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Sunday, 16 September 2018 - Imphal Times

AMWJU celebrates 45th Foundation day Differences among journalists settled; Journalists fraternity reunited

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Imphal, Sept 16,

Age factor matters, when it comes to maturity. As the All Manipur Working Journalists’ Union Manipur celebrates its 45th Foundation Day today at Manipur press Club a new chapter in the history of Manipur’s Journalist opens today after differences among the journalists of the state has been settled.
The long standoff between the Editors’ Guild Manipur and the All Manipur Working Journalists’ Union finally ended as members of both the body sorted out the misunderstanding and celebrate the birth day with smiles.
“ There is no reason for us to be divided and let’s not make this re-union happen again”, Yumnam Rupachandra, General Secretary of Editors’ guild Manipur said while speaking on the occasion. Rupachandra was appealing the journalists community not to ever divided again.
Information and Public Relations Minister Thongam Biswajit, who attended the foundation day as the Chief Guest expressed surprised over the presence of both the EGM and the AMWJU celebrating the 45th Foundation day of the Journalists’ body.
“I am impressed to see the AMWJU and the EGM together, I am sure that this changes seen among the journalists of the state will bring change to the state towards development’, IPR Minister Bishwajit said while delivering his speech.
Taking advantage of delivering speech to an occasion of the journalists, IPR Minister Biswajit called on all media persons to be impartial in reporting news.
“Media is playing the role of a mediator, they should balance their news report before publishing ‘, Bishwajit said.
 Minister maintained that observing foundation day is significant as it provides us to reflect past activities and at the same time provide to explore new challenges further. He also recalled the history of how journalism emerges in the state.
Bishwajit lauded the contribution of the media fraternity despite of facing numerous challenges .He highlighted the challenges faced by media fraternity like viral of fake news in social media, which media fraternity had a tough verifying the fake news.
“Another challenges faced by the media fraternity is the  creation of idea of Manipur and the biggest challenges faced by media fraternity is publishing constructive criticism. Media should play an important role abiding to its ethics in a democratic state as the essence of democracy lies in the effectiveness of media”, Bishwajit said.
Minister also informed that keeping in mind about the welfare of the journalist the present government has already deposited Rs 10 crore in corpus fund and recently the government has handed over first ever financial assistance to three journalists  under Manipur State Journalists welfare scheme of Department of Information and public Relations.
 He also appealed to work collectively for the betterment of the society.
Revenue Minister Karam Shyam who attended the the celebration as guest of honour stated that media today is becoming an educator. It has now become an essential commodities of our day today life.
“In today’s highly globalised world, information- related works of   any local or national papers have become a part of education imparting knowledge to the public. Any person whether politician or belonging to any organisation cannot be said to lead a meaningful life without sound and effective education”, Karam Shyam said.
Highlighting the varied role of journalists in creating love, harmony & integration and at the same time, communal conflicts amongst the various ethnic groups, he said that journalists should be extra cautious in their activities by following the press code of ethics.
 As a part of the celebration, veteran journalists, members of Editors Guild Manipur, former presidents and general secretaries of the union were also felicitated.
A two minutes silence was also observed as mark of tribute to departed journalist Khellen Thokchom , Special Correspondent, The Telegraph and Ibotomba Singh, Sub-Editor ISTV News.
   The foundation day was attended by chairman and MD of Salai Holdings Pvt Ltd,Shri N.Samarjit Singh, veteran journalists ,members of Editors Guild Manipur amongst other.

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Protective Thinking: Manipur State is still winning

