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Saturday, 08 September 2018 - Imphal Times

State govt. inks MoU to introduce citizen facilitation centre

Imphal, Sept. 8,

The State Government has signed MoU with VFS Global to introduce Citizen Centric Service Delivery System by establishing Citizen Facilitation Centre under MAHUD Department in the State. Chief Secretary Dr. J. Suresh Babu and Shri Debkumar Bandyopadhyay,  Head of Business, South Asia Region, VFS Global exchanged the MoU in the presence of Chief Minister N. Biren Singh at a press conference held at the Cabinet Hall of Chief Minister’s Secretariat today.
The Chief Minister said that more than 50 services would be made accessible to the public under Single Window System with the commencement of services of the Centre to be implemented under PPP model.
People need not go to different offices for getting documents or delivery services like birth certificate, income certificate, caste certificate, ration card, Aadhar card, marriage certificate, driving license and education enrolment etc as all these services would be made available at the Facilitation Centre to be opened at ISBT, Khuman Lampak in Imphal East.
In addition, Visa facility for many predetermined countries like France, Italy, Germany, Singapore, Switzerland, UK, Thailand and Schengen countries etc. will also be made available to the public, he added.
Stating that the Centre would be functional by the first week of November this year, the Chief Minister also conveyed that the Centre would also provide door to door delivery for selected services to start with, which would be extended in future.
N. Biren also said that VFS Global was selected through open tender in a transparent manner. He added that the VFS Global is the world largest technology services specialist company with 2709 centres operating in 139 countries.           
On the other hand, the Chief Minister informed that the State Government had been awarded with three different awards on a single day yesterday by the Government of India for its excellent performance in various fields. The awards were Award for Manipur for Implementation of 100 per cent DBT through PFMS for Old Age Pension (Social Welfare Department), National Award for Implementation of Extended Gram Swaraj Abhiyaan (Chandel District) and Award for Best Performing SIRD (RD&PR Department) and Award for Best Performing SIRD (RD&PR Department).
Responding to a query regarding Manipur University issue, the Chief Minister said that the tripartite Memorandum of Agreement (MoA) signed among the Central Government, MU community and the State Government is binding on all the parties, and there should not be any doubt on it. Maintaining that the MoU was inked in his presence, the Chief Minister said that regarding the recent development, the State Government would pursue the Central Government as per the terms of the MoU.
Regarding Nungba incident, the Chief Minister said that sometimes it is not feasible to immediately nab anti-social elements/suspects in some areas especially in hill districts due to difficult terrains. However, the State Government is exploring all possible means including taking assistance from the Army to arrest the miscreants, he said while urging AMSU to revoke their decision to clamp highway bandh on the issue.
MLAs H. Dingo and Th. Satyabrata, Secretary (MAHUD) M. Joy and MAHUD Director N. Gitkumar were also present at the present conference.

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Anti drug campaign intensified in Moreh town

IT News
Moreh, Sept 8.

Anti Drug Abuse Campaign Committee Moreh tireless effort is finally rescuing the youths of the border town Moreh from being ruined by the menace of drugs.
The committee so far has seized illegal psychotropic drug worth around Rs, 10 lakhs,
The committee today conducted a Press meet at the office of Hill Tribal Council Moreh at around 11 am today.
 Convenor of Anti Drug Abuse Campaign Committee Moreh Mr. Khup Gangte while talking to reporters said that Committee is relentlessly conducting Drive against drugs since from 1st day of this month in various places of Moreh Town.  The committee also did not spare the No man land of Indo-Myanmar Border where drug users and peddlers use as a site.
“ We have been conducting such drive against illegal drugs so as to make our Moreh Town as well as to make our children free from drugs and to completely flush out drug users and peddlers”, Gangte said.  
Psychotropic substances including Heroine Number 4 , World Is Yours (WY) tablets , 20 more dozens of disposable syringe , equipment used by drug users seized by Anti Drug Abuse Campaign Committee Moreh were burned at the campus of Hill Tribal Council Moreh in the presence of Media and Public leaders of Moreh today.

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PLA and MNPF claim attack to Assam Rifles Camp

IT News

Imphal, Sept 8,


A joint statement of the Revolutionary peoples’ Front (RPF) and the Manipur Naga People’s Front (NPF) to recounted the series of attack to Assam Rifles camp.

