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Items filtered by date: Monday, 16 July 2018 - Imphal Times

‘Enquiry without removing VC is unacceptable’ One among the two member of the fact finding committee is a close associate of AP Pandey

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Imphal, July 16,

Manipur University Teachers’ Association (MUTA) today said that any enquiry on the 40 plus days long impasse against the incumbent VC Prof. AP Pandey at Manipur University which put a grinding halt to all academic related activities will not be accepted until AP Pandey has been removed from the post of the VC.

This was stated by the spokesperson of MUTA Prof. Nganbam Nimai, while speaking to media persons today evening.

The Spokespersons said that the Manipur University Community stands firm with its earlier decision and any kind of enquiry can only be accepted after the VC is removed. He further said that the so called two member committee constituted by the MHRD will not be able to bring justice and said that such enquiry will not be accepted either.

“We the MU Community demand an independent inquiry headed by a retd. Judge of a High Court or Supreme Court”, He added.

Meanwhile among the two member constituted for enquiry, one of the member J.K. Tripathi, Joint Secretary of the UGC happened to be a close associate of Prof. AP Pandey. More over the deputy Secretary of the Central University Division , HRD Surat Singh, another member is also stated to be someone who follows to the whim of Veena Pandey , the wife of AP Pandey , source said.



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When the state is in turmoil why the BJP is enjoying picnic in New Delhi? - MLA Joykishan

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Thoubal, July.16,

Congress spokesperson MLA Khumukcham Joykishan today questioned on why the BJP MLAs , Ministers and their karmis are enjoying picnic at New Delhi when the state is in turmoil. Speaking at a protest meeting organized by Manipur Pradesh Congress Committee (MPCC) at Kakching Khunou in Kakching district, Joykishan said that everybody knows that the state is in the frying pan. Issues of encroachers by the Myanmar government to Manipur Territory has hurt the sentiment of all the people of the state, crisis which has been going on for over 40 days have put our students at stake while the BJP is trying to protect one person called AP Pandey. Employees are on strike for over 100 days and these BJP people including the Chief Minister are all enjoying picnic at New Delhi.
Manipur Pradesh Congress Party has been organizing series of protest meeting at various places across the state since the last 2 days. Today’s meeting at Kakching khunou is the 3rd of its kind.

A 30 member delegate of the BJP Manipur Pradesh led by Chief Minister N. Biren Singh and Party President K. Bhabananda who is also the MP of Rajya Sabha is presently camping at New Delhi to apprise the situation burning the state including the issue of Frame work agreement signed between the GoI and NSCN-IM which is nearing final solution.
What surprises the Congress MLA Khumukcham Joykishan was the way every of them in the BJP went to New Delhi leaving the state when it is in turmoil. July 13 the BJP team left and July 14 and 15 the Prime Minister and Home Minister are on tour – one at Bangladesh and another at Orissa.
“The BJP delegation along with the Chief Minister is having picnic at New Delhi”, Jokishan said.
Former Chief Minister Okram Ibobi, Former deputy CM Gaikhangam Senior Congress MLA Govindas Konthoujam, MLA K. Ranjit, MLA Fazur Rahman and other leaders of the Congress party attended the protest meeting.

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MUSU, MUTA, MUSA condemn police brutality to students, demands magisterial enquiry

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Imphal, July 16,

A joint emergency meeting of the MUSUS, MUTA and MUSA held today afternoon at the Manipur University vehemently condemn the police brutality towards the volunteers of the DESAM. The meeting term the police excess as barbarian and undemocratic. The three body of the Manipur University demand immediate Magisterial enquiry .

The meeting also resolved to reiterate that the removal of the present VC Prof. AP Pandey, is a sine quo non to precede any intervention to resolved the present crisis in Manipur University. Today’s emergency meeting has make no change to the earlier decision and further resolved that the institution of High Power Committee to probe into the financial and administrative irregularities committed by AP Pandey as VC of Manipur University should immediately be remove.

