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Items filtered by date: Wednesday, 08 August 2018 - Imphal Times

Prolonged crisis at MU likely to find solution if the MHRD cooperate to the newly appointed in-charge VC

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Imphal , Aug 8,

The over two months old impasse at Manipur University, which put a grinding halt to all academic activities of Higher education in the state finally sees hope of restoring to normalcy if the Union HRD Ministry cooperate with the newly designated In-Charge VC.

Prof. Vishwanath Singh of the Life Science Dept. of MU has accepted the charge of VC in principle on the following day of the released of the Manipur University order No. MU/VC/1 dated 2/8/ 2018. Incumbent VC Prof. AP Pandey, who is on leave for 30 days since August 1, is busy with University grant Commission Assignment for inspection of colleges at Nagaland.

After assuming the in-charge VC on August 3, Prof. W. Vishwanath Singh wrote a letter today to one R. Subrahmayam, Secretary to the Government of India, Dept. of Higher Education, MHRD, requesting the Ministry to resolve the present crisis in Manipur University.

In the letter endorse to the Secretary MHRD, Prof. Vishwanath urges the Ministry that the 30 days leave granted tp Prof. AP Pandey be related to the enquiry of the fact finding committee constituted by the MHRD as per the desire of the Manipur University Community.

While elaborating on why the MU Community demanding removal Prof. AP Pandey from VCship refused to co-operate with the Fact Finding Committee, Prof. Vishwanath , the VC in-charge insisted the MHRD to constitute the Fact Finding Committee under the Commission of Enquiry Act 1952.

The letter to the Secretary, MHRD also expressed shocked in seeing report about AP Pandey acting as VC of the Manipur University outside the state when he has been on leave following allegations on misappropriations and irregularities to the MU administration.

Now it is upto the MHRD, on whether the academic atmosphere be resumed as the letter is being sent by a VC in charge who has been conferred all power equivalent to the VC in his absence as per the Manipur University Act.   

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Doctors take the street protesting vandalism by patient party

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Imphal, Aug 8,

Large number of doctors today took the street holding banner protesting unprecedented vandalism and assault to doctors on duty by patient party.
Today’s rally was organised by the Indian Medical Association (IMA) Manipur Branch . The rally start from the IMA Manipur Branch office at Lamphel and later snakes through the street of RIMS road and then came back towards Sorbaon Thingel in Uripok where they concluded at the starting point.

There were certain cases of patient party assaulting the doctors at hospital alleging negligence. The latest being the case of July 28 Thoubal district hospital where 2 doctors were brutally assaulted by a patient party over the dead of a 7 years old boy from Kangabok . The two doctors were treated at Raj Medicity. Following that the Thoubal District Hospital remains closed.
“Stop violence against doctor” the banner carried by the doctors wrote.
Vice president of the IMA Manipur branch Dr. T. Rajen while talking to media persons said that there were numerous incidents at which doctors were blamed for the dead of casualty of patients and instead of finding the truth the patient party often assault the doctors or vandalised the hospital infrastructure. In such a situation doctors who are committed to saving life will not be able to render their duty.

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Huge cache of Arms and Ammunitions recovered during search operation

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Imphal, Aug 8,

Combined security troops comprising of Bishnupur Police Commando and the 42 Assam Rifles today recovered huge cache of armed hidden below a tree at Kumai Sitapur area during a cordon and search operation conducted early today morning.
Source from the security agency said that the combined Security troop conducted cordon and search operation in the general area of of Kumbi Seitapur a long Saigon road in Bishnupur district from 4 am to 5.30 am. The hidden arms and ammunition under a tree recovered by the team includes large number of Chinese Hand Grenade and IED materials.
As per the source the recovered items are one 303 Rifle with 01 magazine, five pistols with five magazine, One revolver, four Chinese Hand Grenades, 12 Galantine sticks , 2 PEK, two detonator, wire and 14 9 mm RDS . The recovered items had been handed over to Kumbi Police Station .

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Committee warns serious agitation if Thoubal hospital is not opened by August 15

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Thoubal, Aug 8 : 


Thoubal River Conservation Committee (TRCC), an apex body of 36 different organisations today warn of serious agitation if the Thoubal District Hospital is not opened by August 15.

