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Items filtered by date: Friday, 01 June 2018 - Imphal Times - A Daily Eveninger

Authority’s inefficiency delayed in utilising sanction amount for central sponsored scheme for soil health

“Agri Director Rajendro , instead of giving direct reply to the questioned enquired on where did we get the report”

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Imphal, June 1,

Around Rs. 66 lakhs which was sanction for the state of Manipur through the state Agriculture department under a central sponsored scheme to enhance agriculture products by checking soil health still could not be withdrawn and utilised due to inefficiency of the department authority.
Source said loopholes in opening bank account for the said scheme as well as failure to register with the Public Financial Management System (PFMS) Portal, is the main reason for inability to utilise the sanction amount.
PFMS portal is an end-to- end solution for processing payments, tracking, monitoring, accounting, reconciliation and reporting. It is implemented by Controller General of Accounts and administered by the Department of Expenditure, both in Ministry of Finance.
A source said that the sanction amount for the benefit of farmers will now be of no use as it cannot be utilised on time.
When Imphal Times contacted the Director of Agriculture regarding the matter, it is being clarified that there is no such thing as all procedures have been followed regarding the Soil testing Scheme. Rajendro, Talking over phone to Imphal Times said that the file for sanctioning of the amount is now pending with the finance department and the delay is due to the ongoing cease work strike of the employees.

Chief Minister N. Biren Singh led government top priority as of now is to improve the condition of the farmers of the state by providing whatever assistances which are available with governments department. The objective of the ‘Go to Village’ Mission is one initiative to reach out all villagers to their doors to provide assistance for better crop production and for providing other facilities.
Soil testing is one important component for improvement of the farmers.
As per source with the Imphal Times, the Director of the Agriculture department , Rajendro process the file for sanctioned of the amount but on May 5, 2017, the state finance department in its reply to the director stated that approval for sanctioning of the amount could not be given on the ground that the department did not open an account for PKVY/SHG/NMSA besides failing to  register with the Public Financial Management System (PFMS) Portal which is mandatory for all central sponsored scheme.
The reply from the Finance department came on May 5 which is just 25 days from today, and the government employees cease work strike under the aegis of the JAC of AMGEO and AMTUC enters 72 days today.
Talking to Imphal Times today morning, the Director Rajendro , instead of giving direct reply to the questioned enquired on where did we get the report. He said, every process for sanctioning of the amount has been completed and as soon as the JAC strike ended the fund will be released.
The director also hesitated to reveal the exact amount of money for the said scheme but on further query he said that it would be around Rs. 60 lakhs.
June comes and till the amount is not released and rainy season will be began which again will not serve the schemes purpose. Rajendro however said that soil testing is an undergoing project and the scheme is additional for the purpose.
But as per the Imphal Times source, the amount which remain pending due to lapses from the part of the Agriculture department is for procuring of some equipments for soil testing.   For the purpose the department have to invites supplier through proper channel. And this will take time. That showed that the sanction amount for soil testing for the year 2017-18 will be of no use to the state farmers.

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DESAM volunteers ransack NSU A-Block

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Imphal, June 1,

Volunteers of Democratic Students’ Alliance of Manipur (DESAM) ransacked the Administrative block office of the National Sports University located at Manipur Olympic House in Khuman Lampak Imphal at around 11.30 am today.

The students’ body turn violent today morning after the state government as well the central government failed to listen to their demand for opening of the major disciplines department here in the state. Salam Akash president of DESAM while talking to media persons said that they have been demanding for opening of the Sports Journalism Dept., Sports Management Course and Performance and Analysis course since the last couple of days after news report of opening new campus at Lucknow in UP and other states comes to the limelight. Interestingly, recruitment notice for the said department demanded by the DESAM to open in the state of Manipur has been issued for the Lucknow campus, which means that the demands of the students’body is not listened.
“We don’t care whether we die or not but will intensified our agitation until the demand are fulfilled”, Akash who led today DESAM volunteers told media persons.
The students body vandalised all infrastructure including television sets, computers, table , Chairs and the windows of the Administrative Block.  

