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Items filtered by date: Tuesday, 29 May 2018 - Imphal Times - A Daily Eveninger

Staffs of Planning Department begins indefinite cease work strike demanding 7th Pay

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Imphal, May 29.

Staffs of Planning department of the government of Manipur today began indefinite cease work strike demanding implementation of the 7th Pay Commission . A sit-in-protest demonstration was staged today infront of the office today.
A staff of the department while talking to media persons said that the staffs have been showing solidarity to the demand of the JAC of AMGEO and AMTUC and the Government Employees federation over the demand for implementation of the 7th Pay Commission by working half day for 15 days. After the government failed to listen to the demand the staffs now decided to begin indefinite cease work strike on all working days until the demand are fulfilled.

The cease work strike and protest under the aegis of the JAC of AMGEO and AMTUC has entered 69 days today.
Speaking to media persons, another employee  said that though the people of the knows that BJP government is a government who works for the welfare for the public with a commitment  since they came into power and implementation of the 7th Pay Commission was even clearly mention in their election manifesto published during the recent General Assembly Election of Manipur.
Even though the 7th Pay commission has been implemented in other states including the neighbour states it is yet to be implemented in Manipur.
The cease work strikes and protest staged by the state government employees has already entered 69 days but till date no positive response or nay proper initiatives have been sought from the government side, which is big disappointment for the employees, a staff said

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74th Anniversary of Battle of Red Hill observed

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Imphal, May 29,

The 74th Anniversary of Battle of Red Hill was commemorated today at India Peace Memorial, Maibam Lotpa Ching by 2WW Imphal Campaign Foundation
The function was attended by Mr Bruce Bucknell, British Deputy High Commissioner, Kolkata along with his two officials. They all paid floral tribute to all the soldiers who died at Red Hill during the battle which fought from 20th May to 29th May 1944.

It may be noted that on 20 May the Japanese soldier came out of the hill west of Buri Bazar (now Nambol Bazar) at MS 10 from Imphal, and took a hill which dominate the road (Point 2926 or Red Hill). Or, at least, they took most of it. A pimple defended by twenty sepoys from 7/10 Baluch resisted the onslaught;and the Japanese did not occupy the part of the hill which overlooked HQ 17 Indian Division. They were simply cutting the road from Imphal and did not know Cowan was there. Cowan, rather naturally, objected to conducting his battle in the very shadow of the Japanese offensive, and after a scratch force from Divisional HQ and a number of infantry companies had failed to dislodge the Japanese, 50 parachute Brigade (Woods) was brought in. With the assistance of 3/1 Gurkha Rifles (under Wingfield) from 20 Division and two troops of tanks (3 Carabiniers), the Japanese were forced off Red Hill by the end of May. Sakuma watch the battle from regimental HQ at Nunggang. When it was over, Sueda’s 2nd battalion, 500 strong when he set out was down to forty men”.
The function was participated by students from Manipur University ,members of Indo-Japan Friendship Association and members from the local clubs and associations
Floral tributes were paid at the memorial by all the people who participated today.

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Thoubal DC launches Intensified Diarrhoea Control Forthnight


