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Friday, 20 July 2018 - Imphal Times

Internet service shut down for 5 days GST filling likely to be affected; Over Rs. 5 crore transactions on daily basis may be ruined

“Kitchen knife can murder a person. Should we banned using Kitchen Knife”- Prof. MC Arun

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Imphal, July 20,

Notwithstanding with the fact that tax return filling of the GST falls today , the July 20, the state government of Manipur had issued an order to shut down all internet service providers for 5 days starting today.

In an order issued by the Home Department of the Government of Manipur, the banned of internet service is being issued to stop spread of disinformation and false rumours, through various social networking media platform such as Whatsapp, Facebook etc. on mobile phone. The order also mention that the banned on internet is being taken up after receiving report of anti-social elements using social media extensively for transmission of hate video message inciting the passion of the Public.

Coincidentally July 20, that is today falls as the last date for filling of the tax return file for Goods and Services Tax (GST) which was introduced by the Prime Minister of India. Filling of GST is dependent on Internet service and a delay of one day in filling the tax return cost Rs. 50 as fine to the consumer. 5 days of delay will cost Rs. 250 per tax payer and no wander, if the government have any measures to assure that the tax payer did not have to bear the burden of paying fine due to the ban of Internet Service providers.

Talking over phone, Superintendent of Taxation, Indrakumar said that as of now he cannot make any comments on regarding the lost of tax payers.

“Tax return filling is open till midnight today and it will be after crossing the dateline that estimation could only be made”, Indrakumar said.

He further added that as of now BSNL Broad Band service is working so filing can be done at the Taxation office located at the former Guwahati High Court Complex.

“What about those who file the tax return by using Internet service other than BSNL Broad Band?”, asked Premchand a local small time businessman told this reporter. He said, “I only learnt to file the GST tax return some few days back and I was trying to do it myself but due to the shutting down of the internet service, I will not be able to do it. May be I will have to wait for five days and pay the fine”, Premchand added.

Renown Economist Prof. Amar Yumnam while talking to this reporter said that it is not only the GST that is going to affect by the banning of the internet service. He said that internet has become a medium of today’s contemporary world.

“ How could we continue the professional life if the medium has been sabotage”, Prof. Amar said.

“Every day we communicated through internet either for official proposes personnel business among others.

On being asked if there will be any lost with the banning of the internet, Prof. Amar Yumnam said that around Rs. 5 crore transaction has been made incontinences every day.

Prof. MC Arun another renown academician from the Manipur University while talking to this reporter said that when today’s contemporary world has been completely made dependent to internet it is not wise for the government to ban the internet service.

“It is right some anti-social element are spreading rumours to breach the tranquillity of the state but considering the fact that many people still rely on internet not because of the social networking site being used”, Prof. Arun added.

He added that whole sort of transaction including banking are done through internet, and if the government think that internet is creating trouble in the state just because some people incite hate speech at some of the social networking site, why don’t they put a ban on “Kitchen knife”.

“Kitchen knife which is essential in our day today life but it can also be used for murder of a person, Should the government banned the Kitchen knife”, Prof. MC Arun said. 


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Opposition MLAs walk out on the first day of the 5th State Assembly Session

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Imphal, July 20,

Opposition MLAs belonging to Congress party today walk out of the house after speaker of the Manipur Legislative Assembly today ruled out review of the Business Advisory Committee (BAC) meeting for extension of the session which begins today as the various issue plaguing the state cannot be discussed in the remaining one day.
Soon after Chief Minister N. Biren Singh tabled and moved the BAC report, the proceeding of the house was interrupted by Congress MLA Khumukcham Joykishan drew the attention of the Speaker to review the BAC report saying that the various issue plaguing the state cannot be discussed in one day excluding today.
Joykishan while pleading the Speaker said that already the Chief Minister , who is also the leader of the house had presented various report of issues that is even beyond the purview of the state government.
The leader of the house had elaborated about the issues of Border pillar dispute and also that of the Manipur University while presenting a report to the house.
MLA Joykishan said, the leader of the house have also pointed out the issues being face by the state even as he did not mention about the Citizenship (Amendment ) Bill 2016 and also the Frame Work Agreement. There are issue about the death of 9 people due to natural disaster among others.
“In the remaining one day how could this issues which is for the people of this state could be discussed in one day”, Joykishan said and urged the Speaker to review the BAC report, which the speaker ruled out saying that that can be discussed in the next sitting of the state assembly.
Another Congress MLA N. Loken Singh also echoed the congress colleague saying that the BAC report need to be review for extension of the session to discussed for the fate of the state. This is permitted as per rule 269 of the BAC, Loken added.
When the Speaker of the house Yumnam Khemchand ruled out the plead for review of the BAC meeting, Senior Opposition Congress MLA Gaikhangam stood up and said that if the house fails to follow the democratic demand than the opposition congress does not have any meaning to sit in the house.
Later, the leader walk out and was followed by other congress opposition MLAs.   

