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Items filtered by date: Saturday, 28 July 2018 - Imphal Times

Sports persons today staged protest in front of MOA

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Imphal, July 28,

Large number of sportspersons today staged a protest demonstration in from the Manipur Olympic Association demanding justice for Khumukcham Sanjita , the Common Wealth Games Weight Lifting Gold Medallists.

Sanjita has been suspended after confirmation of a controversial doping test at which the International Weightlifting Federation (IWF) had admitted that there has been administrative mistake to the Anti doping test conducted however did not lifted the suspension as well as did not mention the interpretation of the so called “Administrative Mistake”. Two sample numbers were provided to certify that Sanjita was positive in the anti doping test. The Sample No. which certified her as positive does not match with her original sample number.

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AMUCO, UCM, CCSK stage protest demonstration against extension of Article 371 (A) to Manipur

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Imphal, July 28,

Volunteers of All Manipur United Club Organisation (AMUCO) , United Committee Manipur (UCM) and Committee of Civil Society Kangleipak (CCSK) today staged a protest demonstration at keishampat Leimajam leikai against the central government intention to extend article 371 (A) of the Indian Constitution to Manipur and other Naga Inhabited region of the North East India.
Secretary of the UCM Athouba in his key note speech said that the Parliamentary committee report submitted to bothe the Parliament house of India had stated certain provision like extension of the Article 371(A) as special status to the Nagas. And other suggestions was that of the implementation of the 6th Scheduled of the Indian constitution to Naga inhabited region of the state.
The 6th Scheduled was passed by the Manipur Assembly during Chief Minister RK Ranbir Sana by adding a provision ‘Local Adjustment’.

As local adjustment mentioned in the bill passed by the state assembly did not mention the its meaning the center still asked the Manipur government to give the exact meaning of the local adjustment. This suggested that the Central government is either extending the Article 371 (A) to the Naga inhabited area of the region or implement the 6th scheduled.
Both the extension of Article 371 (A) or the 6th Scheduled is no difference from dividing the state on ethnic line and both this form of solution will not be accepted by the CCSK, AMUCO and the UCM.
President of UCM Karam Sunil while speaking to reporter said that the CSOs representatives had time and again submitted memorandum to the government of India Interlocutor that any sort of division including administrative division in the territory of the state will not be accepted by the state government.

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VDF stage protest rally; police stop protestors at Kwakeithel; fires tear gas shell

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Imphal, July 28,

Large number of VDF personnel today staged a protest rally in Imphal . the large number of VDF who were marching towards Chief Minister Bungalow were intervene by a strong team of protest at Kwakeithel area. The VDF personnel confronted the police and tried to precede their rally forcing the police personnel to fire rounds of tear gas shell. The police force managed to disperse the VDF by firing tear gas shell and charging baton.
The VDF Welfare association which organised today’s rally has been demanding proper salary if not in par with the police constable who are doing the same duty . The association began various form of protest since July 11 this year.
Already the association had submitted a 13 point charter of demand to the Chief Minister but as they received no positive response they continue the protest.

Speaking to reporters a protestor said that the VDF are not asking for a salary structure similar to the police but at least to get reasonable salary to maintain their families.
“There are many VDF who are sole bread earners of their families and the present pay cannot manage our family”, said a protestor.
At present the VDF are getting a sum of Rs. 6000/- per month.

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RSF calls 48hrs general strikes from Midnight of August 3

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Imphal, July 26,

Reformation Students Front (RSF) today announced 48 hours general strike from the midnight of August 3 till August 5 demanding immediate solution to the Border Pillar issue, frame work Agreement and the Manipur University impasse.

In a press conference held today the student body demanded the government to solved the disputed border pillar issue at Kwatha. He said that Manipur land should not be sacrifice to appease the Myanmar government. On the issue of the Frame Work Agreement the student body said that the solution should not hurt the sentiment of the Manipuri people and no kind of any divisive policy will be accepted. On the issue of the Manipur University the student body demanded immediate removal of the Vice Chancellor AP Pandey from the Manipur University.
He said that emergency service will be exempted in during the bandh and appeal led all people to support the bandh.