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Student leader ran over by truck after police pushed him hard while protesting in front of state BJP Office

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Imphal, July 16,

Impact to the ongoing impasse at Manipur University is gaining momentum each day with more stakeholders joining the protest and the agitation is likely to spark another wild fire as one Student leader today nearly died after he was pushed hard by a law enforcing agency towards a moving heavy vehicle in front of BJP Manipur Pradesh Office today afternoon.

Oinam Sital, General Secretary of DESAM along with is team numbering around 30 gathered near GP College today noon at around 11.45 am and later thronged towards the office of the BJP Manipur Pradesh demanding to fulfill the demand for making education – free zone. The students said that due to the ongoing impasse at Manipur University over failure to remove the incumbent Vice Chancellor Prof. AP Panday, Academic activities in the Manipur University has been put to complete halt for over 40 days. Besides, students of colleges affiliated have been seriously affected and many students are not getting their mark sheets for the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 6th Semester examination. It is likely that students are losing a year of their academic career.

“As we tried to throng the BJP Office to put our demand to the concern authority , a large number of security force present their stopped us. A confrontation occurred between the police team and us. Suddenly a police personnel pushed hard our general secretary in front of a moving heavy vehicle. The truck ran over him but he survive miraculously even as his condition is critical”, student who was among the protestor said to Imphal Times.

Oinam Sital was immediately rushed to Imphal Hospital and is presently undergoing treatment.

DESAM spokesperson Eddi while speaking to media said that they were staging a democratic protest near the Raj Bhavan as Governor is the Chief Rector and later they went to the BJP Office as the ruling government is led by the party.

Such brutality will not be accepted and DESAM may continue more protest he added.

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MSAD calls for joint mass protest

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Imphal, July 16,

MSAD, a Delhi base student’s body has showed serious concern to the recent development at Manipur University and resolved to stage a mass protest.
A statement of the students’ body said that People of the region has always been  the victim of State policies since Manipur became a part of this political entity called India in 1949, Manipur has always been a centre of political crisis and upheaval, a theatre of resistance too. The present uncertainties faced by the people of Manipur are manifestations of the wrathful event (“annexation”) that took place in 1949. Manipur University which is meant to be a thriving arena of fervent culture of political discourse has been in tremendous structural breakdown in the last one and half month. It seems to be clear that the Indian government wants to wipe out the intellectual  faculty of a whole society. The nature, as usual, from Delhi is such that they are not satisfied yet with the presence of a military battalion inside the campus, the only of such kind in the whole world. The recent reaction from Delhi was to call in more armed forces into the campus. Is this a carbon copy of the same policy from Delhi in 1949 where Sardar Patel asked “Isn’t there a brigadier in Shillong?” Manipur dances to the tune of Delhi or it is made to by any means necessary. Manipur University has been reduced to a bee hive of mainstream Indian Hindutva politics by the incompetent and spineless Brahmin sent from Delhi who needs Y-Category security to dirty up the university space. The Vice Chancellor has created confusion on the minds of the people whether the RSS agent is a military officer or an academician.

The issues exist in multiple facets and it is clear to us that decisions made thousands of kilometers away in Delhi are unable to reflect the interest and aspirations of the people of Manipur. The new border issue again poses an existential threat to the territoriality of Manipur. The question is - Is Kwatha village another Kabaw Valley?, a land sold at the expense of Manipur and at the benefit of Delhi. It seems that the policy is an appeasement foxship from the part of Delhi to Myanmar, considering the China factor.
The recent arbitrary eviction at Khetri Bengoon, (Awangching) Imphal East is a reflection of Hindutva Biren government of Manipur that is dictated from Delhi, to play a divisive politics of hatred. The eviction drive wiped out an entire village having more than 70 houses, without any rehabilitation plan violating an MoU signed between the CSOs and the government, rendering them homeless. The act from the BJP government is a transplantation of Indian religious politics into Manipur. The Pangal, by the mere fact that the indigenous group is adherent of Islam religion, is discriminately treated as Indian Muslim by the venomous Hindutva politics of India. The task is to suit the politics of a single religious political party that seeks to take advantage of the 2019 election. The Indian BJP aims to divide the social fabric of Manipur on religious and community line.
The foundation of the Indian state in Manipur in 1949 is also the foundation on Indian cruelty in Manipur. It is a fact that the policies that continue till the present days remind of utmost atrocities of massacres - Heirangoithong Massacre 1984, Oinam Massacre 1987, Tera Bazaar Massacre 1993, RMC Massacre 1995, Ukhrul massacre 1995, Churachandpur Massacre 1999, Malom Massacre 2000, to name some. The people of Manipur seeks democracy and not the peculiar democracy of this so called largest democracy. We now call for a collective mass protest rally of all the people of Manipur residing in Delhi.