The hospital has been paralyze as doctors stopped working since July 28 after the locals of Khangabok allegedly vandalised and assaulted two doctors over the dead of a student.

Convenor of the TRCC had submitted a memorandum to the DC Thoubal to make the Hospital functional By August 15.

The memorandum submitted highlighted the problem face by the people in case of emergency accident and other illness.

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24 hours Total Shut down in Kuki dominated area crippled normalcy

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Imphal, Aug 8,


Total shut down called by Kuki Inpi Manipur from 6 am today till 6 am of tomorrow had severely affect normal life in the state, particularly at Hill districts. The 24 hour shut down is being called against the indifferent attitude/ apathy of the Government of India towards the 100 of Kuki who were slaughtered by armed cadre of the NSCN-IM during 1992 to 1997 genocide mission.

The bandh is being supported by almost all Kuki civil society organisations as well the students’ body.

Since early morning supporters of the Kuki Inpi Manipur came out in the street particularly at Imphal Moreh Rout kangpokpi and Churachandpur area and burnt tyres in the middle of the road.

Journalists and officials of the state government who went for inauguration of the Opening of the Indo-Myanmar Friendship road at Border town Moreh are reported to be stuck and are facing problem as shops and all short of Business establishment have been put to complete halt.

Inter-district passenger bus service as well as mini passenger transport has also been severely affected.

At Border town Moreh even the media persons were not allow to move out from the Trade Centre where they are staying.

The report added that today’s programme has been disrupted and all the VIP including the Convenor of the Act Policy of the Manipur Government were also not allowed to go out even as there is an important function today.


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Mass combing operation conducted at various places ahead of Independence Day celebration

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Imphal, Aug 8,

SP, Kakching,  Victoria Yengkhom along with Addl Ops/Kcg, OsC Hiyanglam, Pallel, Kakching, 2nd OC Kakching PS, CDO/Tbl teams Kakching strength, Women personnel of the District Police have conducted a CASO starting at 4.30 am in Mantak, Village Kakching in which 150 males and 210 Women were verified. No one was picked up. The Cordon and Search Operation was conducted till 5.45 AM.

The cordon and search operation was also conducted at KR Lane, Golapati under the supervision of K. Meghachandra, SP/IE and commanded by M. Kumarjit, ASP (Ops)/IE, Thangkhochon Haokip, Dy. SP (CDO)/IE, Shankerjit Loitongbam, SDPO Porompat, T. Khogen, OC CDO/IE and teams from Reserve Lines, Women PS and Porompat PS from 5.30 am till 7 am. In the massive operation, a total of 1132 people including 898 males and 234 females were verified, out of which 61 males and 22 females without valid identity proofs were picked up and handed over to Porompat PS for necessary legal procedures.

At Keishamthong Elangbam Leikai area too a similar search operation was conducted from 5:00 am till 6:30 am by a team of CDO IW led by M. Amit, DSP CDO and Inspector Shimray. During the operation, about 50-60 houses and their occupants were checked thoroughly. No one suspicious was picked up.

Thoubal District Police also conducted House to house search was at Khongjom Leibung Maning Leikai from 04.30 to 5.40 am. About 79 houses were searched. 130 males and 80 females were verified during the search operation, however no one was picked up.


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3 teenage boys brutally assaulted by owner of the workshop they work

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Imphal, Aug 8,

Three teenage boy who works in a workshop at Waikhong in Kaching district were reported to have been brutally assaulted by 4 person including the owner of the workshop by taking them at Leingang Ching in Umathel which is about some few kilometre from Waikhong towards Sugunu.
The incident reportedly happened at around 9.30 yesterday evening. the 3 teenage boy were rescued by the villagers of Leingangching and brought to Kakching district Hospital. The identity of the three teenage boy assaulted by the owner and his party are identified as [email protected] (15 age) of Kakching Khunou, Sanjoy (Age 13) of Imphal Sangakpam , Bidyananda ( age 16) of Lamjao (16 age ). The owner of the workshop has been identified as Gandhi.
As the condition of the three has been reported critical the Kakching district hospital had referred them to Hospital at Imphal .

