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Wednesday, 04 July 2018 - Imphal Times

Reports on the present impasse at MU submitted as per directives of the Union HRD Ministry

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Imphal, July 4,

Union HRD Ministry of the government of India is likely to act soon to find an amicable solution to the month long impasse at Manipur University as 3 individuals who were once associates to the affairs of the Manipur University had submitted a report about the roots of the present crisis.
Source with the Imphal Times said that the three individuals includes a retired Registrar of the University, a professor and a politicians who had actively participated in almost students’ related affairs of the Manipur University.
Details of the report could not be made but source said that the genesis of the present uprising was due to the non-existence of proper administration in the Manipur University affairs. The report however, didn’t mention any recommendation on what or what not to be taken up to restore the academic affairs of the University.
Its now 35 days plus that the Administrative Block and the examination block has been shut down following protest by the students’ body of the University. Following the non-responsive attitude of the Vice Chancellor whom the students’ body had been demanding for resignation, teachers’ and non staffs community of the University too joined the protest which is being underway giving impact to not only the academic atmosphere of the University but also to other colleges which are being affiliated to it. 6 deans have resigns almost all Head of departments have been resigned. The latest who tendered resignation against the VC Prof. Adya Prasad Pandey were Prof. Jibon Singh, Director, Electronic Multi Media  research centre and Dr. Caroline , Head of Department Education. Both submitted their resignation late yesterday evening.
Source further added that the Union HRD Ministry have been receiving report from the VC side as well as allegations to the present VC from the MUTA, MUSU and the MUSA however, as the situation could not be decided an independent body comprising of three persons who had been associated with the University had been instated and directed them to sent the report at the earliest possible time.
As per the directives the report had been submitted. However as the report didn’t mention any recommendation it is not sure whether the HRD Ministry will replace the Prof. AP Pandey or will advice to proceed as per the desire of the students, teachers and the staffs.


MUSU locks all departments of the MU

Failure to take up immediate action to the Vice Chancellor Prof. Adya Prasad Pandey and following the resignation of all the head of departments, the Manipur University Students’ Union has locked all the departments of the University today. The students’ body is likely to intensify the agitation if the demand are not fulfilled at the earliest possible time. 

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Army clarifies Lt Col Dharamvir ‘s wife allegations

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Imphal, July 4,


The Indian army officer Lt Col Dharamvir Singh whose whereabouts were not known after he left Imphal on his way to Dimapur in Imphal where he had recently been posted after being relieved from the higher Headquarters in Manipur where he was on a temporary assignment, has  been located at his place of posting at Rangapahar, Dimapur.

The Lt Col had been provided an official vehicle and a protection party to move out of the state on July 1, on a non-road opening day on which the movement of service personnel is protected by an escort party. The officer reached Rangapahar at 9 pm on July 1 and since then is discharging his bonafide military duties as per his official charter.

His wife Ranju Singh reportedly reached the place of his temporary assignment on June 30 without the officer having taken prior permission from concerned military authorities to bring the family to the military station. The place being an insurgency affected area precludes stay of family members of service personnel outside the military station for security reasons, in this case being Leimakhong and Mantripukhri in Imphal.

The contents of the media interaction by the military officer’s wife on July 3 and an FIR lodged with the police in Imphal are inconsistent and aimed at maligning the image of the Army, official sources from the Army have said. The movements and whereabouts of Lt Col Dharamvir Singh have already been officially intimated to the Imphal (West) Police consequent to the lady lodging an FIR containing false allegations that her husband had been taken into custody. The lady has herself admitted to have spoken to her husband on July 3 and said that he is doing fine at his place of duty.

It is not understood as to why Ranju Singh and her children did not accompany Lt Col Dharamvir Singh when he moved to his original place of posting at Dimapur for which an independent staff car with security was provided by the Army and instead she chose to stay back in the place which she herself claimed to be unfamiliar with. The Army is not aware of her present whereabouts and has requested the police to locate her. It is not known with whom she is staying in a civilian area and why, army sources said mentioning that it was not aware what could be the motive behind her unusual behaviour or if there is a possibility that a family feud had occurred.