The statement said that a special team of the PLA’s Tactical Command attack a team of 31 Assam Rifles on July 9, 2018 at Kangpat Khunou and Khunlen. On 19 July combine team of 252 Mobile Battalion of PLA and the MNPF attack the camp of the 4 Assam Rifles camp at Aibol Village in Chandel district. Following this the joint rebel group again attack the camp of 4 Assam Rifles on September 5 morning at around 5.45 am Aigyang Village using sophisticated weapon like RPG and light machine gun. On September 7 at around 9 am the same combine rebel group attack a convoy of 4 AR in between Aibol and Joupi Village in Chandel district. During the series of attack the RPF and MNPF claimed to have killed two personnel of the Assam Rifles and injuring several others besides destroying parts of the camps.

The statement signed by the Assistant Publicity Secretary of RPF , Bangkim and Deputy Secretary Publicity of the MNPF M.K. Mashun  further stated that the mean minded India while trying to strengthen their colonial rule has been dividing various ethnic community of the state by spewing venoms and also by creating an environment of fear psychosis.

It added that the war on the people has make many people still wet their eyes with tears and pain of their departed near and dear one who falls as a victim of the atrocities committed towards the civilians. 

Both the rebel group justify the war waging against the government of India for restoration of the lost freedom after the region has been forcibly annexed by them. Suppression by might has been succeeded in the history. It is natural that conflict always occurred between the oppressors and the oppressed people, the statement said.

The statement further stated that the PLA and the MNPF with other like minded groups will keep continuing the war against the colonial rulers until they are totally thrown out.

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Flag of Kangleipak hoisted at Kangla ; 71st Laining Ngak Senba-Numit observed

Imphal, Sept. 8,

Minister, CAF & PD, Revenue, Karam Shyam along with  MLA Khurai A/C Shri L Susindro Meitei hoisted the sacred flag of Kangleipak portraying Pakhangbagi Paphal at Kangla Laiphamlel today.
The flag hoisting ceremony was an important part of the 71st Laining Ngak Senba Numit Observance function held today.
The message behind the observation is to commemorate the same day in 1947 when Maharaj Bodhachandra revived and promoted our indigenous Meitei religion, puya and hill-valley communal integration in Manipur.
The dignitaries led the gathering in offering prayers and flowers during the auspicious religious ritual.
Speaking as Chief Guest at the function, Minister Karam Shyam recollected that Kangla has lost its freedom since British occupation in 1891 and later again, after merger of Manipur to the Indian Union, it has long been under the custody of the Assam Rifles and the public has not been enjoying full freedom to perform any function.
He assured that he will convey to the Chief Minister to look into the matter and allow free flow of the public to perform any ritual or programme inside Kangla and in hassle-free manner with proper communication of 5-10 days in advance.
Sharing his knowledge and throwing light on religion, he said that out of more than 4,300 religions of the entire world, Christianity comprises a major part with 2.1 billion i.e. 31.5% of the total population while the Meitei religion occupies merely a minor slice of it.
We can nourish love, communal harmony and civilisation in our society if we work with unity and a common mindset of religion, he said.
 Kangla was conferred to us ever since the then PM of India, Manmohan Singh handed it over to our ex-CM, O Ibobi on the 20th  November, 2004, he stated.
We need to underestimate our egos and stop criticising other religions apart from brains to promote our own religion, he added.
Stating that he himself took part in the Sana Konung construction, MLA Susindro suggested that it would be a good step if most religious rituals and programmes are organised in collaboration with Titular king Leishemba Sanajaoba.
“Let’s go hand in hand together for a changed Manipur and better society”, he also said.    Retd. IPS & also International lawyer, Kangla Phamthou 64, Shri Sarangthem Khoiranthaba also shared his opinion on the history of Manipuri religion at the event.
Pena Yakaiba and Seihou Isei were also performed as part of the ritual

