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Items filtered by date: Saturday, 07 July 2018 - Imphal Times

MU impasse impact - College students throng at Chief Minister’s bungalow over failure to declare exam result ; State forces unleash reign of terror to student protestors

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Imphal, July 7,

The ongoing 39 days long impasse at Manipur University over the demand for removal of Vice Chancellor Prof. Adya Pandey Prasad by all constituents of Manipur University is likely to spark state wide protest after College students joint the protest giving 3 days ultimatum to declare the 3rd and 4th Semester examination of TDCs.

Large number of students today throng to the office of the Chief Minister for submitting memorandum at around noon today. A police team stopped them at the gate on the ground that the Chief Minister was not in the office as he was attending a function at Shija Hospital and Research centre. The students were not hostile when they came to submit the memorandum but the police were alerted as the numbers was large. As the students tried to enter the police started pushing them away. A confrontation between the police team and the students consisting of girls students took place in front of the Chief Minister’s Office gate. At least 6 students were injured in the police action. Condition of one was serious and was evacuated to the RIMS hospital.
Arambam Vikash, convenor of the Joint Colleges Students’ Forum while talking to media said that they came peacefully to submit memorandum for seeking intervention of the Chief Minister to the ongoing impasse at Manipur University as the 3rd and 4th Semester examination for TDC could not be declared. Even the 6th Semester examination too has been put on hold, Vikash said.
 He further added that the demand for removal of VC Prof. Adya Pandey by the MUSU, MUTA and the MUSA is a reasonable demand and the students’ forum of colleges will support the agitation.
 “If the VC has not been remove within three days from today all the college students across the state will launch a state wide movement”, Vikash warned the government.

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MUSU says no meeting with CM, condemn police action to students

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Imphal, July 7,

Following the police action to group of students in front of the Chief Ministers’ office the Manipur University Students’ Union has said that the MUSU will now cancel all meeting invitation by the Chief Minister of Manipur.

A meeting held today while condemning the heinous action to the college students said that the BJP government is protecting the irresponsible VC of the Manipur University. It also condemns action to girl students by the male police.
The MUSU also stated if the government is planning to sabotage the students of the state for saving the VC Prof. Adya Pandey. It further asked if the governor of the state as well as the Chief Minister are under the control of the VC AP Pandey.
The MUSU recalled the role of the MUSU in the building the society since the last many years and caution the present government of consequences that they might face in the coming days.

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CM moots importance of instituting a medical research unit

Imphal, July 07,

Chief Minister N. Biren Singh has stressed on the need to set up a medical research unit to study the reasons for prevalence of some particular ailments in the State.
He was speaking as the chief guest at the inauguration of Shija Expands for Technology, Safety, Volume, Vision and Value System at the complex of Shija Hospitals and Research Institute, Langol in Imphal West District today.
The Chief Minister inaugurated MRI/CT machine, General Ward, Cath Laboratory, Dialysis Unit, Modular OT, Central Sterile Services Department (CSSD) and Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP) of the private hospital as part of the function.     
The Chief Minister inaugurated MRI/CT machine, General Ward, Cath Laboratory, Dialysis Unit, Modular OT, Central Sterile Services Department (CSSD) and Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP) of the private hospital as part of the function.         
Stating that food is highly suspected to be the reason for the prevalence of certain diseases in the State, the Chief Minister offered the private hospital to extend all possible assistance from the State Government in instituting a modern medical research unit regarding the matter.
 Regarding boundary issue with Myanmar, the Chief Minister observed that no Manipuri would want to lose any piece of land but no decision can be taken hastily as it is a very sensitive issue, he added.