 By- Pakinrichapbo (Advocate)
Samziuram Village, Peren Nagaland


The uncertainty on the possible outcome of Naga Peace Talk even after signing the 3rd August Framework Agreement and latest social-political developments happening in Manipur as well as in Nagaland clearly shows that Manipur is still winning in countering the limited progress made my Naga Nationalists.
This article shall highlight how Manipur is still winning in all fronts. Observers and followers of Naga Peace Talks can easily evaluate on the limited progress made by Naga Nationalist in achieving its political goals by observing the responses of Manipur State Government supported by its loyal state citizens in strongly opposing any possible deal made between GoI and Naga Representatives whenever they suspect the agreement to be surpassing Manipur state existence.
For easy understanding and to know latest updates on the status of Naga Peace Talks, one can begin by analyzing the outcome of June 2001 Imphal Uprising, Mao gate episode and finally the signing of 3rd August Framework Agreement 2015 and its aftermath rumors of extending Article 371 A to the Naga territories of Manipur and the constitutional manner in which Manipur Government deals with Central Government and the Naga Nationalist to keep Manipur integrity intact. Till today, counting from the beginning of Naga National Movement touching the period of 1949 Manipur merger with Union of India, Manipur State government has done quite well in safeguarding the interest of Manipur State where an inch of present Manipur state territory and its area is not decrease in size. What is remarkable is that Manipur state government supported by its loyal citizens by banking on the complex working mechanism of Indian Constitution along with peoples solid support has withstood the continuous attack of Naga Nationalist armed groups and Kuki Nationalist armed groups in breaking up Manipur. The funnier side is that the Manipur State loyal citizens composed mainly of Meiteis brothers don’t even owned areas of lands except for cases like Jiribam, Moreh etc and few settlements in the hills of Manipur traditionally inhabited by Nagas and Kukis yet the policies applied by them has till now keep Manipur winning in all front and observing the unchanged mindset of Naga and Kuki decision makers, one can conclude for time being that Manipur will keep winning for longtime from now as they are lead by superb organizers and strategists. While on other side Nagas and Kukis are still ferociously debating on their history by quoting colonial British administrative records and reports not realizing that they share common interest and are meant to be allies if they are serious at all in achieving their political goals in the near future. But loving Christian Nagas and Christian Kukis belonging to the same breed knows only the language of violence and intimidation, treachery, double standard game and nothing else.
It is open secret that Manipur Government has always capitalized on the historic enmity between Nagas and Kukis of Manipur to protect Manipur state integrity. Naga-Kuki uncompromising attitude has always put Meiteis in advantage and the latest happenings show no sign of any compromise between the two major tribes of Manipur, this reality again confirm that Manipur is still winning.
Keen observers of Naga National Movement know that Manipur is the key battle field apart from Assam and Arunachal Pradesh on Indian Territory to decide the final outcome of Naga Peace Talks.  They also know that Meiteis, Nagas and Kukis are major players in Manipur State politics where the stand of anyone of these ethnic communities determines the nature of its state politics even if the Meiteis love to put Manipuri identity tag to the Nagas and Kukis living in Manipur. In fact such policies implemented by Meitei’s population created more identity crisis for the tribal’s who own and love their own ethnic identity and detest the name ‘Manipuri’ given to them by the mighty Meiteis with aims and objectives to preserve the unity and integrity of the  state. Having said this, I also don’t deny that many tribal’s politicians and common people exists who are now more Manipuri and Meitei than the people born into a Ethnic Meitei where these Meiteinized and Manipurinized (for better understanding) tribal populations are extremely loyal to the Manipur State and has contributed immensely in safeguarding the state integrity both in the past and present. Yet as a believer in democratic ideals and constitutional politics, every individual right to decide what he feel is right and good for him has to be respected and I don’t condemn Naga tribal populations who wants to protect Manipur state integrity. In the same line, even Naga decision makers has to give up full dependency on GoI to fulfill its demand and ought to change tactics by engaging in constitutional war after regaining the trust of mass populations to achieve its political goals before the verdict of final defeat hit them sooner or later.
In addition to the recent drama of strikes and public protest carried out in Imphal on Naga Framework Agreement as well on reports of extending Article 371 A in Naga territories of Manipur, the statement of Manipur Chief Minister Mr.  N Biren Singh, stating that there was no hurry to summon special session of the state assembly to discuss the Framework Agreement signed between Centre and the NSCN IM since the Parliament had not tabled the matter during the last monsoon session, fully confirms that Manipur is still winning.

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RPF extends support to CPI (Maoist) movement; says oppressed Indians are friends of RPF

IT News
Imphal, Sept 16,

Proscribed group Revolutionary People’s Front(RPF) which has been waging war against the government of India for sovereignty of the erstwhile nation today extended support of the CPI ( Maoist) movement in the mainland India.
A statement, released by the Secretary Publicity of the Outfit Roben Khuman said that even as the British left India in 1947 India still is under colonial rule as it was handing over of the colonial regime by the British to its British Loyalist Indian.
“Till today many oppressed people across the country are facing hardship of the colonial regime continued by British Loyalist Indian”, the RPF statement said. The statement further added that as a result of the oppressive ruled Communist Party of India (Maoist) was borne and is waging war against the Delhi regime for their freedom.
The RPF also ridiculed the Indian regime for its pride in announcing the country as the largest democratic country in the world when in reality it is a regime by some few people by using mercenary army.
“The regime is nothing but an authoritarian regime, today’s government is ruled by colonial rulers who murdered the MK Gandhi who was honoured with the title – ‘Father of the nation’. This regime is run by a gang which committed violence in the shadow of violence’, the RPF statement said.   
The RPF statement further stated that they will extend all support to the CPI (Moist Movement) which follows the ideology of Marxism-Lenism- Mao Tsetung.  It said that those oppressed people under the Indian regime living at India and WESEA region are friends of RPF. The armed rebel group also appealed the Indians to support and joint the CPI Moist movement and to jointly fight against the oppressor.