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Political pandemonium

If the politics of ethnicity that has for long been practiced in the state as were everywhere else where pluralistic societies exist begs the impression of one characterized by deep rooted suspicions, protracted conflicts and extremisms, it is the inherent undercurrent of instability and unpredictability marked by acute passions and excessive emotions amongst the public. The feeling, although understandable runs the endemic risk of uprooting social systems and creating political and social pandemonium from which none emerge the winner, if let off unchecked. The public of Manipur does not need to look far to experience the feeling. It is these feelings, when compelled to act upon, would spell disaster for everyone without any exception.
There is however a glimmer of positivity with the obverse of such passions and feelings. It is these very heightened emotions that is essential for creating solidarity amongst the different ethnic groups as well as compel higher participation in politics- a paradox that has played out to be true. And like a double edged sword, it ultimately rests on those at the helm of affairs of the state as well as to either resolve such conflict situation and steer the emotions towards solidarity and stability or to further push the state into chaos and spiraling violence. The role of Civil Society Organisations in forming and fueling ethnic passions cannot be ignored, especially in a state like Manipur where the state government is perceived to be despotic, nepotistic and self-seeking by many cutting across ethnic and communal lines while these CSOs function as pressure groups thereby maintaining checks and balances.
Therefore, the present political impasse which has gained an ugly communal undertone needs to be relooked from a different perspective by the public without reservations and preconceived notions to try and understand the genesis of such a situation which will hopefully help in bring about an enduring solution. While it would be impossible to shed personal feelings or distance our ethnic passions, it would augur well to keep them in check and seek out the rational and plausible explanation free from prejudice if we all are as eager to participate and chip in towards bringing a solution as everybody make out to be.
 Admitting the failure of the state to accommodate the pluralistic and ethnic diversity within the framework of the state and society can be a starting point, however, the instrumental roles performed by the ethnic elites in ethnic mobilization and portraying issues should also be questioned and analyzed from an impersonal point of view to try and understand the political, economical and social implications of such assertions. In other words, the present social development should be taken as an opportunity to get at the root of the problem and subsequently to draw up a pragmatic and enduring solution which will enhance solidarity, peaceful and participatory coexistence which will draw strength and inspiration from the cultural diversity rather than making futile attempts at ethnic exclusivity which reflects a regressive mindset out of synch with the developing world.    

Nation Needs Small Farmers By: Sagolsem Kulachandra Singh

Nation needs small farmers. They are no waste contrary to the popular view that they are wasting their life on small farmers. Thus we may recall to facts about Indian agriculture.
(i)    The share of agriculture in the nations GDP has come down from 56% in 1950 to 14% in 2011-12, but still lot more than half of the nations’ population lives on agriculture.
(ii)    In the last 15 years more than a quarter million farmers have committed suicide which the policy makers are unable to face these two facts.
But the third fact-less know one that even by 2051 less half of India will live in Urban areas (Twenty-first century India, Oxford University Press) make a laughing stock of the current policies that assume rural India to be a passing phase India will then be a strange nation-an emerging global super power with majority rural population.
Thus, agriculture will continue to sustain more than half India even after four decades from now. These facts are a more trailer. If we look minutely at the anatomy of the Indian agricultural economy will show how the policy making, budgeting and national economic discourse are disconnected from reality.
Shortage of Labour:
 Indian farming is fundamental for the food security of 120 crore peoples (Indian) projected to rise to 170 crore by 2061. No. country in the world has the land or labour to supply even a fraction of the food that India will need if it falls short in food production.
If we study minutely the
discussion paper No. 2 of National Commission for Agricultural Costs and Prices (December 2012) it stated that the cost of production of rice and wheat has gone up by 45% for three years to 2012-13 average of 15% every year. The main reason is raising of labour and energy costs sharply. Further it stated that shortage of labour has cropped up in the last three years.
The discussion paper stated that labour costs have gone up 100% in the last three years and margin of farmers have been declining for wheat and rice. This has led to average annual rise in procurement cost by 11% for paddy and 8.6% for wheat for five years from 2007-08 to 2012-13.
The rural employment guarantee scheme of the UPA Govt. has contributed to labour shortage and high labour costs in agriculture according to the reports.
Let us see how this scheme hits govt. finances twice over (i) employment guarantee handout costs the govt. over Rs. 40,000/- crore a year and it creates shortage of agriculture labour and pushes up cost and leads to higher procurement costs which pushes up food subsidies.
But according to the report of the Ministry of Rural Development (March 2012) gloats over the labour shortage saying that it will lead to technology advances is agriculture like it happened all over the world. If the look at the report of the working group on Agriculture to the Planning Commission (January 2007) would demonstrate hold absurd is such a comparison of Indian agriculture with the world’s.
Small is indispensable:
About 60 million small and marginal framing households (with over 33 crore dependents) cultivate 34% of the land and produce 49% of rice and 40% of wheat and over hair of fruits and vegetables. Their productivity is 44% more in rice, 18% more in wheat and 47% more in fruits and vegetables.
Their incremental contribution to national food production during the period 1971 to 1991 was 68% for rice, 48% for wheat – the incremental production of the resk medium and large farms, being just 32% for rice and 52% for wheat.
According to Global Studies (Dietrich Vollrath) May 4, 2004 it confirms that economies of scale do note operate in farming-small farms being more efficient than large ones. The Working Group also says that the small and marginal famers are certainly going to stay for a longtime in India-though they are going to face a number of challenges. Thus what happens to them larger implication for the entire economy and people’s livelihood? It is thus small farmer who is hit by labour shortage and higher labour costs caused by employment guarantee. He cannot go far mechanization. He can only give up farming.
Let us imagine that all small farmers are replaced by large ones, the oretically, rice production will instantly fall by 15% wheat by 6% and fruits and vegetables by 16%. Where will the nation go for food? Thus nation needs small farmers. They are no waste-contrary to the popular view that they are wasting their life on small farms.
According to Parliament’s 19th Standing Committee Report (April 2007), and NSSO Surve has revealed that some 71% of the farmers were unware of the Minimum Support Price (MSP) which the Govt. announce with great fanfare and 81% of those who have heard of MSP do not know how to use its. It is on the basis of these facts the Standing Committee recommended a ban on futures trading in food grains, on the farmers who are unware of MSP could hardly benefits from the price determination by futures market.
Under the changed economic environment rural and tribal market can be financially supporting units and source of income to finance further development activities.