The Chief Minister said that the issue of Indo-Myanmar Border Pillar No. 81 should be sorted out by discussing it at a proper forum as it is a matter involving two countries. N. Biren also said that there is nothing to panic as the State Government is committed to facilitate solving the problem amicably, the Chief Minister said.
Stating that many positive developments are coming up regarding trade relations and other economic activities with the South East Asian nations, the Chief Minister said that introduction of VISA on arrival facility at Moreh and Imphal-Mandalay bus service are some of the encouraging ventures which will become a reality soon.
Regarding Manipur University imbroglio, the Chief Minister said that he had already met the representatives of Manipur University Students’ Union (MUSU) and Manipur University Teachers’ Association (MUTA) two times earlier, and another meeting is scheduled to be held with the two associations today as well.
The Chief Minister said that the State Government had set a target to benefit 15 lakh to 18 lakh people by CMHT and Central Government’s Ayushman Bharat scheme.
He also urged the Shija Hospitals authority to take up necessary steps in consultation with the Directorate of Health Services to provide benefits to CMHT card holders who come for treatment at the hospital.
 Health Minister Shri L. Jayantakumar Singh, who attended the function as guest of honour, said that healthcare should be made affordable to all sections of the public though huge sum of money is spent by the hospitals in acquiring sophisticated and modern equipments.
He also observed that doctors, nurses and hospital staff should serve the public with humane touch.
Stating that human life is precious, and every country gives utmost importance to healthcare, the Minister said that it is not possible to enhance healthcare system without modern technology.
 Shija Hospitals and Research Institute Chairman cum Managing  Among others, Principal Secretary (Health and Family Welfare) Shri Vumlunmang Vualnam, Secretary to CM Shri N. Geoffrey, Media Advisor to CM Shri Irengbam Arun and JNIMS Director Dr. Th. Bhimo were also present at the occasion.

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MUTA condemns, demands immediate Magisterial Enquiry

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Imphal, July 7,

Manipur University Teachers’ Association (MUTA) strongly condemns the police action to the democratic and peaceful protest by college students in front of the CM’s gate today. An emergency meeting of the MUTA held today in the aftermath of the police action to students resolved to demand an immediate magisterial enquiry. The meeting also resolved not to attend meeting with the Chief Minister today. The invitation was sent yesterday by the Secretary to the Chief Minister.

A press statement by Prof. I. Tomba Singh president, MUTA said that the association strongly condemns the inhuman act of the security forces on the democratic and peaceful protest of the students.
“While the teaching Community stand fully behind the students in their legitimate demand for removal of Prof. A P Pandey from VCship, MUTA demands that an immediate Magisterial Enquiry should be instituted to enquire into the unbridled violence inflicted on the democratic and law-abiding students”, the statement said.
The statement said the 39 days long agitation by all constituents of the Manipur University demanding removal of the irresponsible VC has been peaceful and democratic. Today too students took to the office of the Chief Minister to submit memorandum. Instead of listening to the peaceful pleas of students, the state force have unleashed a reign of terror on the students, and thereby causing serious injury and hospitalisation.

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RIMS donates to CM’s Relief fund

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Imphal, July 7,

Regional Institute of Medical Sciences , Imphal today handed over a sum of Rs. 13,66,279 to the Chief Minister’s Relief Fund today. The amount was handed over to the Chief Minister by the Director of RIMS Dr. Santa , Medical Superintendent CH. Arun Kumar , Principal of Dental college, Head of departments and Nursing staffs at the Chief Minister’s Office.

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CorCom to observe 7th Anniversary tomorrow

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Imphal July 7,

Conglomerate of rebel groups operating in the region Coordination Committee (CorCom) pays revolutionary salute to the departed souls who had laid down during the revolutionary struggle on occasion of its 7th anniversary which falls on July 8.
A statement issued by the chairman I. Chaoren also expressed gratitude to the people who are affected by the revolutionary movement for their endurance support to the movement.

The statement said that the Indian system of Democracy has pushed the CorCom’s idea of living to the point of armed violence that the outfit stands for, the statement specified while claiming that the CorCom’s concept of life has devolved in the way the outfit finds in common living in CorCom’s concomitants in Manipur (Kangleipak) for which the outfit holds responsible the Democratic system in India.
Some groups of Citizenry do not like the CorCom outfit and blame the CorCom of infringing on public rights available to such groups of people. The CorCom has not made any inroads into other systems of governance in lands belonging to other countries but the CorCom demand for CorCom’s land remains, the CorCom stated. Rejecting any sort of interpretation of the CorCom demand for Manipur (Kangleipak) in the statement the CorCom stated that as far as CorCom could see the armed outfit is not wrong, reiterating the complaint that the outfit’s armed violence started only after the Indian Democracy denied the CorCom the land the armed outfit has claimed all rights over.
Any Political dialogue is not proper on the CorCom demand, the CorCom stated while further quoting former Chief Minister Rishang Keishing stating that the ‘matter was to be addressed to the Indian government, not the State government’. The CorCom also stated that Politicians in the state have proved to be abject failures and all political dialogues or Agreements had rejected the CorCom demand and the CorCom demand has been deemed unfit for a consideration.
Former External Affairs Minister and former President Pranab Mukherjee’s statement that conforming to the Constitution of India was the decision of the Indian government for all matters, the CorCom specifically stated that BJP leader LK Advani had rejected any conditional or unconditional peace talks.