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The uneasy shift

First off, there should not be an iota of doubt on the fact that the removal of a Vice Chancellor of a university depends on whether the university in question is a state or central university. If the university under consideration happens to be a state university, only the Governor of the state, appointed as the union’s representative by the president acting as the Chancellor of the university can invoke certain provisions and dismiss a serving Vice Chancellor. The case for removal of a Vice chancellor of a central University is a different matter altogether.
To iterate the point mentioned in the editorial of Imphal Times July 10 edition, only the President of India who is the visitors of central universities can impeach a vice chancellor of a central university on the recommendation of the ministry of HRD after substantiating allegations and charges made against the VCs.
So the Chief Minister and Governor cannot officially initiate moves to dismiss or impeach AP Pandey. However, it is their moral obligation as titular and executive heads of the state to push for a speedy and transparent probe into the allegations and charges against the incumbent Vice Chancellor of Manipur University with the HRD Ministry so that due recommendations may be made to the President of India for or against the dismissal / impeachment of AP Pandey as VC.
One thing everyone in the state has a consensus on is the need to restore normalcy and regular academic functions in the University so that the students can continue with their interrupted studies. It is also no secret that the incumbent VC has allegedly been involved in activities that go against the rules and spirit of the university and his position as an academician. The brunt of such alleged maladministration has been felt by the students, teachers as well as non-teaching staff of the university. The least that the state government can do is to step and exercise its powers to see that a committee endorsed by the agitating groups but within the terms and regulations of the university be set up to investigate and come out with the truth. Anything less and the state government will be taken for a stooge of the radical forces with political sway at the centre.
The present developments, along with the manner in which the state government has been responding to the crisis regarding Manipur University bodes ill for the students and their academic future. The whole issue has taken a dirty political hue and more worryingly, the focus of the agitation has evidently shifted from removal of ice Chancellor AP Pandey to resumption of normal academic atmosphere in the university. It has started to pitch one set of students against another. This is clearly a deviation from the core issue and it would not be such a surprise if the hands of politically motivated groups and forces are revealed.
The only way towards a lasting solution to the issue would be for the state government and the governor to force the HRD ministry to act in the best interest of the students of the university so that it may prove to be a precedent for all future VCs to remember and follow.
A counter policies to derail the democratic movement will never be solution as the core issue now has been open to the public.

