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Monday, 30 July 2018 - Imphal Times

Sour with the present day crisis of Manipur, Veteran politician O. Joy quits BJP

‘I joined  the BJP having trust to the Ache Din of Prime Minister Narendra Modi but the Ache Din now is a turning Manipur to a war like situation, I QUIT to struggle with the people’ – O Joy

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Imphal, July 30,

Five time legislature of the Manipur Legislative Assembly, Okram Joy, who had joined the BJP with hopes to bring good days of the Manipuri people today announced that he quit the party as the regime which he believe is turning the state into a war like situation by provoking  multiple issues.

The veteran politician was not the only person who left the BJP but all his colleague from the Langthabal Assembly constituency joined him and announced that the BJP Langthabal Mandal has been abolished from today, announce H. Somorendra who was the General Secretary of the Mandal in the presence of the Mandal President H. Brajamani. The decision was taken after convening a meeting yesterday, Somorendra said in a press meet held today at the residence of O Joy at Kakwa.

Speaking to media persons Joy said that the BJP of today is different from the BJP of  Vajpayee  days . Today’s BJP is the BJP of Narendra Modi and Amid Shah who has been spending more times in spreading religion than taking up developmental works.

“Sharma Prasad , the onetime BJP leader had give up his life fighting the special status granted to the Jammu and Kashmir under Article 370 of the Indian Constitution. He was jailed for agitating against the so called special status. Why today’s BJP is working out for a special status by extending the Article 370 (A) to all the part of the North Eastern states where Nagas inhabited”,  O joy said reacting the Frame Work agreement adding that now he believed the British prediction that India will never be free even though they left.

The veteran politics is also serious to the present impasse at Manipur University which put halt all academic activities for 2 months.

“Why the government only acknowledge the issue of the Manipur University after 48 days of impasse?, Joy asked and said that even though the Manipur University is a central university every one knows that almost all the colleges under the Manipur Government have been affiliated to the University and a problem in the Manipur University will jeopardise the career of all students.

Terming the 35 member delegates headed by the Chief Minister N. Biren Singh as a timid team , Joy question Why can’t they boldly pursue the matter demanding proper investigating against the VC as it is burning the state.

“IS the VC more important than the students of the state, Is the seat of the chief Minister more than the people of the state , Is the BJP more important than the people of the ?” O Joy asked and said that as he consider the people more important and as he lost faith in the present BJP regime he quit the party.

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CBI Director Alok Kumar Verma appears before SC over Manipur fake encounter case; SIT files charge sheet against 10 Police personnel

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Imphal/New Delhi , July 30,

In a significant move, the Director of Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) Director Alok Kumar Verma appeared before the court sought his presence before it in the previous date of hearing on July 27 in connection with the Manipur Fake encounter case.

Hearing on the fake encounter case is being on after an organisation formed by victim families of fake encounter victims called Extrajudicial Execution Victims Family Association (EEVFAM) filed a writ petition of over 1528 cases

The court has earlier directed the CBI to submit report of some selected fake encounter case and with the delay and alleged intentional time consumption by the CBI in following the SC directives EEVAM had recently expressed dissatisfaction and had question on why the CBI is not following the SC order.

The appearance of the CBI Director Alok Kumar Verma at the Supreme Court shows the seriousness of the country’s highest court to the Fake encounter case.

Meanwhile, sources said that the CBI had file charge sheet against 10 police personnel in connection with two fake encounter killing case which the SC has directed to investigate. The SIT of the CBI filed a charge sheet against a Sub Inspector of Manipur Police who was at that time in Irilbung Police Station in connection with a custodial death of a person.

The Special Investigation team of CBI has also filed charge sheet against 9 Manipur Police personnel including the than DSP L. Deven in connection with a case of January 12 , 2018 at which two persons were killed in alleged encounter. 

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MU Community still stand firm with their demand even after 60 days; ‘Now the country has to make a choice between saving Education or saving AP Pandey’

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Imphal, July 30,

A joint statement of MUSU , MUTA and MUSA today said that there is no turning back to the demand for removal of the VC AP Pandey.

The agitation by the Manipur University Community to remove the present VC, Prof A P Pandey, has now entered the third month.

“At this juncture, the University Community would once again reaffirm the demand for removal of Prof AP Pandey from his position coupled by an Independent Enquiry to his financial and administrative misdeeds to establish accountability and generate lessons for posterity. The Insistence on the enquiry by the Independent Committee has become paramount as Prof. Pandey and the government continuously behaves in a manner to be the judge in one’s own ease”, the joint statement said.

“In this journey for restoring sanctity in and maintaining the health of higher education scenario in Manipur, the Manipur University Community would like to express extreme gratefulness to the civil  Society Organisations, members of the general public and the colleagues in the colleges of Manipur for their Invaluable support the struggle.

