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Items filtered by date: Monday, 06 August 2018 - Imphal Times - A Daily Eveninger

Preplan simultaneous protest on a single timing against MU community fails to surprise MUSU; District administration allows rally in prohibited zone

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Imphal, Aug 6,


A preplan simultaneous protest at various places of the state including a protest rally against the Manipur University Community in front of the Manipur University where the district administration has imposed prohibition order under CrPC 144 fails to surprise the Manipur University Students’ Union members as they know that such politics will certainly played as a last resort of the BJP led government.

General Secretary of MUSU, Kennedy cross his limit of tolerance and warned the BJP government and demanded immediate resignation of the Chief Minister.

“What is the BJP government doing? Do they think they can suppress the movement by organizing such counter protest?”, Kenedy said talking to media.

He further said that some of the women joining the rally are being provided tips by the BJP workers.

“When I asked a lady what is the protest all about she answer that somebody give her money to join the protest for saving Manipur University”, Kenedy said.

A confrontation almost happened between the MU community and those protesting against the MU Community at the gate. Police had a hard time in controlling the situation but did not give any comment on why they allow the rally when the district administration had already imposed prohibition under 144 of the CrPC in and around the MU area. Even a rally by political figures of the state was prevented then why they allow the rally , said the  MUSU representative.

Interestingly a protestor while speaking to media said that she was attending the protest demanding removal of VC Pandey in support of the Manipur University Community .

“I join the protest for removal of Pandey and a month holiday and coming back as VC again will not be accepted “, the lady with a placard who came along with the sponsored rally said to reporters.

When said that the protest is against the MU community, the lady said, “How do I know that?”.

Report reaching here said that the Rally against the MU community was allowed by the police even as prohibition  has been imposed. Those joining the protest rally against the MU Community shouted against MUSU, MUTA and MUSA in front of the MU main gate and in presence of a large number of police. The MUSU volunteers came out at the gate too and tried to stage a rally. The police stopped the MUSU volunteers at the gate while allowing the Pro – Government rally. All of a sudden the police fires tear gas shell to the MUSU group. 6 students sustain minor injury in the police action.

Meanwhile, a rally to resume normalcy was staged at Senapati and Ukhrul. the Senapati rally was organized by the Senapati Students’ Association while the rally at Ukhrul was organized by the TKS and other Tangkhul body. The demand was to restore normalcy in the Manipur University.

On the other hand sit-in-protest were staged at various places including Andro Assembly Constituency, Kakching Assembly constituency etc. The protest was deliberately against the Manipur University Community who has been on agitation demanding removal of VC AP Pandey



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Visa on Arrival at Border Gate at Moreh

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Imphal, Aug 6, Talking to Imphal Times correspondent, Immigration Officer of Myanmar today said that after the opening of the Indo Myanmar Border gate, the Mayanmar govt. is considering to provide Visa on arrival at the Border gate. The Visa on Arrival facility on the Border gate will be inaugurated and open on August 8. The Immigration Officer of Myanmar also stated that they are facilitating the e-Visa in the coming days.

On the same day the Integrated Check Post which is at Indo-Myanmar Border will also be inaugurated.

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Prof. Vishwanath accepts MHRD order in principle; but said until a consensus is brought he will not work

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Imphal, Aug 6,


Prof. Vishwanath who has been appointed as in-charge VC of the Manipur University today said that he will accept the MHRD order but will not take the office in the present situation as the MU community including all teachers , deans and staffs have been on agitation.

“Unless there is a consensus to among the Manipur University community I will not be able to work as the VC”, Prof. Vishwanath said.

He further added that he will write to the MHRD to enquire on whether the his appointment is related with the leave of the VC AP Pandey or whether there is any specification on whether his appointment will be till the end of the enquiry to be conducted by the Fact Finding committee. He also stated that the fact finding committee be strengthened as a committee constituted under the Enquiry Commission Act 1952 as per the desire of the University Community.

Meanwhile, source from the MUTA said that threats from a political party will not be able to suppress the MU Community. The source said that the MU Community will now make no change to the demand but will intensify the agitation.

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Senior residents Doctors of JNIMS take mass casual leave; stage protest

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Imphal, Aug 6,


Senior Resident doctors of J.N. Institute of Medical Sciences, Porompat today took mass casual leave and staged sit –in-protest in front of the Medical Superintendent Office today afternoon.