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Tribal students call state wide bandh on July 6 over failure to recruit Tribal Language teacher in Sec. Schools

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Imphal, July 4,


Thadou Students’ Association, General Headquarters (TSA-GHQ), Siamsinpawlpi , General Head Quarter (SSPP-GHQ) Rongmei Naga Syudents’ Organisation, North East Idia (RSO-NEI) and Liangmei Naga Katimai Ruangdi (LNKR-AMN) has called a state wide bandh on July 6, starting from 6 am over failure of the state government in recruiting Tribal Language (MIL) Lecturers at Higher Secondary Schools in the state.

A press statement signed by the representatives of the three tribal students’ body said that they are compelled to call the band as the state government fails to fulfil its promises regarding the appointment of the MIL tribal language lecturers in Higher Secondary Schools of the state.

The statement further added that the Joint Student bodies have served an ultimatum to the state government on June 26 through press communiqué and also submitted the copy to both the Chief Minister and the Education minister demanding immediate action by issuing notification for recruitment of the MIL teacher on or before June 30. The statement slammed the state government  for turning deaf ear to the demand.

The statement also stated that the recruitment of the language teacher should be strictly compliance with the regulations of the NCTE, 2014 norms and that the government should not deprived the rights and privilege of the train candidate.

As per the National Council for teacher Education (NCTE) minimum qualifications for the persons to be recruited as Education Teachers in Senior Secondary School should mandatorily be post graduate (Laster) degree and B.ED) degree from a recognised institution .

The Joint students body also appealed the state government to immediately look into the affairs of the Manipur University and urged to restore normalcy in the larger interest of the students Community.

During the Bandh Medical, media, Water Supply, Electricity, religious Activities and airport will be exempted the statement said.

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Minister Karam Shyam inaugurates Langei Ro Water Supply Project

Imphal, July 4,

Just 6 months after launching free range poultry, duck projects and their production house and loin loom weaving project, CAF & PD, Revenue Minister Karam Shyam inaugurates RO(Reverse Osmosis) Water Supply project today at Langei Village, Nongpok Sanjenbam under Lamlai A/C intended with the purpose to provide hygienic water to the community.
Langei international website created by Digital Manipur was also launched at the function.
The ceremony was attended by Shri Ksh. Biren Singh, Hon’ble MLA,Lamlai A/C; Telem Arunkumar, Managing Director, Langei & Sanasam Jacky,Chairman, Lamjingba Group  as the Guests of Honour and T Mangi Singh, Secy, Sanjenbam Khunou Village Committee as the President .
Appreciating Telem Arunkumar who is the brainchild behind the various projects at  Langei Model Village, Minister  Karam Shyam lauded him for his remarkable activities and unending efforts in serving the  society at the grassroots level.
He also said that Arunkumar is the real son of the soil of Manipur whose works are of immense economic value and humanitarian service to the community.
The people of Nongpok Sanjenbam community should feel a sense of pride in the socio-economic activities taken up by him that shows his motivative, innovative & educative mindset and moral, honest task of real value needed in cultivating human civilization, he also said.
“The country will fully develop only when the villages will prosper. There are around 2050 villages out of which 664 are located in the valleys and 1386 in the hills as per Manipur Gazette”, he stated.
Recalling his struggle days when he won election by just a mere Rs. 5000-6000, Minister  Karam Shyam said that strong will, hard work and ability to convince the public pushed him to reach the stage that he is today and he can strongly feel the odds that Arun must have faced and overcome to achieve the present status of Langei model village.
A top Government official who fails to render human service and welfare for the society is not accountable to the post he is holding, he expressed.
He also encouraged Sanasam Jacky’s ongoing project of supplying raw water to the village and his vision and plan to construct eco-toilets and houses in future.
Langei is a leading village of Manipur and financial assistance will be provided from the Government’s side, the Minister assured.
MLA Ksh. Biren said that there is scope in future for Langei village becoming a  tourism spot taking into consideration the developmental activities and projects undertaken to provide employment to women and the youths. There is also prospect for entrepreneurial ventures and sports in future, he also said.
Telem Arunkumar said that there is CCTV camera & public address system to control crime within the Langei village campus and a culture for cleanliness apart from providing a source of income and daily livelihood sustenance to the community.
Sports Academy, Security CCTV,     Dark Free Village & Electrification, Social Hygiene & Village Beautification are some of the ongoing projects at Langei Village

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MLA Susindro @ Yaima along with police team conducted spot enquiry over the death of MSF Vice president

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Imphal, July 4,


MLA Y. Susindro @ Yaima along with the team of state police led by the Imphal West district SP today conducted spot enquiry where the MSF Vice President, N. Jugeshwor had an accident on June 22 and succumbed to injury on June 25 at Chingmeirong ISBT road.

