition parties to come forward to expose the agenda behind the bill and defeat it in the Rajya Sabha. He also asked civil society organisations to raise their voice against the bill.   

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Dr Nunglekpam Premi Devi

When, why, what and which;
How, why, When and Where;
Questions after questions, all ask;
Repeat after repeating, again and again;
Doesn’t seem so nice, troubles by troubles;
Sentence by questions; statements by answers;
All ask and all enquired; Blame after blaming;
Seeing doesn’t believing action; Believing isn’t true;
Truth is living lies; Leis are damn truth;
Frauds by frauds activities; Lies by lies engaging;
Sooner than sooner; false engage by false;
Hating is social recognition; words on words;
Gossip on gossip; joy forever lies activating;
People dies and people go, “Egos”;
Burden on Burden; Blame after Blaming;
Its complicating, it’s complicated.

If, why, or and how;
Reason, meaning, sense and is it;
Answers not given by; Reasons not study;
Men on the Blue, Happy and conquering;
Drinking and night time; ‘Rogue’ and ‘attitude’;
Drinking and gossiping; Drinking and smoking;
Drinking and relaxing; what’s in drinking;
Drugs’ a life; Drugs a social phenomenon;
Peoples’ heavy on egos; burden on shoulders;
One after another; one’s decision all correct;
No time given, discussion not available;
People blaming after blaming, just a fashion;
Layer by layers, actions on Frauds activity;
People die a false death; ‘Sins’ are Heaven.

No, yes, why and no;
Don’t, never, ever and when;
Listening’ unrecognized; Bullets and guns;
Guns and handsets’; ‘Bags and baggage’
AFSPA and misplacement’; ‘Rape and Torture;
Women and Judicial enactment’, ‘women and issues’;
Power’s a corruption’, ‘Corruption a practice’;
Crime’s not judgment; Laws’ blinded;
Hesitation’ a social manner;
Me’, ‘me’, ‘me’ and ‘me’ on importance;
Social and politics’; ‘politics and personal’;
Politics and family’, ‘Life and attitudes’;
May be and may not be’; ‘Sure and not sure’;
Older and younger’, ‘youth and tablets’;
Peace’ and ‘voices’, ‘Police and lock ups’;
Complications and pity, surviving and rudeness.

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flight at the land of clouds.

i was flying high in the sky like a bird
pouring all the whitish cloud in the mind.
two wings of mine sail like the seagull
whispering of clouds buffered my zeal.
rainbow and its fresh shine coloured
my soul whilst i marked in the boundless horizon in search of engraving love.
i wish i stood near the heaven
busy for the arrangement of my funeral.
i smelt my bodily odor confirmed
my existence but l lost my human sense.
i was melting in the nowhere
losing my dreams and deeds.
now i am the kinsman of clouds
whom i surrendered all.

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National Youth Day Celebrated At Thoubal

IT News
Imphal Jan.13

The Nehru Yuva Kendra Thoubal and NSS Units of Waikhom Mani Girls College, Thoubal celebrated the National Youth Day in the College Hall on the 12th January, 2019.
Dr. O Ibeton Devi Principal and Prof K. Sandanada Singh of Waikhom Mani Girls College were the Chief Guest and President respectively. National Teacher Awardee Tekcham Rameshor Singh, Prof. L Sanatombi Devi and Prof. Jotin Singh were the main Speakers in the function.
The life, philosophy and teachings of Swami Vivekanda to the youths were deliberated at length. The need for having a deeper Knowledge, Developing of skills and the build up a strong discipline and character among the youths were pointed by the Resource persons. The love affection and concern for others are highly important in the present day society.
In his Inaugural address the District Youth Coordinator Yumnam Laksman Singh highlighted the week long programme of National Youth Week from 13th -19th January, 2019. The District, State and National Level Programmes of Nehru Yuva Kendra and NSS for the Youths were also announced in the function.
Prof. Sadananda reminded the quotation of Swami Vivekananda “Take up one idea. Make that one idea your life – think of it, dream of it, live on that idea. Let the brain, muscles, nerves, every part of your body, be full of the idea, and just leave every other idea alone. This is the way to success”.
The Principal thanked NYK & NSS for celebrating the National Youth Day at College Hall. She further advised the youths to read the books of Swami Vivekananda and follow the principals in their life. A good person and successful life should begin from the family and the women have a big role to play in shaping and moulding the career in future. The message given by Swami Vivekananda is still relevant to the present day Youths, she added.

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Moreh Battalion Apprehends One Ogw Of Kykl

Imphal Jan.13

Moreh Battalion of 26 Sector Assam Rifles under the aegis of IGAR (South) and Moreh Police jointly apprehended an OGW of KYKL from Moreh Ward No 7, Tengnoupal district on 11th January 2019.
 The accused is identified as Md Rajauddin @ Apikpa, a resident of Sora/ Ward No. 7, Moreh. Illegal sandalwood weighing 61.53 kgs, 02 Axis Bank ATM cards, 02 SIM card each of India and Myanmar, cash amounting to Rs. 11,400/- and Identity card were recovered from his possession.   
The apprehended individual along with recovered items was handed over to Moreh Police Station for further investigation.

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