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Who killed the looter?

By -  Ashinikumar Mutum

Once a 70 years old man - Bonbihar Meisnamba was very worried as his only son Radheshyam left him all alone after becoming a victim of dreaded AIDS. The day he left for heavenly abode was the first death
anniversary (Phiroi) of his mother, Bonbihari’s lovely wife Memtombi.
Money was never a problem to Bonbihari but God is not so kind to him that he had to live a life desperately all alone.
A relative so concern arranged a 25 years old girl Memthoi to once more begin a new life. The girl happily agreed as she knows that she will be one among the richest lady after her husband leaves for
heavenly abode.
Days passed so well that Bonbihari started feeling a life worth living with his new wife. The only thing he kept on worrying was that he could never make his wife conceived; he knew that because doctor had
once told him about his health condition.
That was Monday morning, as usual Bonbihari dressed up to visit his work place. He was supposed to say something to his beloved wife, but before he could say a word Memthoi rushed to him happily and told him that he will soon become a father. Bonbihari was very excited and did not have a single word to express. Until he remembered that doctor Punshiba, who had told him about the impossible of having a child due to infertility and aged factor, Bonbihari have no words to express how happy he was at the moment.
But still he was worried about something. “How could my wife get pregnant when doctor had already told I would never had one”, Bonbihari thought but again he though the child might have been a gift
by the almighty as he desperately need one.
Since the day his wife had told him about her pregnancy Bonbihari started taking extra care for his young wife but with some doubt on how he could give her a child.
One day, inorder to give a befitting reply to the doctor he went to his clinic and met him. Mockingly he asked the doctor that sometimes it is wrong to tell other about their fate.
“See my wife is pregnant now, I wander what makes you a doctor”, Bonbihari boasted.
The doctor, a specialize in Gynae, and also a brother of a close friend of Bonbihari think for a while and then said, “Tamo (Brother) can I tell you a story”.
“Yes of course, its celebration time, carry on”, Bonbihari added.
Just as the doctor was supposed to begin the story his daughter came out and treated them tea.
“Uncle have tea, this is for you papa”, Memcha, the doctor’s daughter served them and went inside.
The doctor then continue – Well there was a Police officer called Rajen, whose name spreads far
and wide because of his excellent specialization in encounter. He was conferred may medal in recognition to his service. Most of the people including those criminal were very afraid that sometimes criminals never enter to the place where he was posted.
Well that morning he was having lunch at his home with his wife. When he was having lunch his son Abisek took his service revolver and in place put his toy gun.
The moment he was supposed to finish his lunch, an emergency phone called said Imphal Industry Bank has been looted and a fierce encounter is being taken place at the heart of Imphal city.
Without finishing his lunch he went directly along with his team and rushed to the spot. At Paona Keithel he moved toward the encounter site. On his way, a looter was seen running towards his direction.
Making no delay he shouted “HALT”. The looter even though was equipped with AK rifle after knowing that he was Encounter specialist Rajen was so terrified that he stand for a while and tried to attack. But Rajen was quick enough to act . He quickly pulled out his gun and shot. But was shock to learn that the gun he fired was only his son’s toy gun.
What more surprises and relieved him was that the looter died on the spot as he shot with the toy gun.
The doctor then turned towards Bonbihari and asked him – Well Tada (Brother) how do you think the looter was killed.
Bonbihari said – It is easy everyone will know, even a 10 years old kid will know.
“It was not the bullet from the toy gun but bullet which was fired by some other police personnel which cause the death”, what is it there to think on ?
The doctor then said with a smile – Well in that case consider yourself as Rajen with the Toygun.

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Bilingual Web site and NIELIT Study Centre of Chandel district launched


Chandel, Sept 8,

Deputy Commissioner, Chandel,  Krishna Kumar launched the New  Bilingual website of Chandel District, (https://chandel.nic.in)  and NEILET Study Centre Chandel in separate  function held at DC office  complex yesterday.