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This will be an Acid test for N. Biren Singh

30 delegations of the state BJP led by the Chief minister N. Biren Singh is presently camping at Delhi to apprise the concern Union Ministry about the various crisis that is putting the state into a frying pan. It was not difficult for Chief Minister N. Biren Singh to solve matters which are under the jurisdiction of the government but the two important issues plaguing the state haunting his mind. Both the Border Pillar issue along the Indo –Myanmar boundary and the over 40 days impasse at the Manipur University seem to be the Chief Minister’s greatest challenges as these two issue could not be solved without the blessing of the central leadership.
Since the many years- when National political party ruled the state the greatest tragedy of our state is that nothing seems to move until and unless extreme measures are resorted to -  be it implementing rules of law or conveying the aspirations and needs of the public.
Add to it the fact that we, as a collective, have yet to realize the undeniable truth that the centre is evidently more concerned with preserving its national territory rather than improving the welfare of its citizens when it comes to affairs of the north east region of the country, in effect, reducing the importance of the region to that of a mere geographical entity.
The reality about the important of one person called Prof. AP Pandey who had been sent to administered the Manipur University as Vice Chancellor, considered as more important the 1000s students and teaching community is a clear indication of showing that we the people are still living even worse than the colonial British regime.
Death, destruction and tragedy continue to be the only means of drawing attention of the high and mighty at the centre to the region. None of the national media considers it relevant to highlight the improvements, or whatever activities and changes that can be attributed as such that has occurred in the state.

Even the landmark decision by its government which led to the removal of AFSPA from Tripura was mentioned in the passing, even as the collective mind of the rest of the north east states still remain occupied and fascinated with the development, and the tantalizing possibility of it unfolding in their own states. Despite the blatant indifference and continued ignorance of the centre, it remains an intriguing issue as to the question of why the state government still remains a passive bystander at best and a perceived stooge for the centre, while pressing issues needing immediate attention has been put on the backburner or dismissed altogether.
While it must be said in its defence that the governance of a volatile and inherently unpredictable state as Manipur is easier said than done, this very situation cannot be used as an excuse to shy away from the challenges that is staring it in the face. The peculiarity of the situations confronting Manipur: from its geopolitical to socio-economic conditions needs to be tackled in ways that involves innovative and unorthodox methods. This calls for a more alert, swifter and sterner government capable of dispensing its plans and proposals more smoothly and effectively. The frustrations being felt by the public for a long time now need to be addressed. Every aspect of public life and governance has been beset with corruptions, controversies, scandals, accusations of favoritism, despotism and cronyism. The sooner the present guardians of the state admit to the allegations and own up to such aberrations, the sooner it can address and rectify itself.
Bringing in a system of governance that takes into confidence its people and their needs rather than dispensing administration by tweaking the system to suit its every whim will eventually prove to be the spark that lit up the fire of frustrations trampled expectations. The state government needs to stand with its people and work in synergy rather than to cloak its intentions and actions with the shroud of suspicion and mystery.
Lastly but the least if Manipur is considered as an integral part of the country than the Central government should stop treating Chief Minister of Manipur as a mere puppet and to protect the identity of the Manipuri our Chief Minister N. Biren Singh should also show that he care more for the people rather than the political party that appoint him as the Chief Minister.

