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Items filtered by date: Saturday, 12 January 2019 - Imphal Times

Naga Peace Talks: NSCN(K) expected to initiate political dialogue with GoI soon By SOLOMON SHAIKH

The Khango and Isaak led NSCN K will be initiating their political dialogues with the Government of India within a week and it is believed that both sides will be diligently working towards officially signing the Ceasefire pact which will usher in peace and development in the state.
In a major development the organization through it’s MIP also informed that Chishi Naga the Central Finance in charge of the outfit had been assigned additional responsibilities to look into the overall finance of the Kohima district. All financial matters relating to collection of taxes and other pertinent matters in Kohima will be dealt by Chishi Naga. It is learnt that Chishi Naga is stationed in Kohima and the outfit has sternly warned that no further notifications will be provided in the media to restrain imposters who are collecting taxes in the name of the outfit. Military action will be initiated against imposters without any further notice. The outfit had apprised the general public and concerned departments that without the consent and sanction of Chishi Naga no contributions should be offered to any imposters.
The outfit had sternly warned V Tucca and Wilson who are collecting taxes from the general public in Dimapur to stop collecting money in the name of the outfit. Military action is being initiated against both the imposters the sources said.
Isaac Chishi is scheduled to travel to New Delhi for resumption of the Peace talks and the outcome of the talks will be unraveled shortly. It is learnt that the Khango led NSCN-K will be establishing their Monitoring Cell in Dimapur immediately after returning from New Delhi to monitor the ongoing political situations confronting the Naga Nation. The Young General Secretary of the outfit Isaac seems to be optimistic on the four points placed before the GOI.
It is noteworthy to mention here that the Khango-led NSCN (K) had placed a four-point demand to the GoI for consideration: Lift ban imposed on NSCN and removal of terrorist tag;
Rescind the bounties placed on NSCN leaders;

 Repeal AFSPA/DDA on the enforced Naga areas and unconditional release of NSCN cadres arrested after the abrogation of ceasefire and undergoing trials or serving sentences in different prisons across the state/country.
It is believed that on Signing the Peace pact all Khango-led NSCN K leaders lodged in various jails of India will be unconditionally released.
“Many of the top functionaries of the outfit are languishing in jail and without their participation the talks may not progress as desired “, Isaac commented.
“I convey my due regards to my comrades in arms who suffered incarceration despite unending tortures at the hands of the adversaries and we are trying to get them released as earliest as possible”, Isaac remarked.
The GOI seems to be displaying sincerity to end the insurgency through Peace talks but the much hyped Peace talks is yet to bring in positive results. Is it due to the delaying tactics of the bureaucrats or the government of the day is fiddling with times. Both the factors cannot be ruled out.
The Frame work agreement led by the NSCN-IM is yet to be finalised in its entirety. The Neiphiu Rio led government is showing utmost sincerity to bring all the factions on board and Naga civil societies were one of the major factors which contributed immensely to end the ongoing war. Naga Nationalism has its own beautiful unique features. Unlike other NE states, civil societies plays a prominent role with regard to peace resolutions and it cannot be denied that the GOI and the state government considers the participation of the Naga civil societies as a formidable asset.

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Shillong Manipuri Students Union condemn CAB

IT News
Imphal, Jan 12,

Shillong Manipuri Student’s Union Condemns the Citizenship Amendment Bill 2016. In a press statement, the Union said, “ It is a very unfortunate, condemnable and illogical acts of BJP led government and supporters that let Citizenship Amendment Bill which seeks to provide Indian citizenship to non-Muslims from other countries from Bangladesh, Pakistan and Afghanistan passed on Tuesday, the 8thJanuary 2019 by the Lok Sabha.
The citizenship Amendment Bill 2016 is contemptible as it bypass the democratic ideals of India. Introduced in the Lok Sabha by the Minister of Home Affairs, Rajnath Singh, its primary objective is to amend the current Citizenship Act 1955 to provide for the acquisition and determination of Indian citizenship for a certain category of illegal immigrants and not for the benefits of any citizens of NE and rest of India. Additionally, this bill relaxes the citizenship criteria for such immigrants and merges the categories of Persons of Indian Origin (PIO) and Overseas Citizen of India (OCI) together. This Bill cannot acceptable to people of the Region.

When Mr. Modi, Prime Minister of India said that “ I want to assure the people of Assam and North East that their rights will not be hurt after passage of the Citizenship Bill”. What Rights of the People is he talking about, when we are treated unjustly and undemocratically.
Apart from the Citizens issues worrying for other’s countries please look into the problems faced of the region. NE has many major issues to be discussed and solve at the earliest. Some may point out like, AFSPA, Law and Order, Internal Territorial State, Undemocratic Political issues, Immigrants Refugees problems, Revolutionary issues, Educational drawback issues etc. Please bring solutions to these problems. Stop giving burden to the NE people by passing such illogical bill against the people of NE.
North East is a small region which comprises of seven sisters and one brother states namely Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Meghalaya, Manipur, Mizoram, Nagaland, Tripura and Sikkim respectively. It is approximately an area of 262,230 square kilometres which is almost 8 percent only of that of India. North East India so different from the rest of India. Nothing is common other than being Indian. Precisely the food intake, lifestyle, cultures and Traditions, environmental and geographical factors etc.. This bill will affect the indigenous people of this region and threats to the identity and cultures prevailing in North East. The immigrants/ refugees in NE will soon rise in its peak and turn into a citizen. NE was never part of India or any Indian Kingdoms before the British came and conquered unfortunately. In fact, NE should be protected and safeguard from the rest of the country with prior to the Indigenous and uniqueness of the region.
Even after India became an independent country on 15th August, 1947, 72 years of independence, India have failed to recignised and established for the people of the Region. We are living in a broken democracy with untruth leaders. If India cannot feel our sentiments and keep doing such injustice to the people of the Region, I belief one day India will have to face the consequences of all the deeds done to this Region.”

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Golf team from Manipur leave Manipur for Mandalay

IT News

Imphal, Jan 12,

 A 12 member Manipur Golf Association today left for Myanmar. The team was flagged of by the Director of Tourism W. Ibohal Singh from Iboyaima Hospital located at Singjamei Chigamathak. The team will take part in the Golf tournament organised by the Business Excellence group and Manipur Golf Association being organised at Myanmar.

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