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Sunday, 29 July 2018 - Imphal Times

Roads to Act East policy in danger: NH 102 in Tengoupal district fills with potholes

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Imphal, July 29:


India government dream project Act East Policy is likely to give no good to the people of the state as hopes of the people for becoming the state as a main transit route has been shattered with the present condition of the road.

“Should we wait for expert to explain the quality of the road stretch between Pallel and Moreh just some 5 months back, when it is being filled with numerous potholes when the roads constructed by BRO in Tamu of neighbouring Myanmar country constructed about 5 years back is still in good condition”, our Moreh correspondent  reports.

A team of media persons who had inspected the condition of the road found two big potholes near Tengnoupal district Head Quarter which even disrupts traffic, besides the numerous potholes in between Tengnoupal to Moreh. Black topping of some portion of the road are yet to be completed. The road stretch of NH 102 now called Indo-Myanmar Friendship road literarily showed that Manipur government have little care for the friendship between the two countries.

The last few months witnessed several important government representatives including Ministers and MLAs travelling on the road but none had brought up the issues to the notice of the state government. Engineers knows but for reason best known the question of quality maintenance has never been raise to the contractors who were implementing the works for reason best known to them. Concern works Ministers who always talk of quality works did not inspect this road which is one of the most important lifelines of the people of the state. Many traders and transporters are depending their livelihood in this road besides the tourists and officials from both the state and from outside the state.

All roads leading to the newly constructed Integrated Check Post (ICP) is also in the most deteriorated conditions.  

Leaving aside others , seeing the conditions of the roads shows that the Act East Policy is going to take a long way to benefit the people pr else who knows the transit route is shifted to some other route in some other state which is much better that ours.



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Protest staged denouncing mob attack to the residence of advocate

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Imphal, July 29,

A sit in protest was staged today at Uripok Sinam leikai denouncing the attack to the residence of advocate Tenejit @ Sana by a mob yesterday evening.

Tenejit @ Sana was an advocate and a person accused of killing his Uncle identified as Khullen Jitendra happened to be his client.

Tonsam Puinabati, Secretary, Uripok Sinam Leikai Nupi Lup while talking to media said that large number of people brought the death body of Khullem Tomba (52) s/o (L) Kh Jugeshwor Singh of Langol Punshi Leikai who was allegedly shot dead by one Khullem Jiten Singh  s/o Kh Kendrajit of Naoremthong Khullem Leikai (presently staying at Top Khongnangkhong) and placed it in front of the residence of Advocate Tenejit and started throwing stones to the house. A student who was returning home after attending tuition was injured in the stone attack by the mob.

Puinabati said why the lawyer residence should be attacked. Why they didn’t attack the house of the Judge or the JNIMS where the accused who happened to be a client of Sana have not been attacked. She said there is a law and people should realised that no one can take the law in their own hand. She further said that the protest is being organised as the kind of attack might fuel anger and spark a war like situation if the youths of the locality reacted.

Punibati however condemn the killing of Khullem Tomba and share the pains of the family but said if the locality of the area who led yesterday mob do not respond the Meira Paibi of  Uripok Sinam Lekai will continue to protest and even intensify as there is a fear that such thing might happen in future too.

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Imphal Dimapur road cut off due to landslide

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Imphal, July 29,

Imphal – Dimapur road (NH-29) has been once more cut off due to a massive landslide Varii, Phesama village in Nagaland a report reaching here said.
Report reaching here said that for time being commuters to and fro from Kohima and southern Angami regions are now taking an alternative route from Phesama Village to Pfuchama village to Lerie Helipad to Kohima in light vehicles only.

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Protest staged over the death of a student; road blocked for sometimes

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Imphal, July 29,

The death of a class VI going student at Thoubal district Hospital has formed a JAC and staged rally besides blocking Imphal Moreh road at Khangabok area.

Kh.Zeplin @ Mathoi , a student of class died yesterday at Thoubal District Hospital, Khangabok. Family and JAC blamed the doctors’ negligence as the cause of the death.

Large number people from Khangabok area including students of Khangabok High School today staged a protest rally in and Khangabok area and demanded action actions the irresponsible doctors whom the JAC claimed to have been found enjoying drinks.  

The protestor later held a sit-in-protest in front of the Khangabok High School and also block  Imphal Moreh Road at Khangabok area.

Later, after meeting Thoubal district Superintendent of Police, the JAC open the road but continue the sit-in-protest demanding justice for the deceased students.

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Elections 2019 – will this election be the end of the road for Narendra Modi !

