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Items filtered by date: Wednesday, 25 July 2018 - Imphal Times

Survey team says no change in BP 81; CSOs argued Villagers of Kwatha force central team to visit the actual site of BP 81

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Imphal, July 25,

The three member central team who arrived here in the state to take stock of the disputed border pillar issue at Indo Myanmar border near Kwatha Village of Tengnoupal district were today forced to visit the claimed area of the Border Pillar at Namjil Lok today as they were trying to return saying that the Border Pillar No. 81 stands at the agreement site and there is no change.
Sripriya Ranganathan, joint secretary Ministry of External Affairs (Bangla-Myanmar), A.V Dharma Reddy Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) (Border Management), Lt. General Girish Kumar, Surveyor General of India and Anil Kumar Bamba, Chairman-Land Port Authority of India, arrived in Imphal yesterday afternoon and proceeded to the Indo-Myanmar Border yesterday itself but could not reach the site due to bad weather.

Today morning the central team accompanied by the Tengnoupal Dc, SP along with representatives of various political party including Congress, PRAJA and Civil society members consisting of United Committee Manipur (UCM), ICHAM, CPOIMBL and Socialist Students’ Union of Manipur (SSUM) visit the site where the Border Pillar number 81 is being erected.
Lt. General Girish Kumar, Surveyor General of India after inspecting the site said that as per record there is no change made to the Border Pillar no. 81. He however said that he had recorded the complaints of the villagers and assured to report for a joint survey by both representatives of Myanmar and India. He further said that one cannot simply claim land at International border in eye view assumption, it requires a lot of documents. He also expressed the need to collect more documents related to the issue from the state government.
Congress party spokesperson , Hareshwar Goshwami showed various supporting documents and maps to convince the visiting team that the border pillar no. 81 has been shifted towards the Indian side. The congress spokesperson was also supported by other CSOs representatives by showing documents to prove it.
A heated argument occurred between the central team and state CSOs and other political party leaders over the matter after the Surveyor General of India, Lt. General Girish Kumar, said that there was no change of location of the BP 81.
The team instead of listening the argument by the CSOs and Political parties left the site but were halt again by a large number of villagers shouting slogan that they must visit the original site of the Border pillar No.81. Under the pressure of the villagers the Survey team were taken till Namjil Lok River where the CSOs and the political parties representatives as well as the villagers claimed to be original site.

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4 Manipur CDO arrested by Assam Police with drugs from Jirighat relieved from Jirbam PS

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Imphal, July 25,

4 state police commando personnel attached to Jiribam Police station who were caught red handed by Assam police from Jirighat area along with huge consignment of narcotic drugs on July 22 were brought back by some top officials of Jiribam Police on bail and relieved from the Police Station today to their respective post.
A case has been registered at the Jirighat Police Station of Assam but it is still yet to confirm whether the Home department of the Manipur government has taken up any case against the 4 police commando personnel. A source close to Imphal Times said that another kingpin who smuggled the drugs with the four state police commando is at large. The source said that state police is yet to take up a case against the four police personnel.
According to report appeared in Sichar based Bangali vernacular daily “Prantojyoti”, the 4 Manipur Police commando were apprehended on July 22, by the Assam Police from Jirighat Check post while they were coming in a Gypsy Vehicle bearing registration No. MN- 01W- 3491.
Source from Assam Police said that the 4 police commando were apprehended after being reported by a person identified as Kartik Deb pf Jirighat.  As per his report to Jirighat police,  the four Manipur Police commando who were in an official Gypsy stopped him at Lalpani area of Cachar district Assam while he was on his way back at his home from Silchar in his car.  The Police commando then asked him to carry a black bag the police commando allegedly slapped him and forcibly put the bag inside his car.  