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MU impasse: University Community stick to their stand, CSOs join hands, submit another memorandum

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Imphal, July 29,

A joint meeting held today at Manipur University between the various civil society organisations of the state including All Manipur United Club Organisations (AMUCO), United Committee Manipur (UCM), Community of Civil Society Kangleipak (CCSK), Ethno Heritage Council, ( HERICOUN), IPSA, MEELAL with MUSU, MUTA and MUSA today reaffirmed the Manipur Community stand and had resolved to continue the agitation until VC Pandey has been removed from the post of VCship.
After deliberation the meeting condemn misinterpretation of the MU community’ demand for removal of the VC. Inclusion of a retd. Justice to a fact finding committee is meaningless unless the enquiry committee is constituted under the Committee of Enquiry Act.
After deliberation for over 6 hours 3 resolutions were adopted. The three resolution adopted are immediate judicial enquiry on AP Pandey by keeping him on force leave or suspension. During the course of investigation the meeting also resolved to appoint an in-charge Vice Chancellor .
The resolution today adopted was agreed to be submitted by the representatives of the CSOs. At the time of filing this story representatives of the CSOs had gone to the office of the Chief Minister to submit the memorandum.  
Mention may be made that the Chief Minister had today stated that a fact finding committee with a retired acting chief justice has been included in the fact finding committee constituted by the MHRD. He  however did not mention on why his government propose a Pro VC as Pro VC should be appointed by the recommendation  of the VC.

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Police foils students’ attempt to protest

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Imphal, July 20,

State police today foiled the students’ attempt to stage protest in front of Western Kangla gate here in the Imphal . Report said large number of students from TG Higher Secondary , Iboton Sana Higher Secondary School, CC Higher School and Johnston School gathered at Johnston School at around 11 am. The students using placards denouncing police brutalities to students and demanding removal of the Manipur University VC A. P Pandey today started marching towards the Western Kangla gate. The students were however, stopped by a large number of police near Johnstone Higher Secondary School and forced them to return back inside the school campus.
Talking to media persons, a student leader said that they will not remain quite to the effort of a single person who is trying hard to spoil the career of the students of this state. He said that the Higher Secondary school students will now join the protest for removal of the Vice Chancellor AP Pandey and will resort various form of agitation with the people of the state.
The student leaders also appealed the government to put all pressure to remove the incumbent VC to save the future of the state.

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Right bodies condemn July 13 Moreh Terror Attack; demand immediate arrest of the culprits

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Moreh, July 20,

Molnoi Area Kuki women Human Right and Kuki Women Human Right, Chandel District denounced the state authority over failure to arrest  culprits who were responsible to the attack on civilian residence in Moreh at 2 am on July 13.
On that day unknown militants fire several rounds of gunshot to the civilian residents at Moreh destructing various properties. No human casualty was occurred miraculously.
The two body in a press statement term the incident as one of the deadliest terror or militant attacks in the history of Manipur, the armed militants numbering about ten or more used sophisticated weapons including automatic rifles, lethod bombs and hand grenades in the attack that lasted for over 45 minutes to inflict maximum casualty and deaths on innocent civilians. The attackers also assaulted Paokhogin Haokip, Lambu, ADC Moreh.
The statement further added that the residential houses that were savagely attacked belong to Thongkhomang Touthang, Chongkholun Lhungdim and (L) Onkholet Haokip – located at Gamnom
Veng, Ward Number 2, Moreh in Tengnoupal district.
“Many properties, including vehicles, were also destroyed in the attack in which over 100 rounds of bullets were fired and a number of lethod bombs and hand grenades lobbed into the houses. Thongminlun Haokip, president of TSA Moreh block, his pregnant wife and two children both below five years who live in one of the houses and others have been heavily traumatised.
“Clearly the attack was carried out with an evil design to cause mass murder and terror. Do we live under a democratic government that protects children and civilian population or do we live under the bondage of some armed terrorists who terrorise and murder innocent children and women?
“Why have not the government taken any punitive actions against the attackers till now? If the government is not harbouring the culprits or encouraging such terror attacks, the government must immediately hunt down and severely punish the perpetrators according to the law of the land and
also take up effective preventive measures to ensure no such attacks occur again in the future.
The Molnoi Area Kuki women Human Right and Kuki Women Human Right, Chandel District further demanded stringent actions against the culprits by arresting all those militants involved in the attacked and the person who mastermind behind the attack and bring them all to justice beside seizing their weapon. The organisation also demand  to remove the armed militant group responsible for the attack permanently from Moreh and its surrounds.
Other demands put up are  -  To provide financial assistance to the anguished families to
compensate for the loss of properties and damaged vehicles in the attack and to provide trauma support.