NSCN-IM says the cease fire between the GoI is without territorial limit; condemn Wakka shoot out

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Imphal, July 16,

Reiterating that the Cease Fire between the NSCN and the GoI is without territorial limit.  Ministry of Information and Publicity, Government of The Peoples Republic Of Nagalim in a statement strongly condemns Assam Rifles claim regarding July 12 incident.
The 16th Assam Rifles under the command of Major KB Singh of the Wakka outpost with the NSCN cadres which resulted in the inhuman torture and cold blooded murder of two unarmed NSCN members, namely, Mr. Tenwang Wangsa from Senua Noksa village and Mr. Acham Wangsu from Longphong village (both were Razou Peyus) at Senua Noksa village of Longding district in Wancho Region of the GPRN in full view of the villagers who were just returning from the Church at around 9 PM on 11th July, 2018, the statement said.
It further added that the Assam Rifles personnel entered the village and captured the two men after overpowering and killing them at the residence of the deputy village chief. The dead bodies were kept in the custody of the Assam Rifles personnel who kept firing point blanks the whole night to mislead the villagers that the two were killed in encounter. The dead bodies were handed over to the family and villagers after 3 PM the next day on 12th July, 2018.
“The Assam Rifles personnel went to the extent of piercing and shredding the lifeless bodies
with knives in total disregard to the dead. The inhuman action of the Assam Rifles personnel
has crossed all human ethics and imaginations”, the statement said and added that the modus operandi of the Assam Rifles was that it sent two decoys (impersonators) in civvies

as NSCN members on the fateful day at the residence of Mr. Ganwang, the Hamsa Wangham of the village (the deputy Chief of the village). He unsuspectingly invited the two victims at his residence upon the request of the two decoys.
The victims upon reaching the residence of the deputy village chief were overpowered by the Assam Rifles personnel who had already surrounded the village. The rest of what unfolded is for the world to judge.
The NSCN-IM statement said that the question of encounter or the Assam Rifles personnel coming under fire from the victims or weapons captured from the victims are baseless, ridiculous and highly malicious.
Civil functionaries of GPRN normally don’t wear camouflage and are unarmed except for the higher functionaries who are entitled to small arms for protection.
“The Assam Rifles claim is merely a hog wash. (L) Sergeant Pangang Gangsa (a Naga Army) of Wakka village was killed right in front of his wife by the same 16th Assam Rifles personnel on May 25, 2018. The following day, the Assam Rifles proudly claimed in the media to have killed him in encounter”, the statement said called the act a ghastly incident showing the the desperation and frustration of the Indian Army.
“The NSCN in its sincere quest for peace has instead become a victim of the Cease Fire. The
NSCN has lost more members during the Cease Fire period beginning from August 1997 till date when compared to the number of casualties during the non-Cease Fire period. Is this the price the Nagas have to pay for demanding peace and unity from the GoI? The Nagas showing more maturity than the Indians has remain patient for too long like a sitting duck while the Indian Army personnel continues to run amok in Nagalim and went on rampage against the Naga national workers reaping self-glory and medals after medals from the Indian Government with total disregard to the ongoing Indo-Naga peace process”.
The statement also reminded the meeting with the former Indian Prime Minister, AB Vajpayee with the NSCN-Im leaders in 2002 at Osaka, Japan where he said that , “Where there is a fighting, there will be cease fire, as per the agreement signed on June 14, 2001 at Bangkok”.
Therefore, that agreement still stands and the Cease Fire between the NSCN and the GoI is without territorial limit. Despite the Cease Fire Ground Rules Review Committee meeting of the NSCN and GoI on June 8, 2018 at Chumukedima, the Indian Army continues to play the spoilsport. Perhaps, the Assam Rifles is trying to destroy the peace process initiated by the Government of India and face the worst consequences, the statement added.

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Governor Najma Heptulla urges to allot fund on developmental index

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Imphal, July 16,

The just completed first session of the  North Eastern Council (NEC) meeting held at Shillong is likely to bring many changes in the field of development of the state with Governor of Manipur Dr. Najma Heptulla drawing attention for allotment of fund should be based on development index.
Talking to media persons yesterday at Raj Bhavan, Najma Heptulla said that during the first session of the  North Eastern Council (NEC) meeting, action-taken plan report  on the 64th plenary and approval of the draft annual plan of NEC for 2018-19 was discussed. .
The meeting chaired by Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh discussed some of the major issues such as transformation of several districts in the region, strengthening livelihood programmes, water resources management, catchment area treatment through afforestation, doubling farmers’ income by 2022, road connectivity.