The doctors have been protesting appointment of Assistant Professors in the various departments of the Institution by skipping the resident doctors who should be given priority.

The doctors also alleged rampant corruption and nepotism during the selection process of the Assistant professor.

“ Many senior residents who were qualified and with years of teaching experience, who were appointed on regular basis and presently serving in JNIMS were sidelined and fresh recruitments were made. Out of 17 candidates appointed, not a single internal candidate was appointed. This shows that no preference has been given to the senior residents of JNIMS, Porompat whereas in other premier Medical Institutes like AIIMS, New Delhi, PGIMER, Chandigarh and RIMS, Lamphelpat, preferences are given to the already serving incumbents of the institute.  This has led to discontent and lack of faith in the JNIMS Authority amongst the regular Senior Residents”, a statement release earlier had stated.



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Minister Shyamkumar highlights importance of local clubs

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Imphal, Aug 6,

Forest and Environment Minister Th Shyamkumar today highlighted the importance of local clubs where youths and local elders can gathered to discuss issues for taking up developmental works of the region.

“There is requirement of gathering of the people to address and discussed regarding the development of the place that is why the club is constructed with local area development fund”, Shyamkumar said while inaugurating the  Thambalnu Youth Club at Poirokhonjin of Andro Assembly Constituency which was construction at the cost Rs. 7 Lakh from his local area development fund.

“The road will be constructed after monsoon, or govt. believes in development of all irrespective of hills and valley”, The Minister of Forest and Environment said. 

Shyamkumar also appealed the people to plant fruit bearing trees around the club. He assured to fulfil all requirement of the club in consultation with the people of the area.

“ I assure to black top all the road in my constituency by Ningol Chakkouba”, Shyamkumar asserted.

  1. Jadumani Singh, social worker Wangkhem AC, Thiyam Manihal Singh, Pradhan Angtha Gram Panchayat, Md. Abdhul Khalique, Pradhan Tulihal Gram Panchayat, Tenshubam Kalachand Singh, Member Ward No. 11, Tulihal Gram Panchayat were the Guest of Honours while Y. Ibomcha Singh, President, Thambalnu Youth Club as dignitaries of the function.
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SSUM condemns police atrocities to students at Bangladesh

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Imphal, Aug 6,


Socialist Students’ Union of Manipur (SSUM) strongly condemns the brutal attack unleashed by Bangladesh state machinery on the students protesting for safety on roads.

As per the reports more than 200 students’ protestors have been injured till now in the protest in the capital of Bangladesh, Dhaka only. The death of a boy and girl caused by a speeding bus led the students outpouring the streets of Bangladesh in protest demanding better roads and safety on the streets. The protesters are demanding safer roads in Bangladesh, where corruption is rife, making it easy for unlicensed drivers and unregistered vehicles to ply on the roads. At least 12,000 people die each year in road accidents often blamed on faulty vehicles, reckless driving and lax traffic enforcement.

Around 25,000 people died in 3 and half years and 62,500 injured in the same period on the roads. The spontaneous outburst of students is the result of series of corrupt practices of the current non mandate govt. led by PM Sheikh Hasina of Awami League.

Quite recently students protest against the Quota policy of the Bangladesh Govt. which allowed only the individuals affiliated with Awami League get govt. jobs was brutally crushed by the Awami League and its affiliated Bangladesh Chhatra League (BCL), a pro-government student wing. The state forces used rubber bullets and tear gases on the protesting masses causing severe injuries. The fleeing students were caught and beaten up by alleged BCL activists armed with sticks and sharp weapons and wearing helmets. Anyone found taking video on mobile phones was assaulted. 

The goons of BCL attacked the unarmed students and journalists. Reports coming out of Bangladesh also say of beating leading to students getting hospitalized. The Authoritarian Govt. is fully aware of the fact that if free and fair election happens in the near future as scheduled, they would lose and the only way to remain in power is by instilling fear in the masses.

After the mass students’ agitation ha started, the education ministry has closed high schools across the country and promised to take their demands into account. The government has blocked mobile internet access for 24 hours in response to the protests.

In a statement SSUM extend solidarity students of Bangladesh.

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Robert Naorem showcases “Unity of Community” in Bangalore Fashion Week

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Imphal, Aug 6,


Celebrity stylist and designer Robert Naorem showcased an ethnic blend of styles from different communities of Manipur in Bangalore Fashion Week ,10th Bridal Festive held at The Oterra Hotel, Electronic City, Bengaluru, Karnataka yesterday.

