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Items filtered by date: Thursday, 05 July 2018 - Imphal Times

Utilization certificates issued for labour welfare fund not submitted to AG; Fake documents provided, to RTI activist alleges; misappropriation looms

IT Exclusive
Imphal, July 5,

Peoples’ credibility to the Chief Minister N. Biren Singh led Manipur government is slowing losing as his government top priority to root out corruption and misappropriation of fund has been left unnoticed at various departments of the state government.
Utilisation certificates for utilization of fund sanctioned for the welfare of labourers for three terms had never been submitted to the Accountant General Office.
Queries sought through the Right to Information Act (RTI) on how the fund sanction in the form of Grand –in-Aid for the welfare of labourers to the Manipur Building and Other Construction Workers’ Welfare Board of the State Labour Department revealed the reality which foresees misappropriation of huge amount of fund by the Board as UCs provided showed complete utilizations of all the sanction fund but when the matter was again inquired to the office of the Accountant General (A&G) Manipur, it is learnt that none of the UCs have been submitted to the office which checks for appropriations in the utilizations.

State Labour department has been on the news for quite a long time over misappropriation of fund before this government came to power. And the same has been seen continuing even after the change of the government.
RTI activist Khumanthem Dhanachandra Singh of Naoremthong Laishram Leirak, Imphal West district sought information through proper channel about the amount of fund sanctioned and utilised by the Manipur Building and Other Construction Workers’ Welfare Board of the State Labour Department for the year 2011-12 to 2016-17.
As per information provided the amount sanction for the Board in 2012-13 was Rs. 50,000,00/-, Amount sanctioned and utilised for the year 2013 -14 was Rs. 65 lakhs and amount sanctioned and utilised for the year 2015-16 was Rs. 5,00,000/- . As per the information there were no fund sanctions for the year 2011-12, 2014-15 and 2016-17.
Interestingly, the Utilization Certificates showed complete exhaustion of the fund but the matter is not submitted to the A& G office.
Non submission of utilization certificate for grant-in-aid fund for the welfare of the people to any government department put halt the continuation of such grants-in-aids , but for reason best known to government authority,  the Labour Welfare Board continues to receive the fund skipping auditing and appropriation of utilization by the Accountant General which is mandatory.
RTI Activist  Khumanthem Dhanachandra Singh alleged that the UC provided to him appeared to be a fake one and that the designated officer of the time Elangbam Tomba who signed the UC as Secretary of the Manipur Building and Other Construction Workers’ Welfare Board have to hold all responsibility as there are prima facie evidences of misappropriating the fund.

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DESAM organises peace rally to make education a Free Zone

IT News
Imphal, July 5,

Democratic Students’ Alliance of Manipur (DESAM) today organised a peace rally for spreading awareness to the people of the state to ensure education a free zone.

The rally was flagged of by the education Minister Th. Radheshyam from Khuman Lampak Complex and then it proceeded towards the Hapta Kangjeibung and later at palace compound where they gathered at Iboyaima Sumang Leela Sanglen.
 A public meeting was held regarding the present education scenario of the state. The crisis at MU was elaborated as it not only affect the students of the MU but also to all the students of colleges affiliated to the Manipur University.
Other issues for improvement of the education sectors as well as to make sure that Education be left a free zone from any sort of agitation was also deliberated.  

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MUTA extends helps to hosteller of MU

IT News

Imphal, July 5,


As the Manipur University administrative affairs totally crumbled as no solution is brought to the ongoing agitation over the demand for removal of the Vice Chancellor Prof. AP Pandey, students staying at the hostel are facing extreme hardship as the Mu authority failed to released any fund for running the hostels.

Thanks to the Manipur University Teachers’ Association. The Association today extended monetary assistance of Rs. 2 lakhs to the Hostel Wardens yesterday and also 2 bags of 50kg each for the for each of the Hostels of the Manipur University.


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Tension grips Hapta: Displaced locals and supporters slams AMUCOC office bearers

IT News
Imphal, July 5,

Large number of locals from Kshetri Bengoon  area in Imphal East district along with the members of the families whose houses has been dismantled on the recent eviction drive today slammed the office bearers of the AMUCOC – the Muslim organisation over its failure to turn up during a meeting which they convened at 11 am today.
Report reaching here said that the large number of people from the Kshetri Bengoon area came and gathered at the Office of the AMUCOC opposite to Public Hospital at Hapta Golapti at 11 am as per scheduled for a meeting.
Till 2pm today morning none of the office bearers of the AMUCOC turned up and following that some of the locals started shouting why they failed to turn up even though they have convene the meeting. Some from among them shouted the AMUCOC member to answer on why the bandh has been postponed without giving any proper explanation and some started shouting them as looters . Asked the members of the committee to tell how much money had been offered by the Chief Minister to call of the bandh.