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Existing conflicts in the state if strategically planned by Govt. - YFPHR

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Imphal, July 28,

Youth’s Forum for Protection of Human Rights (YFPHR) today stated that the prevailing conflicts in the state id a strategically planned by the central and the state government.
In a press statement the Forum appealed the people to remain cautious.
“… while the people are busy on their respective movements like the removal of MU’s V.C AP Pandey, The Border Pillar Issue and the Evictions, on this critical juncture of issues the central government have come up with a draft Framework Agreement signed between the NSCN-IM which they claimed that it will be made final in the coming couple of months”, the Forum said. 
It further stated that the Framework agreement was signed on the 3rd of August, 2015 during the peak of uprising by the people for the implementation of ILP in the state of Manipur in 2015.

YFPHR also questioned on why the state and the central government want the conflict to prevail instead of resolving? Are they secretly planning to achieve something by making the conflict prevail?
“Now it is more clear that the people’s mind are diverted strategically designed by the central and state government on the ongoing different movements and on the other hand the Central Government has come out with the Draft Framework Agreement which is going to be made final”, the statement added.
The statement said that the people of Manipur need to prepare another movement against the game makers of central and state government.
The YFPHR appealed the state and the central government to stop it for once and for all before any unwanted incidents occurs which the ultimate victim will only be the civilians.  

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Green Skill Development Programme launched

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Imphal, July 28,
Green skill Development Programme (GSDP) was launched today at Apex Institute Manipur (AIM), Kangabam Leikai, Imphal.

Prof. N. Mohendra Singh, Retd. Prof of Economic Department, Manipur University, Dr M. Bhubaneshori Devi, Associate Professor DM College of Science, Dr Ningthoujam Uma Devi, Associate Professor DM College of Science, Dr Shougrakpam Ranjit Singh and Dr Laishram Bijen Meitei, Co-ordinator, ENVIS Hub Manipur attended the function as Chief Guest, President and Guest of Honours respectively.
Addressing the key note address, Dr Bijen stated that the programme will impart knowledge on Para Taxonomy (including Peoples Biodiversity Register (PBR) and emphasized to develop green skilled workers having technical knowledge and commitment to sustainable development which will help in the attainment of the Nationally Determined Contributions (NDDs), Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), National Biodiversity Bio-diversity Target (NBTs) as well as Waste Management Rules (2016). The first GSDP course is formulated for imparting skill and knowledge on Para-Taxonomy. Altogether 40 trainees were selected for the 4 months skill development programme. The completed trainees may get the opportunity for employment gainfully in different sectors.
Prof. Mohendra emphasized the necessity to upgrade the knowledge and learning skill. ENVIS Hub Manipur informed that the programme focused to develop Peoples Bio-diversity Register for which documentation is required.

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CSOs leaders join hand in cleaning foot path vendor in Moreh

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Imphal, July 28,
Police effort to drive out vendors occupying the footpath here in Imphal faced extreme opposition and rage turning the Khwairambandh Keithel into a war field yesterday. However, in border town Moreh the Civil Society organizations leaders of various communities joined hands with the police in cleaning the footpath by driving out the illegal occupation.

The Moreh Police has been conducting awareness campaign since the couple of days warning the vendors occupying the footpath and those extending the shops to the footpath to take it out. Yesterday a team of Moreh Police had given the final warning and accordingly the police led by Additional Superintendent of Police K. Robinsun along with the leaders of the various CSOs drive out all illegal occupiers.
The measures is being taken up after the border town Moreh faces frequent traffic jam and inconveniences to students and other pedestrians as the footpath have been crowded by illegal stalls and vendors. The CSOs leaders also gave three day time to remove the extended portion of shops which encroached the footpath.

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Woman found hung to death

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Imphal, July 28,

A 28 years old housewife was found hung to death at Uyok Ching under Kakching Police station early today morning. The deceased has been identified as one Yengkhom Sonia Devi, wife of Yengkhom Juge of Kakching Laithagol Leikai Club Pareng in Kakching district.

Both the parental family members and the husband family suspect the death as murder on seeing the way she was found hanging. She is survived by a son around 5 years old. Police had registered a case are investigating the matter.