Out of fear Kartik Deb rode carried the bag but directly drived  to Jirighat police station and reported about the incident as well as handover the bag to the police.
While Jirighat police enquired they found, the bag to have been filled with huge consignment of narcotic drugs. It was after that the Assam Police apprehended the four police commando were apprehended at Jiribam Check post while they were coming in the police Gypsy, the report added.
After the news about the arrest of the four police commando around 30 -35 Manipur Police personnel headed by the Addl. Superintendent of Police, Sub Divisional Police Officer (SDPO), Officer-in- Charge (O.C) of Jiribam District Police station as well as in-charge of Jiribam Police commando rushed to Jirighat police station and make an effort to discharge them forcibly.
As the number of police personnel was low at Jirighat Police station the Officer-in-charge of Jirighat police reported the matter to Superintendent of Police, Cachar District. Later, on the instruction of S.P, Cachar District additional SSB jawans and police personnel from Lakhipur police station rushed to Jirighat police and subdue the effort of Jiribam police.
The 4 apprehended commando personnel of Manipur police were identified as – Arun Singh (37 yrs), Constable No. 090891 a residence of Kakching District; Havaldar Rajiv Singh (32) a residence of Kakching District; S. Basanta Singh (29) Rifleman No. 0770090 a residence of Thoubal District; Y. Nanda Kumar Singh (34), Constable No. 0908399 a residence of Thoubal District.
All the four were released on bail and the Jiribam Police relieve them from the police station to their respective police station. Report said that they may report their joining to their respective police station probably today.

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Prahlad Patel statement calling Manipur University as “Den of Insurgents” condemned MHRD Minister spoke a lie in the floor of Parliament – MU Community

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Imphal, July 25,

An emergency joint executive meeting of the MU Community comprising of  MUSA, MUTA and MUSU today vehemently condemn the statement of the BJP MP Prahlad Patel which characterise the Manipur University as “Den of Insurgents” at Lok Shaba on July 23. The meeting also deliberated on the statement of the MHRD Minister Prakash Javadekar , at which he stated that an enquiry committee regarding the crisis in Manipur has been underway.

“….the MHRD Minister spoke a lie on the floor of the house while the enquiry committee has not been able to take-off due to rejection by the University Community”, a statement by the University Community said.
BJP MP Prahlad Patel’s characterisation of the Manipur University as “den of insurgents” also adds fuel to the anger of the Manipur University which has been agitation for over 54 days demanding removal of the VC Prof. AP Pandey.
“This is but a shameless attempt to cover the inefficiency, non-commitment and anti-academic behaviour of Prof. AP Pandey whose removal the people of Manipur are now demanding; this is an admission by default on the failure of their attempt to saffronise the University and the statement by both the Minister and the MP manifest the frustration of the Government which is experiencing in their failure to sabotage the two –month old democratic agitation by the University Community for restoring sense and academic propriety in Manipur University”, an unanimous feeling expressed jointly by the MUSU, MUTA and MUSA.
The meeting today resolved to demand an apology to the people of Manipur for the reckless statement of BJP MP Prahlad Patel terming the statement as irresponsible.  

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Website for Bishnupur District launched

Bishnupur, July 25,

Chief Secretary Dr. J. Suresh Babu launched a website for Bishnupur District (http://bishnupur.nic.in) at the Chief Secretary’s office today in the presence of officials of the State. The bilingual (English and Manipuri) website is designed by the DIO/ NIC, Bishnupur and it is based on S3WAAS platform.
Information on various works and schemes of the Government will be available at the website. It will also help the district administration in publicising the works which are being taken up by the Government in the district.
Additional Chief Secretary Letkhogin Haokip, DGP LM Khaute, Bishnupur Deputy Commissioner Pawan Yadav, Assistant Commissioners, Sub-Divisional Officers and DIO/NIC among others attended the program.

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CM meets around 1500 people on joint Meeyamgi Numit and Hill Leaders’ Day

Imphal, July 25,

As in the past, a large number of people turned up to take their grievances to the notice of Chief Minister N. Biren Singh at the joint Meeyamgi Numit and Hill Leaders’ Day held at Chief Minister’s Secretariat today.
The Chief Minister heard as many as 493 complaints and met around 1500 people from 8:45 am to 2:30 pm at the Durbar Hall of the Chief Minister’s Secretariat.

