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MPSC conundrum: Public discussion urges to respect judiciary decision

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Imphal, May 12,

A one day public discussion on the crisis of Manipur Public Service Commission (MPSC) and of the fate of the Manipuri youths today urges the commission to respect the decision of the judiciary for making democracy meaningful. The public meeting also urges the judiciary to act with courage by suggesting all sort of action necessary for contempt of court.
The one day public discussion was organised by the Parents Forum, Group of Aspirant MPSC and was moderated by Dr. Dhanabir Laisharam. Resource persons attended in today’s discussion were S. Kunjabihari, Retd. IAS, Advocate Ch. Momon , RTI Activist Wahengbam Joykumar and Convenor of the Joint Students’ Committee Ng. Millan. L. Henthoiba, Spokespersons of the MPSC Aspirant candidates also spoke on the occasion and deliberated on the issues arises in the proceeding of the MPSC examination which he alleged series of irregularities being traced out. He also produced documents which prove the irregularities being committed to the conduct of the examination.
Today’s discussion mainly focuses on how to correct the wrong in the MPSC. After thorough discussion 3 resolutions were adopted. The resolution urges concern authorities of the MPCS starting from the peon till the Chairman to follow the rules which gives complete autonomy to the MPSC under Article 315 of the Constitution of India.
The second resolution urged the MPSC to respect the decision of the Judiciary to uphold the democratic practice in the country as well as urged the Judiciary to have the courage in doing the needful which any authority fails to follow its ruling.
The third resolution urged the Enquiry Committee formed under the directives of the Judiciary to sincerely conduct the enquiry without any biasness.  
It may be mentioned that the Groups of Aspirant Candidates of MPSC (Main) Exam 2016 filed a petition to the  the Supreme Court of India regarding the irregularities and following that the Supreme Court in its order dated 12/04/2018 has held that the answer scripts of all the candidates who participated in the MPSC (Main) Examination be examine by the enquiry committee.
Earlier, High Court of Manipur constituted an enquiry committee on November 21, 2017 to look into the answer scripts in the face of several irregularities alleged by the petitioners.

Some successful candidates filed a special leave petition in the Supreme Court of India during the process of enquiry challenging the directive of High Court and further appeal to restrict the scope of the enquiry to the petitioners, 44 candidates, who had approached the High Court.
The Supreme Court issued an ex-party intern order on January 11, 2018 with observation that the enquiry be limited to the 44 petitioners where the petitioners with the objective for farer and complete justice approached the Supreme Court challenging the special leave petition with the prayer to ensure the enquiry be conducted as directed by the High Court.
The Supreme Court had observed that there has been quite a few irregularities, after going through the report submitted by the enquiry committee of the 44 petitioners.
After considering the matter on April 12, 2018, the special leave petition has been disposed of as per the direction of the High Court order dated November 21, 2017.
The enquiry committee is now instructed by the Supreme Court to enquire the answer scripts of all the 1068 candidates who appeared the examination and order to complete the task within six weeks and settled the matter at the earliest by the High Court.
However, as of now the directives of the Supreme Court has not been converted into action.
Kishan mention that the petitioners have challenged the said examination with the hope to quash the whole examination and further to fix accountability to those who are responsible for the inflicting illegalities and irregularities in the conduct of examination to punish those responsible persons as per the provision of low.
“We won’t approach to the government anymore, they are not only dumb but also blind to see the facts and truth”, Kishan said.
Until the exam is quash and criminal proceeding is put upon those responsible persons, the petitions will fight for their rights even if they have to approach supreme court, Kishan asserts.

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MPPDU, SSUM , POFM handed over 3 more Looms to 3 members of EEVFAM

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Imphal, May 12,

As promised on May Day, Manipur Proletariats’ People Democratic Union, (MPPDU), Socialist Students’ Union Manipur (SSUM) and Proletariat Feminists Movement (PoFM) today distributed three looms to three member of the EEVFAM.
Earlier the three bodies had handed over two Looms to two members of the widows of the victims of the fake encounter. With today’s distribution the three bodies had already rendered its support to five widows whose husband were killed in alleged fake encounter .
The Looms were handed over by the volunteers of the three organisation to Thangjam Leinou of Waikhong Awang leikai in Kaching district, R.K. Chaoba of Thanga in Bishnupur district and  Akongbam Tombi of Langol Housing Complex.