A JAC formed against the death of the MSF VP said that it was not an accident but a murder case . The JAC has been demanding punishment of those involved in the murder of the MSF Vice President and a memorandum regarding the matter has been submitted to the government.

The MSF VP hailed from Khurai Thongam Leirak.

During the enquiry all footage of the CCTV installed at the road side of the site where the accident occurred has been collected.

MLA Susindro said that the government had already announced Rs. 50,000 cash award to anybody who can provide information about the incident.

Talking to media person Susindro said that if the video footage collected today could not find the exact happening the government will announced Rs. 2,00, 000 cash award to whoever provide information about the incident.

“Please feel free and don’t be afraid to come out to tell the exact happening, it will hep delivering justice to some innocents” the MLA appeals.

Members of the Manipuri Students’ federation (MSF) also accompanied the MLA during the spot enquiry. 

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We are for the people, for the society

Human being - being a civilised species should hold on with the concept of doing well for the community he or she has been living. Every human no matter good or bad think of doing something good for their community, some are exceptional thinking of the world as one, unlike those who create enmity among others for their mere selfish gains. The war between the rich and poor; between the higher class and lower class, between the Hindus and Muslims and Christians and the indigenous religions were the product of the selfish power hungry people. This is about India.
A matter that we need to ponder on the current happenings is about the so much war and enmity among us?  Is it the religions, is it the greed or is it something that one think that a life of someone is useless without money?
Well Imphal Times was too much disturbed in the last two days. Reason – someone not from the government authority asked in hard tone about the source of our news we published.  The news was related with the present happenings in Manipur University. Imphal Times pointed out things that have been going wrong in the University and has been trying to correct the wrong. Saying so Imphal Times does not understand discretionary power neither legitimate power to correct the wrong. Media is something that disseminates information news and information happenings around so that people react and those in the government listen to do the needful.
Considering the reality and the truth that media should follow, Imphal Times took up an issue prevailing around the crisis in Manipur University. April 24, 2018, the editor of this newspaper sought information about the Vice Chancellor’s travel and till today his good office gives no reply. The impasse at Manipur University is something that has been expected.
Why? Some say it was because of the new regime’s initiative to convert the country to Hindutva culture? Some differed in saying that it is a matter of livelihood. The latter have points and the agenda makes no difference.  

Forest Rights Act 2006 in the Context of Manipur

By- JN Lai (Asst. Prof, International College, the University of Suwon, S Korea)