Heigrujam Nabashyam
In the run up to the 2014 General Elections, almost all national TV channels were showing waves of people chanting, after the call of Narendra modi, then BJP’s prime ministerial candidate “Bharat Mata Ki Jai”. It was a phenomenon the likes of which was seldom seen after the end of the era of Indira Gandhi. The fact of the matter is in the last few decades India could not claim to have a national leader who commands such seeming popularity as Narendra Modi did, at least in the Hindi belt.
Modern India had produced Mahatma Gandhi, Jawaharlal Nehru, Shubash Chandra Bose, Indira Gandhi, Jaya Prakash Narayan whom the people of India naturally took them as their own leaders.
At the beginning of his taking over the reins of the country Narendra Modi for a brief period apparently neared to the league of these national leaders before Hindutva had taken over his apparent national image. His oratory did not match the delivery of his promises of Vikas and employment;   and the cry of Hindutva has taken over Vikas in the national debate.
The chant of Hindu Rastra by the Sanghivadis to which BJP and Narendra Modi are loyal to, have divided the Hindus. The cow vigilantes – the Gau Rakshaks have resorted to violence against the Muslims and Dalits in the name of protecting Hinduism exemplified by the horrific scenes of lynching happening across the country. People of other faiths specially Muslims and Christians felt insecure due to the rising trends of intolerance across the country.
What markedly differentiates the Modi rule from all other governments since independence is the dangerously sharp rise of communal politics. Ministers and responsible party leaders of the BJP have blatantly made extremely inflammatory statements against non-Hindus without any qualm even when there was horrific instances of mob lynching by the cow vigilantes.
The fact of the matter is there is alleged political patronage of the lynching across the country by the Gau Rakshaks; that raises serious questions on the credibility and credence to Narendra Modi of being a national leader of this pluralistic nation.
On the economic front – Modi’s decision to demonetize Rs 500 & Rs 1000 currency notes in Nov. 2016 had miserably failed. The govt. had claimed that the objective for demonetization is to curtail the shadow economy and check its domino effects. However according to RBI report, 99% of the demonetized notes had returned.  And what turned out was the prolonged cash shortages in the months that followed that led to utter chaos. The exercise was futile and it had made the common man suffer immensely and had cost quite a few lives.
When Modi came to power, the youths of the country had high hopes for job and development. His promise to create 2 crores job a year has fallen flat. On the other hand there is lopsided increase of wealth of the corporate houses. According to the latest reports 73% of the nation’s wealth are in the hands of the richest 1% out of the 1.3 billion Indians. This has raised the question if Modi’s economic policy is pro-rich ! The fact is at the close of 2016, the distribution of the nation’s wealth was found to be something like 1% of the richest Indians were having 58% of the nation’s wealth. And therefore this quantum jump from 58% to 73% in just over a year and half is telling in no uncertain term that Modi’s policy is pro-rich.
Coming to Modi’s policy towards the farmers, it may safely be said that his farmers policy raises serious question. The rural distress in many states in the last two consecutive years had led to terrible cases of suicides by many farmers unable to repay loans. When Modi can waive off loans for the industrialists running into thousands of crores, why not for the poor farmers ? This is the question.
However in the first week of July, 2018, Modi had announced his ‘Historic’ MSP hike which is undoubtedly an attempt to woo the farmers ahead of 2019 elections. But it could be difficult for Modi to defend his earlier apathy towards the farmers.  
Now, the defense deal that Modi had made with the French for the fighter jet – Rafale has become a major issue. It is alleged that the deal involves a huge kickback to the tune of thousands of  crores. This controversy has let Modi open to attacks on his “na kha-oongya aur na khane dung-ga” image. However the Rafale is reported to have the potential of becoming another Bofors.
What is most intimidating of Modi’s rule is his attack on people’s right to privacy through Aadhar telling, people don’t have the right to privacy, even as the Supreme Court had struck it down.
Now, Modi’s strong-arm fascist like tactics on individual liberty and the Rafale deal and the rising temperature of communal atmosphere in the society since his taking over the reins of power the general public have got the taste of what his Savka Saath, Savka Vikas !
Now, all these factors coupled with the disillusionment of the youths would certainly have a great impact on the perception of the general Indian public. This is going to influence the voter’s mind when they go to the polling stations in the polls of 2019 General Elections.