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AR seized Heroin No.4

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Moreh, July 28,

Troops of 12 Assam Rifle seized around 258 grams of Heroin No. 4 powder from a woman travelling from Moreh towards Imphal in an Eco Van bearing No. MN02B 4199 at Khudengthabi Check post at around noon yesterday. The woman carrying the drugs has been identified as Haulunching Zou (25) , D/o: Mangchinlien Zou from Phaicham Veng ,Moreh Sub-Division Tengnoupal District . She had been handed over to Moreh Police along with the seized intoxicant.

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Pseudo intellectuals should stop thinking that they are wiser then the teachers of the highest academic institution

“The core objective of education is the search for truth and the means to arrive at truth.” This was stated in a press statement released yesterday by Manipur University Community after hearing sections of people who underestimate the academic reasoning of those in the highest education institute of the state. Talk about natural justice is universally accepted and the Manipur University community particularly the teaching community knows what they are doing? They simply did not join the students’ agitation for their personnel gain. The series of event that took place in the Manipur University since the MUSU launched agitation is a concrete example of how the MUTA being teachers requested the VC Prof. AP Pandey to talk with the students as the matter was/is serious which might become a stumbling block to the academic activities. The Teachers’ wrote twice to the VC for timely intervention (this newspaper have all those letter endorsed to the Vice Chancellor AP Pandey). The response to the request from the VC was an open humiliation to the teachers’ body and following that the MUTA too joined the demand for removal of the VC. Beginning of the first few days were the allegations on the administrative and financial irregularities and demand for a probe.
After almost all the deans and head of departments including Directors of some unit have tendered their resignation and after the joined agitation spread beyond the University complex. The VC Prof. Pandey appeared before press and questions throw by journalist was not given satisfactory reply.
The hard stand and dictatorial attitude of the VC Pandey has prompted angered to the University Community that the final decision which they resolved is removal of VC and conduct and enquiry against him by an independent body. The demand was genuine as the MU community said that normalcy will be resumed if an in – charge VC has been appointed when the AP Pandey has been under enquiry.
For almost two months - teachers, students and staffs of the Manipur University keep going their demand and continue the agitation. The MHRD constituted an enquiry committee after almost a month despite the fact that the MU Community had submitted memorandum time and again. The Governor of Manipur Dr. Najma Heptula, who is the Chie Reactor of the Manipur University also convey the development in the Manipur University to all concerns. It was only the state government who remain quiet until the issue became a public issue hampering the law and order issue.
Why the MHRD responded after almost one month of agitation despite knowing the fact that the issue may spark serious issue? It didn’t take much time when any such allegations emerge in case of Viswa Bharati (Central University) and shack the VC before completing his term.

Now why this newspaper is bringing up this issue is to let some pseudo intellect, who believes to be better than even the teachers of the highest learning institution of the state. It is clear that the teachers’ body as well as the students’ body and the staffs stand firm that an enquiry be set up by an independent body after putting the VC either on force leave or suspension. Those pseudo intellects that seem to be supporting the VC talk about natural justice. Which component of the MU community rejects the idea of natural justice to anybody including the VC. What the MU Community said is they have lost faith in the MHRD and a mere departmental type enquiry will not deliver justice. An independent body should be constituted under some provision of the Indian legal system and most accurate is the constitution of the enquiry under the Commission of enquiry Act 1952.
The MU community had also rightly pointed out by stating that whether a stone thrower which damage shops in Paona bazaar be waited for probe by magistrate or should he be arrested first by the law enforcers. Everyone knows that the stone thrower was first arrested and later prosecuted as per the law of the land. That was what the MU community said – Remove VC Pandey for his post by any regulation and proceed and enquiry to find the truth.
One more thing, worth pondering is that, why the state government is not relaying the demand of the MU directly to the MHRD . This is about one man Vs the whole of Manipur. And why the government fails to show any of its power to give pressure to the MHRD as per the will of the people of the state.
On the other hand it is a shame that the BJP MP at Rajya Sabha reply against a Tamil Nadu MP concerns for the ongoing impasse at Manipur University during the ongoing session at Rajya Sabha. His way of answering showed that he understands nothing about the issues but he is playing puppet show to appease his masters. May be Pandey is also a master as his wife is a powerful BJP player.
Let’s hope pseudo intellects stop thinking that they are wiser than teaching community of the highest teaching institute .

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