As the large number of people started shouting the situation turns hostile as some of them even started vandalising parts of the office building of AMUCOC. Traffic in front of the AMUCOC office at Hapta had been put to halt for hours .
Police team who rushed the site however put the situation under control.   
Mention may be made that the AMUCOC had called general strike for disparity attitude of the government over the eviction of the structures . The body question on why only the Kshtri Bengoon area where arounf 70 houses had been settled were demolished when houses constructed at other reserved land of the government are left untouched.
The Muslim organisation also stated why the demolition had been conducted before arranging any alternatives of those staying the region as it was a known fact that the people whose houses had been demolished will be left with no places to stay.
Earlier, CM had called on the AMUCOC and held a meeting at his office complex following which the AMUOC called off the bandh.

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Cease work strike by JAC of AMGEO & AMTUC enters 106 days

IT News
Imphal, July 5,

Cease work strike by Joint Administrative Council of AMGEO and AMTUC today enters 106 days today. Staffs of Agriculture department and Hiyangtang CD block today staged protest demonstration holding placards demanding implementation of the pay commission and also to fulfil the 22 charter of demand submitted by the JAC to the state government. Working atmosphere at Agriculture department was totally put to a complete halt as the employees staged protest today. Earlier too activities of the department has been hampered due to the cease work strike.

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TSA Chandel, Tengnoupal support statewide bandh over failure to appoint Tribal language teacher in Sec. School.

IT News

Imphal, July 5,

The Thadou Students’ Association, Chandel & Tengnoupal Districts, has extended support to the Indefinite State wide bandh call by the Joint Student Bodies Viz TSA, SSPP, RNSO & LNKR-AMN from July 6 morning in protest against the State Government failure meet their demands for including tribal languages in the recruitment process for appointment of 409 Lecturers of Higher Secondary Schools by the Directorate of Education (S).

Mention may be made that, in the recent recruitment notification made by the above mention department excludes MIL tribal languages but surprisingly includes Manipuri in its notification. This act of repeated injustice to the tribal of the State is unbearable at all and so, the Thadou Students’ Association, Chandel & Tengnoupal District today announced to the general public of the state particularly of the Chandel & Tengnoupal districts that, TSA chandel & Tengnoupal will lend full support to the indefinite statewide Bandh call by the Joint Students Bodies.

Also, until and unless the government fulfil our the demands made by the Joint Student Bodies and an instruction comes from the Joint Student Bodies, this indefinite statewide Bandh will be place in the mention two districts by the TSA.

Therefore, it is our appeal to the general public to kindly cooperate and support the indefinite statewide bandh as it is a fight/protest for the tribals. Also, for any untoward consequences due to noncompliance of the indefinite bandh, TSA Chandel & Tengnoupal districts will not be held responsible.

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Online GPF information system for government employees opens

IT News
Imphal, July 5,

The Principal Accountant General (A&E) office has informed in a statement that annual GPF e-Statement for the year 2017-18 in respect of all the GPF subscribers of the Government of Manipur other than Grade IV employees including AIS officers has been uploaded on 2-7-2018 in the official website http://agmpr.cag.gov.in. All the subscribers can now download their annual statements directly from the website http://agmpr.cag.gov.in<online GPF> by using the PIN already provided through their registered mobile number.

As PIN for login to the online GPF and OTP for GPF details are to be sent only through SMS to the respective registered mobile nos., those subscribers whose mobile nos. have not been registered with the Accountant General (A&E) office will not be able to download their annual GPF e-Statement. Hence subscribers who have not been registered with Accountant General (A&E), Manipur are required to register their mobile nos. Registration forms can be downloaded from http://agmpr.cag.gov.in<online GPF>
A user’s manual is also uploaded on the above website. Subscribers are requested to go through this manual before login to the online GPF system.
Users can also access online GPF Information System from an Android Apps which can be downloaded from the website http://agmpr.cag.gov.in
All the DDOs/Sanctioning authorities are also requested to download the QR code reader from http://agmpr.cag.gov.in<onlineGPF> and install the same to the android smart phones/tablets etc. for verification/authentication of the balances shown in the statement submitted by the subscribers at the time of their advances/withdrawals/final payment etc.