July 13 Moreh terror attack: TSA points finger to KNO/KNA, says still no one arrested

IT News
Imphal, July 29,

Thadou Students’ Association (TSA) points finger to cadres of the armed Kuki National Organisation (KNO/KNA) as perpetrators to the July 13 Moreh Terror Attack.
In a statement, the association blamed the government authority for letting the perpetrators roam free in the street carrying weapon and also threatening the TSA Moreh Block President till today.
“Even as justice is still awaited in the Moreh terrorist attack of 13 July 2018, we are seriously concerned about the situation in the aftermath of the incident and the safety of TSA Moreh block president, Thongminlun Haokip, his family, including his pregnant wife and two children below five years of age, and others. They have not yet recovered from trauma but still live in constant fear as the attackers are still threatening and hunting for Thongminlun even after the attack’, the statement said.
It is only natural that victims of terrorism and violence will not feel safe as long as the perpetrators are let free to roam on the streets and carry on their terrorist activities.
The statement further added that, “On July 13, 2018 at around 2 am, over ten heavily armed cadres of the (KNO/KNA), fiercely attacked several houses at Gamnom Veng in Moreh Ward Number 2, belonging to Thongkhomang Touthang, Chongkholun Lhungdim and (L) Onkholet Haokip. They also assaulted Paokhogin Haokip and many properties were destroyed and several vehicles destroyed. The attackers, allegedly led by Ts Thangboi Haokip alias Thahpi, a Moreh resident and  Moreh commander of the KNO/KNA, fired over 100 rounds of gunfire and lobbed several bombs into the houses. Although miraculously no one was seriously injured in this attack, it has sent shockwaves and fear psychosis in the minds of the people. Even local CSOs are now frightened of speaking out the truth freely regarding the incident but toeing the line of the attackers for fear of reprisal”.
The TSA also stated that the cold blooded murder of a teenage girl student, Miss Nengneingah Khongsai, was committed by KNO/KNA at Moreh on 23 July 2017.
The TSA also stated that the so-called peace banquet at Moreh on 23 July between the KNA and UKLF in the presence of several CSOs of Moreh, has nothing to do with the demands and agitation in connection with the July 13 Moreh terrorist attack.
Both KNA and UKLF, are under SoO with the govt.
The TSA also expressed dismayed over the government silent over the attack and appeal the Chief Minister of Manipur, to direct the security forces and other authorities concerned to take up necessary stern actions against the culprits and the masterminds of the attack and also provide compensation for the destroyed properties and damaged vehicles in the attack at the earliest in public interest.
“Otherwise, we will be left with no option but to renew the agitations in an intensified manner until perpetrators of the crime are arrested and justice is delivered” , the statement added.

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In between

By- Dr Nunglekpam Premi Devi
Independent Scholar

Life isn’t shine bright, happy and smooth;
Living’s a dream; rich too materialistic;
Weak as poor, downtrodden as straight forward;
Courage’s power and power’s a maneuver;
Money! Money! Spoils the innocent, if I may say,
Understanding always a mistaken, priority always a fake;
Evidences not proven, lies standing tall true;
How may I? I understand little, a small lot;
You know! Circumstances aren’t that easy going;
One after the other; shout after shout;
Fight after fight; Anger overcomes anger;
Right and wrong, there isn’t judgment;
Deal me with care! Standing in between bribes,
I lay eyes upon the two, one to the other;
Still my heart beats equally, one a son two a father.

Listen to me! I try managing all cool,
Isn’t the way ‘you’ talk? Child’s a learner, learning;
‘Listening’ all that important; ‘Forgive’ is rewarding;
Brave as lion, stand tall front to front, son and father;
Family isn’t enemy; house isn’t a war field;
None lesser in pride, both equal in footage;
Nothing stopping, all Eye to eye; arm to arm;
Words to words, blame after blame;
Heavy as I carry, fearing my heart what may I do?
Oh hale! I stand in between, Weak as glittering glass,
How fearless I’m? Consoling and lecturing either,
Shaken and upset and disturbing and jiggling;
I beg, ‘no’ ‘no’ to all!
Hard as I deal! Not a wall has fallen,
Hear me! I lay thin murmuring in between.

Living’s a sacrifice, Hope isn’t a memoir;
Small and big isn’t finding different;
Equip ‘him’ I pray hard,
‘Maturing and understanding and forgiving’;
‘Bordering’ isn’t loving, Father to son;
And son to father, and ‘I’ in between a wholly entity;
Fair ‘me’ enough, ‘I’ a woman, a mother and a wife;
See ‘me’ through in between, ‘Kind’ enough I pray;
Stop! I request, ‘it’s your father’ feel enough;
Listen and be listening, good as I care;
Never! I coach ‘him’, beating’s a sin;
Say a word feels a hug;
‘Fasting’ isn’t a solution, hear me my dear;
Tired and exhausted I compromise in between;
Feebly I slay angers,
Strong I stand tall in between favors.

What does moonlight want?

By- Parthajit Borah

If I would know  what 
moonlight wants.
I may swing in the cosy womb of Phalguna.
Every careful sights often trouble 
To find me at a long distance.

If I would know what the spring 
says on my ears.
I may sleep at the new leaves 
To  whisper the lost song of my blue tongue.

If I would know what Nymph 
smells at my salty bosom. 
May be the insipid juice of late winter.
Echoes of grief nest a black cabin
To sing the song of late night ethos.

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