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Timber banned but no ban on firewoods and planks movement : Is it justified ?

In December 1996, the Supreme Court of India made a landmark ruling after hearing a civil writ petition (TN Godavarman vs. the Union of India and others) with regard to tree felling, the SC verdict on the case included an interim order prohibiting logging without government permission.
The ban on the transportation of timber is for the protection of the forest. As forest should never be escalated in a specific political boundary as deforestation in the neighbouring country Myanmar will not only have serious impact to the climatic condition of the state but also to the world at large. So taking up measures to even ban transportation of timbers from neighbouring country Myanmar is also a much.
As the Indian Forest Act of 1927 empowered Indian state governments to enact rules regulating various aspects of forest management, rules differ from state to state. There are several national policies those working in the Indian forestry sector should be familiar with. Although not an exhaustive list, here are some relevant Indian environmental, forestry-related and trade laws and policies, among others.
Manipur government too passed  Manipur Forest Act, 1971 to control deforestation and encroachment of forest areas for other purposes. Under the Act, aforestation programme, plantation of trees in all classes of forest land had been undertaken by the Forest department with funds from various sources.
Amidst strict order, there is no dearth for timber smuggling in the state. The more the arrest and seizure, the more is being smuggled through various route.
Strict vigilance is being seen taken up along Imphal – Moreh route by security forces including Assam Rifles and state police as well as the Forest department authority. Forest and Environment Minister Th. Shyamkumar, showed serious concern over the rise of the Timber smuggling in the state and he himself had led drive against timber business and personally led while seizing timbers being smuggled in the state.
The largest hauled was perhaps the seizure of over 17 truckloads of timbers from Phungyar assembly constituency on March 23 this year. As per report the trucks were registered vehicles of Assam and Nagaland which indicated that the Timbers were planning to smuggle outside the state.
There were various other cases which the Forest and Environment Minister personally led and seized truckloads of timber while trying to smuggled out of the state. Yesterday too Assam Rifles troopers too caught 4 truckloads of timber being illegally transported from Joupi to Imphal in Chandel district.
Forest department too is also seriously handling the case of timber smuggling issue.
Well everything being taken up is for the cause of humanity and its love for the Mother Nature.
But the very fact that the people have been experiencing is that despite the huge expenditure on forest department for plantation of trees almost all Hills and the so called forest areas or reserved forest area are almost similar to barren land.
Timber ban is giving some hope for the future, but while targeting the Timber transportation illegally, cutting of fire woods have been completely forgotten. When one travelled from Pallel to Moreh, fire woods cut from the forest area will seen piled up at many places.  Many times movement of the firewood being transported using trucks were seen but no action has been taken up for such fire wood.
Everyday Buses were used for transportation of planks from Moreh towards Imphal.  Timbers movement is banned but the planks which were cut into pieces from Timber are not banned.
The initiative of the government in banning timber movement is appreciative work but that what is the use when fire woods and planks cut from timbers were allowed to move freely. The motive is not clear. Whether the government particularly the Forest department is following the Supreme Court ruling to protect the forest areas or is it for bans of Timber only  leaving aside the fire woods and planks.  If it is so than the measures being taken up By Environment and Forest Minister Th. Shyamkumar is not for protection of the forest but there is scepticism on the motives as it is an open secret that timber business involves huge amount money.    

Film screening initiative begins at Guwahati Press Club

By Our Correspondent
Guwahati, May 12,

 As part of a wider initiative to help member-journalists add value to their professional experience, Guwahati Press Club has begun to screen award winning and critically acclaimed films and documentaries every week. On Friday, the non-verbal documentary ‘Glass’ was screened at the GPC auditorium. An Oscar-winning documentary made in 1958 by eminent European filmmaker Bert Haanstra, ‘Glass’ brilliantly contrasts glassblowing techniques used at the Royal Leerdam glass factory in Netherlands, with modern machines churning out glassware on industrial scale. The film captures the art of the glassblowers with great sensitivity, their marvellous craftsmanship imparting each of them with a distinct personality. ‘Glass’ is a testament to the art and heart workers once applied to their work, but who are being increasingly replaced by soulless machines. For regular screening of such
acclaimed cinematic works, a LED television set has been newly installed at the GPC auditorium. It is learnt that photojournalists will also be offered opportunities to showcase their best works from time to time at Guwahati
Press Club.