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Opposition’s stand: a new turning point in Manipur’s history

2 day of sitting is very short when the state is plaguing with multiple issues. Speaker’s ruling to continue the session as it has been already adopted by the Business Advisory Committee faced strong opposition with members of the Congress party demanding review of the BAC meeting so that the session extends to discuss the burning issues of the state.
Chief Minister N. Biren Singh’s statement at the beginning of the session also revealed the reality that the state is now in the frying pan with multiple issues among which some are outside the purview of the state government. Presenting his speech in the august House Chief Minister N. Biren Singh said that his government has been working all possible way to end the ongoing prolong impasse at Manipur University which now spread beyond the University complex. The leader of the House also presented reported one after another on how his government has been working days and night since the beginning of the strike stating that a team comprising of BJP leaders including himself he urged all concern to do the needful as per the desire of the Manipur University Community. He also presented how his government has been urging the central authority to bring a solution to the alleged boundary pillar dispute between along Indo-Myanmar border in Tengnoupal district of Manipur.
Everything he presented had already been published at many local dailies. Luckily under the initiative of the Speaker of the Manipur Legislative Assembly the speech presented by the Chief Minister was able to watch by all the people of the state as it was telecast live in Doordashan Kendra Imphal.
The speech delivered by the chief minister showed lack of understanding to the problems plaguing the state. Of course some common people who have never gone through the Manipur University Act or those who are not expert in the field of International boundary matter would have some sympathy to the Chief Minister. But to those who are dealing with the multiple issues it can be easily noted that the Chief Minister is desperate. His stand and bold statement turns out to be only another media stunt as important matters of the state are discussed thoroughly in the state assembly as the session is represented by elected representative of the state. When the Chief says that as the present issues including the MU and BP, are for the people all are welcome for discussion and should make no difference, it again turn out to be another tactics to fool the public as matters discussed and adopted at the assembly session decides the fate of the state.
When there are multiple issues which hurt the sentiment of the people, why the BAC is approving only two days sitting. Well, the Opposition have done their duty by urging the speaker of the house to review the BAC sitting so that it could be extended for more days to discuss the problems.
Many times almost all leaders talk about dialogue as the only solution. Debate over issues grinds the dirt and finally brought a conclusion so that the state prospers.
Using lathi, and tear gas shell (that too expired one) is not the solution. The real debate should be in the house and a two day sitting is a real insult to not only the opposition Congress Party but also to all the people of the state.
For the first time, since Imphal Times starts publication, the state witness the opposition walking out for the cause of the people in protest against the speaker’s ruling.
The actual face of democracy is showing its true face. If the opposition stands firm that people across the country will feel the joy of living in a democratic country.

AIFUCTO urges the Central Government to bring immediate solution of the present crisis of Manipur University

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Imphal, July 20,

Reviewing the present situation in the state, Manipur, AIFUCTO urges the Government of India to bring immediate solution of the imbroglio at Manipur University, Canchipur due to the ongoing democratic movement launched by the communities of students, teachers and non-teaching staff of the University demanding the removal of the present V.C., Prof A.P. Pandey.
“AIFUCTO strongly feels the need of immediate solution as the present situation has seriously affected the academic atmosphere both at M.U. and colleges affiliated to it for more than 50 (fifty) days and also affected in the normal lives in the whole Manipur”, a statement by Prof. Arun Kumar, General Secretary, AIFUCTO said adding that the results of the Examinations have been much delayed due to ongoing crisis which has seriously affected the students who are desirous of higher studies at institutions other than M.U.
The GoI & MHRD, being the concerned authorities of the university should bring immediate solution (without
further delay) in the larger interest of the students and higher education of the state as well.

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