The event also sent a message to emphasised on eco-friendly fabrics and promote the traditional way of  weaving and  inspire the youth to give importance to traditional textile. This also serves as a contribution towards the protection of our environment.

The showstopper of the fashion event was Indian U17 star Dheeraj Singh Moirangthem.     

The 19th edition of Bangalore Fashion Week came to a close on Sunday, showcasing wildly eclectic tastes of some of the leading as well as budding designers of the country .

The 3-day fashion event was an amalgamation of diversity, creativity and vigor , and a platform to showcase the finest winter festive collection. The event, powered by online style destination Wear. Style, featured 26 runway shows and 25 designers’ creations, read a statement.

Robert Naorem’s collections were inspired by the cultural diversity of Manipur. The outfits included those of Kuki, Naga, Tangkhul, Kabui and  Meitei communities .He have used the different communities’ fabrics and made a fusion by mixing Meitei and tribal fabrics as a symbol of love and exchange of ethnic style of fashion bringing a unity of our communities in Manipur. The handloom and textiles of the region are rich, but in today’s world, due to the influence of the fashion industry, the industry is losing its sheen. With the influx of western and outside fabrics in Manipur, the status of handloom &textiles of the state has been going down and is losing its market value. Youth plays a very important role in our society with regards to the clothing market. Making a handloom textiles of the state and show casing it into the fashion runway takes the attention of youth diverting their mind and making it as a fashion trends Over the years, the weavers in Northeast India have played a crucial role in upgrading the socio economic status of the region with their contribution in the field of arts and crafts being immense. The handloom and textiles of the region are rich, but in today’s world, due to the influence of the fashion industry, the industry is losing its sheen. However, in an endeavour to revive the indigenous handloom culture of the state and to promote trendy traditional outfits and promoting the weavers of the State. This would give an opportunity to the weavers of Manipur to raise their products to a higher standard. Robert was the only designer from NE participating at BFW.

Models from Mizoram & Manipur including a model from Ukhrul walk down the ramp. The Show was witnessed by all well known businessmen, designers & models from India & abroad. The designs and textiles showcased at the BFW was new to the audience and it was a delightful vision to the city. The BFW also had exhibitions which have the designers a platform to exhibit their collections. The audience were mesmerized and were completely taken by the experience when the models with vibrant and unique styles walked the ramp. The event received thunderous applause and appreciation with a standing ovation. Robert Naorem’s used the track music of pena, langdeng and sembung (traditional Meitei instruments), evoking appreciation from the audience.

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The politics of divide: Will MU community roll back its stand?

State government effort to end the prolonged agitation by the Manipur University community has failed time and again as the demand by the MU community has not been a major concern for them.
The Manipur University community which comprises of MUSA, MUTA and MUSU want an independent fact finding committee constituted under the commission of enquiry Act 1952 by placing VC AP Pandey either on suspension or by giving him force leave.
The MU Community had placed their unwillingness to cooperate with the fact finding committee as it is not constituted under the Commission of enquiry Act, 1952. The presence of a Retd. High Court judge will have no significance at all but rather appeared as a humiliation to the judiciary of the nation. How could a retd. judge of a reputed High Court be assigned task to head a departmental enquiry which will have no power to even summon the VC which is being alleged of massive financial and administration irregularities.
What is surprising is the sudden organisation of massive protest against the MU community at different places as well as allowing of a mass protest rally against the MU Community in front of the Manipur University gate where the district administration has been imposing prohibition under sec 2 of the CrPC 144.
The other day a peace rally to show solidarity to the MU community by renowned politicians of the state was not allowed to stage on the ground that the DM had imposed probation. It was on that evening that the makeshift platform was vandalised forcing the MU community to shift the protest site inside the MU complex. The number of protest organised simultaneously at various places showed well organised protest and not the anger of the people. When the MU community began the strike it was the anger which prompted the hold stakeholders to go on strike following the high handedness of the VC AP Pandey.
Earlier it was felt that the centre ignores this part of India but never believe that the son of the soil will voice against the genuine demand of the MU Community.
Instead of understanding the problem and find a way which was already shown and pin pointed, why such a big protest against the MU community has been organised by allowing staging a violent rally at the jurisdiction where the prohibition has been imposed.
The MU Community are not fool, they know how the rally has been organised.
The divide may work in electoral politics , but it won’t in a place like University where people treated as the temple of knowledge.

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