Intensified Diarrhoea Control Forth night (IDCF) organized by the District Health Society (NHM), Thoubal was launched by Haobam Rosita IAS, Deputy Commissioner, Thoubal as the chief guest at NHM Conference Hall of CMO Complex Thoubal today.
The occasion was also graced by Dr.N. Jayantakumar CMO/District Mission Director, DHS Thoubal as the President, Arambam Anilkumar, ZEO, Zone-III Thoubal and N.Shyama Devi, DPO,ICDS Thoubal as the Guest of honours respectively.
In her keynote address, Ch.Basanta DPM, Thoubal said that the program was  started since 2014 and continuing till date all over the country, aiming to reach  every household of a village.
He said that the ultimate aim of intensified Diarrhoea Control Fortnight 2018 is zero child deaths due to childhood diarrhoea. The District Health Society, Thoubal is organizing the IDCF-2018 from 28th May to 9th June, 2018. He also explained about the various activities to be performed during the lDCF to the participants like establishment of ORS Zinc Comer in all the health facilities. Hand washing demonstration in schools and outreach areas, lEC/IPC programmes by ANMs and ASHAs etc.
Dr. N Jayantakumar Singh, Chief Medical Officer, Thoubal explained about the role to be played by the teachers, Anganwadi Workers and ASHAs for successful implementation of the IDCF 2018 to be held from 28th May till 9th June. 2018. He also mentioned that in role of the CDPOs. Supervisors of the ICDS is very crucial. He also appealed to all the stack holders to work hard so that not a single child is death due to diarrhoea.
He said that all ASHA and Anganwadi workers should acquire enough knowledge before serving the children in their respective places. He said that even before coming of ORS during the olden days, some sugar and a pinch of salt was considered to be good medicine for diarrhoea. With the advancement of technology, the CMO said that death caused by diarrhoea could be prevented if one follows certain steps  to avoid the disease.
Speaking as the Chief Guest, Haobam Rosita DC Thoubal expressed her happiness on hearing the lower rates of death caused by the disease. She also cited that the main cause of the death is because of a virus followed by dehydration. The DC also mentioned that most people  suffer from the disease throughout  the country because of unhygienic life style and the unawareness of the  preventive measures.
Demonstration of proper hand washing and how to prepare ORS powder were showcased by ASHA workers in the later part of the program. DLOs from the Medical, Education Department and ICDS of the district with locals of the village attended the program.

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State police continues massive search operation in greater Imphal areas

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Imphal, May 29,

State police continues massive cordon and search operation at various part of greater Imphal area and pull up persons who fails to provide valid documents for identification. Imphal East police team conducted the search operation at in Pureiromba Mana Ingkhol area in Imphal East district from around 4.30 am to 5.30 am. The police team led by Robinsun khamnam DSP-CDO & Inspector B.Lunthang Vaiphei OC-CDO IE conducted verification of around 290 persons including 80 women. Among them 9 persons who failed to show valid documents for identification were picked up and handed over to Porompat police station for further verification.
City police team led by OC Sudhir also conducted search operation and various areas of Thangal Keithel and Paona Keithel areas including Ngari lane, Masajid road etc. earlier morning today. No one was picked up during the operation.
Another team of Imphal West Police led by Inspector Robindro Singh also conducted cordon and search operation at Ragailong area. A total of 88 persons who failed to show proper valid documents for identification, who stayed at various rented house in the area were picked up and handed over to Imphal West Police station for further verification.

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Disaster Management training

Chandel, May 29,

 A one day training cum awareness programme on Disaster Management, jointly organised by R & DM, SDMA, Forest Department and PWD, Manipur under the sponsorship of Department of R & DM, Manipur was held at RD hall, DC office complex, Chandel today. The training programme was graced by Deputy Commissioner, Chandel Shri Krishna Kumar as the Chief Guest. Shri A. Chinglenkhomba Meetei, ADC/PD, DRDA Chandel, Shri Leander, AC to DC, Chandel and Md. Ayub Khan, Project Coordinator were the President and Guests of Honour respectively.
The programme was aimed at educating the people about different aspects on search and rescue methods, first aid and other ways to deal with different kind of disasters.
The participants included ADC members, headmen, community  leaders, DC’s staff, NGOs, CBOs of the district.

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Holy book of Lainingthou Sanamahi published; Thousands offers prayers on Sanamahi Chenhougba rituals

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Imphal, May 29,

Rearranging from the collected Meitei’s original manuscripts “Puyas”, found hidden at various places by certain individuals of the region, from the infamous burning of the puyas, experts today comiled a ‘Holy book of Sanamahi religion’ . The Holy book was released by the Chairman of Sanamahi Temple Board, Langpoklakpam Jayantakumar, who is also the Minister of Arts and Culture in connection with the ‘Sanamahi Chenghogba’ rituals at Lainingthou Sanamahi Temple located at HayingKhongbal in 1st MR Complex, Imphal. Thousands of people from across the state came offer prayers to Meitei deity Lainingthou Sanamahi on occasion of the rituals at 1st MR complex and at Kangla fort.
Prof. S. Nilbir while talking to media persons said that on Lainingthou Sanamahi rituals people comes and offer rice and other vegetable or flowers which ever they can afford and pray for their children, wealth and safety.
“This is tradition which our ancestors had been following and it brings good to our society”, the professor added.
Minister L. Jayentakumar, while speaking at the releasing function of Holy book of Sanamahi Religion organised by the Sanamahi Temple Board at Haying khongbal said that a missing gap to the understanding of our religion will be now filled. He further appealed all religious experts of Sanamahi to feel any missing portion if found in the future.