In addition to looking into complaints and grievances of the public, a special highlight of the day was presentation of a wheel-chair to a differently-abled woman namely, Kompeimi Raikhan (30) d/o Chihaningam Raikhan of Mapao Khullen (Chirik) village of Senapati District by the Chief Minister.
N. Biren Singh also announced that a pension of Rs. 1500 per month would also be given to Kompeimi under Chief Minister-gi Sotharabasing-gi Tengbang (CMST) being implemented by the State Social Welfare Department.
Huge number of people were seen gathered at the gate of CM’s Bungalow since early morning to obtain gate pass. The Chief Minister’s Secretariat also made extensive arrangement for the convenience of the visitors.
Adequate seating arrangements were made under a large makeshift Mandab (hall) especially erected for the day inside the CM’s Secretariat complex. Moreover, water, tea, snacks and other refreshments were also served to the visitors.
Officials of Government Departments like Social Welfare, Health Services, JNIMS, Education (S), bank, Police and DIPR etc. were also present to assist the people. A medical team along with an ambulance was kept ready for any medical emergency.

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Disabled body submit memorandum to CM on Meeyamgi Numit

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Imphal, July 25,

State Platform of Disabled People ‘s organisation Manipur today submitted memorandum to the Chief minister of Manipur on Meeyamgi Numit urging him to initiate the following demands in the interest of the Persons with disabilities of the state.
The Demands are -
1.    To frame State Disability policy and to channelize the Rights of Persons with Disability Act 2016 in the State at the earliest.

2.    To sanction or give out the Disability Old Age Pension which was pending last three years i.e.2015,2016,2017 and upto date 2018.
3.    To give skill Development Training Programme for the Persons with Disabilities in the State.
4.    To create Accessibility in all the Public and Private buildings as per the RPD Act 2016 under session 40 to 46.
5.    To amend and include disable game and sports in the State budget Policy to reconstitute Manipur State Paraolympic committee with the representative of the disable organization for better functioning in the State.
6.    To create separate directorate office for the persons with disabilities and constitute state Advisory board for disabilities in the State as per the RPD Act 2016 within one month i.e.25th of August 2018.
The Disabled body also threatened serious action if fail to fulfil the demand.

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Prohibition on liquors: Why not we take a referendum and decide?

The Bill which was referred to  the select committee for amendment of the prohibition Bill is not what many felt. Counter argument to the idea of this newspaper might receive serious blow from those who differ with the idea. Already thousands have been killed while drinking the smuggled or say illegal drinks. The state desperately needs a legislation to check the quality of the liquors found in the state instead of allowing collecting illegal taxes and not a legislation to export the wine. Running the government needs boldness and visions to save the society. A bunch people standing against the legalisation of liquors when 80 % of the people consumed it every day showed a sign of conspiracy on why the liquor should be banned.
Laws are made for the convenience of the people. If the law that become no more relevance or in other word if it is not supported by majority – than it is better take a referendum and change it. Yes it is a spirited defence for drinks.
Drinking is a vice- so said a few men considered wise and pious.
Though it stands agreeable, on further consideration and deliberation on the matter, exhausting a few more of the sparse grey matter than ever done before of which yours truly is endowed with in the process, things began to look more confusing and complex. What exactly is it that makes drinking a vice- is it the type of drink, or the amount of drink that one consumes, or the manner in which it is consumed or is it the ingredient or the content in a drink that is considered bad?
The unanimous response to this poser would be ‘Alcohol’. Granted, alcohol induces an altered state of mind and a decrease in the motor coordination of a person (an amusing sight any given day).
Yet, does every person who drinks behaves and is affected in the same way? Is there nothing positive or beneficial to say or write about for the humble spirit? What about the irrefutable claims by various researchers and scientists of the uncountable benefits of having wine regularly- a drink that contains mostly alcohol? Wasn’t gods supposed to have enjoyed wine? How could something the gods themselves imbibed be so bad? Or is it that the gods are after all just as vice loving as humans? Technicalities aside, one fails to understand the ruckus over drinking.