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Meitei Mayek – are the scales tipped now

Before anybody could realize the Meitei Mayek script now prevalently taught in all schools and colleges in the state has caused a decisive schism apart from a headache peculiar to the Meitei Mayek issue so much alive in Manipur but not really amounting to anything very important in terms of its educational and cognitive worth that could be discussed although such a discussion is now unavoidable considering the futility of this language as practicable linguistically, phonetically and other factors relevant to education and a syllabus for promoting that education as a subject under the state educational board governing schools and college education.
The fact of the matter is that the script is an archaic one and it would have been impossible to trace or know when precisely the written scripts available for this language were lost as is likely must have happened even if it could be reasoned out in a hypothetical situation proving that the language is and has been only a spoken language as far back as the origin could be known. Without sufficient available texts like literature, or any codified written evidence the language would not deserve the status of a written script that is supported only by a 26-letter alphabet, as is prescribed under the schools education syllabus.
To put it in layman’s language A,B,C,D….etc., A to Z alphabets only and that only, would be the Meitei Mayek’s claim to knowing all subjects and that is an absurd claim; something that does not exist in reality – a wild dream that has run amock and caused dissension in how different groups on the matter would view the ongoings in setting of syllabus and much earlier in the introduction of this subject as a language that is projected as being able to explain everything related to Manipur, something not relevant in schools and college education anyway and something that students would not be expected to know as a part of schools and college education, but a fact that was the underlying factor at the time the issue was a compulsion on most of the educated and thoughtful people in the state and has now surfaced not only as a educational lacunae but also a matter that is expected to snowball in the way the syllabus was introduced by the state education authorities involved - to keep the debate alive - and further the appointments made, the regularization of pay scales for the concerned teachers – whose educational qualifications apart from knowing the Meitei Mayek script have always been in controversy for not meeting the standard requirements for appointment to state government jobs. This being the facts that happened over the past decade or so concerning this subject the point that is now – at this moment – relevant is how much harm to Manipuri social conditions this move has caused, involving the secondary patenting of all newspapars, media, shops in Imphal valley, billboards for advertisements, and many other factors known or unseen yet, that do not have anything to do with the concern and the widespread promotion of a Manipur that was being projected forcefully at the time the Meitei Mayek activists were supposed to have claimed a major victory for the Meitei Mayek organizations and for Manipur itself – as the organizations together deemed correct.

 The situation now was not foreseen even by the casual bystanders who might have thought it was in fact a change that was coming. But was it really that – as is commonly being lived now. Is Meitei Mayek a haunt or the boon it was promised to be. Are children safe in the schools and colleges. A review committee is certainly called for if common wisdom should prevail.

Writer - RK Lakhi Kant

DFO, Thoubal Celebrated 69th Van Mahotsova at Khongjom War Memorial Complex

IT News
Imphal,July 5,

 Forest Department, Thoubal Division, planted saplings at Khongjom War Memorial Complex on Wednesday as a part of the 69th Van Mahotsova week celebration.

District Forest Officer, Thoubal, in association with Clubs, Student’s and locals, planted saplings at the Khongjom War Memorial Road site.
Taking part in the observance the MLA of Wangjing Tentha AC P.Brojen said the widespread tree plantation campaign being taken up all over Manipur is part of an effort to reverse the effect of adverse climatic changes and deforestation.
The voluntary participation of the public are committed to planting trees and protecting the environment is an omen that after some years our place will be covered in greeneries again.
Arung Bajpal IFS Chief Conservator Forest, Deputy Conservator Forest Rk.Amarjit IFS, Deputy  Commissioner Thoubal Haobam Rosita IAS, ADM Thoubal, L.Radhakanta  Superintendent of Police Thoubal Goutam and Forest Department, Thoubal division staff also participated in the plantation programme.

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JFA expresses concern over threats to scribes

By Our Correspondent
Guwahati, July 5,

 Journalists’ Forum Assam (JFA) is deeply concerned on learning about the intimidation to journalists who had assisted in the reporting of an investigative story on the Hambantota port that was published by the New York Times (on 26 June 2018).

This blatant act of direct intimidation to two Lankan journalists is indeed worrisome as it is tantamount to gagging the free press in Sri Lanka, said a statement issued by JFA president Rupam Barua and secretary Nava Thakuria.
The forum appeals to all journalist associations and journalist protection bodies around the world to condemn such actions by politicians/parliamentarians and call upon the Sri Lankan government
in Colombo to ensure security for scribes.
“We stand in solidarity with all Sri Lankan journalists and also with other correspondents from foreign media working in the island nation and demand adequate protection to the media persons,” concluded the statement.

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