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Double, double toil the trouble Erendro’s arrest is not a wise decision

There was hectic debate among the journalists of the state on whether to publish press statement of organisations announcing bandh or blockade. The debate over whether or not to publish press statement which content calling of bandh or blockade began last four five years after mushrooming organisations in the state started releasing press statement of calling bandh or general strike for demands which are sometimes for the interest of some clique of persons but which disturbed majority of the people. The debate continues till today and many a times the journalist fraternity particularly the editors of media houses faced life threats for not publishing bandh called if it happened to be from armed underground groups.
An interim decision made by the journalists fraternity over the issue of whether or not bandh called be published was that if such announcement is made either by the UGs or the CSOs it’s our right to inform the public that some group A, B or C etc. had called bandh or general strike on this or that day as per the present situation of the state. In a conflict torn region like Manipur where there exist a tendency to spark any form of violence between various group of community , we being the messenger need to inform such called to prevent crisis or misunderstandings. After all people of the state had witness certain such thing due to immediate bandh called which created lots of inconveniences to the general public.
When media houses published news items which called bandh or general strike in the state, it definitely does not meant that those in the media are supporting the bandh or general strike. But it is rather for the safety of the general public. To make the people taking up more preventive measures from causing harm while in case they have to travel out of necessities.
Well a video threatening to kill Manipuri people make by some group of people started spreading through social networking site whatsapp. The video finally spreads at other social networking site ‘Facebook’.  Coincidentally the video (which called themselves Biharis) started spreading in the aftermath of high tension between Biharis of Telipati area and some Meitei people over the issue of Khurai Ahongpung ritual site in Imphal East district.
The hate video was started sharing by many people who are in facebook and the intention of almost all those sharing the video was mostly condemnation of such barbaric act. Some question about the delay in arresting those who are featuring in the video while sharing the video.
Knowing the potential of spreading enmity between two communities, the police soon acted by arresting 6 people which they claimed to have been those spreading the video. Another politician Erendro Leichomba who had also shared the video asking the state authority on why it takes days to arrest those when it took just 24 hour who threatened to kill the son of the chief minister. Except for one person, who masked his face with a piece of clothes, all the other 5 person seen in the video, can be easily recognised. The background setting at which the criminals shot the video can be also a big clue for those in the police department to find out the location.  The video carries strong message which could give opportunity of criminals at other states of the region to commit any form of crime against our brothers and sisters who are residing at other parts of the country. (Police still fails to reveal on whether those arrested includes any person seen on the hate video)
Watching the video can also be good information for all those Manipur staying outside the state as they will take more precautionary measures while staying at the place far from home. Even among the good Biharis who have been friends of the Manipuris for quite a long time, the video could be helpful in controlling any spread of violence.
Now, it is again the wisdom of the present government headed by N. Biren Singh. He was the son of the soil and has every knowledge about the courage of young bloods of the state. He knows Meiteis of the Manipur never put their anger to any specific community for any reason but the blame was over the failure of the authority in acting on time.
It is better that the present govt. remember how the privilege committee of the last state assembly remained helpless in considering on what action shall be taken up against Human Rights Activist Babloo Loitongbam after he refused to tender apology over his statement given to a local TV at which he criticised the timidity of the elected MLAs of that time. The final decision taken by the privilege committee was “ignore it for some times”. The issue ended there.
Erondro, arrest and detention is not a sign of mature and wise governance. His staying in Sajiwa jail may become another hot issue as he is no fool and may utilised every means to expose what is really happening in the jail. This was a lesson learnt from the Chief Minister N. Biren Singh. He had exposed series of irregularities of Sajiwa Jail when he was arrested along with late Pabung Iboyaima in charge of seditios remark to the then government when he was the editor of a reputed local daily paper.
 After all the son of the CM is also in the same prison .