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Chief Minister urges sports associations to work collectively

Imphal, Sept. 16,

Chief Minister N. Biren Singh has urged various sports associations of the State to work hard collectively to develop and enhance performance of their respective sports disciplines instead of indulging in infighting among themselves.
 He was speaking at the Foundation Day of World Funaba Federation cum opening function of the State Level Funaba Championship 2018 at Khuman Lampak Indoor Stadium in Imphal East District today.
Stating that some sports associations of the State are apparently defunct due to groupism and infighting, the Chief Minister stressed on the need to give a chance to younger generation as well to serve these associations.
Observing that nothing can be achieved without discipline, the Chief Minister stated that discipline is the foundation of success in games and sports as well.
He also reiterated the need to hold a special seminar for two or three days to assess/review the performance shown by State players in the recent National and International tournaments.
The Chief Minister also said that the State Government is planning to bring experts/coaches from Tata Football Academy and Belgium to the State to train the young footballers of the State soon.  
Speaking to some media persons on the sidelines of the function, the Chief Minister informed that some persons suspected to have involved in Tharoijam mob lynching incident had already been picked up by police. Stating that the State Government had already announced that such kind of barbaric act would not be tolerated, the Chief Minister said that all those involved in the crime would be punished according to the law.
Earlier during the function, the World Funaba Federation donated an ambulance to the State Government. Functionaries of the Federation led by its president Ranbir Singh Laishram handed over the key of the ambulance to the Chief Minister.
Arjuna Awardee in Wushu M. Bimoljit Singh, Wushu player Y. Sapana and Archery player Paonam Lily Chanu were also feted with cash rewards at the function.

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Minister Biswajit lays foundation stone for Manipur Cultural Integration Conference Guest House

Imphal, Sept. 16,

 Works Minister Thongam Biswajit Singh laid the foundation stone of the Manipur Cultural Integration Conference Guest House today,in the presence of Yaiskul Assembly Constituency MLA Th. Satyabrata Singh, at Palace Compound, Thangapat Mapal, Dolphin Road.
Speaking as the chief guest of the formal Foundation Stone Laying Ceremony, Biswajit exuded confidence that the guest house will promote integration among the different communities in the State through culture.
He said that only when we forget and forgive our past mistakes, we can bring integration of the different communities in our society. He explained that Manipur is inhabited by different ethnic groups with each group having their own identify, culture, arts forms, crafts, etc.If we forgive and forget our past mistakes today, we may achieve integration among the people by the next decade or so, he added.
Biswajit also said that incorporating the history of peaceful co-existence among the communities in school education will help in the integration of communities in the State.
Manipur is inhabited by gifted people, however, differences among the communities have bogged down development for long, he said.It is time to act collectively to maintain peace and harmony and bring development to our State, he added.
Underscoring the importance of unity, Biswajit said that if the States of the North Eastern Region of the country come together no one will be able to discriminate or neglect the region.
Biswajit further assured all possible assistance to the construction of the guest house and to ensure early commencement of construction.
Yaiskul MLA Shri Satyabarta said, the guest house will be helpful to people coming from far places or international delegates coming to attend programmes in the State.
Assuring all possible assistance in the construction of the guest house, he said that once the guest house is completed, maintenance of the building will be crucial. He also sought support of the people in maintaining the guest house.
The formal function was also attended by MCIC president Aribam Br Kumar Sharma, among others.

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By- Parthajit Borah

Withered bodies of trees lost
In the moment of autumnal ethos.
Nestlings departed from its trunks
Singing the song of late night.
Dry leaves of naked trees silently
accepted every challenges .
Sky merged with the arid breeze
for the pale fragrance of the  nature.
A sound of flute from the remote hamlet
can not cover the pangs of the nature.
Now, dreams are shattered and fallen
at the hands of dryness,
Only Silence spewed their agony.

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NEFIS organizes candle light vigil at DU over the lynching of youth in Manipur, communal clashes in Assam!

IT News
Imphal, Sept 16,

North-East Forum for International Solidarity (NEFIS) organized a candle light vigil yesterday evening  at North Campus, Delhi University against the communal incidents which recently occurred in Assam and Manipur.
 Individuals from different communities of North-East along with those from the other parts of the country also participated in the programme. A minute’s silence was also observed for the deceased.
It should be noted that recently communal clashes occurred in Tinsukia district of Assam over a facebook post, subsequent to which provocative rumors were circulated on Social Media and deliberate attempts were made by some vested interests to destroy social fabric of the region, and which have resulted in communal clashes.
In Manipur too, a youth from minority Muslim community was killed by a mob over suspicion of vehicle theft.
“It is clear from such incidents that conscious efforts are on to sow hatred among different communities in the North-East in order to reap rich political dividends”, the statement said.
The NEFIS targeted the present government saying that BJP Government has come to power at the centre and in various states in the North-East attempts have been made to communalize the atmosphere of region.
“Such communal atmosphere has been created in order to conceal the underdevelopment of the region, which fuels hatred towards other communities and results in brutal confrontations such as the present incidents. Such incidents also occur due to the poor functioning of the police system as well as fallout of the absence of pro-people policies in the region”, the statement said.
NEFIS demanded a provision for protection of minorities and urged the government should clamp down on rumor mongering and seriously deal with vested interests wishing to destroy social fabric of the region.

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