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Manipuri players bag medal in 1st World Mix Boxing Championship

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Imphal, May 12,
Manipuri players  bag 2 Silver and 1 Bronze medal in the 1st World Mix Boxing Championship which begins from May 4 and concluded on May 5 at Luxmi Devi Engineering & Technology College, Chikani Alwar,  Rajasthan.
Waikhom Prasanta Singh who played in under 19  years category (67 – 70 Kg ) and Moirenjam Manao Singh who played in Sub – Junior category (48 -50 Kg)  bagged Silver medal while K. Bobocha who played in Junior category (48-50 Kg) bagged Bronze Medal. Master Ch Premchand Singh was the official of the Indian team.

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Young entrepreneur find ways to recycle plastic and e-waste

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Imphal, May 12,

When the state government authority is organising various programme for management of plastic and electronic waste, a young entrepreneur from Patsoi area have already find ways to recycle the waste and have been successfully running an industry by providing jobs to as many as 15 persons. The Plastic industry however face difficulties in selling the recycled plastic granule due to lack of buyers in the state which is being use for black topping and purposes besides, failure to get support and co-ordination from MAHUD due to administrative jurisdiction cover up.
M/S Debchand Plastic Industry located at Patsoi Part 4 in Imphal West have set up all machineries for scraping of plastic waste as well as electronic waste and have been earning income by producing pipe after recycling the  waste. As the Industry is located at Rural area which is beyond the jurisdiction of the MAHUD, the industry still have to find ways from other MAHUD like department  set up especially for Rural area to get assistance of any form like collecting of plastic waste or financial support.
Proprietor of the  M/S Debchand Plastic Industry, Debeshwar Irom, while talking to this writer said that after getting a loan from Allahabad Bank, he procured 2 Scrape Grinder machines which can scraped one ton of plastic waste per hour be each machine. He also procured one Hydraulic Compressor Machine which has the capacity of scrapping 400 kg of plastic bottles per hour.
As there are no buyers of the plastic granules recycled from the waste plastic, they procured 2 numbers of 100 mm Extruder Plastic Recycling Machine- which they produced Polythene Pipe.
“The income from selling the product manage to sustain our industry , but as we have to sent  many scrape waste plastic outside the state, we are not reaching the target”, Debeshwar said. “Moreover we are facing problem in buying plastic waste from wreck pickers and NGOs like creed and others who are being engaged by the IMC for collecting garbage, as they do not co-operate us voluntarily, we are buying the plastic waste from Rs. 5 to Rs. 12 per Kg of waste plastic”, Debeshwar surprises this writer as the state authority especially the MAHUD and Environment department have been working out to find solution of the plastic waste since a very long time.
Recently the Chief Engineer of the MSRRDA, of the Govt. of Manipur during a press conference stated that lack of suppliers fails the department in using plastic granule in black topping.
Debeshwor is not the only person running plastic industry; there are around 3 plastic industries of the similar type which also faced the similar problem.
Talking to this writer yesterday over phone Chief Engineer of the MSRRDA said that now three firms had applied for supply of plastic granule needed for the black topping work. At least 5 kg of plastic granule is required for black topping of 1 cubic meter of road.
As there are many advantages of mixing plastic granule in road black topping work and as the MSSRDA also require supplier encouragement of the Plastic industrialists of the state is a much by providing all form of support from all related government department for expansion of the kind of business. As this industry is also one of the best solutions for cleaning of plastic waste from the soil of the state.
Plastic like Polyvinyl Chloride ( sanitary pipe , electric fitting plastic) however could not be recycled for use of black topping work , but then scrapping it to other purpose is not a problem if we have equipments , said Debeshwar.

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