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One Shot Dead While Sleeping

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Imphal, June 1,
In a very shocking incident, a 28 years old youth was shot dead while on his sleep at Khousabung area in Churachandpur District last evening around 9:30 pm.
The deceased has been identified as one Ngamginkhol, son of Seithang of Siloijang Village, Churachandpur District.
Ngamginkhol was shot two times by two known persons while he was sleeping which lead to his dead from the bullet injury.

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JTA staffs of MSPDCL to cease work, Electricity supply related works likely to be affected

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Imphal, June 1,

235 (two hundred thirty five) Junior Technical staffs (Contract), who have been working for line repairing of transformer related problems for supply of electricity by the Manipur State Public Distribution Corporation Limited (MSPDCL) today announced that they will cease work from tomorrow as the company QUESS which had been utilising them for the MSPDCL refuse to take risk in case of any accidental death or injury.
“Electricity line or transformer repairing work popularly called as ‘Line men’ are doing work risking their life, and those hiring us refuse to take the risk then how we are going to continue our service” , Swadeshkumar Singh contract staff said.
The problem occurred after the contract JTA employees were extended their service for only two months. Their engagement ends yesterday and following that the MSPDCL extended their contract for only two months that is June and July. “QUESS”, the company which has been outsourced by the MSPDCL for the line repairing work and others said that two months extension is short and the company will face problem in rendering the service so requested the authority to extend more time.
An authority “QUESS” who is in charge of the state further informed the contract employees that until the MSPDCL extended the contract they can’t take risked until the higher authority of the company comes and talk with the MSPDCL which is arriving within 10 days. He further said that during the said 10 days he will not be able to take any risk as he is not the authority who can take decisions.
Talking to this reporter at Manipur Press Club JTA staff Swadeshkumar said that there were 318 JTA contract staffs. Some died in harness and some sustain injury. At present there are 235.
He further added that our honorarium is just Rs. 4980/ in addition with some TA but the service we provide is risky.
“Unless and until the authority takes the risk how can we continue our service, we are poor and have family. Any happening during our service will be a burden to our family if the authority don’t provide security”, Swadeshkumar added.
With the JTA staffs going to strike from tomorrow there is likely to face problem in the distribution of power in this ten days if the MSPDCL and QUESS fails to assure them to fulfil their demands.

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PREPAK (PRO) Observe 8th Progressive Day

IT News
Imphal, June 1,
Proscribed group PREPAK (PRO) today observed its 8th Progressive Day.
A press statement of the outfit said that the main observances were held at the Central Head Quarter, General Head Quarters and other base areas . Leaders of the outfits and cadres attended the observance, the statement added. 

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Cease work strike demanding 7th Pay crosses 72 days

Imphal, June 1,


Cease work strike of state employees spearheaded by of Joint Administrative Council of AMTUC & AMGEO, Manipur ( an Apex Body of Employees, Workers and  Pensioners ) demanding implementation of 7th central pay scale has crossed 72 days. Continuing the strike employees of State Academy of Training, Manipur staged sit-in protest at its department located at SAT Complex, Takyelpat, Imphal West District.


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BSNL Broadband service turns flop show in Manipur; Bill collection consider more important than providing good service

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Imphal June 1,

The Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) broad band service turns out to be a flop show in the state of Manipur even though it takes up every action like disconnection of telephone line for failure to pay Bill.
A source said that almost all internet service provider too are facing problem these days following a viral hate video. But Official of the government said that there no such intervention to the internet service provider from the side of the government. The Bill payment remain the same but the service is now a flop show failing every entrepreneurs including banks  which depends on internet.
Off now the BSNL have not provided any clarification regarding the problem face by the consumers.
Some of the consumer while talking to reporters asked if there is any directives from the government site to ban the internet service providers.
However as of now no such govt. order is seen.