“Having completed the Second Month with the shared commitment to remove Prof A P Pandey, the country now needs to decide on a trade-off. the State Government led by N Biren Singh has all along played the game of ostrich claiming Inability to do anything as the institution happens to be a Central University. At best, lt has played as agents of Pandey or conduits of the MHRD to sabotage the movement in favour of Prof Pandey” , the statement said.

It further added that the non-response by both Central and State governments to the agitation implies that, come what may be , the protection of AP Pandey overrides any other concern.  In words, the interest of one person, Prof A P Pandey, is much more significant than the absence of knowledge creation, knowledge sharing and facilitation of social advancement. The social and Intellectual advancement of society can wait if the Interest of one A P Pandey B protected.

“Now the country has to make a choice between saving Education or saving AP Pandey. For the Manipur University Community in particular and the society at large, the choice has best made amply clear in favour of Saving Education”, the statement added.

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Engulfing Uncertainties

By- Elangbam Johnson,

Just after 12.noon of 30th July, when the completed draft of the National Registrar of Citizenship (NRC) is published, around 30-40 lakhs of people would be rendered as stateless citizens in Assam. Again above this of the total of 3.9 applicants of NRC around 4 lakhs applications will be hold up for various reasons. In the background of all this happening Assam Govt has sought for another 150 companies of paramilitary forces to meet the likelihood of disrupting peace &law order situation of the state. Although, Rajnath Singh, Union Home Minister has ruled out for immediate deportation for the moment but many are planning to move into the neighbouring states. This has created a panicking sense of uncertainty and insecurity to all the demographically threatened states of the North East States. At this critical hour, It is so surprising that Govt of Manipur hasn’t come up as of now with a contingency plan to stop this immediate influx of population from Assam in the background of all that is happening in Assam. It is high time now, that the state Govt has to sort out short and long term security policies to meet this impending threats likely to hit our state with full force. Stringent policing at the border check points and necessary deployment of police personnel must be started without any delay. And for the long term strategy Govt of India is saying that that there is going to be resettlement plan for these stateless peoples which obviously points fingers to nearby states like Manipur, So the state Govt has to prepare itself with necessary means and options to isolate Manipur from such Govt of India resettlement policy as we are already facing this acute crises of demographic imbalance where the indigenous peoples have almost become minority in our own state.
Above this there is also a great fear of another wave of population influx once the Citizenship Amendment Bill is passed by the Parliament where odd 50 lakhs of Hindu migrants will be allowed to come back into India where North East India will become a hot spot for them to settle. In view of this Govt must now try to bring forth a collective and joint understanding with all the adjoining states of Assam in meeting the challenges falling out of this new development which is going to affect the North Eastern States at large. All stakeholders including political parties cutting across party lines, Civil Societies Organisations , Community Leaders must join hand together along with the Govt to defend our state from this engulfing uncertainties altogether.
*** The writer is a Social Activist and Former President, United Committee Manipur (UCM).

First ever consignment of organic pineapples airlifted to Delhi

Imphal, July 30,

State and the Horticulture & Soil Conservation Department today achieved a major milestone as one metric ton (1 MT) of organic pineapples grown in the State was airlifted today to Delhi from the Imphal International Airport. This is the first ever airlift of locally grown organic pineapples from the State.
Horticulture & Soil Conservation Department had tied up with NE Agro Products, a Gurgaon based company for selling fresh organic and chemical free pineapples (850 grams to 1.5 kilograms) for ‘queen’ and ‘kew’ varieties. The pineapples are produced by the Organic Pineapple Growers of Thayong, Andro, Waithou Chiru, where queen variety is cultivated and Bunglon and Khousabung where kew variety is cultivated under the Mission Organic Value Chain Development for North East Region (MOVCD-NER) implemented by the Mission Organic Mission Agency (MOMA) in the State.
At present, 600 organic growers/farmers are cultivating organic pineapples covering 600 hectares of land under phase-1 of the scheme and another 1,000 growers/farmers are being promoted at 1,000 hectares of land under the phase-II of the mission. The seasonal fruit is available in the State from the month of July to October.
Addressing the media persons at his New Secretariat office, Horticulture and Soil Conservation Minister Thounaojam Shyamkumar described the first ever airlifting of the consignment of organic pineapples to Delhi as a new dawn for the department and for the organic farmers of the State. Encouraging the organic farmers of the State, he asked them to work harder and cultivate more pineapples as the govt. is committed to provide a suitable market for the pineapples.
Minister Shyamkumar opined that with the initiative, people outside the State can savour the unique characteristics and special refreshing taste of the varieties of pineapples grown in the State. The move will benefit the farmers as well the State and many more such initiatives will be taken up in the future to benefit all the stakeholders, he said.