“The money distribution should not be based on the size and population of the states because we cannot match Assam. The parameter for the distribution of the money should be based on developmental index”, she drew the attention of the session but said that they have taken to extent but not to her satisfaction.
The Governor said that she took the responsibility of representing the state since both the Chief Minister and Chief Secretary were not able to attend due to the prevailing situation in the state. She added that she was very vocal about the issues of the state and as result NEC who were in the point of abandoning some projects of the state, decided to improve the infrastructures by approving 29 projects for the state.  She further states that the Home Minister chairing the meeting was very significant because the North East region has border and security issues, and NEC was always under the Home Ministry and now it has become much stronger.
Saying that her focus is on the issues of development because the state has suffered a lot due to  blockades and bandhs. The state was not given a good share of money and she asked for more within the NEC. Among the eight states in the NE region, seven are small and faces similar problems. That was why she drew the attention for distribution of money on developmental index.
During the briefing, the governor also brought up issue of a dying Loktak Lake, which is a thing to be concerned about as tourism of the state is dependent on Loktak . And  more focus should be given on infrastructures and roads because the state is landlocked and added that she is  going to pursue on more and more issues related with our  landlocked state. She said that without proper availability of petroleum products, black marketing would flourish. The central government should focus more on the NE region. About the plans of any upcoming projects in the state, the Governor said that we should first finish the projects here because leaving them incomplete will not be useful and further projects will come up as per the priority given by the state government.
She further added that the vendors of Ima Markets in the state are not aware of Central Schemes like pension, insurance and health which were announced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the first year of his tenure. She urges that all the Central Government Schemes be translated into local dialects so that all the people in the state can be aware about the schemes meant for them.

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CNPO demands cancellation of Go to Village prog. scheduled on July 17 at Aimol Khullen

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Chandel, July 16,

While welcoming and appreciating the “6010 Village” mission launched by the Government of Manipur, the Chandel Naga Peoples Organization (CNPO) has expressed strong objection, resentment and condemnation against the invitation/program which has been circulated in social media slated to be held on 17‘“ July, 2018 at Aimol Khullen on 17'” July, 2018 Chandel district.

The CNPO demands cancellation of the Go To Village which is to be held on 17’h July, 2018  at Aimol Khullen .
A statement said that S. Munthulreng is the elected/mandated President of Almol Tribe Union declared by the Election Commission on May 6, 2014. Therefore, the inclusion of a self-proclaim President by the name Rt. Akhel In the Go To Village Invitation/program should not be repeated again by the GOM.
The CNPO also oppose creating of Tengnoupal district saying that unless the Tripartite Talks amongst UNC, GOM and GOI is brought to acceptable conclusion, Tengnoupal must remain and written as Sub-Division, not as District at any cost.
CNPO also condemn the search operation and harassment of general public conducted by commandos in and around Aimol areas especially at the residence of Aimol Tribe Union executive on the pretext of appreciated Go To Village mission.

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Palekar called on Sonowal, discussed Assamese cinemas

By Our Correspondent
Guwahati, July 16,

Considering the fact that films are the best means to represent a nation to  the world, Assam chief minister Sarbananda Sonowal requested eminent Hindi film actor-director Amol Palekar to use his huge experiences for the promotion of Assam’s regional film industry.

Palekar, who called on Sonowal at Brahmaputra guest house in the city on  15 July, talked on a wide range of issues concerning Assamese cinema, where the chief minister put the history of local film industry before him staring from the release of Joymati by Jyotiprasad Agarwala in 1935. Assam’s first movie was a talkie and it was released in a Kolkata cinema hall in March ’35.
Responding to Sonowal’s call for supporting  the government in the process of developing the regional film industry, Palekar remembered immense contributions of Dr Bhupen Hazarika, Jahnu Barua, Seema Biswas etc for national film industry.
Palekar, in presence of Assam film finance development corporation Jatin Bora, finally hailed the will and initiative of Sonowal for taking substantial policy decisions for the development of Assamese
cinema to enable the people to look at the heritage of the State through cultural lens.

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