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The state and central government must stop creating conflict - YFPHR

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Imphal, July 7,

Youth’s Forum for Protection of Human Rights (YFPHR) in a press statement said that the ongoing trend of conflict which are being prevailed in the state of Manipur wherein the ultimate victim lies on the civilians.
“We fear that the conflict and the violence prevailing in the state are strategically planned by the state or the government to distract the particular matters which are not for the public interest so as to fulfil their needs”, a statement  release Mr. Kh Phajaton, President YFPHR said.
The statement said that    The Framework agreement which was signed between the government of India and NSCN-IM on the 3rd of August, 2015, was during the peak of uprising by the people to implement ILP which got intensified after the death of Sapamcha Robinhood while on the other hand people settling near the border town to Myanmar erupted as well.

  In November 2016, the 139 days long economic blockade was called by the UNC against the proposed creation of new districts later got intensified after the creation of 5 more districts and it could be noted that the economic blockade was called off after the new BJP government came into power in March 2017. Violence during the economic blockade had claimed 3 lives of Manipur police, injuring numbers of drivers carrying goods and created hatred among the ethnic communities.
On 21-22 November, 2017, North East Development Summit was organized wherein 39 MoUs were signed which is yet to be made public by the Government of Manipur. It was further known that the MoUs includes extraction of mineral resources from Manipur which was opposed by the Civil Societies since 2012. The MoUs were silently signed without the consent of the people while the people are celebrating and enjoying Sangai Festival and also busy during the protest against the extraction of Oil and Natural resources in nook and corner of the state and physically intervening to stop the 3D seismic survey being conducted by the Asian Oilfield.
In July 2018, during the peak of 2019 election campaign yet various problems are fear to be created by the state or central government on the issue of Border Pillar, MUs ongoing protest and Eviction work. Various Civil Societies are concentrated on the issue of Eviction which resulted in lack of collective concentration on the Border Pillar issue, Students are made busy for the ongoing Protest in MUs as a result they are not able to contribute to the issue of  Border Pillar and others. It could be noted none of the social movement was achieved without the contribution of the Students till date.
Now the serious issue is the suspicious of mongering of the communal conflict due to the eviction work , MU’s issue to destroy the students lives and the cross border conflict  due the border issue which the state and the central government is responsible to stop such ill practices or game being played upon to  the civilians. Such fear of creation of conflict by the state is not the first time being observed but the people has been experiencing since the last many decades.
The Forum ask- Why the state and the central government want the conflict to prevail instead of resolving? Are they secretly planning to achieve something by making the conflict prevail?  
It appeals the state and central Government to stop fooling the people of Manipur and stop such game immediately instead protect the people as it is the ultimate responsibility of the state to protect the people but not to create conflict.  

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Cohesion is sports

The resignation by the seven officials of the All Manipur Football Association (AMFA) on April 17, 2018 stands valid only if the remaining AMFA officials are also scrutinized in the High Court of Manipur unless these officials in fact be found punishable under the law court instead of the officials that have resigned. This fact is so because to see the truth of the proceedings many of the officials of the AMFA from the time of its becoming a influential sports association in the state have been from a particular locality in the state capital Imphal, a locality that has had influence in terminating the spectator interest in football in the state and reduced the game of football to mere official and legal proceedings amounting to a nagging and prolonged nepotism that has disrupted the inter-club transfers of football players from the state and also caused long-standing confusion in the state leagues and tournaments in the state. AMFA officials L Ranjit Roy, Jyotirmoy Roy, coach Kamini Kumar Singh and his brother Sushil Kumar, and N Bormani have been the officials of the state official body for football and except for Kamini Kumar Singh who died of heart attack, something that happens rarely with sportspersons and coaches, the others still are officials although football is a popular sport in the state and so many officials must have vied for the AMFA posts pointing to the fact that officialdom has been rampant in the AMFA sports association.