The State has been a dry state for more than a decade, yet prohibition has not done much to dissuade people from drinking, nor has it hampered the ease of procuring the chosen brand or type. The only real benefit prohibition provides is to the bootleggers and black marketers who are running a well oiled network of lucrative business. A very huge source of income for the fund crunched State like ours is not being tapped.
The people running the state has conceded as much when he says prohibition is not working in the State and precious funds and taxes from the liquor trade is not being collected in the State due to the Dry State status in effect.
Total prohibition will never be possible in our state. Prohibition has not had any effect on the consumption pattern of the people. Crimes related to drinking hasn’t seen much significant change, there are more pressing challenges of the drugs in the state – a problem which needs immediate attention and remedy.
Crime in the states where there is no prohibition in effect isn’t necessarily higher than in our state. The above instances demand an immediate removal of the dry state status from the state. It is not the drink that is bad, but the person taking the drink is the one which needs to be controlled, and control will only be possible when a systematic and strict enforcement is implemented regarding the type and availability of alcohol rather than to let the present situation continue.
A firmly regulated sales policy will ensure improvement for a social indulgence which simply will not be wished away. There are far more serious and heinous atrocities being perpetrated in our society for which the social organizations, the media and the Government agencies should be working in unison and channelize their efforts.
A consistent awareness drive against the evils of excessive drinking, coupled with intensive enforcement of the rules and regulations being implemented can control the crimes and problems related to drinking to a great degree, while providing a pragmatic solution to the baffling and disputed issue of the practicality and the effectiveness of prohibition in the state. The Chief Minister should make that call, however difficult it may seem, based on his beliefs and for the betterment of the State. There won’t be a dearth of supporters and well wishers who will be raising a toast to such a decisive decision.

Open letter to the Prime Minister of India

Hon’ble Sir,

Your deep and far-sighted look attracts the minds of Indian thinkers and simple common men as well, the conscience of Manipuri mothers ask the following question.
1.    Is’t not possible to visualize the anguish thought and feels the warm pulses of the mothers of Manipur?
2.    How does our hon’ble sir feel at the complete holding of education for your children (youths) in Manipur?
3.    Don’t you be able to hear the cry of the mothers for the lost of valuable time of more than 50dyas (nearly two months)? Do you forget that time is God?
4.    Isn’t it surprising how your vision does lost in favour of an imperfect and uncultured man of UP i.e. the present arrogant and adamant VC of Manipur Varsity?
5.    Which and what is the forceful power behind the destructive thought of the Devil (Satan)?
6.    Who is the representative for the failure of reasoning of the mankind, the image of God?
7.    Maybe so, Is he a superman or dragon, the dangerous being the bearer of the negative thought.

8.    Why and how so much uncared and unconcerned attitude of the great leaders of India towards the people of Manipur the descendants of God the Shesh, Nag, Ananta, Pakhangba, founder of Manipur(Kangleipak) kingdom? Please, remember that the Sun sets in the great British Empire when they touch the soil of Manipur and misrule the kingdom and negate their people. It is not fair to negate your people.

Dear Hon’ble sir, kindly allow me to  draw your kind attention to the fact that a little thing has also a value of its own as much as that of the biggest one in the realm of the justice of God, the Almighty. Nothing is lost in the eyes of the most merciful loving God since all are his children and all are alike to him. A little thing never go unpunished .
Silence is good for the individual soul for his emancipation, but not for the masses in the human society. It may awake your thought and action.
God bless us all .

Humbly yours
Manjuri Devi Dasi
ISKCON, Manipur chapter                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

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