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Sunday, 15 July 2018 - Imphal Times

Premi’s Short story “Manipuri Women through the century” and her Silhouette memoir life the “The Mystery of nine”

IT News
Imphal, July14,

Nunglekpam Premi’s Short story “Manipuri Women through the century” and her Silhouette memoir life the “The Mystery of nine” were published today by the speaker of the Manipur Legislative  at Manipur Press Club today.
Prof. IS Khaidem  presided over the function, while  Principal of Imphal College Moirangthem Priyobrata Singh and Editor of Poknapham Daily A Robindro attended as  guest of honour. Dr. Homen Thangjam , faculty of Political Science review the two book published today.
Speaking on the occasion Speaker Yumnam Khemchand appreciated the effort of the writer and said that he is fortunate enough to find some books which forecast the tradition and culture of Manipur and assured to put it at the Assembly library.
Dr. Homen Thangjam while appreciating the writers attempt to highlight the culture and tradition of the Manipur said that he never expected a young feminist writer going dept to the cultural tradition of the region.
Prof. IS Khaidem , drew the importance of highlighting Manipuri language like Phanek which does not have meaning in the English as it is one way to highlight the pride of Manipuri Culture.

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Rajinikanth Supports ‘One India, One Election’ Proposal

IT News
Imphal, July 15,

At a time when major political parties in Tamil Nadu are opposed to the Central government’s proposal of ‘One India, One Election’, actor-turned-politician Rajinikanth on Sunday came out in support of it.
Speaking to reporters here, Rajinikanth said ‘One India, One Election’ is a good idea as it would save time and money of political parties.
He also said a decision on contesting in the general elections will be taken later. Rajinikanth had earlier said his party would contest in the next assembly elections.
Queried about the proposed Chennai-Salem eight lane expressway, Rajinikanth said such projects would bring in industrial investments.
However, he said, the government should see that only minimum farm land is acquired for the project and the land owners are compensated to the extent that they feel happy.
Asked about Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) President Amit Shah’s statement that there is a lot of corruption in Tamil Nadu, Rajinikanth ducked the question and said: “It is Shah’s views and the media should ask him.”
According to Rajinikanth, the state government could bring in bigger projects. He also gave a good performance certificate to Tamil Nadu School Education Minister K.A. Sengottaiyan.

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TSA condemns Moreh terror attack, demands stringent actions against perpetrators

IT News
Imphal, July 15,

The Thadou Students’ Association, General Headquarters (TSA-GHQ) condemns in the strongest term the premeditated savage terror attack at civilian residential houses at Gamnom Veng, Ward Number 2, Moreh at 2 am on 13 July by unidentified heavily armed assailants, suspected to be a Kuki militant group. The assailants numbering about ten or more used sophisticated weapons including automatic rifles, lethod bombs and hand grenades to attack several homes including that of Thongminlun Haokip, Thongmang Touthang, Phalneng and several others. Many properties in the homes were destroyed in the attack in which over 100 rounds of bullets were fired and lethod bombs and hand grenades lobbed into the houses. The attackers also assaulted Mr M Paokhogin Haokip, Lambu, ADC Moreh.
One of the family homes that came under severe attack was where Mr. Thongminlun Haokip, President of TSA Moreh block, his pregnant wife and two children both below five years old live. They were all woken up from their sleep and petrified by the heavy firing and bombing. All the child victims of this terror attack have been heavily traumatized due to the impact of the attack. This is like an unprovoked war declared and fought by terrorists against innocent and helpless children and women. This mindless terror attack should be condemned by all right thinking citizens and organizations.
The unprovoked firing and bombing that woke up Moreh town while the rest of the country were asleep lasted for more than 45 minutes, but the security forces, Assam Rifles and Manipur Police, stationed only half a kilometer away from the scene, went to the spot only after the firing and bombing had stopped. Why had not the security forces rushed to neutralize the assailants? Fortunately, despite the premeditated colossal attack to inflict maximum casualty and deaths, there was no serious casualty, but this could have caused deaths and heavy casualty to dozens of people including, children who were inside the houses that came under attack.
The armed militant group responsible for this horrible terror attack must clarify to the public why they carried out such devilish attack in the community. The government must also clarify why they continue to allow some armed group/s to continue their criminal, anti-social and terror activities to the detriment of peace and public safety, and not taken any effective preventative or deterrent measures.
For justice in the incident and for lasting peace and security in and around Moreh, the government authorities must take stringent punitive actions against the perpetrators, immediately arrest all those involved in the attack and the masterminds and bring them to justice and also remove them permanently from Moreh and its surrounds. The government must provide necessary assistance to the affected anguished families, for the loss of properties in the attacked and also provide trauma support to them. Otherwise, TSA will be forced to launch intense agitations until these actions are effectively taken up and justice delivered in a timely manner.

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The mystery of nine

Dr. Nunglekpam Premi Devi
Independent Scholar

Nine O’clock; Nine O’clock
Not later than nine; come home at nine
Hurry! Hurry! You should be at nine
I remember; a voice so strong
So afraid; so obedient and so ruling
All I do, all I imagine! Nine is all my time
How excited I am! How lovely I think?
How truthful I behave? Just for a nine time
I make no hassle; and I bother not crying
I intrude not; and I pounder billions happiness
I throw out my charm; my charisma
And I must go and I must dance.

Nine O’clock; Nine O’clock
Not later than nine; come home at nine
Hurry! Hurry! You should be at nine
The day has brightened me; but still
The day has persuading; blarney
And I sing of seasonal maneuver;
Dong-ki ta-ki, taki-ta taki,
Dong-ki ta-ki, taki-ta taki
I am enthralling; and I am dreaming
Dreaming of color; red, blue and green
All delighted and all captivating
What should I chose? Bewildering
Still I doubt? That smooth talk voice
Energetic all I presume; guessing  
Calculating my entire ethos; flavoring
This feeling too strong; I envy most

Nine O’clock; Nine O’clock
Not later than nine; come home at nine
Hurry! Hurry! You should be at nine
Sailing all by my side, I know no boundary
I speak of my cherish and I dream of my love;
This hour is all I consider;
T’s Bright serene moonlit night; under her coat
Harboring my thousand emotions;
I try and I try inclining handsomely
Holding and engaging divine hands;
How sweet! How lovely! I fly
How heavenly! How pleasantly! We move
With this rhythmic rhythm; we follow  
Dong-ki ta-ki, taki-ta taki,
Dong-ki ta-ki, taki-ta taki

Nine O’clock; Nine O’clock
Not later than nine; come home at nine
Hurry! Hurry! You should be at nine
Awe! All I wonder
Would never be again; this mystery nine
I am jiggling all my way; so valid
How unfortunate! Crack me in the middle
Oh! Sweetness, my mother
Echoing through me; Nine O’clock; Nine O’clock
Leaving phantom emotions, shadowing upon thee;
This dance; this rhythm,
Still Silhouettes my many mystery.

The Kite Runner

By:- Parthajit Borah.
(A Poetic Congratulation To  Hima Das For Her Victory In Finland)

A dreeam chaser of age,  chases
the dreams not in night but in heart.
A rainbow chaser of passion chases
the deeds beyond imagination.
A mover of the earth,  moves from
emotion to reality at a little distance.
A fast cry of track,  cries from india to
 the world in search of deserved crown.
A puller of colour at the lap of motherland, who draws the victory flag
in the world’s  heart.
A kite runner of happy sky runs after
the dreamt rights,
A runner of peace  from the south east
to the doorway of the world.

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