A logically and legally identifiable problem is the prolonged terms of the officials in the AMFA, a case which if resolved could also solve the matter of appointments or elections to the state’s sports associations. What are the criteria for appointments and is it not necessary to do away with rules that harm the freedom of sports as played on the field and how is it that officials that have not played for any clubs, leagues, tournaments and other features across the state officiate from influential positions that mar the sport and sports careers of the players – a mockery of sports and sports enthusiasts that has come to a situation where the sporting careers of competitive players like K Sanjita, in weightlifting, are being taken up in the legal jurisdiction of international sports committees for doping that seems to be irrelevant in the case but is justified from the opinions of the international sports committees on doping in competitive sports.

Manipur is not concerned much with doping tests in sports at any competitive level especially in the local sports competitions, as is specified under the doping rules, and there have been no cases of doping tested positive according to the doping rules of national and international sports competitions. It is then quite contradictory that sportspersons, as they come on to the international arena, are found wanting again and again and the disappointment that causes in sporting circles in the state is obvious. Testosterone is an anabolic steroid that is necessarily not orally ingested but is also caused by a genetic mismatch that causes chromosomal disorder. Overt male dominance does cause the gender mismatch and there are many factors in the state that point to the possible cause for the confusion in the matter of doping in sports. Would this be a matter that could be legally taken to a conclusion by the doping federations and if left unchecked what would be the future of sports and sportspersons in the state – a question for the day and another day in the future also – pertinent and commonplace.
Writer- RK Lakhi Kant

Assam Rifles Organises Security Meet

Imphal July 7,

A Security Meet was conducted by Keithelmanbi Battalion of 9 Sector Assam Rifles under the aegis of HQ IGAR (South) at Singjamei Company Operating Base Imphal West District on 05 July 2018. The forum was attended by approximately 50 people including members of Imphal Municipal Council, Councilors, members of local youth club and Meira Paibis of Singjamei. The attendees were briefed regarding the prevailing security situation and necessary cooperation required from the people to
maintain peace in the area. The platform helped the locals to discuss the security perspective in the area and to allow them to come up with suggestions to improve synergy between Assam Rilfes and the local pop.

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ASUK details the influx of illegal migrants ; appeals Meetei Pangal to ponder over the issue

IT News
Imphal, July 7,

On July 2 2018, state govt. evicted 73 houses from Reserved Forest Area of Nongmaiching Chingkhong. among this 9 members of 3 families had told the police that they were from Tripura. A paper reported the number as 21. When police contacted Tripura one among them turn out to be an absconder involved in a crime against woman. Others could not be traced out as they are either Bangladeshi and the Rohingya.
On 28 May 2018 a Rohingya spouse with their 8 months old son was arrested at Mao gate while entering the state. Tbey procured refugee card issued by the UNO and they may be from Jammu and Kashmir side.
On May 24, 2018,  3 Muslims from Myanmar who procured Adhaar card issued from Uttar Pradesh were arrested at Tengnoupal while coming towards Imphal from Moreh.
On May 21 , 2018,  3 Rohingya girls were picked up from a rented house at Khurai Konsam Leikai and handed over to Police by the locals.
On May 21, 2018, 8 Rohinya were arrested from a rented house at Minuthong Hatta . all showed fake Adhaar card qnd procured refugee documents issued by the UNO. One woman from Moijing in Thoubal who brought them here in the state was also picked up by the police. These people had entered from Mayanmar to Bangladesh and from they stayed for some times at Refugee camp in Jammu and Kashmir.
On May 13, 2018, 9 Rohingya who entered through Moreh were arrested along with a Muslim lady from Chennai. All the 9 Rohingya procured fake adhaar card.
On May 10, 2018, 24 Muslim who entered to Tripura from Bangladesh were arrested by Tripura police.
On May 1, 2018, four Rohinya were arrested at Moreh while trying to enter from Mayanmar side.
On April 27, 2018, police arrested a Bihari Muslim from Wangoi market. The person had an Adhaar card with address at Lilong.
On 10 April, 2018, one Rohingya was arrested from Moreh by Tengnoupal police.
On March 21, 2018, 3 Rhingya who stayed at Moreh for some times were arrested by the police.
On February 1, 2018 3 Rohingya were arrested while trying to entered at Jiribam . All have fake adhaar card.
On Jan 16, 2018 Tripura police arrested 6 Rohingya from Dharam Nagar in Tripura.
On December 22, 2017, Chief Minister N Biren had informed the state assembly that one Rohinya was arrested at Jiri while 7 had escaped towards Manipur. The CM further said that 560 outsider were arrested among them 105 had been force to return back. 178 illegal immigrants were arrested from Jiribam alone. Besides a makeship bridge constructed across Jiri River suspected as a route for Rohingya was also dismantled, the cm added.
On November 29,  2017, 8 migrants suspected to be  Rohingya Muslim were arrested who entered from Myanmar to Bangladesh and later sneaked to Tripura were arrested from Khayerpur in West district of Tripura.
On November 2 , 2017, 18 Suspected Rohingya were handed over to police by locals of Adamnagar in Tropura. They all possessed adhar card from Murshidabad in West Bengal . They told that they passed through Bangladesh to enter Tripura which is hard to   believe . It cannot be ruled out that they are Rohingya who is trying to enter ManipurOn October 4, 2017 six Rohingya Muslim who entered from Myanmar through Bangladesh to India were arrested from Karimganj of Assam . 3 other muslim who help them entered to India were also arrested by the Assam Police.