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Issues plaguing the state need to be addressed

After what can be considered an unusually long period of relative calm and semblance of positive development in the state by any yardstick, we are now reverting back to the old days of chaos and confusion if the present social developments is anything to go by. After the initial euphoria and the heightened expectations of the public for a radical change in the system of governance in the state with the change of guard, the emerging picture is proving to be one of increasing disappointment with each passing day, not for lack of effort or expressed intent on the part of the incumbent state government, but more due to the fact that the very system which the public wants changed and were expecting to be altered, has eventually claimed yet another well-meaning bunch of ‘social activists’ who have evidently missed the woods for the trees.
Instances of ‘hands-on’ publicity gimmicks where ministers and political leaders got their hands soiled with physical activities in what is often described as acts of encouragement have become a rage of late, and while such acts may very well motivate the general public to contribute or cooperate with the government, it still does not address the basic issue of remedying the system of governance.
The deepening crisis on the educational front with the present imbroglio between the Vice Chancellor on the one hand and the students and the teaching as well as non teaching staff on the other has already put the future of thousands of students, if not more, at jeopardy, and there is still no sign of any initiative from the state government to settle the issue in the larger interest of the state even if the matter may not justify official intervention.
The ongoing agitation by the government employees demanding implementation of 7th pay commission is another huge hindrance which is proving to be a nightmare for the general public as the already lethargic and unfriendly public services has ceased functioning for all practical purposes. It goes without saying that the debacle which is unlikely to be resolved in the foreseeable future has already done its damage to the efforts on development and progress of the state.
What about the frighteningly regular reports of seizure of narcotic drugs in the state? The suspicious silence on the part of the government and the failure to admit as yet, the growing menace of drugs in the state and the presence of a powerful and influential drug cartel which is using the state as an international highway for drug trafficking is a cause for serious concern for everybody. A more proactive and stringent approach towards the issue is required to allay the fears and suspicions from the minds of the public.
And why is the state government, in this time and age, still unable to present a definite stand on the much discussed and disgruntled border issue for once? Every state ought to have its definite boundary, and the state government should present the official area and physical boundary of Manipur to the public which will be of immense help in framing policies, programs and conclusions regarding the public perception.
While the present government has repeatedly expressed its intent to usher in positive change in the state, there is still a load to be done, and the manner of implementation of various programs, policies and activities remain far from satisfactory. Slapdash efforts will only worsen the situation. What is sorely needed is for the system to be rectified so that more transparency, efficiency and effectiveness are achieved. The voice of the public should be a guiding force towards such efforts.