‘No evil force able to severe the ties between Bangladesh & India’

By: Siam Sarower Jamil,
Dhaka, May 29,

Journalists’ leaders at a discussion here in Dhaka on Monday laid emphasis on media’s playing a positive role alongside the political leadership in improving Bangladesh-India relations.
They also urged the media to remain cautious about publishing negative news that might harm friendly relations between the two countries.
The leaders hoped that the two countries will soon reach a solution over Teesta water sharing deal through discussion. 
Indian Media Correspondents Association, Bangladesh (IMCAB) arranged the discussion titled ‘Bangladesh-India Relations: Role of Media’ at Jatiya Press Club (JPC) with its President Bashudev Dhar in the chair.  Prime Minister’s Media Adviser and Daily Observer Editor Iqbal Sobhan Chowdhury attended the meeting as the chief guest.
Bangladesh Federal Union of Journalists (BFUJ) President and Ekushey TV Chief Editor Monjurul Ahsan Bulbul,acting president of National Press Club and acting editor of Daily Jugantor Saiful Alam, general secretary Farida Yasmin attended it as special guests.
Chief Adviser of IMCAB and The Hindu Bangladesh representative Haroon Habib presented a concept paper while IMCAB general secretary Dip Azad delivered welcome address.
Iqbal Sobhan Chowdhury said no evil force will be able to severe the ties between Bangladesh and India that was established through blood.
He said the two countries need to enhance mutual cooperation for their own interest and the role of media to that end is very important.
Monjurul Ahsan Bulbul said the Indian political leadership has to support the main force behind Bangladesh’s Liberation War. He also added that it is needed for their (India’s) stability too.   
Farida Yasmin said the relations between Bangladesh and India would be strengthened if pro-liberation forces remain in power in Bangladesh.

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AR conducts Nipah virus awareness drive

Imphal, May 29,
To support the government initiative to contain the fast spreading threat of Nipah virus as also to promote good health and well being among the local populace, a health awareness program was organised by 26 Assam Rifles of 9 Sector Assam Rifles under the aegis of HQ IGAR (South) yesterday.
The program was organised at Kiyam Wangmataba Youth Welfare Club, Tangjeng in Thoubal District, Manipur with an aim to make the locals aware of Nipah Virus, including its symptoms, incubation period, diagnosis and prevention. The villagers were also educated about the adherence to common practices to maintain good health. About 100 villagers and 30 personnel of Assam Rifles were present during the event. The village authorities expressed their gratitude towards the efforts made by the Assam Rifles to organise the awareness capsule.

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7 Days Certificate Course in Book Publishing commences; True development has to come from within: N. Kayisii

Imphal, May 29,

Minister N. Kayisii said that no amount of false gift or endowment can truly bring about development. “A person or society can realize true development when it comes from within”, he said. He was expressing this while inaugurating a 7 Day certificate course in Book Publishing at Tribal Research Institute, Chingmeirong today, organized by National Book Trust-India, Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India.
Speaking at the inaugural function as the Chief Guest, Tribal Affairs & Hills and Fisheries Minister lauded the National Book Trust, Ministry of HRD, Government of India for such initiative. He said that books play an important role in the continuous search for realizing human potential even in the present era. He applauded the penchant and contributions of scholars and writers of diverse genres. Kayisii also opined that the participation of local communities can greatly help to understand and resolve any issue better, rather than an outsider performing the task. He urged the local community; particularly the tribal and other backward communities to imbibe this value and shed the backwardness mentality tag.
Referring to the on-going impasse at the IGNTU, Kayisii expressed hope and aspirations for a lasting remedy at the earliest.  He opined that agitations may not bring about amicable solutions thereby appealed to both the parties to come together and resolve issues amicably in the larger interest of the student community.
he inaugural function was also attended by Narender Kumar, Training Officer, National Book Trust, India and Prof. Ramjeevan Singh Thakur, Director Indira Gandhi National Tribal University, Regional Campus, Manipur as the Functional President and Guest of Honour respectively. The certificate course which begins today will conclude on 4th June, 2018.

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