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PRJA to launch agitation for release of their convenor; demands unconditional release of Erendro

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Imphal June 1,
Joint Secretary of the People Resurgence and Justice Alliance (PRJA) , a political party which was formed under the leadership of Irom Chanu Sharmila now led by Erendro Leichomba as its convenor today urged civil society body and all likeminded people of the state to stand up for justice and to stage peaceful protest for release of their leader who was arrested for sharing a video.
A Statement said that Erendro was arrested without any warrant from the PRJA head office . he was detained for more than six hours in the custody of Imphal Police Station before he was produced before the Magistrate hurriedly during last Saturday evening last week. Further more, the CJM Imphal West has also declared that all of those arrested had no intentions or common knowledge to do harm as the makers of the videos.
The PTJA statement by the joint secretary said that the government should realised that arrest of the real culprit is far more important than those who share it, As any elected representatives should be concerned for the dignity , justice and voice of its people, the PRJA demanded unconditional released of their leader.

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Drug smuggler from Manipur held at Guwahati

IT News

Ghy, June 1,

The Anti-smuggling unit of Guwahati Customs Division nabbed two persons based in Imphal, Manipur from Ganesh Mandir, Ganeshguri, Guwahati and seized narcotic drugs worth of Rs. 1.64 crore. Identities of the persons arrested could not be confirmed at the moment.

Source from Guwahati said that both the persons have been staying in the rented room at Ganesguri area for quite a long time.

Anti drug wing of the Guwahati had taken up a case on the matter and investigation is on . Source said that the two arrested are kingpin of drug smugglers in the state of Manipur.

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The mental equation

Times are a changing- as everything ought to. Stuffs that were not even dreamt about are becoming devices and gadgets for everyday use.
The pace of development and inventions is increasing at a dizzying pace and in an unbelievably complex manner. Every single gene in the human body can be identified, isolated and manipulated. Electricity can be transmitted without any wires or cables. Cars that run for more than a thousand kilometers with only a gallon of fuel is no more a fantasy today. Space travel or space tourism is here.
Humans with embedded microchips can now manipulate and control his environment, well almost, as of now. Research and development in every field, being aided by sophisticated computers and robots, have quickened their pace and shortened their observation periods, leading to quicker results. It would not be much off the mark to say that the world as we know today is undergoing a paradigm shift in the way we live our lives. Through these radical changes and developments, one thing has withstood the test of time, proving to be an unseen and unaccounted yet determining factor that could make or mar everything else- the human mentality.
The workings of the human mind – emotions and feelings that cannot be quantitatively ascertained or expressed as an exactable scientific expression or equation, has remained an enigma- a mystery that has not been unraveled till date. Herein lies the genesis of every conflict and differences. Societies created laws and statutes based on the greater good of the citizens, and a system of checks and balances to arbitrate, enforce and amend them. It is a perfect set up- on paper. Unfortunately, the bitter reality is so far removed from the system so envisaged. We, the ordinary citizens are arrested and harassed for raising our voice against what we feel is unjust and wrong- even threatened and shot by those who purport to serve our motherland, whatever form that might take. The powers that be proclaims to work according to the wishes of the people, while the voice is subdued with threats and intimidation, or worse still, let the voice die out and be forgotten with time. And who are we to turn to for help when the terrorists are the army and police who are drug traffickers who are extortionists who are the influential and powerful?
For us mere mortals, complaints and appeals entail the inherent risk of losing limb and life. Is what we are experiencing a replica of the so called Jungle law? I’d like to think that a jungle law would be a far better option- each one would then have a place in the set up.
But then again, we are born equal. A prime minister is as human as a sweeper or a carpenter or a scientist. Each one is doing their bit for the society. The president of India or the Chief Minister of Manipur needs a weaver to weave a piece of fabric which will be sewn into a cloth by a tailor and sold at the market from where it will be brought for his use. We need to accept and embrace one another as our equals. The powerful ones wouldn’t have had a concrete mansion to hide within were it not for the masons and plumbers.  

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