On September 21, 2017, A britsih citizen Samiun Rahman , who is also a member of the Al Quaeda was arrested from New Delhi. He had stayed in Dhaka Jail for extortion related case and was released April of the previous year. He revealed that Alqaeda based are being set up at Kishanganj, Haribagh and Mizoram and Manipur of North East India.
On September 14 as reported by a journalist Prasanta Mazumdar Chief Minister N. Biren said that a total of 25 Rohingya were detained in judicial custody.
On August 21, 3 Bangladeshi Muslim were arrested in Belona of Tripura by Tripura police.
On April 18 , 2018 , 9 Bangladeshi immigrants were arrested in Tripura, those arrested procured fake Indian Adhaar card, voter cards as well as bank pass book.
On July 30, 2017, during a clashed among prisoners at Manipur Central jail 2 Muslim citizens of Saudi Arabia and a Manipuri were killed. The 2 Saudi citizen were arrested while entering from Moreh side on June 16, 2013 by Assam Rifles troop from tengnoupal.
On July 17 , 2014 a journal called First World has reported that 23 Muslims from lilong area have been recruited to Al Qaeda.
On September 2 , 2012 Police announced that 60 people trying to enter the state without proper valid document were force back to where they came from.
On August 20 , 2007 , Assam Rfiles arrested 15 migrants from Moreh Ward No. 3.  Among them 6 were suspected member of the Al Qaeda. 10 were from Bangladesh and 5 were from Myanmar.
On December 19 , 2006 for the first time 3 meitei Pangal, who were members of the Lashkar –e-Toiba  were arrested along with arms from New Delhi.
The above statement was released by Alliance for Social Unity , Kangleipak (ASUK) which were collected from newspaper sources.
A statement signed by the Chairman of ASUK N. Oken and Vice Chairman Ksh Laba Meitei appealed to ponder on the reality of the influx of illegal influx to the state of Manipur.
The statement said that those reported cases are only reported one in newspaper but there are possibility of other unreported cases.
It is now a fact that illegal migrants had entered the state and continue to sneak using any mean. Before 2000, those influx in the state are Nepali, Bangali, Bihari and Deshwali etc. now the trend has changed today’s illegal migrants are Bangladeshi Muslims and Rohingya Muslim.
The statement said that the entry of Rohingya was not due to survival struggle arises from the crisis between Myanmarese and the Rohingya at Rkhine state as the location is far from the state of Manipur. Their entry to the state have some agenda, the statement pin pointed.
The statement also elaborated on the modus operandi on how the Rohingya entered the state of Manipur. They were helped by agent to bring upto Jiri or Moreh from either Bnagldesh or Mayanmar and among the agents 99% are from among the Muslim community (Meetei pangal).
Stating on why the some meetei pangal brought the foreign muslim to the state the ASUL statement stated that it was due to the influence of politics that some felt it necessities.
The Meitei Pangal came to the state some 500 years ago. There number was only 30 to 40 . they married the Meitei women and spread their community . Their only differences with the Meitei is the religion- language and the culture were similar among the meetei pangal and the people of the state. Hindu Goudiya, Sanmahisam , islam, Christianity, Budhism and atheist built the Manipuri community which means that the Meetei pangal are ethnic Meetei.
(The statement also elaborated on thePan Islamic movement of past and present day while it also deliberated about the identity of the Pangal . The details will be published on our next issue)

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