People’s Strike Greets This August

By- Seram Neken

The month of August has long been filled with mixed emotions across the globe. Tears and smiles, celebrations and observances all over the world characterize the onset of this eighth month of the year in Gregorian calendar. In Manipur, the peace loving people of all sections irrespective of their diverse affiliations are now ready to greet August 2018with a 24-hour General Strike to show strong defiance against the proposed extension of Article 371(A) of Indian Constitution to the so called Naga-Inhabited areas other than Nagaland. Although the strike is called by a few Civil Society bodies working in the interest of Manipur’s integrity, it would be a ‘People’s Strike’, which will be and should be supported by all sections of Manipuris, all political parties, all types of unions and associations and so on.
During the many months, the people of Manipur and the government have long been kept in vexed after the so called ‘Framework Agreement’ between India Government and the NSCN(IM) was signed. Having remained concealed for a long time now, the contents of the ‘Framework Agreement’ suddenly opens up in the form of extension of Article 371(A) of Indian Constitution beyond Nagaland to all Naga inhabited areas covering Manipur, Assam and Arunachal Pradesh. Hence, the foremost and most serious issue for this August is ‘Extension of Article 371(A) beyond Nagaland’.
Border Pillar issue, Manipur University impasse, Street Vendors’ protests, VDF’s strike, BoSEM imbroglio and a few other problems are lying unsolved in Manipur Society today. Some issues are under the jurisdiction of state government, while others are beyond the state’s purview. But, as of now, the people of Manipur are witnessing the all-out efforts of the state government led by the Chief Minister N Biren Singh towards bringing solution to the multiple problems facing the state. However, ‘Bandh-less Blockade-less’ state which was pledged by the incumbent government cannot be fully realized amid the hordes of problems arising in Manipur society.
Usually, August has remained a month of Bandhs, Blockades, protests and strikes from the very beginning all over the world.In August, many people around the world celebrate their freedom as many others observe their awes of all hues. It has indeed been a month of tears, as it has been of smiles on the face of another millions. Usually, the government and the civil society bodies of Manipur have been in a hectic schedule to celebrate as well as observe memorable moments in its history. August 2018 will be of greater value to the people of Manipur.
Going back to history, Manipur got freedom from the British yoke on 14 August in 1947, a day before India got independence from the colonial regime after centuries of subjugation. The day has been celebrated as an important occasion in Manipur. On 13of August in 1891, two gallant sons of Manipur - BirTikendrajit and Thangal General made the supreme sacrifice of their lives for their motherland. In the evening of August 13, the British hanged them in public at Imphal Polo ground for their alleged rebellion against the white regime. It remains a red letter day in the history of the once independent kingdom, which later became a part of the Indian sub-continent on 15October 1949.
On August 27 in 1965, people of Manipur spearheaded by the student forces revolted against the artificial famine created out of the Indian businessmen’s hegemony and misrule of the then state’s rulers. Hunger Marchers’ Day every year reminds Manipuris of their claims for the right to food, which was brutally responded with bloodshed. The memorial at PishumChingamacha still narrates the story of students’ power in almost all uprisings to save their basic rights. 
The unfortunate incident, in which many students laid down their lives in police firing while protesting against non-availability of rice due to artificial famine in the State, gave birth to All Manipur Students Union (AMSU) which celebrates its birthday on 28 August every year. 
A decade ago, on 4 August 1997, people of Manipur demonstrated their defiance against the tendencies to smash the harmonious existence of its indigenous inhabitants. Observance of Manipur Integrity Day and the Integrity Pillar at Imphal Pologround stand testimony to the people’s inherent aspirations for a unified and dignified existence within the Indian political framework. 
On August 16 in 2004, student activist PebamChitaranjan burnt himself to death as protest for repeal of AFSPA during the infamous Manorama Murder Issue.
It was on 8 August 2009 that a story appeared in TehelkaMagzine unleashed the series of fake encounter designs orchestrated by state security forces on innocent Manipuris. It really opened the Pandora’s Box, inside which a long chain of encounter dramas remained hidden for long. The story that appeared in August 2009 has demonstrated its last episode now, with the investigative agencies acting on the revelations made by the very perpetrator of the crime.
Controversy-marred Manipur Sports University was an August 2014 gift of NarendraModi government to the congress-ruled powerhouse of sports.
In August 2014, victim families of extrajudicial killings got a sigh of relief, as the Supreme Court directed states to furnish investigation reports on extrajudicial killings. It was surely a welcome development in Manipur where the voices of numerous families remained unattended to by state government for long.
On 3 August 2015, the Government of India and the NSCN (IM) jointly adopted a ‘Framework Agreement’, the provisions of which are still not disclosed to the public even after a year of the agreement.
August seems synonymous with people’s movements around the globe. A host of nations gained independence from foreign occupancy in the month of August in different years. Ecuador became a free country on 10 August 1822 and Uruguay gained independence from Brazil on 25 August 1825. 
After years of struggle, Bolivia became a republic on 6 August 1825. Korea, Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia celebrate their independence days in the month of August. Hawaii became the 50th state of the United States on 21 August 1959. Vietnam’s revolution succeeded on 19 August 1945. Gandhiji’s Quit India movement materialised on 9 August 1942. India gained Independence on 15 August 1947 with the formation of Pakistan as a Muslim state the same day. 
To many nationalities, August is a month of great tragedies. The memory of the August 6 and August 9 bombings on Hirosima and Nagasaki in 1945 still lingers in the minds of peace-loving people of the globe. After these greatest crimes against humanity, Japan declared unconditional surrender on August 15. 
In Manipur, this August will be a turning point as it will tighten the stand of Manipuri people towards protecting our integrity and unity.
(The writer is a freelance Columnist available at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

Sajik Battalion Organises Musical Concert

Sajik Battalion of 28 Sector Assam Rifles under the aegis of HQ IGAR (South) organised a Musical Concert Evening at Kana Valley under Chakpikarong Sub Division on 27 Jul 2018. The event was organised at Sajik Tampak ground to boost the Tribal Culture which dawns the beginning the new era of peace in the Sajik Valley. Multiple singers of all age groups enthusiastically participated in the event and showcased their talent and passion for music. The Jazz Band of Sajik Battalion provided for the administrative support and the locals belted out soulful numbers of various genres including English Rock, favorite Bollywood numbers and famous Kuki hits which instantly struck a cord within the music enthusiasts and the entire gathering of more than 500 people.
The conduct of the event included solo and group performances. Out of a total of 20 young talented boys and girls who performed, Miss Kikim of Tuilelon Village and Mr Lunhaclen of Sajik Tampak Village were adjudged the best talent amongst boys & girls. Miss Peneng and Miss Frands were adjudged the best in group performance amongst girls and Mr Ruef and Mr Frands were adjudged the best in group performance amongst boys. The event was well appreciated by the locals who are now closely knit with the Sajik Battalion and share common moments of fun & frolic. The Battalion has promised for more such events in future as well.

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