First, before coming tothe Forest Rights Act, let me touchupon a few dimensions of the eviction of 74 houses belong to the Meetei-Pangal (Muslim) and other structures along the foothills of Nongmaiching/Awaching lies in the eastern side of Imphal.There provoke some implications.The implications are of the human rights for the so called encroachers, empathy of sudden homelessness and loss of property, coincident of ever growing attack on Non-Hindu elements and also ostensible skip of the bigger hot deal of border encroach by Myanmar authority, and overt double standard of the major community as well.
In this case, more or less, an implication involves a threat to the non-Muslim communities in Manipur. Although, it is undiplomatic fashion present my words this manner, we should be sincere and be capable of acknowledging our flaw and fault irrespective of the creed and community we belong to. So, an anti-Muslim undercurrent attitude pulsated by the stereotype Islamic radical mentality, for example – practice of reproduction of offspring way more than other communities’, constant dominant strategic activities againstthe non-Islamic neighbors, and violent conflict tendency that may explode anytime remain very active in the hearts and minds of the other communities.
At the same time, a loud hypocrisy of the major community does not help the challenges to be addressed affirmatively. I got a kind of good impression from a post of a Meetei Facebook friend; he wrote, “If you celebrate during their tragedy, they will dance during our tragedy too. What goes around comes around.”He continued, “What’s really troubling me is seeing many Meiteis on SM who don’t have a single idea of this place called KshetriBengoon start celebrating the demolition not because of their genuine love for forest but for the simple reason that the place belong to other community....that’s just plain wrong and insensitive.…..As a normal and right thinking citizen, we should all be really disturbed by these questions not celebrating the demolition. Guess we the Meiteis would have certainly reacted differently had the affected locality belongs to us. Love begets love.And lastly...do we really care about our environment, lakes, forest and rivers??”
Secondly, now, the Scheduled Tribes and Other Traditional Forest Dwellers (Recognition of Forest Rights) Act 2006 (FRA in short) was passed by the Indian Parliament in December 2006. It aims at ending the discriminatory action and attitude from the forest departments in the name of forest and wild life protection upon the forest people and other communities who have been living in and around the forest.
Since the State appropriation of the forests in colonial India, the control of the forest people over their own forests and rights to govern their own forests were taken away by the State by the colonial Indian Forest Act. A forest bureaucracy and the forest department were instituted to manage the Indian forests and legitimate tenurial and access rights were severely curtailed. The post independent forest legislations such as the Wildlife Protection Act, 1972 and the Forest Conservation Act, 1980 in the name of protecting the wildlife and the destruction and diversion of forests, actually, turned the forest people in to criminals and encroachers.
Under this FRA 2006
1.    “Forest Land” is noted as land of any description falling within any forest area and includes unclassified forests, undemarcated forests, existing or deemed forests, protected forests, reserved forests, Sanctuaries and National parks;
2.     “Forest Dwelling Scheduled Tribes” means the members or community of the Scheduled Tribes who primarily reside in and who depend on the forests and forest lands for bona fide livelihood needs and includes the Scheduled Tribe pastoralist communities; and
3.    Very interestingly,”Other Traditional Forest Dweller” means any member or community who has for at least three generations i.e. 75 years prior to the 13th day of December, 2005 primarily resided in and who depends on the forest or forests land for bona fide livelihood needs. Here, theMeeteis andthe indigenous Meetei-Pangal who have been living nearby the forest of Manipur areimplied.
The FRA mentioned the nature and specificity of the rights vested to forest people. Under the Section 3 of the Act there are a bunch of 13 rights guaranteed. Some of them are  (i) rights to secure individual or community tenure or both; (ii) right to hold and live in the forest land under the individual or common occupation for habitation or for self-cultivation for livelihood; (iii) community rights such as nistar; (iv) right of ownership, to collect, use and dispose of minor forest produce; (v) right to protect and regenerate any community forest resource which they have been traditionally protecting and conserving for sustainable use; (vi) rights which are recognised under any State law or laws of any Autonomous District Council or Autonomous Regional Council or which are accepted as rights of tribals under any traditional or customary law of the concerned tribes of any State; (vii) right of access to biodiversity and community right to intellectual property and traditional knowledge related to biodiversity and cultural diversity; and (viii) any other traditional right customarily enjoyed excluding the traditional right of hunting.
Third, in Manipur, the natural-ecological differences between the hills and the valley came to acquire political overtones, became the separate bases for political mobilization, spreading antagonism and conflict at all levels. A dichotomy has come to be inscribed into the very structure of the society among the different indigenous communities. In such situation the implementation of Schedule Tribes and Other Traditional Forest Dwellers (Recognition of Forest Rights) Act 2006 is becoming a real difficulty to the stake holders especially to the government of Manipur. Again, already the provisions of the Fifth and Sixth Schedule of the Indian constitution have vested most of the rights of the schedule tribes hence, there is some questions to the actual importance of this new law.
In the rest of India, the forest communities including the movements and groups supporting their struggle for the last few decades feel that the FRA looks like bringing in a paradigm shift not only in the nature and scope of the rights conferred but also in the governance and management of forests from the hand and control of the forest bureaucracy to that of the community. For the first time, forest legislation recognizes the rights of the forest communities to make sustainable use of the forests for their livelihood while protecting the forests, wildlife and its biodiversity from destructive practices and projects.
Yet that will mean coming together to discuss and arrive at a correct interpretation of the FRA, identify problems, and dispel apprehensions. We need to be aware of the Act, its provisions, its impact, its benefits and pitfalls, if any, and take collective noises.