Contentment Is Not That Far

There is one thing which is common among all the human beings on this planet. One could state infinite differences based on name, place of birth, occupation etc., but there is a common thread that binds us all and that very common thing is nothing but the aspiration to be fulfilled. Everything that is being stated is obvious. What is the obvious? That we are alive, this is obvious. That peace that we look for is inside of us that is obvious. Everything else, in a moment’s notice, can change. The only thing that doesn’t change is our strength, our beauty, our joy. We, after all, are human beings.
Mr Prem Rawat says, “Finding peace is not about climbing high mountains and becoming someone who feels and expresses no emotions. It is simply a question of looking within oneself. Real peace and contentment that you can experience does not exist somewhere else. It is inside you.”
We even ask the question “Is peace possible? Do we not know that peace inherently exists in the heart of every single human being? Why are we asking can this happen? Of course, it can happen but then the question becomes why it isn’t happening. It’s not happening as the wars we see in the world and the disagreements we have with those around us all starts within human beings. The external wars can be temporarily ceased, but unless the conflict taking place within individuals is resolved, sooner or later it will re-ignite the external conflicts. We should understand the first step is for individuals to nurture and practice peace within their own hearts. When enough individuals can do this, then external wars can come to an end.
War begins in the minds of human beings, conflict doesn’t begin on the outside, conflict begins inside, and the resolution to the conflict is also on the inside. Conflict doesn’t just happen between borders; conflicts can happen inside a country inside a town inside a house. Do you know what it like is to stop in the middle of your conflict and understand the peace that dances within you. Have you felt that feeling when you are in sync with your existence? But somewhere in our formulas we have forgotten the most fundamental things. Who should be in the middle of humanity? Human beings! Ideas and formulas are being placed at the core of humanity where human beings are belonged to. You can see not people being addressed but formulas being addressed. When a baby cries, does the mother say, ‘You’re not supposed to cry till the next three minutes.’? This is wrong! She gets up and addresses the issue. This is who we are. We want other people to think of us as being kind! Why? Because kindness is nice, but are we kind to others, to indeed our own? Every human being on the face of this earth is a neighbour to each other because there is no other neighbour out there, not on the moon, not on the mars, not on the Venus, not for billions of billions of miles, we don’t have a neighbour. All of them are in this place called Earth!
We know that democracy is few servings many, and today democracy has become many serving a few. That’s not democracy. We are not politician, but we are human beings who hold very close to their heart the fundamental principles and the possibility of peace on this earth. Whatever happens, peace needs to be given a chance to flourish. That’s the only thing we haven’t tried in a long time! And then people have more questions, where is peace? What is peace? Absence of war, No! War happens because people loss respect for each other. Idea, principles, definitions, rules became more important than people and when that happens, that war, it not only inflicts you physically, but that war will inflict you mentally. Peace is in the heart of human beings not in the minds of human beings. So humbly putting to a simple fact – contentment is not that far away from us! Peace is not that far from us, never has been, never will be; peace is not a luxury, the process of peace is not of creation but of discovery.
We share this time on this planet, it is incumbent upon us to use our resources, intelligence and the goodness of our hearts to bring forth peace on this planet earth regardless how impossible it may seem. There is one power we have and that is our resolve and ingenuity that can overcome any obstacle, and no obstacle is big enough in front of our resolve and our determination. We have invested in the past and we have invested in the future, it is time to invest in the present because you may not know this, that’s where you will hang out the most, not in the future and not in the past. It is the investment of now that is going to fundamentally affect the future generations. The seeds we sow now are the crop of the next season.
One day at a time, one person at a time, making that resolve for peace is what’s going to change the face of humanity, when human beings have properly been placed in their place where they belong right. Right now, they are at the bottom, they don’t belong there, they belong at the top. Systems should serve humanity, not humanity serves the systems. This is the possibility. The window needs to be opened and the nightingale needs to be invited and the songs soothe our existence.

Mr. Prem Rawat is an International Speaker and Ambassador of Peace. He is the founder of humanitarian organization The Prem Rawat Foundation (TPRF), which addresses fundamental human needs of dignity, peace and prosperity. His message is available on www.premrawat.com and www.rajvidyakender.org.)


Manipur Tourism conferred the Best State for State for Promotion of Festivals & Fairs Award’

New Delhi, Aug 8,

Manipur Tourism has won the TODAY’S TRAVELLER AWARD 2018 for Best State for State for Promotion of Festivals & Fairs under the Domestic Tourism category for the first time. The awards ceremony is in its 12th Annual Edition this year and was held at Hotel Taj Palace, New Delhi on Tuesday..
The award was presented by the Chief Guest, Minister of Commerce & Industries and Civil Aviation, Suresh Prabhu and received by Dr. Sapam Ranjan Singh, Chairman, Tourism Corporation of Manipur Limited and W. Ibohal Singh (MCS), Director (Tourism)Government of Manipur at an event attended by the who’s who of the travel industry.
“We are delighted with the recognition given to us by Today’s Traveller Awards 2018. Manipur Tourism expanded its marketing and publicity campaign and reached out to different cities in India through engagement of various media platforms. The success of the campaign was visible during the Manipur Sangai Festival last year,” Shri Dr. Sapam Ranjan Singh said. It may be recalled that Lonely Planet, the largest travel guide book publisher in the world was roped in to print information booklets about Manipur’s tourist attractions keeping in view the need to inform visitors about the varied attractions in the state.

Shri W. Ibohal Singh said, “Acknowledgements like this helps motivate and inspire us to promote our state through a kaleidoscope of our local culture, our varied tribes and their colourful festivals”. We will take our marketing and promotional efforts to the next level this year and look forward to receiving more recognitions from the industry in other areas as well added Shri W. Ibohal Singh.
The 12th Annual Today’s Traveller Awards ceremony is one of the most holistic awards in the country today since its inception in the year 2007. Today’s Traveller Awards recognizes and celebrates excellence across all sectors of hospitality, tourism, corporate and entertainment industries. The awards are determined by an evaluation process led by advisors and evaluators along with a panel comprised of industry experts.

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