Speaking on the occasion, Deputy Commissioner, Chandel,  Shri Krishna Kumar said the website under Secure, Scalable and  Sugamya Website as a service (S3WaaS) is secured in compliance to the guidelines of Indian Government Website (GIGW). The main features of the website are publishing the contents in bilingual which is in English and Manipuri language. The website is hosted on the National Cloud of NIC. It is a responsive design which is easily accessible through Smart Phones, Tablets and Desktop PC with easily configured themes.

He further added that DIO, NIC can directly login and avail services for subsequent updates. The website has information of the district and various forms like income certificate, caste certificate, and others. He also said DLOs have to play a major role with latest data for information dissipation, and the respective departments will submit their departmental news and orders for uploading at district website. Concern district officers will provide information in soft copy in English and local Manipuri language by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

                The Deputy Commissioner, Chandel,  Krishna Kumar also inaugurated the “ NIELIT Study Centre, Chandel” at D Block, DC office complex,. The inaugural function was graced by , DC Chandel, Shri Krishna Kumar, Executive Director, NIELIT Imphal, Shri Th. Prameshwor Singh,  State Information Officer, NIC, Manipur, Shri Kh. Rajen Singh and Superintendent of Police, Chandel, Shri Kamei Angam Romanus, IPS as the Chief Guest, President and the Guests of Honour respectively.

The NIELIT Study Circle has commenced its first batch of Basic Computer Courses at DC complex, Chandel today. The Certificate course has four batches of 25 students each.  Speaking on the occasion Deputy Commissioner, Chandel,  Shri Krishna Kumar highlights the importance of giving such courses to enthusiastic youths of Chandel in this digital era. The Chief Guest promised his unflinching support and encouragement in every endeavour undertaken in the district for the upliftment and empowerment of Chandel people, especially its vibrant youth.

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Manipur is in the path of development: CM

Imphal, Sept. 8,

Chief Minister N. Biren Singh said that Manipur is experiencing positive change and progressing in the path of development. This was stated by him at the Certificate distribution ceremony of Bhubon Technical and Skill Development Private Limited, Lamdeng Khunou yesterday.
Speaking as Chief Guest of the function, Chief Minister said that the responsibility of being a politician is to make the people’s life simpler and happier. Since the inception of the BJP led government in the State, the government has initiated various schemes and programmes such as CMHT, CHST, Go to Hills, Go to Village mission for the welfare of the people, he added.
Chief Minister mentioned that the government has launched ‘Manipur Start-up” scheme to encourage the entrepreneurs of the State recently. A sum of Rs. 30 crores has been earmarked for the said scheme every year. Till now, 334 entrepreneurs have been given soft loans to the tune of 10 crores, he added.  
To encourage the educated unemployed youths and entrepreneurs, Chief Minister said that Manipur State Co-Operative Bank (MSCB) Limited has provided loans of Rs. 10 crores to various beneficiaries till now.  Under the vision of dynamic leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the Post Offices in the country would also act as Payment banks to change the banking system in the country soon, he added.
Chief Minister stated that in the last several years, we had a long tradition of being a job seeker not as job creator in the State. The initiatives such as PMKVY mission would encourage and empower the youths by imparting skill based training.  He appealed the people not to hesitate to take up any occupation and should give respect to every profession.

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Assam Rifles organised National Nutrition Week lecture

IT News

Imphal, Sept 8,


National nutrition week was organised by all units under command 9 Sector Assam Rifles under the aegis of HQ IGAR(South) at various Company Operating Bases .

Tulihal Battalion as a part of National Nutritional Week, organised a Medical Camp in Konthoujam village. Before commencement of the medical camp a lecture based on the theme ‘Go further with Food’ was given by the unit Regimental Medical Officer, wherein the parents were educated regarding the need for the right kind of balance diet and nutrition required for their children. The villagers of Konthoujam village and the children from Free Progress Academy were provided with free medicines after the medical check up. A total of 130 children and 70 senior citizens attended the camp.

Keithelmanbi Battalion organised lectures on nutritional diet for the students of Shine Academy, Shantinagar and nearby schools at Andro, Lilong and Canchipur Company Operating Bases. A total of 185 students and 10 teachers attended the lectures. The students were educated about benefits of nutritious and healthy diet.

Mantripukhri Battalion organised a lecture on Correct Nutrition and Balance Diet at Hanuman Top Company Operating Base. A total 30 persons of Youth Clubs of Keikoching and Moraingpen village were present. The attendees were told about the importance of balanced diet, benefits of using natural products and avoidance of processed food.

All attendees were extremely grateful to the Assam Rifles for this earnest endeavour to educate the locals about the importance of nutrition.


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