AR seizes dietary supplements of foreign origin worth Rs 1.14 crore

IT News
Imphal, July 4,

Tengnoupal Battalion of 26 Sector Assam Rifles under the aegis of HQ IGAR (South) apprehended one smuggler carrying dietary supplements of foreign origin worth Rs 1.14 crore at PVCP Khudengthabi, Tengnoupal District on 02 July 2018.
A statement said that at arounf 5 pm , a white colour TATA DI bearing Regd No MN04 A 6843
travelling from Moreh to Imphal was stopped for checking at Permanent Vehicle Check Post(PVCP), Khudengthabi. While frisking and carrying out thorough checking of baggage, illegally imported dietary supplements of foreigh origin were found loaded in various cartons. 1152 plastic jars (115200 capsules) of Hydroxy Cut (fat burner) capsules, 2016 plastic jars (362.88 kgs) of Cellucor C4 (dietary supplement) and 1904 plastic jars (171360 capsules) of Black Mamba Ephedra (dietary supplement) were recovered from the baggage.
The apprehendee Moirangthem Goroba Singh, age 34 years, s/o Late Moirangthem Yaima Singh, r/o Tera Lukram Leirak, Imphal along with the recovered items have been handed over to Customs Preventive Force, Moreh.

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Plantation drive by Assam Rifles

IT News
Imphal, July 4,

As a follow up of the “Green Campaign”, a tree plantation drive was taken up by Chandel Battalion of HQ 26 Sector Assam Rifles under the aegis of HQ IGAR (South) at Chandel, Manipur on 03 July 2018. The event was in continuation with unit’s sustained efforts towards enhancing environmental awareness among locals. All the officials and members of Naga Village Chief Association took part in the event with the great zeal and enthusiasm. In this initiative, hundred saplings were handed over to Naga Village Chief Association by Chandel Battalion. The Battalion has been working with the Civil Society Organizations to create awareness for a mass movement to plant trees, take ownership, responsibility and to make Chandel a cleaner, greener and healthier district.

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The 6th Round of Go To Village held at Churachandpur

Imphal, July 4,

 As a part of follow up of ‘Go to Village’ Mission, an initiative of the government to deliver schemes at doorstep of the people, Churachandpur District Administration has conducted GTV mission camp under Lamka Block, 18-Zenhang covering of 8 villlages at BCD Learning Centre, Zenhang Lamka, Churachandpur yesterday.
Speaking as Chief Guest the  Agriculture, Veterinary and Animal Husbandry Minister V.Hangkhanlian appealed to the villagers to remain alert during Go to Village Mission programmes and not to miss  opportunities to avail benefits related to the schemes and  get registered. And to inform their needs and problems face by them in availing the schemes to the line departments who were visiting the villages. He also sought the village authorities and leaders to give cooperation for the success of the mission as the schemes are meant for benefits of the people.
As part of GTV mission under 4-Chongkhojou (Tuilumjang) 7 villages and under 19-Saikot ((Mualbem) 3 villages also covered in today‘s programme.
Villagers‘ redressal stalls were opened by different departments  to address problems of the village peoples. There were  five  new registration forms for  Chief Minister‘s Hakselgi Tengbang,  two for Scholarship for Physical with Disability (PwD), MOAPS-60,  nine registration for Financial assistance for poor and needy widows, Free and travel concession-(CMST)-1,PMMVY for pregnant and Lactating Mothers-2,IGNWPS-38, RBS-24, eleven Trade Licence form issued and four numbers of Renewal forms , Trade Licence Registration issued-7 & renewal forms numbering 16, Revenue department – six residential certificates , eight tribe certificates and 10 number of income certificates were issued during the camp.
During the camp, forest department distributed saplings to the peoples, Power department issued MSPDCL led Bulb, ADC department  distributed Spray and Dustbin, Veterinary department have vaccinated Anti-Rabies to the peoples , ZEO distributed  free school text books to  heads of Rengkai  Higher  Secondary School, Valte Khamjathang High School and one private aided school, Medical department  conducted NCD Screening to 80 persons and testing of blood sugar, enrolment of CMHT and  distributed one CMHT  card to a beneficiary.
As a part of the camp, officials of line departments conducted awareness programmes related to the mission schemes to the locals.  Altogether seventeen departments such as   Forest, Labour, Medical , Handloom & textile, Vety.  and Agriculture etc participated in the camp.
The camp was attended by Deputy Commissioner Shyam Lal Poonia, IAS and Principal Secretary JC Ramthanga IAS as guest of honour and president respectively and also Thangboi Gangte, SDO, Churachandpur apart from more than 500 villagers and line staff were also present in the camp.

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